My Friend and Neighbour

by Mike

I had been in my apartment building on the third floor about three months when a new neighbor moved in across the hall. She was a 24 year old woman from out of town. She was a red-headed Irish girl, very petite at only about 5 feet 6 inches tall with flat stomach and weighing only about 110lb or so. I was 6 feet and in great shape myself, I was a personal trainer and nutritional counselor at the local 24 he gym after finishing college as a nutritionist. Her name was Lori and she had gotten a job at the local hospital as nurse.

At first we only met in passing. She worked four days on and three days off or something like that. Than we started having tea together; I didn't drink alcohol and neither did she. Other times we took turns cooking or paying for delivery. We had committed to be just friends, best friends to be specific, more like a special brother and sister at heart.

It's been about a year and we're pretty close as friends could be, but nothing more. We were pretty opposite in a lot of things. She's very anal about everything and at times seems to be a bit wound up. I've never seen her cry; she pretty prideful and very self-reliant. In fact, she was too self-reliant for her own good, never asking anyone for help, but willing to help others. She was actually very controlling. This, of course, was a big turn off for me, which is why I was OK with just being friends.

I helped her get a membership at the gym I worked at. I also became her personal trainer. We had a routine of having dinner or enjoying a movie at either her place or mine at least once a week, sometimes twice. Sometimes we just went out and had some herb tea together. In the past year she had one boyfriend, but broke up with him after four months. She pushed him away with her controlling behavior. I knew that because she would often vent to me about her problems and conflict she had with him.

A few months later, one day we decided to order Chinese delivery at my place when I got off work. When I got home, I called her and told her I was ready for her to come over from across the hall. We decided to have some tea as we waited for the food.

"Mike, can I ask you a personal question?" She queried.

"Yeah, what do you want to know?"

"Did you ever get a spanking when you were a kid?"

"Oh yeah, of course. I got a good hiding when I needed it."

"Hiding? Is that what they called it, ahh."

"Yup! We got it good, but we never did the same thing again, that's for sure."

"Yeah, we got them too."

"Why do you ask?"

"Well, I want to ask for your help but I'm not sure how you'll take it."

"Well, if I can, I'd be happy help. What is it?"

"Well, it's like a dam, sort of. Imagine a dam holding back an entire lake and the waters are pressing against the wall of the dam. You want that dam to burst and release all the pressure but you can't do it yourself. Now, if you knew for certain there was a way to alleviate that pressure and let the water flow, and couldn't do it yourself but knew someone else could, wouldn't you ask for help; especially if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would benefit and help you?"

"Well, yeah, if I needed help, I'd ask for it. So what are you getting at Lori?"

"Well, you see, pretend that the water is feelings that are trapped behind that dam. And the dam is a tenaciously over protective nature that's made of walls that don't come down very easily. It's holding back all the feeling and it's just building and building up worse and worse. The only way to break through is from the outside of the dam; to chip away at it until it crumbles. You know what I mean?"

I wasn't quite sure where she was going; I got more curious, but I really wasn't getting it. "Yeah, I can understand that, so you want to break a dam that you built or rebuild one?" I asked.

"No silly. Oh men are so dense sometimes; I need your help breaking it down. Would you help me?"

"Hey there, not all men are not the same, okay! Now, if I can help you, I will. You said that the water is feelings, right?"

"Oh, OK, you're not dense. You see, I'm not a nice person sometimes; I can be overly controlling and bitchy at times. I get over confident at times and start treating others badly. At times it feels good, and I blame them, but then I get all this guilt about what I did and how I treated them."

"Yeah, I can understand that." I tried being reassuring. "Mike, sometimes I just need to be taken down a notch in life. Sometimes, I have to have a good cry. It can be very cathartic you know? I learned in nursing school that some type of deep sobbing tears releases antitoxins, pent-up emotions, and eases stress. Crying that is authentic and mortal is a means of helping ourselves release stress and simply feel better. Crying is the body's way of reacting to something external put it still can be very therapeutic. It's a beautiful thing sometimes. On top of that is..."

OK, she was losing me. It sounded like she was building a case for a jury or something. And she started the rambling that she does sometimes, I just had to interrupt her.

"OK, OK, I get it; crying is good for us. I don't know all that medical stuff, but I get it. So what does that have to do with me? What does that have to with this dam inside you, isn't that what you were referring to, right?"

She got a little quiet; I wasn't sure what to do. I put my hand on hers. I just wanted to fix it.

"Well, you can't really fix it but you might be able to help me, Mike. Like I said, I can be bitchy, and sometimes I'm not nice to others around me. This comes from a swell of emotions that are all dammed up inside. I am just all wound up tight. The dam is made of strong stones of pride and unwillingness to let myself be vulnerable to others. See, I've been here before and a roommate of mine helped me out, but she lives somewhere else now. I've made some friends since I moved here but none of them, even some of my girlfriends, are as close to me as you. So, as uncomfortable as it is going to be, I am going to have too try to trust you with my solution. But I'm afraid you will think I'm crazy."

Well, I really was curious at this point, but still didn't know where she was going with all this. "So, how did your ex-roommate help you Lori, and how can I help?" I queried.

"Well, after good hard cathartic sob, I felt so centered, focused and I felt better about myself and started treating others better too. I just needed to have that release. So that dam can be removed so that I am not feeling so bottled up inside. You understand that, right?"

"Of course, but what does all this mean; how do I help?"

Letting out a deep sigh she said. "Ok, here we go! I know you're going to think I'm crazy but I am not."

Getting confused and a little frustrated as she seemed to be beating around the bush, I had to interrupt her again. "Lori, what, what can I do to help?"

"OK, OK. I need you to help me cry!"

With a confused look I asked, "Help you cry?"

"That's right. And I don't mean a few tears, I mean help me break that dam inside me and let it all out. I mean a complete sobbing release. I mean crying so hard I am completely drained emotionally. Also, I need you to be there and let me cry while holding me until I regain my composure. This is an intimate position, though, for me. Because, I have trust issues and I know I have to trust someone and you're my closest friend I have here. I know it may sound crazy but I'm going to go crazy if I don't. You are also the most mature person I know who I am willing to trust to help me."

I couldn't believe what she was saying. She wanted me to help her cry. I wasn't sure how I could, I mean, I had no idea where she was going and what she was going to propose how I would be able to help her. But I was all for holding her if she just need someone to do that. That was normal. But still not sure what she asking.

"So, how could I help you cry? I mean how did your ex-roommate help you? What did she say or do to help you cry that deeply?"

Exhaling deeply she said, "OK, well, here we go, I needed someone I could trust explicitly, Mike. Someone, who, especially since you're a guy, I believe wouldn't try to take advantage of me and that vulnerable position. I would trust you if you would be willing to help me and..."

Trying to get her to the point, I interrupted her again. "OK, OK, Lori, how do you would you like me to help you? How did your friend help you a few years ago?"

"Well, she, she, well, I mean, I asked her to, hmmm, I let her, I asked her to..."

Again, I was getting frustrated with her hesitation and emphatically I said, "Lori!"

"OK, OK, I asked her to give me a real hard spanking."

"A spanking! Whoa, you have kind of a kinky side to you, don't you?"

With mixed facial expressions she said, "No, I mean not like that. I mean, I hate spankings, especially ones like that."

"Lori, you're talking in circles." I queried in confusion.

"Ok, listen Mike, I know the benefits that come afterwards. A real spanking hurts like hell, and I had bruises and blisters for a few days. But I was so centered and completely released from the flood of emotions that were bottled up and I cried it all out. Crying is a release valve, a way to purge negative emotions that are bottled up inside. I don't want to vomit them over others anymore. Sometimes you need, I mean I just need a good blistering to take me down a notch in life. I know what I'm saying may seem strange or extreme, but Tracy helped me before so I know it is just what I need. Would you be willing to help me?"

Whoa, I sat back in my chair in shock. She wanted me to spank her. I've never spanked anyone before. I was not into hurting women in any way. On the other hand, I felt a little aroused by the idea; I was in conflict. But then again, she had my attention.

"So what are we talking about here, Lori, giving you a few good swats to get you crying? I mean, what do you mean when you say a good blistering?"

"I know it sounds stupid but this is just what it is suppose to be; a good old-fashioned spanking until I completely loss my composure and I am crying out of control and them some. Despite how much I may protest at the time. You know, going past my resistance and the walls that are holding back inside me and way past past my pain tolerance until I am absolutely sobbing. See, sometimes pain is good. That dam is holding back a flood of emotions and tears and a lot of regret. The dam is built with resistance and subconscious stubbornness and it needs to be chipped away at. My solution is to take a real spanking until it comes down. Can you understand that?"

"Whoa, well, hmmm, I guess. I'm going to have to have more information before I agree to help you. What do you mean someone not taking advantage of you?"

"Mike, I'm not looking for some sexy weird thing here. I know a lot of guys would turn it into that, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in some role play fantasy either. It's just about me. I've known you ever since I moved here; you're very mature. See, I would be submitting to something that's going to put me in a very vulnerable position physically and allow myself to be emotionally exposed too. I need someone mature enough to be there for me and not try anything sexual or anything else. Do you think you can manage that?"

"OK, let's back up here. Let's say I do help and of course not take advantage of you, which, I would never do. How did your friend get you to that point and..."

She held her finger up in a questionable gesture. "Before I answer anymore questions, are you really willing to help me for my sake or are you just getting turned on by the idea of giving me a whuppin?"

"I am thinking about it, yes, to try to help you, but I need some more information so I know exactly what are you expecting from me."

"Oh, Mike, I knew I could trust you. I know it's strange but you have no idea how much this really means to me. But I have your promise, no turning it into anything else, especially when I'm at that point of cathartic crying, right?"

I leaned forward and put my hand on hers and with all sincerely. "I promise you, Lori, I wouldn't touch you in anyway that you don't approve of, but I'm going to need to clarify a lot things before we decide do anything."

"Mike, you see, now I know what I'm proposing may sound unpleasantly severe but I've been through this before and I know how much it really helps. It puts me in a place to release some of the emotional baggage that weighs me down, clouds my vision, and makes be bitchy. It hurts me even more so than the pain of a thorough butt beating. It will break through my pride and natural stubborn nature and bring me back down to reality."

She made her case and was now starting to ramble; like all girls she tends to over do it as if I don't get it. I was starting to feel she was starting to nag; I had to interrupt her.

"Lori, Lori, OK, OK, I get it; you don't need to keep on. Maybe you need to take a deep breath, slow down, and let's take this one step at a time. I am willing to help you but we really need to talk this out first, OK?"

She stopped, exhaled deeply. "Ok, but you don't feel I'm crazy do you?"

"First I don't think you're crazy, Lori, and I'm convinced that you're serious. But I just want clear everything up first, OK?"

"Alright!" As she let out a deep breath. "Now, tell me, what exactly is this point of car-, cath-?" I couldn't pronounce it but she finished it.

"Cathartic crying"

"Yes, what exactly is it and how did you get to that point before?"

"OK, subconsciously I am very resistant to allowing myself to let go and cry to the point of emotional release. I mean sobbing out all my feelings. This type of sobbing can be very cleansing. It releases chemicals and endorphins in our brain and can refresh our outlook on life and center us. At this point, I would be pouring my heart out in tears and sobbing. It is very therapeutic for us. But for some reason, I don't allow myself to do this on my own. I have deep emotional blocks and sometimes a good hard spanking creates a catalyst, breaks down those barriers and starts the process. It's not just any spanking though. I have a very high pain tolerance naturally. I am also stubborn, consciously and subconsciously. So, I'm talking about a very real and very hard spanking that brings me to my pain threshold; to that point where my brain, my emotions, and my will are in conflict. When I reach that point where I'm fighting with the pain and I need to be pushed to the point I am finally forced past that and than some."

"So you're talking about the point between consciously and subconsciously giving in and allowing yourself to accept what is happening. To the point of 'fight or flight' instinct kicks in and resistance and surrender, right?"

"Exactly, see you do get it. That moment of still trying to fight with the distress caused by pain and allowing myself to let go. See, pain isn't always a bad thing. You know that that kind of pain can be extreme but it is safe. Once I'm at that point, I have to be forced, to be pushed past it and I either surrender or bail out. I may be screaming but not crying; if I am past that point and allow myself to surrender, then the dam will burst. It is relatively safe but I need you to make sure I am pushed beyond just a few tears to where I am past just screaming in pain and into cathartic sobbing. Then, I am at that point of letting go and that dam bursts and all those emotions are being released into crying, sobbing, and bawling. Do you understand?"

I got it that time; man, I was starting to think that she needs some help. But then I realized that she was asking for help, even though I didn't like the idea of causing that a mount of pain, it is just a spanking she is asking for, we all have survived those before. But she was starting to repeat herself and began that rambling tone. I interrupted her.

"OK, wait a minute, I don't like the idea of forcing you to endure anything. If I decide to give you what you want, I'm not going to fight with you physically.

"Well, first, you won't be forcing me to push past that, the pain and psychological duress of the spanking will. The spanking will ignite that catalytic stress between pain and surrender. I can't consciously push myself past that; I need someone else to help me push myself past the point of no return. Physically, I may want it to stop and I might be at the point that I will be pleading for it to stop. Yes, the pain is incredible and when I'm at the point that I can't take anymore, I'm fighting the pain and consciously I don't want it to continue; but subconsciously I need to be pushed past it until I'm crying and not just screaming, which I will be. Yes, you may need to hold my hand away or keep me in place, which you will have full permission to do so. But I need you need to make it so intense that the choice is removed from me to the point of no return, until I'm bawling and sobbing and surrender and give in. You know what I mean, a real spanking, like what we got when we younger but an adult equivalent until I absolutely way past just losing my composure. Does that make sense?"

"Whoa Lori, I've been there when I got my share of lickings when I was younger too. And exactly what happens when you naturally and instinctive start resisting, kicking, covering, fussing for me to stop, etc.; you're telling me you're not going to be doing that? You want me force you to continue?"

"No, in fact, I know I will, but that's where you come in. I need you to ignore all my fussing and carrying on; do whatever is necessary to get me to that point. In fact that's when I need you to make it so intense you push me all the way over the edge, and then some; you know what I mean?"

"Wait, wait a minute, now you're talking about a situation that isn't consensual. At that point, when you're 'fussing and carrying on' as you put it, and the second you start pleading for me to stop, I can't just ignore you, and physically man-handle you because then it wouldn't be something that you are consenting to and that would be abusive. That puts me in a very precarious position that could go wrong on so many levels and in so many ways."

I couldn't believe how nonchalantly she was talking about all of this. There was no fear, no trepidation, just a matter of fact manner about it. I always knew she was very type A (personality) and controlling, but now she was talking about giving up that control.

"Mike, I understand, but you could say that I am willingly consenting to place myself into a non-consensual situation with you. I too had experiences like this when I was younger and a few years ago when Tracy helped me. I was sobbing and bawling beyond my ability to make words for at least a good hour afterwards; and you know what, I was not only grateful to her, we became a lot closer. She's like a sister to me now. A lot of bonding happened. Sure, I was black and blue with bruises, blisters, and welts for a few days, but they healed just fine. I heal pretty quickly and I survived. Afterwards, I was a lot more centered and focused. I made my way through nursing school with straight A's; in fact I was the top of my class. I was treating others with more respect and more patience, too. It was just what I needed and it is exactly what I need now."

"You were black and blue with welts, blisters, and bruises?"

"Yeah I was and I expected that. We tried with just her hand at first but it wasn't making much of an impact. We talked, and few days later when the opportunity arose she used a belt and it worked."

"So, you want me to beat your ass senselessly, like a real old fashioned whuppin, until you are black and blue?"

"Well, yes and no. I want to know that you're in the right state of mind: calm, cool, and collected. And yes, I want a real, honest-to-goodness, ass whuppin until all the fight and flight is over. To the point that I am absolutely surrendering to it, to the point of beyond tears and to sobbing. Then, it's up to me, the dam is broke and the real flood is released, and I am cathartically crying. That's what I'm asking for; and yes, I'm consenting for you to push me past my fussing and carrying on to the point of real sobbing. But only if I believe you can do it without turning it into a prelude to anything sexual. This is about me and my emotional turmoil, not about sex. To be truthful, I'm going to absolutely hate it but it's what I need. Not mercilessly beating my ass, but intentionally spanking me to help me get way past that point of conflict in me. To take me down a notch in life and help me cathartically cry. Yes, it mostly kelp take a heck of a spanking. Mike, you are my closest friend here, and I'm taking a great risk trusting you, especially since you're a guy. In fact, you're the only guy I ever tried to trust with this. You're the only one here, even among my girlfriends, I feel is mature enough that I could trust to help me. I am choosing you to be trusted with my deepest secret. I expect you to keep it between us, too. On top..."

Yeah, she was rambling again, and I think I finally got it. She just needs emotional release and chooses the means of a spanking as a catalyst to help her get it. But I couldn't handle her rambling. I really respected her a lot for trusting me. I felt honored that she wanted me to help her. I respected the fact she knows what she needs. After all, while it may be any another guy's dream come true to beat a girl's ass beyond tears, I wasn't really into that. But I realize now that she wasn't really kinky but understanding inside her she needed some help. Putting my hand on her hand to softly interrupt her...

"Lori, OK, OK, I'll help you. We can do this as long as you remember that you're the one who asked for it, OK?"

She got up and gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you Mike, thank you!"

"I still have a few questions, though."

"Yea, yeah, of course, yeah, what are they?"

"You said your friend had to use a belt. Tell me how all that went down. And how many swats are we talking about?"

"Well, as to how many swats, as many as it takes; I'm not sure. Part of the mindset I have to have going in, is understanding that it wasn't going to stop until I surrender to it."

"So, as far as you're concerned, there's not going to be a specified number, right?"

She paused for a moment and soberly said, "Yeah, I never thought of like that but knowing that I'm going into it until I surrender is half the mental battle. I usually always want to know though but I guess that's right, Tracy even said afterwards that she didn't really remember either, maybe she didn't know."

"Did Tracy start out with the belt right away? What position were you in?"

"No, she repeated the hand spanking a few days before. After that, she used a belt. Well, for the hand spanking I was over her knee, then using the belt, still over her knee. She couldn't get a full force swing and was only making a mild impact. Remember, I have a very high pain tolerance and I was resisting a lot too. I was fighting inside and trying to hold back from giving in. She told me to lay down on the bed, I got a lot of really hard whacks. Then ,my gosh, out of nowhere she really started whacking away, really fast, and something snapped inside and I broke and stopped screaming and started bawling. She said it took quite a few until I stopped resisting but I was sobbing out of control when she stopped."

I still couldn't believe what she was asking me to do, but I was going to try to help her. I wanted to help, but I also couldn't help getting turned on a little bit by the prospect, too, even though I wasn't into spanking at the time. But if she really believed that she needed this as a release, then I was willing to help her.

"OK Lori, you also mentioned about holding you afterwards. You want me to stick around after all that?"

"Absolutely! That's when I'm going to need you the most. I'm going to need you to hold me and comfort me while I sob it out. It's almost like bleeding emotionally; I'm going to be very vulnerable. But I need to tell you, the sobbing and crying will come in waves. I'm basically allowing myself to be completely vulnerable and emotionally exposed. I will be feeling a flood of emotions that I won't even be able to understand. I'll will be releasing bad feelings and apologizing like crazy. But I don't need you to say a thing, you can't fix it. All I want you to do in that moment is hold me and be there for me. I will be incredibly vulnerable and I absolutely need to know and trust you won't try anything sexual with me or try to manipulate the situation. Like I said, you are the only guy I've ever trusted with this, so please don't turn a beautiful situation into something sensual. I have to know you're not going to do that. Can you do that?"

"Absolutely, I promise. I will be a perfect gentleman afterwards."

"Now before this all happens, I need you to take charge. Be commanding, but not condescending. You may have to be assertive with me but I don't want you to be mean. You my friend not a daddy figure. However, I will naturally hesitate, you know flinch, in the moment. Once everything begins I may even resist. I need you to be direct. You can even hold my arm to the back, or lock my legs while you're in the process if I am over your knee. I'm consenting for you to really take charge, remember I am consenting for it to be non-consensual. But you only have consent to touch and hit my backside, nothing more. As long as you don't try anything else, I'll do my part to cooperate and follow your instructions. Are we in agreement?"

"Lori, I will only touch and beat on your backside. I will not try to compromise your vulnerable position. However, we are talking about a real ass whuppin' here, are you sure you won't be angry with me if I ignore any pleads or fussing to stop, because I will if that's what you really want? You are, as you put it, consenting to what will be at the moment a non-consensual butt beating."

"I promise I won't be angry, Mike! And yes, that's exactly what I am asking for. Even if you have physically hold me down a little, I may naturally struggle and react a little subconsciously but you have my word I won't fight against you consciously."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yes; I will have to let you be in charge completely. Oh, if we are successful, I am going to need a follow up spanking a few weeks later. To reinforce in my psyche to treat others better and to keep me centered afterwards. After that, I won't need any more."

"I'm sorry. You said another one, you want two of them?"

"Yeah, the first one is for emotional release and the second one as a reminder in life. That one is more my way of self-discipline by submitting to a discipline spanking. It's how my brain works. I don't expect you to understand but if you don't feel comfortable with it, I'll understand."

"Lori, I'm here to help you and if you truly are serious and you need a safe person to give you a good real ass whuppin' now and then, without it turning into something else, then I want to be there for you. Even though I don't like the idea of hurting you, I am willing to try to help you."

"Well you personally won't be hurting me, the spanking is what's going to hurt, but it's what I know I need every few years or so."

I didn't want her to start rambling again as her tone suggested, "OK, OK, Lori, so when do you want to do this?"

"Well, I feel that we both need to sleep on it tonight. I'm off for the next two days; can we wait until tomorrow after you get home?"

"Yeah, we can do that, but be careful what you ask for. It could be a pain in the ass you know." As I give her a little chuckle.

The food arrived, we ate, and watched a movie. I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. I just had to let all this sink in. Tomorrow, I'm going to give Lori a real hard, butt beating, that she wants. I wasn't looking forward to having to hurt her, but she was asking for it. I started to have some anxiety myself. I really wasn't into hitting women but she wanted me to give her a real ass whuppin'; I didn't know what to think, but I decided that I was going to go through with it if she was. I figured that if she really wanted and needed a good spanking, I was going to make sure she got it. After all, it's the neighborly thing to do too. We were good friends and she was trusting me to help her. I had some PTO that I hadn't used, so I decided to call tomorrow and stay home. I wanted to talk to her about doing this in the late morning, so I texted her because I knew she was still up.

Mike: Hey, I'm taking some PTO and decided to take it tomorrow and will be free in the late morning. Would that be a good time?

Lori: Oh, wow, yeah! What time?

Mike: About 10:30 - 11.00

Lori: OK, just text me when you're up and ready.

Mike: OK.

I still couldn't sleep much. I really didn't understand everything. My good friend next door wanted me to beat her ass really hard until she was beyond tears. My mind was wandering; I was wondering if she was really serious or was it a test' I had a feeling, though, she was serious. I decided to google a few things, I figure I might learn some more. It started with 'adult therapeutic spanking' and I found lots of webs sites about the psychology of adult spanking. I was reading a good hour so. I than tried 'emotional release spanking' and even 'adult cathartic spanking.' I had to weed through all the images and video links and found some good reading material. I was just wanting to understand the nature of Lori's request. I also did a search on 'adult high pain tolerance spanking.' I found an enormous amount of material and that she wasn't the only one. I read a article that with high pain tolerance people it's more of a psychology battle as much as it is physical. I learned that it was critical she feel secure too. There were even some suggestions as to the process to help her get past them and it depends on the individual too. I must have been reading and searching the internet for five hours or so, it was late I decided to get some sleep.

The next morning, I woke up, went on a my morning jog, got home and took a shower, and then ate some breakfast and some coffee. I was feeling that anxiety again. I finally decided to text her.

Mike: You up?

Lori: Yup, you want to come over here or you want me to come over there?

Mike: I'll be there in a second.

Lori: OK

Again, our apartments were both on the top floor and our front doors were only a few steps away. I went over and knocked softly. She came to the door. She had more of a softer look than she normally had. She invited me in and motioned for us to sit down on the couch. I sat down first and invited her to sit on my lap. She did and put her hands together.

"Lori, are you still willing and asking for my help like we talked about last night?"

She swallowed hard and said. "Yes, as long as you promise to not take advantage of me or turn it into something that it's not."

I promise I won't, Lori. I just want to help you. In fact, after our talk last night, I was up until 2 am on the internet researching and reading about what you were asking for and I think I finally get. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I know what's going on inside you. You are a high strung type A, very driven person, perfectionistic and strong willed individual. But you also have some major control issues inside and you don't let people get close and it build up inside so bad your ready to explode. Since you are so controlling it creates relational issues and you push people away. This pretty much is what happened between you and Jason this past year, I think."

"He was a whimp though." She said interrupting me.

"Yeah, I get it, but you are a caring person but you don't allow yourself to let go. That's the 'dam' as you put it and it just gets higher and stronger and you struggle so hard with your internal issues you need want that release so that can you can allow yourself to not only feel better personally and so that you can function better. It's a type of extreme self-reliant and overly independent coping mechanism you have a hard time over coming. It builds and builds so bad it starts tearing you apart inside and you start feeling bad about yourself and then you begin striking out and then the guilt and self-reliance cycle starts over again. Some where along the way, your friend or you came up with this as a solution. According to what I found and read, you are not alone. While at first I thought you needed to get some therapy you have decided this as your way of self-discipline and self-therapy and I can respect that and I am willing to help. From what I read you are wanting an emotional release spanking as a means to psychologically do a reset in your brain. And you're right, it's about you. Does that about sum it up?"

As I said this, I saw her exhale and her entire disposition relaxed. She put her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder. "You do get it, don't you."

I didn't say anything, I just held her for a good minute or so. I pushed her to sit up again.

"Now, here's something I heard from you yesterday. Some 'buzz words and phrases' I heard from you that I specially researched. I heard, bitchy, treating others badly, control issues, very high pain tolerance, stubborn, pride, resistance to be vulnerable and cathartic crying. Yes, I had to look that word up. Does that about sum it up?"

She put her head down and depressed tone of voice, "You must think I'm horrible person, don't you?"

"Actually no, I have the utmost respect for you."


"While you admitted you have these qualities, what you fail to realize is that you're not the only one who struggles with those things. Just not everyone holds on to it internally like you do. However, while I too see those things in you, I also see other things. Self-honesty which is rare because a lot of people live in denial and continue in their destructive behavior instead of wanting to do something about it. You care about helping others that why you became a nurse. You are a well accomplished person and a natural born leader but these issues sometimes probably get in the way of that. You're a highly intelligent and self-motivated person. You're not a horrible person, you're just human."

She just sat there and hugged me again.

"Now all being said, are you still wanting to go through with this, because I will if you want but we're going to have to talk about a few more things."

She sat made eye contact and said, "Yes, I really do."

"Ok, first, I want you to really be secure in the fact, I will not try anything sexual but in order to help you, you have to resolve inside you to trust me holistically and relinquish complete control of this entire situation to me. Can you and will you do that?"


"Have you ever looked online and researched this issue?"

"Yes, especially after Tracy helped me. I've been to lots of websites and many forums, like you did."

"So you have been researching this for years haven't you?"

"Yeah, that's why I know this is what I need now and then."

"Okay, I read a lot of things last night and you mentioned it yourself yesterday that half the battle is in your head. That means I going to ask you to do some things that are going to help you with that mental process but I know you're not going to like it."

Her lips started trembling a little and in a whimpering voice, "Like what?"

"Standing in the corner and giving you time to assess inside what's going to happen for starters."

"Damn it, I knew it, I just knew it. I hated that idea when I was reading it. Can't we..."

"Half the battle is in your head, and more than half a dozen different sites said that especially for people who have a high pain tolerance, who are subconsciously resisting. Now, am I going to be in charge or are you going to be controlling again?"

"Damn it, how long am I..."

"We are not there yet, beside there's one last thing that I have to talk to you about and I wasn't sure how to bring it up, especially since I'm a guy."


I hesitated for a moment, trying to figure out a way to bring it up.

"Mike, we're adults here, besides, I probably already know what your going say."

I thought a few minutes or so. I didn't want her to think it was anything sexual even though I knew I would get turned on by it.

"Okay, I read that spanking, even severe ones like what you're going to get today, is relatively safe as long they don't cause permanent damage by accidentally hitting your tail bone or break the skin, which I never do. I am not trying make anything sexual or anything, but I'm going to have see what I'm doing. I am going to have see what kind of effect the spanking is having. You see, if it is a real spanking than maybe you shouldn't have any protection. I mean, if the point of this spanking is as you say, to 'take you down a notch,' then..."

She interrupted me, put her finger gently on my lips and made direct eye contact. With a chuckle she smiled at my obviously uncomfortable disposition.

"In order to take me down a notch, then you feel my pants should have to come down too, and the entire spanking should be on my bare ass, is that what you're trying to say?"

Trying not to be so obviously uncertain, I replied, "Yeah, that's what I am saying." She took a few deep breaths, "Well, while I won't like it, you are right, a real spanking shouldn't have any protection, it should be on bare skin. I expected you would be bringing that up. Well, I guess it comes with the territory. But that's why I hesitated coming to you, because while you are my best friend, you're still a guy, and now you know why I was so concerned about you trying to take advantage of me in that vulnerable position." "Did Tracy have you do that too?"

"Tracy had me strip completely naked before laying across the bed but was she a girl. She said it was outwardly symbolic for stripping away all my inner defenses. But I would really prefer not to be completely naked with you though."

Well, that made a lot of sense and that idea certainly turned me on but this was about her, not me. But I did not want to dismiss the possibility either. After all, she half way committed herself to the possibility. I did want to come across the wrong way either.

"Well, we'll have to see what happens. The reason that Tracy gave makes sense, I am not going say no or yes to that." She just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Now, this is all about you and not me but you have to know that when I see you with your britches down and complete bare like that, it is going be a turn on but I won't let it distract me though and I promise I will not let it turn into anything else."

"Yeah, I know, you're still a guy, I expect you will get turned on. I expected this to come up. It's just going to be embarrassing because you're my friend and I've never exposed myself to you like that. But I did expect that you would want spank me on the bare. I figured you would get turned on seeing me like that, just please don't try to take advantage of me, alright?"

"I promise I won't and I always keep my promises. Yeah, it will be embarrassing Lori, but according to everything I read a little embarrassment is a part of the process too, you understand that, right?"

"Yeah, I know, I'm just not going like it at all!"

"The last thing I wanted to discuss with you is, I an not going to fight with you to take it. I don't mind holding your arm away so I don't accidentally hit your hand if it flies back. Or maybe scissor-locking your legs so they don't kick up so much. But those things aren't really restraining you. I just won't feel right physically wrestling with you. I've weightlifted most of my life witch is why I'm pretty strong and could physically hold you in place, but I wouldn't feel right about it. Even if it's consenting to a non-consensual situation. I don't..."

She gently put her finger over my lips. "Mike, you don't want to fight me anyways. No, I seriously doubt you would be able physically hold me in place if I don't want to be there. Don't worry. I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't going will myself to take it. Trust me, you won't have to wrestle with me at all. I'll stay in position. I'm pretty tough, you'll see."

"Fair enough."

She just put her head in shoulder for a few moments as I held her. Than she sat up. Taking a deep breath she queried. "So, am I getting it here or your place?"

"Well again, I have to say, I have a lot of respect for you. Because as painful and humiliating as this is going to be, you are strong enough to know exactly what you need. You also have the courage to not only ask for help, you're willing to take it. Now that being said, I have every intention of following through and helping you. So, I'm going to go back to my place; I'm going to leave the door unlocked. You can collect your thoughts, go to the bathroom, etc. You can come over when you're ready. If you don't mind bring two of your stepping stools you have around here with you, OK?" "What do we need them for?"

"We'll go into that later. But, only come over if you are 100% sure you're committed to accepting what we talked about. You can text me if you want to back out and I won't think any less of you. But if you do come over, you don't have to knock, just come on in. Once you shut the door though, I'm in charge and you can expect to get what you want. We'll talk about a few last little details if and when you come over. You can take as much time as you want. It's now 11:00, if I don't see or hear from you by 1:00, I will assume you backed out and I will go about my day, OK?"

She nodded to acknowledge what I said, gave me another hug and got up and I did too. I turned to go back to my place when she gently touched my arm. I turned towards her again and she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug.

I'm as afraid as you are, Mike, but I know I need this. I don't necessarily want this but I know I need this, it worked before and I know it will work today. I'll be over soon. Thank you!"

I went back to my place and the anxiety rushed through me. I was slightly turned on, but didn't know why exactly beside I was going see her cute little bare bottom. I certainly didn't revel in the idea that I was going to give a serious spanking though. I was determined to make sure she got what she wanted and asked for. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach and I wasn't the one getting my ass beat.

My mind began to wonder about different ways to do it. Should I start over her jeans, than her panties and than bare? A layering effect like I read about. Should I just start out on the bare? Should I take my them down myself or should I make her do it herself? Should I ask her remove them all together or just take everything down? Still could not believe she was actually going let me spank her on the bare bottom. I was getting turned just thinking about seeing her bare like that. But it is the only the way administer a real spanking like that though.

I got a bottle of water from the fridge and sat on the couch. I was wearing jeans and polo shirt. I began thinking about what I could use beside a belt, then I saw the bamboo backscratcher on the coffee table that I got from the dollar store. I picked it up and ran my fingers across the flat part of the handle. It was just wide enough to have a good flat surface, strong enough that I knew it wouldn't break but wasn't overly thick like a paddle hairbrush which I did not have. I was thinking that maybe it would sure sting if I paddled her with it, especially being petite like she was. I was thinking I could paddle her with that after good hand spanking; then use a belt on her to finish it if I had too. I set it back down on the coffee table. Man, look at me, I was thinking about what I could use for the demise of someone else's backside. I would've never thought I would ever be thinking about what I could use to beat someone else's ass to this extreme. I decided to turn on the TV to keep my mind off it. It must have been about fourty minutes or so before I heard the door open slowly and a soft voice.

"Mike, are you here?"

"Yeah, I'm back here in the living room."

I motioned for her sit down on my lap again, just trying to make her feel secure like I read on those sites. She set the stepping stools down and slowly sat down on my lap but this time she put her arm around me.

"OK, Lori, there's a few things I want to make clear. First, I will not take advantage of you in any way. Secondly, there's only one thing I'm going to tell you, this spanking is going be over your entire backside. What I mean by that is the butt and the site-spot and very upper thighs. Just going what I read on those sites."

She was biting her lips a little. "Yeah, I figured that."

Thirdly, I will not think anything less of you when you actually break down and cry. You don't have to be afraid of letting your guard down. But I only have one question for you."

"What's that?" She queried.

"How do I determine when enough is enough? How did Tracy make that decision?"

She swallowed hard, made direct eye contact and said, "I don't know, I'm just trusted her."

If we do that, that will mean I would keep going until I decide it over, not you. That would mean that I would be spanking you as long as I feel is necessary."

She swallowed hard again. "Yeah, I'm a little scared now, but yeah, I guess so."

"That is a lot power you are giving over to me."

"I know, but I'm making a choice to trust you that much." "Well, I guess that's what a real spanking is, not having a choice as to when it is over. I appreciate the faith you have me and I promise that I have no intention of causing your any permanent harm and like I said, I would never make you bleed. However, it is going to be real severe and it's going keep going well beyond your pain tolerance and even after you lose your composure. Isn't that what you said last night?"

She just nodded in agreement as she buried her head in my shoulder. I could tell she was trembling but I wanted to help her feel secure. I hugged her tighter and just held her for a good ten minutes.

"Lori, you are my best friend and neighbor and I promise you are safe, I won't try anything, no matter how embarrassing this maybe for you today."

"I believe you, Mike, I believe you> I just want you to hold me a little longer."

"No problem my friend."

I held her for another ten or fifteen minutes in complete silence.

"Lori, are you ready to see if we can break down a dam?"

She slowly sat up, took a few deep breaths and looked directly at me. "Might as well."

We both stood up and I looked directly at her. Her bottom lip was trembling as she bit it.

Changing the mood a little, I spoke with a little more assertiveness. "Ok, half of this is mental, Lori. I want you to go to the corner make sure your forehead is against both walls. I want you to be thinking about all those guilt feelings you have pent up inside. You even called me and all other men dense which is completely unfair. Not all guys are the same. So we are going to start there.

Lori's face looked concerned and upset as I looked directly in her eyes.

"Damn it, why do we have to do the corner thing? It feels childish and..."

I figured I might as well see how serious she was and I wanted to test the waters too. I assertively grabbed her arm, turned her towards the corner and gave three medium hard swats on her butt.

With an assertive tone, "Because" - *swat* - "I" - *swat* - "said so" - *swat*

She arched her hips forward and flexed up in an attempt to avoid the last two swats and made a few step forwards.

"Ooo, Ooo, OK, OK, fine, fine, I go to the damn corner!"

She slow started walking towards the corner but it was obvious she did not like it.

"How long do I have to be there?"

"Until I tell you to come out."

With that she stopped immediately, turned and crossed her arms, "You can't expect me to just stand there indefinitely, Mike! I've got to know how long I'm going to..."

Being more confident about the situation now, I interrupted her and got pretty direct with her.

"Lori, you're not in control anymore, now do I need to swat your behind all the way over to the corner or are you going to behave yourself? This is also about your control issues. Now, get your little behind in the corner and put your forehead against it and think about what I told you until I say otherwise."

She just stared at me. I realized I may have to follow through and swat her butt all the way to the corner. I took a step forwards and she put her hands out to gesture me to halt. She exhaled in an irritating huff. And in a prideful tone, "OK, OK, fine, fine but I don't like this!"

As she turned back around, she did what I told her to do. As she was standing in the corner I was just looking at her for a few moments. She was wearing jeans and a half tank-top shirt that came half way down to her waist. I could see the lower part of back. I noticed a tattoo on her lower back that I had never seen before. It was a single bright red lotus flower, it was filled in solid red. With the words 'Lotus Club' underneath it. I wasn't sure what it meant. I could not help but look at her little cute bottom this time. It was perfectly formed. It was not over round, she was short but slender with well defined muscles all over. It would be obvious to anyone that worked out all the time. I got turned on just thinking about seeing her bottom bare. I decided to get the room ready for action. She needed some time to get her head into letting things go inside her. I really did want to help her. I moved the couch around so there was a clear pathway from the corner and the dinning room table. It was a good 10 to 12 feet away. I got both stepping stools and placed them right near the table in the dining room.

Everything those websites said was that she needed to feel the trepidation and the anticipation of the spanking before it started so that she could start the process of breaking down those barriers inside her, especially if she did have a high pain tolerance as she said she did. I also read that she needed to feel a little humility and the physical pain of the spanking in order to put her into the accepting mode. I decided I was going to take her through that process and give her several spankings followed with more corner time in order to chip away at her stubbornness and inner resistance to what was happening. In a frustrated tone, she spoke up, "How long am I supposed to be here, I hate this!"

I looked over to her again. She was rolling her forehead against the corner of the two walls.

"There's no specified time, you'll stay there until I ready for you."

She stomped her foot, "Oooo, I hate this Mike, I really do!"

"Are you thinking about what I told you to?"

In a very whiney and irritated tone, "No not really, well maybe a little, yeah!"

"Well, I suppose you will next time."

"Next time? Damn it, Mike, I hate this!"

"It's perfectly natural to struggle with control and obedience when you'rr so used to the opposite."

"You're enjoying this aren't you? You read this on those sites, you're enjoying having authority aren't you?"

"There is a big difference between humility and pride, just like authority and anger. I'm not angry or taking pleasure in this. But you are right, I'm taking you through this process from what I read from several sites, but I assure you, I'm just trying to help you. I know you don't like this but take a deep breath and answer this question. Do you trust me?"

Taking a deep breath she calmed down for second. Still a little frustrated but in a softer tone, "Yes, I do, I just hate this corner thing. How much longer?"

"I know Lori, I know. You're going stay there as long as I feel you need to be there. Now think about what I told to be thinking about. I told you, once you came over and shut the door, I'm in charge, not you."

I let her stand there for a few more minutes while I went to my bedroom and retrieved two pillows. I put them both on the table.

"Ok Lori, turn around but stay where you are, don't leave the corner."

She was so relieved to be out of the corner. She exhaled deeply. "Oh, thank goodness!" She turned around subconsciously put her hands behind her.

"OK, Lori, I'm not sure if what I'm going to do is right or not. I know everyone is different. I just put several ideas together from what I read. So, I'm sorry if I don't get this right but I'm your friend and I really do want to help and based on how you have responded so far you really do want this too, even though you're fussing and fighting against it inside. I just don't want to ruin our friendship here."

She knew I was looking for some reassurance from her. She took breath and exhaled deeply, "It won't, Mike, I just didn't expect you to do that research, I was just wanting things to happen the way I wanted them to and I'm just struggling with this, that's all. I hate this damn corner thing. It's just, ah hmmm..."

"Your control issue, isn't it?"

She put her head down and exhaled again, "Yeah, I don't like not being in control."

"Ok, well, will you trust me and let this process help you, even though you may not like it?"

She nodded, "Yeah, as long as you don't try anything sexual or take advantage of me, which I do believe you won't and I really believe you won't..."

"It's still not going to be easy for you. And unfortunately you know it's going be embarrassing, right?"

"Yeah, like I said, I expected that."

"Ok Lori, I'm going to get your attention and wake your subconscious up. To do so, you're going lay yourself over my leg so I can spank your backside crimson red, understand!?"

"Yes sir."

"Sir. Now that's probably the most respectful thing I ever heard come out of your mouth since I've known you. Someone did teach you some manners didn't they? I'll tell you what, for now I want you always respond with that, is that clear?"

"Oooo, yes sir." And she started to take a step.

I held out my hand to motion her to stop. "Wait a minute Lori. I want to see what I'm doing and in order to make the maximum impact you need to get your britches down."

"Yeah, I knew you were going to do that."

As she started to walk over, I stopped her again.

"No step all the way back to the corner again and take 'em down there."

"But I'm all the way across the room!"

"Do you need more corner time? Because..."

"No! No I don't. But why can't I..."

I interrupted her, "The opposite of pride is humility; the opposite of stubbornness is compliance. Now, get 'em down!"

She just stared at me for second. Maybe to see if I was serious, I don't know. But there was silence for a moment as she looked into my eyes with a questioning stare.

"Lori, this is a real spanking, get your pants down!" I said with a firm but gentle tone.

She swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "Oooo, yes sir." She slowly placed her hands on her belt buckle and slowly pulled the flap from her belt loop and out of the buckle.

She was going to do it, she was actually going take her pants down. I started getting turned on with every motion.

"What you going to use?" She nervously asked.

"My hand for the first two spankings."

She slowly pulled the flap of her belt to the right and got it unhooked from the buckle.

In a more sobbing tone, "Then what, are you going to use a belt?"

"One thing at a time. First I'm going to get your attention by thoroughly spanking your backside, then you're going back in the corner and then I'm going to spank your butt thoroughly to start the process of chipping away at that wall inside you."

"Oooo, what's the difference?" She asked as she pulled the belt out of the buckle and slowly started to undo the buttons of her jeans.

I was watching her intently but trying not to be too obvious about it. "The difference in what?"

"My backside and my butt." She queried.

"Oh, your backside is your sit spot and upper thighs."

She was slowly pushing her zipper down, her lips trembling and in a whimpering tone, "Oooo, can't you just..."

I interrupted her again, "No Lori, I decide how this works not you. You're not in control here, you don't decide how I spank you."

"Oooo, yes sir."

She hooked her thumbs on the inside of her jeans and slowly pushed just the back part of them down, barely below her cheeks, and was about to take a step.

"No Lori, when I said lower your britches, I meant all the way down. I want them all the way to your ankles. Now come on, lower them all the way down."

Now hesitating, probably from embarrassment, "But can't..."

"No Lori, we can't, now push your jeans all the way down!"

She let out a hard huff and than a whimper, "Oooo, fine, whatever."

"I'm going to bust your backside good to get your attention and take care of that attitude as well. Now, I want to hear a 'sir' out of you every time, remember!"

Now in a haughty tone, either in defiance or sarcasm, or both, she over-emphasized her response. "YES SIR!"

She hooked the inside of her jeans again and slowly pushed them all the way down to her ankles. She stood up in her bikini style panties that were green camouflage, like the military. She took a step and again I stopped her.

"No Lori, in order to thoroughly spank your backside properly you have to get your panties down too." In a whimpering and frustrated tone, "Ooooo, but I'm way over here, you expect me to..."

I interrupted her and finished her sentence, "To shuffle over here with your britches down completely bare, yes, I do."

She put her hands insider her panties and began rubbing her bottom. She looked at me for a few moments. I wasn't sure what going through her head. I didn't flinch.

"But why do have do it that way? I'm clear across the room and I can just..."

"Just do what I told you to do. But maybe you need more corner time after all."

She quickly removed her hands from her panties, "No, no, OK, OK, I will, I will." "Alright, get them down, Lori!"

Her hands were trembling as she hooked her thumbs on the inside of the elastic band of her panties and pushed just the back part of them off her cheeks and looked directly at me in a questioning expression on her face.

I nodded and said, "Yup, that's right, they come all the way down too, Lori, no arguing, bare your bottom completely. Push them down to your knees though and no further, understand!"

"Ooooo...." She slowly pushed them all the way down to just above her knees and stood up and put hand in front of her trying to cover herself.

I turned around and picked a pillow. I made sure I maintained eye contact with her and not let my eyes wander. I placed my foot on the foot stool and motioned with my finger. "OK, shuffle you bare behind over here, I going give you a really good warm up spanking."

She slowly started her shuffle over. I couldn't believe it. She had actually completely bared herself. I was really turned on now and I hoped she didn't notice. She looked pretty darn cute with everything down like that. I heard the buckle of her belt slide across the floor as she slowly inched her way forwards. I was wondering what was going on in her mind about now.

She got about half over and I think she was now feeling trepidation because she moved her hands behind her and began rubbing her bottom with every step. When she did, I got a full unobstructed frontal view of her from the upper part of her stomach to her knees that were completely bare. She had her own six pack. But her slim body and flat stomach curved downwards forming perfectly in her hips joints. I almost lost a load in my pants. She was really beautiful. I guess, I think, I never noticed it before until I got to see completely bare like that. But I quickly snapped out of it and got back to focus on the job at hand.

Looking directly into my eyes she queried, "I don't have to count them do I?"

Making sure I maintained eye contact, "There isn't any need to count when there's no specific number of swats to reach."

As she got closer I could see she was breathing heavier, "You don't have a specific number in your head?"

"No, I'm just going spank you as long as it takes to make sure your backside is sufficiently warmed up, watch your reactions and test just how much of a pain tolerance you actually have."

Still inching her way forward rubbing her bottom and hearing the jiggle of her belt buckle drag across the floor, "So you're just going keep spanking me indefinitely then?"

"No, but I have learned how to spank you to make sure I give you a good long warm up."

"Is it really going to be intense from the very beginning? Are you going to start off slow and build up?"

"You will just have find out, no guarantees either way. I will tell it will most likely continue a lot longer than you think it will."

She was just about to me and I could tell now that she was really at the height of her anticipation. Her lips were trembling. According to what I read this was a good thing but I also needed to make sure she felt secure at the same time. She finally got right up to me and I offered to hold her for moment. She didn't hesitate then. She put her arms around my neck and I held her for a good minute before I spoke."

"Lori, I'm really only trying to help, you know that, right?"

She exhaled and in a softer tone, "I know you are, Mike, I know."

"I am going to help get that dam to break and that means I have to help you through your mental barriers too in order to help get that cathartic release."

She squeezed me a little tighter.

"That also means I might have to spank really pretty damn hard too."

"I know, I know."

I pushed her away, put my foot up on the stepping stool so it was straight out, and got a pillow for her to hang on to.

"I'm going drape you over my leg, you can use the other stepping stool and I can help you over if you want." "No, I should get myself in position." She said respectfully.

Trying to keep the mood, but respecting her decision. "Alright, well would please get you little bare behind up and over my leg!" I said in calm but firm tone as I gave her a. I offered her my hand to help her up as if I was helping her out of a car.

I think she took it the way I meant it because she responded, "Yes sir, I will!" as she took my hand.

She stepped up on the stool while I helped stabilize her with my hand. She placed her hands on my legs and with a little hopping upwards, she hiked herself up on my leg. I gently placed my hand on her back and about ask her if she wanted a pillow to hang on to.

"Wait, wait, I'm slipping!"

She started instinctively climbing up with her legs, but with her panties to her knees and her jeans bunched up at her feet, it prevent her efforts.

"Do you need some help?" I asked, admiring what I saw.

She grunted a little as she responded to me. "No, No, just give me a second, I can do it myself! I just want be able stay in position. I don't want to slide off after you start, even accidentally. That would be disrespectful. I don't want disrespect you like that."

Wow, I was the man spanking her and she is concerned about me interpreting something as disrespectful. Interesting! As she was struggling and grunting, she put her hands on my leg and arched her back as she pushed in on her pelvis. She lifted herself upward and flexed all her muscles. When she did, I got really turned on, especially when I saw the muscular definitions in her butt cheeks.

"I appreciate that, Lori."

She got herself further up and bent completely over. She was literally dangling at both ends and was pretty high off the floor. I handed her the pillow.

"Thank you, Mike."

She crossed her feet to keep her legs together and grabbed the pillow, hugging it like a teddy bear.

I took a few moments to just view her beautiful bare backside. It was a sight to behold. Her bottom was right there before me, completely bare. It was white and presiding. Her legs dangled straight down, stretching the lower part of her butt cheeks into her sit spot that formed perfectly into her upper thighs. I could still some of the defined muscles in her legs. She had a couple of cute freckles on her bottom. I saw goose bumps forming.

"It's cold in here, Mike."

I gently placed my hand on her back. I than carefully put my other hand on the center of her bottom. The skin of her bottom was so smooth and creamy. She twitched as she felt my hand touch her. But I had to snap myself out of it and get to the business at hand. I thought I should be a little assertive and say a few things out loud, mainly for my sake. I'm sure she already knew what to expect.

"Ok Lori, I'm not sure if you were planning on doing this or not but I read that sometimes people try counting how many times they get smacked instead focusing on why they are getting spanked. I don't want you be counting at all for two reason. First, I want you to focus on letting things go inside. Secondly, whenever I give you a real spanking, it is essentially unlimited swats, no matter if it is with my hand or not. What that means to you is I'm go give as many swats I feel is necessary and it's going last as long as I deem fit. The spanking will stop when I decide it stops not you, understand"

"Yes, sir, I understand that!" "Now, I expect you to stay in place! I expect you to kick and squirm some but don't interfere or interrupt the spanking. I'm not going to talk much while I'm spanking you because I'm to keep focused. Now you keep your hands and feet out of the way, is that clear!"

"Oh, yes sir, I will, you'll see, I'm a big girl, I can take it. I won't physically resist, I promise." "Ok, here we go."

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I started smacking her upper thighs on both legs over and over. I wasn't smacking quickly, about one every other second. I kept this pace up for a good minute, getting absolutely no response from her. She just lay there as if nothing was happening.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I put a certain amount of force and got only a few 'ohhh's' out of her. She still didn't move. Then I picked up the pace a little; it still wasn't overly quick, only about one per second now.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

After another 2 minutes or so, I was really starting to hit pretty hard now and still only hitting her upper thighs and sit spot, alternatively smacking each leg. She was wiggling some when I picked up the pace, hitting her faster and faster.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

After another minute I still only got a few 'Ooooo's and ouchiee' but no major reaction. But I kept going harder and faster. I was determined to get some more reaction from her, after all it was supposed to get her attention.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I knew she was starting to feeling it now, I was finally getting more of a reaction from her. I was now hitting pretty fast and hard. A few more 'ohhh's' and she was starting to flutter her feet a little. This went on for a another couple of minutes.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I kept spanking her again with some pretty good force now. I made sure my hand wasn't cupped and landed as flat as I could against the bare skin of her thighs, maximizing the stinging force of my hand. She started jumping and shifting her legs up and down. The sound of my hand smacking her backside echoed through my apartment. I was determined to get some sort of reaction other than just a few 'Ooo's' so I kept spanking her harder and faster.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

Still didn't get much sound out of her but finally her hand flew back; I firmly and quickly said without stopping, "Nope, keep your hands in front of you, Lori!"

She moved her arms out straight and balled up her fists.

*Smack, smack, smack smack, smack*

I was now spanking her as hard and fast as I could and still not much sound came from her. I kept going and she finally arched her back upwards, stiffened up and flexed up as tight as she could.

"Ouuuuuu, ouch, ouuuuu, ouch, ouchieee, ouchieee, not the same spot, not the same spot, ouuuu, OK, OK, stop, stop owwwwwww!"

I quickly but gently pressed my hand on her back and pressed downwards as I continued.

"Lori, get back down, get back down, I decide when it's over, now get back down."

She allowed me to push her back down and I continued for another minute or so but she was now really fluttering her feet and legs for rest of the spanking. She was finally starting to feel it, that's for sure. The back of her thighs and sit spots were a bright red all over on both sides, and my hand was actually starting to sting a little. I finally stopped and gave a little light smack on the center of her bottom and told her get off. She put her hands on my leg and hoped off. When her feet touched the floor she stomped around in circles rubbing her thighs and the lower part of her backside.

"Shit, owww, shit, shit that hurt, damn that hurt, owwww, shit, owwwwwwww!"

I'd never spanked anyone before, but I know that that was a pretty hard and long spanking. But on the other hand, she did look pretty darn cute stomping her feet and rubbing, all the time with her jeans and her panties down like that. She must have stomped around for a good 10-15 seconds or so. I knew it hurt but she wasn't anywhere close to crying. I realized then, she really did have a high pain tolerance because I was spanking her pretty damn hard for several minutes. After she stopped stomping, she stood in one place and looked at me.

"OK, get your pants up and get back to the corner."

"Oh, Mike I hate that damn corner, please!"

"Lori, you don't get to call the shots here. You wanted a hiding and I'm going to give it to you in the way I decide. No arguments; get your backside back in the corner and now that I got your attention a little I want you think about what I told to do the first time."

She just stared at me for a second and I raised my eyebrow, and I know she saw my look of determination.

With a more contrite tone of voice, "Oooo, yes sir."

She pulled her clothes back up and got her jeans all fastened up and slowly went back to the corner. She put her forehead back against the wall and began carefully rubbing her backside and calming her breathing. After a minute or so, I decided that maybe it would be better if she sat on one of the wooden dining room chairs. I went to the kitchen, got a bottle of water from the refrigerator and walked back to the dining room. I picked up a chair and walk over to Lori. I set the chair down and gently placed my hand on her arm. She turned around and made eye contact. I held out the bottle of water and told her she could sit on the chair but it would still have to face the corner.

She took the bottle of water from me and with a softer and more humble voice said, "Oh Mike, I'm so sorry giving you an attitude when I'm the one who asked for this, it's just I forgot how much it may hurt. I hate being in this corner like this and I'm struggling with the situation and you don't deserve it. I know I'm sending you mixed messages. I never thought you'd be spanking my thighs like that. I went this far, I'm determined to let this happen. I just need you to help me be more cooperative because I know it's going to get worse."

I didn't know what to say or do, but I figured she just needed some reassurance, "Lori, I don't know what I'm doing here either. I've never spanked anyone before. Do you really want to continue?"

She turned around and threw her arms around me and I embraced her. I just held her for about a minute. She nodded her head in my chest.

"OK, well, you know it is just the beginning, you know that right?"

Again she nodded, "Yeah, I know, I'm just a little afraid right now and I appreciate you making me feel more and more secure with you." Letting out a deep breath, "You're in charge, Mike, I understand that, and you have to be, I'm just still fighting inside."

I gently pushed her back, "Well, now will you let me take you on this process? I'm your friend and I really am trying to help you, because like you said, this is about you."

She nodded and pulled the chair closer to the corner and gently sat down. She unscrewed the lid and took a big sip of water. She looked up at me and still in a more sobering voice, "So how long am going to be in this damn corner?"

"I'm going to set a countdown timer on my phone and place it on the coffee table, when it goes off you get up and turn around and we'll have another round."

"How long are you going to set the timer for?"

"That's not for you to know, remember we are dealing control issues."

She turned her head back to the wall took a deep breath, "Oooo, Ok."

I was about to walk away when she turned around quickly and touched my arm. I turned and looked at her.

"Thank you for the chair and the water, I appreciate it."

"You're welcome my friend, now you keep your face towards the wall, I don't want you to talk, just think about what I asked you to do before, understand?"

As she exhaled and in the most respectful and sincere tone of voice I ever heard from her, "Yes sir."

I walked away, picked up my phone and set the timer for 35 minutes and set the phone down on the coffee table right next to the backscratcher so she wouldn't miss seeing it. I than moved the coffee table closer to her just out of arms reach on one side of her so there would still be a clear path to the dining room. She turned when she heard me move the table and we made eye contact again. I picked up the phone again.

"Lori, I'm resetting the timer because you looked, now turned your head against the wall."

"But I was..."

"But nothing, do you want me to set the timer for longer or just reset it?"

She turned back towards the wall and in a whimpering tone, "Ooooo, just reset it, Mike."

"Ok, now you stay faced towards corner." I reset the timer and I sat down on the couch, I had to collect my thoughts. I was now more secure about the situation. She really did want this and I had more determination to help her break that wall until she completely surrendered. I was also more confident about what I read and how I was proceeding. Because I was getting the results I expected. I went to my room and changed into sweats and T-shirt. I came back and she was right where she was supposed to be, apparently that spanking sobered her up and did get her attention. I sat back down on the couch and checked the timer, then went back to the dining room chair when I knew the timer was getting close. The timer finally went off and she slowly got up and turned around and took a few steps to the coffee table to stop the timer alarm. She looked at me and this time waited.

"Well, you know the deal, lower 'em there before you shuffle over here."

She once again slowly started unbuckling her belt, "Oh, does it really have to be all the way down again?"

"Yes, all the way down, now drop 'em."

As she slowly hooked her thumbs on the inside of her jeans and started pushing them down again, she asked, "Are you going to start off slow and soft like before?"

"I might and I might not, I'll decide when you're over my knee."

She pushed them down to her ankles and stood up in just her panties before hesitating again.

"Lori, I told you, all spankings are on the bare butt. Come on now, I don't want to tell you again, panties have to come down too; now bare you little bottom and get over here."

She swallowed hard and exhaled deeply with a look of defiance again.

"Drop your drawers, Lori!"

Her face turned from pride to a look of trepidation. She hooked the inside of the elastic band of her panties again and pushed them down to her knees. She put her hands behind her as she was shuffling towards me. She finally reached me, stepped over to the right of me without saying a word. I picked up the pillow again and put it over my knee. She draped herself over again. With the pillow over my thigh she was still pretty much bent in half. I placed my right leg over hers, successfully locking them so she couldn't kick much.

I stopped for a second, just looked at her and admired her bare bottom. I was very aroused but I'm sure with the pillow between us she couldn't tell; she had a beautiful bottom. She was still pretty red on her lower bottom and thighs, but very white everywhere else. Again she was very muscular and her little bottom was something to behold. But I quickly focused back at what I had to do.

I rested my hand on the center of her bottom. I was tapping as I was talking, "OK, Lori, I'm only going tell you once; you keep your hands in front of you. Hold on to the chair leg, or even my leg, if you have to. I'm going to wear my hand out on your butt good and hard. You flutter you feet all you want but they aren't going anywhere. You can fuss, and cuss all you want, as long as you don't get your hands in the way. Again, there's no specified number of swats; it will only stop when I decided and not until. I don't want you counting, focus on letting those walls down. Understand?"

"Ohhhh, yes sir!"

"OK, here we go again." I didn't bother with starting out softly. I was determined to wear my hand out again before I sent her back to the corner again.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

Once again, I was hitting about one swat per second but I was hitting as hard as I could from the beginning this time. I was smacking both cheeks, both upper and lower alternately, and every third one I hit the center of her bottom.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

She started shifting her bottom in different directions. It was good that I saw some sort of reaction out of her, but nothing more.

I went on like this for a good 2-3 minutes. She threw her arms out again and clenched her fists. Her bottom was turning red all over. I could tell it was hurting but it didn't seem to be painful to her. I made sure I got every inch of her bottom, from the top to bottom. I then started spanking her vigorously with rapid fire smacking again.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

"Ohhhhhh, ouuuuu, OK, OK."

I could tell that it was the hard and fast smacks that made a difference. I really laid into her and was spanking as hard and fast as I could, not giving her any time to recover between swats.


Her feet were fluttering like crazy as I continued non-stop. "OK, OK, slow down, slow down, stop, no more, OK, OK, not so fast, not so fast, OK, OK, ouchooooooo!"

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I didn't stop or slow down. She finally tried to interfere and put her hand in the way. I quickly caught it and moved it up to her lower back.

"It's an unlimited spanking, Lori, I'll stop when I decide, now keep your hand there."

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I kept going as hard and fast as I possible could for another couple minutes or so. She kept fussing and begging but it didn't deter me.

*Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack*

I finally stopped and told her to get up. I helped her up and as soon as I did, she started doing that rubbing and stomping thing again. Man, with her flat stomach and slim body, the way she was rubbing her very red bottom, I was turned on big time as I watched her. I never realized that spanking her was going to affect me this much. She was so beautiful and I was so turned on admiring her as she was turning and stomping around with her clothes still half way down.

"Ohhhhh, ouuuuu, ouchieee, ouchuuuuu, ouchhiee, ouchieee; shit that hurt!"

I let her rub and stomp it out until she stood in one place. She wasn't near shedding a tear. I can tell she was really fighting it but I think I was starting to get to her psychologically.

"Ok, Lori, get your britches on and get back in the corner."

She just calmed her breathing down and as she was pulling her clothes back up, "Damn it, why do I have to go into the damn corner again, I hate it and..."

"Do you want to be sitting down or standing with your forehead against the wall again?" If you continue arguing you'll be standing, it's up to you.

In a whimpering and defeated tone, "Ooooo, yes sir."

She got her belt fastened and started walking back with her head down. I got up and followed her until I reached the coffee table. I set the timer for 45 minutes this time and sat back down.

"Ok, Lori, same like last time, I'm going to set the timer, I'm not going to tell you how long so don't ask. Do you want some more water though?"

In a semi angry tone, "No thank you."

Yeah, she was in the angry phase. I was starting to get to her and now the battle had started inside her. I read about this stage, I have to be direct and help her get past her anger and but let her work through it. I knew I was on the right track though and I knew she still needed and wanted this to happen because she was still being compliant. I went to the kitchen and made me a sandwich and some coffee and sat back down at the table. I felt bad for her but I was hoping that I would be able to get her to that cathartic release with the backscratcher. However, I thought I would only use medium force since it's bamboo backscratcher, I didn't want to really lay into her. It seemed that the rapid quick swats were the way to go anyways. It was pretty thin, strong enough not to break, wide enough to make quit a sting and I should be able to get her to tears with it. I finished my snack, checked the timer and sat back down on the couch with my tablet and did some Facebooking, email and other stuff. I knew the time was getting close so I went back to the dining area and put my foot back on the stool and waited for the timer. Knowing that she would be upset I knew I had to hold my ground and be firm.

It finally went off, she got up and turned off the alarm. This time she didn't even waste any time. She undid her belt, unsnapped her jeans and pushed everything down to her ankles in one quick swift push and stood up.

In a pretty defiant tone in her voice, "Happy now? I'm ready."

"Yes I'm glad we didn't have to go through all the hesitation, but your attitude is still something to be desired. You need get your panties back up to your knees though."

"What the hell difference does that make?"

"Because that's what I asked you to do. Now do what I said or get everything back on and you can put forehead in the corner." "Fine, I'll get them up." She bent over and pulled her panties up to just over knees. Then she didn't say anything, she just stood there and stared at me with her arms crossed.

"Alright, let's see if we can break down some walls shall we? Get you bare behind over here, Lori."

She took a step and almost reached the coffee table. "Pick up the bamboo backscratcher from the coffee table and bring it with you also."

Her hands flew behind her in a protective posture and she had a look of surprise and trepidation. In a concerned tone, "You're not going to be spanking me with that are you?

"No, I'm going to thoroughly paddle you with it. Your backside and your thighs both, there will be no break in between."

While she still had a sturdiness in her voice, she swallowed hard, "I've never been paddled before, I assumed you would use a belt."

I stood my ground with her, "I will decide what I use, not you, you don't get to call the shots here. Now bring it to me and while you are shuffling over here I want you to run your fingers across the flat part of the handle, because that's the part that's going to be paddling you."

She let out a deep breath and now had a look of fear on her face as she picked it up. Her attitude sobered up rather quickly as she picked it up and felt the flat smooth surface of the handle. She slowly inched her way toward me, and as approached she asked, "Are you going start?"

While I had every intention of only using medium force, I didn't want to tip her off any so I interrupted her.

"Lori, this is going to sting like all get out and I'm going to put you over my leg again."

She just froze where she was and looked at me. Her lips were trembling as she was thinking about what was about to happen.

"Lori, come over here so I can paddle your behind."

With a look of trepidation she began to move again, she shuffled over until she was right next me. Holding her backside with one hand as she handed me the backscratcher with the other. She was trembling.

"How many am I going to get with that thing?"

"As many as I deem necessary. It's unlimited swats, remember."

"Is it going to start off slow like last time at least, and..."

"Get yourself up and over, Lori."

She swallowed hard and stepped up on the stool. Placing her hand on my leg she hiked herself up. This time she didn't stop until she maneuvered herself in position, again dangling at both ends.

"Ohhhh, does it have to be with that thing?"

"Yes, Lori, now here's your pillow, you're going to need it for this one."

Since she was short and petite, she was pretty much bent in half again. She took the pillow and hugged like a teddy bear. I placed my hand on her back and put the flatest part of handle against her sit spot. I had a clear line of sight from this position. It was long enough to make contact on both sides simultaneously. I tapped her lightly with it.

"OK Lori, this is going to sting a lot. Now to answer your your question, this paddling is be like the title of my favorite Brandon Lee movie. Do you know who Brandon Lee is?"

"Yeah, Bruce Lee's son?" She queried.

"That right, Brandon Lee made a movie entitled, 'Rapid Fire.' Have you seen it?"

"Oh, no sir."

"Well, I'll have to show it to you sometime. But the important thing is I'm going to paddle just like the title of the movie. This paddling is going to 'Rapid Fire,' from the very beginning and is going stay that way throughout the entire spanking. But don't think just because it's going to be fast and furious that it isn't going to end quickly either. Now, have to keep your hands out of the way. I don't want to hit them accidentally, is that clear!"

"Ohhhh, yes sir, but please not so fast, I hate it when it's fast, please!"

I was tapping the center of her bottom with the backscratcher, "Lori you had better brace yourself because this paddling isn't going to stop until I feel like stopping. I don't want you to interrupt it, I want to be give one long set. Now are you ready?"

She was now twitching her bottom a lot in dreadful anticipation, "Ohhhh, please not fast, you don't have to do it really fast."

"Lori, this is a real spanking, I'll decide how to administer it, not you! Now are you ready?"

"Ohhhh, OK, OK, but please I don't want it to be..."


I interrupted her with the first whack. I wasn't going to go easy this time. I wasn't able to make her cry with a hand spanking; I certainly hoped the backscratcher would though. I went right to the rapid fire quick paddling swats; no pauses between swats, all in fast and furious succession. The backscratcher made a really load smacking noise as the flattest part of handle made contact to her bare bottom. It echoed through the agreement.


I concentrated the first volley across her sit spot. Being bent in half, I now had a clear line of sight with the backscratcher. I made sure the area that connected her upper thighs and her cheeks was crimson red before moving. It was just flat enough to make a loud smacking sound like a paddle, but I know it wasn't enough to make deep bruising. I knew it stinging though. I wasn't sure if it was what I was using or the rapid fire swats but I definitely got a reaction from her at the beginning.


"Ouuuuuuu, ouuuuuuu, ouuuuuuu, it stings, it stings, it stings, not the same spot, ouuuuuuu, ouuuuuuu, ouuuuuuu, stop, stop, stop, OK, OK, OK, ouchieeee, ouchieeee, ouchieee, no more, no more, please stop, not so fast, ouuuuuu, no, no, no more, no morrrrrr, ouuuuuu, not fast, pleassseeee, ouuuuuuuu..."

I knew I was now making progress. I was whacking away as fast as I could. I moved from her sit spot to her thighs. She was trying to kick her legs like crazy. She was squeezing the pillow harder and harder. I made sure I covered her from her sit spot up the center of her bottom and upper bottom, making sure I didn't strike her tail bone though. She was hollering like crazy. Her entire backside was bright, bright red.


She was squealing and squirming in every direction and she was being very vocal about it. She stiffened up like a board, teeter-tottering over my leg but I kept going as I pressed on her back.

"Get back down Lori, bend over, get back down!"


Somehow she bent back down but she was now screaming for me to stop. After another good minute or so of continuous rapid fire style paddling, I realized the backscratcher wasn't going to make her cry. I think she was getting numb to it but I was finally getting quite a reaction from her. So I stopped and tapped on her back, signaling to her it was over. She jumped off and stood straight up, arched her back, threw her hands over bottom and she started hopping up and down, turning about, and hollering like crazy. She was doing the spanking dance, but this time she was hopping. She wasn't crying, but I can tell that it sure stung like the dickens. She was hopping up and down rubbing like crazy. I couldn't believe she was still holding out and not crying. She did have a high pain tolerance, she took that entire paddling. I must have paddled her good and fast nonstop for at least a 2 maybe 3 minutes or so. She willed herself to stay in position and didn't interrupted it.

I let her holler and hop it all out. I was frustrated now; I was thinking that the backscratcher stung but I needed it to really hurt and sting. I was admiring her display, she looked so cute as I saw her little ass all clenching up tight and dancing around like that, at least it was a sign that I was making an impact. I also felt sorry for her. I really thought it was going to work. I guessed I was going to have to resort to using the belt after all, but I was going to give her a break, maybe hold her until she calmed completely down. I was waiting until she was standing in one place. I held out my arms. She shuffled over and leaned into my chest while she was still rubbing with her hands; I held her for a good minute or so. I felt like I had failed her. I didn't know what else to do. I decided that if she was going to get this breakthrough she wanted I had to go to more extreme measures. I gently took her arms pushed her back and looked at her. She was crying a little, but she didn't seem angry anymore either.

"Lori, you know the deal, get yourself together and get back to your chair in the corner."

"Yes sir." She got her clothes back up and sat back down on the chair in the corner without even one protest.

I reset the timer for 10 minutes.

I sat back down on the couch and thought about what I needed to do. I realized then that what I needed to do was to really lay into her hard and beat her ass thoroughly with a belt. But was it in me to do that? She was just a tower of pain endurance and while I believe I was making progress, I think there were still some blockages inside her and she was still fighting it subconsciously. I remember what she told me yesterday; she needed me to help get her passed the point of pain and surrender and take her over the edge. I was also thinking about how she told me her friend Tracy finally broke down her walls.

I got up, went to my bedroom, grabbed another pillow. I came back and she was still where she was supposed to be. I arranged the pillow over the arm and one in the seat right next to it so she would have it to hang on to. I got the other two pillows from the dining room and arranged them accordingly. I sat back down and waited for the timer to sound off.

It finally went off and she turned around, she had a more sobdued look on her. She was about to start to undo the buckle and I stopped her. I patted my thighs.

"Why don't you come over here and sit down so we can talk for a minute."

She came and sat down on my lap and just buried her face into my shoulder. "I'm sorry I gave you an attitude earlier, Mike."

"It's okay ,Lori, I knew you were just angry."

I just held her for a good 5 minutes in complete silence before I spoke, "Lori, you're my friend and neighbor and I really didn't like the idea of putting you through pain like this but I know there are still a few barriers you're struggling with, right?"

She just curled up into a little ball in my arms and let out a little whimpering sound as she nodded.

I held her for another couple of minutes. "Lori, I think it's time to remove every one of your defensive walls."

She sat up and looked me.

"I was only paddling you with medium force swats because maybe I was afraid to really lay on really hard. I didn't want our friendship to be in jeopardy."

Still sniffing a little from the paddling "You don't have to worry about that, Mike."

"I realized that and I also know that half of this is a mental battle. But I'm not to going hold back anymore. So I..."

"Ohhhh, you're not going to paddle me again are you, because I don't think I can handle any more! I hate that thing and..."

"Well, you're not supposed to handle it anymore, are you? You're just going to have to let go and give in this time, Lori. This is the moment you wanted. But you need to remove all remaining attitudes of resistance, pride and stubbornness."

I left her a moment of silence to think about it.

"You told me yesterday you have a hard time letting go. And I believe that this helped you psychologically prepare to do just that and be completely vulnerable. You said you trust me no matter what. Now more than ever, I know this is about you."

Letting out deep sigh, "Ooooooo, what are you going to use this time?"

"I want you to go to my room, open up my closet and on the far left you'll see hangers where you'll find five different leather belts. You're going to choose the one that you want me to beat your butt with and bring it back here."

In a compliant and with a more humble disposition she got up, "Yes sir."

She then walked to my room. She took her sweet time. I was okay with that because I wanted her to be going through this process. She finally returned with my black leather belt. I stood up and offered her another hug. She accepted it and I embraced her and held her for a second as I heard another small whimper come from her.

I pushed her away and asked her, "All the time while you were in the corner did you think deeply about what I asked you to or were you just mad that I put you there?"

She put her head down said, "No, I was just mad and I was more and more angry about it. I didn't expect to be standing or sitting there. It feels childish and.."

"And you have control issues and it was coming into conflict with that, wasn't it?"

Keeping her head down, "Yeah, all I was doing was standing up on the inside because..."

"Because that's your coping mechanism isn't it?"

She stood there in silence.

"That paddling I gave you finally broke through some of that didn't it?"

"I don't know, maybe, yeah, all I know is that it really stung and it went on forever. I hated it."

"Lori, I'm trying to help you and you asked me to help you and then you didn't even do what I asked. You admitted half your inner struggle is mental but you have been working counterproductive to that, it makes me feel like you're playing games with me."

"I am sorry, Mike."

For the first time, she had a look of remorse on her face. I think I was now getting somewhere.

"OK, Lori, you know what I want you to do. Give me the belt. I'm going to go change again and get my thoughts together too. Take a few moments but than go back and stand in the corner. Be sure you put your head against the corner. This time I want you to think about everything you told me yesterday and why you asked for this. When I call you out, don't bother taking everything down there. You can do that here before you lay over the arm of the couch. But I want you thinking about things now."

She swallowed hard; her bottom lip was trembling and in a most sincere tone, "Yes sir."

"Ok, I'm going to the bathroom, do a few things in my room and make some coffee. You can have a few moments before you go to the corner again."

"Ooooo, yes sir."

She got up from my lap and sat back down on the couch. I left and went to the bathroom, then to my room to straighten up a few things, but mainly to introspect. I changed back into my jeans and put on the belt that she chose. I wanted her to see me slide it off, just for the mental effect. I laid down on my bed and began thinking about what has been happening. Maybe it was just an association with a belt or maybe what I was doing was wrong. All the websites I read did say everyone is different. I also didn't expect to be getting turned on so much while I was spanking her. I wasn't sure if it was the act of spanking or just seeing her cute little bare ass, or maybe both. Either way, I just wanted to help her. I still couldn't believe that I was beating my friend and neighbor's bare ass good and hard." A week ago, I would've never thought about it. I did have a lot of respect for her and I know she has to have a strong will because it's taking an awful lot of will power to accept what she's already taken and the belt spanking that I was about to give her. I also haven't met anyone with such a high pain tolerance like that; I wonder where she got it because she endured both spanking and a pretty lengthy paddling, medium force or not. I know that had to hurt. She had an absolutely stunning figure. She was in great shape and fairly strong and pretty muscular for being as slim and petite as she was for her size. But I knew that when I went back in there, I couldn't allow myself to be distracted. I was really going to have to lay into her this time and not hold back. I decided that I had given her enough time to get ready and get in the corner.

I walked out, glanced at the corner. There she was in the corner completely naked, forehead against both walls looking and fidgeting with both hands in front of her. Whoa, I didn't tell her to take off her clothes. I was turned on again. Her entire cute behind was all red and it almost matched her bright red lotus flower tattoo she had on her lower back. I didn't know what the tattoo meant though. I was wondering again what 'Lotus Club' meant. Maybe she worked at a flower shop while she was in nursing school or something. I went back and started making coffee. I still couldn't believe she was naked. Can't let that district me though. After the coffee maker started brewing I turned and looked her at again.

I took a deep breath, exhaled and walked over to her. She didn't turn back or anything even though I knew she heard me. I took the chair from behind her to move it back to the dining room. When I got closer I noticed a few surface welts the backscratcher had made. I went back to the side of the couch and called for her.

"Lori, you get out now."

She slowly turned and faced me and raised her hands to cover her boobs. I know she felt embarrassed.

I made eye contact with her. "Did you think about what I asked you?"

With her eyes fixed on my she exhaled and said, "Yes sir."

"Alright, I want you to come over here and explain to me what you asked me for yesterday."

"Yes sir." She slowly walked over until she got right up to me. She swallowed hard. "Mike, I asked you to give me a whuppin until I was crying really hard. I asked you to spank me until I am sobbing out of control because the pain of the spanking is a catalytic to braking down the walls of inner turmoil inside me."

"Are you still asking for this type of whuppin"

She swallowed hard, "Yes sir."

I gently pulled her close to hold her. She laid her head into my chest. I held her for a good minute or so, I was just trying to make sure she felt secure with me; then pushed back enough to look her the eyes.

"I didn't ask you to be naked, Lori." "Yeah, I know, but I trust you that much and I figured I might as well."

"You know this is probably going to be the hardest belt spanking you ever received don't you?"

"Ooooo, yes sir."

"Ok, I'm not going put you over my leg. If you are absolutely sure you want to go thorough with this, you're going lay yourself over the side of the couch and over the pillow."

She put her hands behind her and I could now see her chest, but I was trying hard not to be distracted by her stunning body.

"OK, your only out is this. If during the spanking you decide you really don't wish to continue, I want you to roll or jump off, lay down and slap the floor with your hand twice. I will stop immediately. Other than that I'm going to very direct and do anything I can aside from fighting you physically to get you back where you are supposed to be. That's why I want to make sure you have a way out."

"Yes sir."

"Alright, now I'm going to make sure you know what to expect. This belt spanking is going to be out of control; that is completely out of your control. You don't determine how hard or how fast the belt lands, understand?"

I began undoing my belt and she started breathing heavy.

"Yes sir."

"Take a deep breath, Lori, I haven't touched you yet. I want you completely calm when you lay yourself over, even if that means more corner time."

She took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

"Good, that's better."

I slowly started sliding my belt out of the loops. I pulled the belt free and double it half...

"Ok, get yourself over the arm of the couch and let's see if we can break some walls down shall we."

She slowly shuffled over to the edge to lay over the pillow. "Can I get a stepping stool?"

I wasn't sure if she was stalling. I handed her the belt. "Here you hang on to this for a second."

I set a stool down right in front of her. "OK, give the belt."

She folded it again and handed it to it to me. "Alright, Lori, get your naked butt up and over the arm of the couch." With her small size, she still had to give a little hop up and pull herself forward until she was blanced over the pillow too. I laid the belt on top of the center of her butt. When I did, she let out another whimper as she clenched up tight.


As I tapped the belt on her bottom, "Brace yourself, Lori, every single one of these are going to coming down with full force, they are going to be real zingers, I'm not going to hold back anymore and it's not going to stop until I decide, not you!"

"Ooooooo, yes sir." She took a few deep breaths.

With that I raised the belt as high as I could, she bit down on the pillow in anticipation of the first crack. I swung the belt down really hard right across the centre of her little bottom.


She stiffened like a board, arching her back and letting out a deep groan of pain.


I waited until she relaxed again. I could tell that stroke really connected. It left a white stripe across her ass in contrast to her already red backside for a second before it left a red welt. I laid into her with another one...


Another yell, "Haaaa-ouoooooo..."

I think I was finally getting somewhere, and she was fluttering her feet wildly as she stiffened up again and clenched tightly. Again I waited until she recovered and relaxed. I went on like this for a good 40 to 50 swats. I decided to deliver five in a row this time, with no pauses between them, and not giving her time to recover.

*Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!*

She stiffened again, clenched her beautiful cheeks together as hard as she could, and her hands flew behind her to cover her butt, exhaling deeply with audible discomfort.

"Auuuuuuuuuu, awwwwiee, awwwwiee, awwwwiee, awwwwiee, ok, ok, no more, no more, ok, pleaseeeee!"

Yeah, this was going to do it, I should have listened to her and went with the belt before. I felt bad, though, because it was now leaving welts; but she wanted this to happen.

"Lori, move your hands, hug the pillow. You can kick all you want but I don't want them getting in the way either. You have keep your hands in front of you."

She was still trying to rub and cover.

"Lori, I mean it; move your hands or bail out. You wanted this, now move your hands."

"Ooooo, yes sir." She slowly moved her hands and grabbed the pillow.

I gave her another five more in a row, same reaction. I mean I really laid in to full force, as hard as I could.

After she recovered, I decided to do ten more really hard and fast.

She clenched up tight after the third whack. "Ok, ok, ouchieeeeee, ouchieeeeee, ouchieeeeee, ouchieeeeee, ouchieeeeee, ok, ok, no, no, no, ok!"

As the seventh one landed she slide off backwards and stood straight up, pushing her hips forward, clenched up tight, flew her hands over her bottom and frantically rubbed, while she was hopping up and down. She was doing that spanking hop again.

"Oouchooooooo, ouchooooooo, ouchieee, hoooo, hoooo..."

This time I could see her breasts bouncing up and down as she was hoping. I got so turned on as I watched her doing this spanking dance performance. As much as I was being entertained, I had to get back to the business at hand. She wasn't crying yet but I know she was now struggling with it. For her, the pain got intolerable especially when I laid into her with those fast flurry type swats. She wasn't giving any hint she was bailing out though.

"Lori, get you ass back over, we aren't done yet!"

She just kept doing that hopping dance. I decided to get her attention. I walked over to her and grabbed her firmly.

She stopped hopping enough but I could barely make out her words. "I can't, I can't, no more, no more."

Still no signs of her bailing out. She was just struggling with it. I pushed her down and gave another five really hard quick whacks across her upper thighs. She immediately pushed her hips forward and started turning about trying to avoid the whacks of the belt.

"Ouchieee, ouchieeee, ouchieeee."

That was all she could say. I gave her a second and she finally stopped hopping again, with her hands still rubbing her bottom she finally made eye contact with me.

"It burns, it burns, I can't handle it anymore, it hurts, I can't, I can't."

"It's a real belt whuppin, it's suppose to hurt, now get your naked butt back over the couch, it's not over until I decide its over."

Lori just kept repeating herself. "It burns, I can't, I can't, it burns."

She just stood there for a second. She wasn't bailing, she was just angry and stubborn, I could tell by her face. I was determined not let her get away with stopping the spanking. I felt I had to show her she wasn't in control. I decided to give her another round of whacks on her upper thighs and talk assertively and simultaneously as I maneuvered back towards the end of the couch.

*Whack* "a real," *whack* "belt" *whack* "spanking" *whack* "is" *whack* "supposed" *whack* "be" *whack* "unbearable" *whack* "or" *whack* "it" *whack* "isn't" *whack* "real" *whack*

The whole time she was pushing her hips forward as she was trying to block the blow of the belt.

"Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, ouchiee, ouchiee, ouchieee, ouchiee, ouchiee, OK, ouchieee..."

We got half way back to the end of the couch and I stopped whacking her with the belt for a second. She was breathing heavy and I think I saw a tear come from her eye. She made eye contact at the same time I did with her. I wasn't angry, just determined. I think she could see it my face. She still gave me no signs she was going to bail out. I motioned with the belt and I assertively spoke directly at her.

"Now, get your ass back over, you don't decide when the spanking ends and stop fighting it! This is a real spanking and you're not in control."

She hesitated for a second and I was about to raise the belt again. "Ok, Ok, Ok, give me a second."

"Now Lori!"

As she stood there rubbing her bottom. "Oooohoo, oohooo yes sir."

She stood there for a second just looking at me. I was just about to give her another set when I saw her grab the arm of the couch and hike herself back up. With a little hop, she was back over and she pulled the pillow back to her again and braced herself. I could tell she struggled with it; I made a series of welts on her butt. I sat the belt back down on the center of her ass. She clenched up tight. I could clearly see her beautiful muscular definition on the side of her cheeks again. I took a second to admire her cute petite bare ass, I had snap myself out off it again. At this point, it wasn't going to be pleasant for her. I lifted the belt again, she threw her hand over her backside again before I had time to bring the belt down.

"Lori, no more, move your hand away and keep them in front of you, I'm not going to ask you again. I'll start off slower but it's going get intense again and when it does you're going to have to stay in place, now move them or bail out!"

She slowly moved her hands again and was staying in position, so I knew we were going to break through but only if she stopped fighting it and accepted it. I decided then to just keep on whacking really hard but only about one second or so between swats, allowing her a second or so before the next one came down. When I saw signs of her breaking down, I turned it up a notch.

*WHACK. . .WHACK. . .WHACK. . . WHACK . . .WHACK* She was now kicking like crazy; she was clenching involuntarily. I just continued my slow pace but was whacking away with significant force. She was twisting her hips and her bottom in all directions. As each stroke of the belt landed it echoed through the room and it was followed with a squeal from Lori.

"Ouchieeeeee, OK, ouchieeee, OK, OK, stop, stop, please stop no more, OK, no more ouchieee ouchiee, stop, ouchieee."

"Nope, there is no stopping, not until I decide to." *WHACK. . .WHACK. . .WHACK. . . WHACK . . .WHACK* This went on for quite a while, at least a good 30 to 40 swats, I thought she just wasn't going to give in at all, then something changed. She clenched up so tight her legs were shaking. When she relaxed again, she was kicking her knees forward as if she was trying to climb on the couch. I was now starting to see real signs of her struggling with it and then she began thrashing her legs. I stopped for just a second because I decided it was time to turn up the intensity and not give her any more pauses between swats.

I placed my hand on her tattoo. "Ok, time to stop fighting Lori, now it really is going to start." And with rapid fire succession, I laid into her as hard as I possibly could.


She shoved her face into the pillow trying to muffle her screaming as she went into to panic mode. She continued to clench her cheeks involuntarily and flutter and kick her legs like crazy. I kept going on going.


"Awww, awwww, awwwww, awwww..." It wasn't long before I heard long loud bursts of growling screams, every 4th or 5th cracks of the belt, as she was biting and screaming through the pillow. She was squeezing so hard her knuckles turned white. She was biting the pillow so hard, I thought she was going bite right through into bottom lip or tear apart with her teeth at least. But I continued really hard and really fast.


"Awww, awwww, awwwww, awwww..." More growling screams echoed throughout the room. Than she threw the pillow away and was beating the couch with her fists. She was screaming out loud. It really looked like she was now at that crossroad, her head was thrashing about. I wondered if she was ever going to break or not.


"No, no Oooo, mo.. mor morieeeeee, ouchieee, moieeeee."

I kept my intense pace up as hard and fast I could. I could tell she was crying now, but I wanted to really make sure she was well beyond just crying so I kept going for a little more without letting up or slowing down.

*WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK...* She finally just laid there bawling. I decided she'd had enough and stopped. She just laid there sobbing and sobbing. I didn't know if she even realized I had stopped or not. I put the belt down. I felt so bad inside. She had welts all over her entire backside; she also had bruises over her sit spot. She was well beyond any kind of dance. After a minute or so, she slowly slid backwards until she was on her feet. I helped her stand up and walked over the front of the couch. Her eyes were swollen and puffy, her nose was running and tears were just streaming down her face and she was hiccup crying out of control.

I sat down and put the pillow in my lap. She laid down sideways and put her head on the pillow. I reached back and pulled the blanket I always keep on the couch and covered her. I just stroked her head as softy as I could for what seemed like forever. Just when I thought she was going to stop crying, she burst into sobs again. I didn't really get what was happening inside her but I believed she was crying that deep kind of crying that she had talked about. She cried and cried until she was absolutely exhausted from it. It must have been about a half hour, maybe more. She finally stopped crying and just laid there. There was silence for such a long period.

Finally, as she was wiping her nose and sniffing, she spoke, "Thank you, Mike, I know that wasn't easy for you either. Thank you for helping me push through and for not backing down when I got defiant about it. You may not understand this but I feel really close to you right now. Can you do me another favor?"

Oh, man what was she going to ask now? I was a little concerned. "What?"

"In my apartment, there is some aloe vera lotion in my kitchen on the counter next to the microwave, can you get it and rub some on my backside? It will help with the healing process."

"Absolutely, I'll be right back!"

She lifted her head enough for me to get up. I went to her place and came back. When I came in, she had put all her clothes on the upper part of her body but she was laying over the side of the couch again with a pillow under her. I put some lotion on my hand and squirted a little on her bottom and upper thighs. As carefully and softly as I could, I rubbed it on her bottom as she twitched in sensitivity.

"Ohhhh." She groaned.

"Lori, I'm so sorry, I did this to you and I..."

Still sniffing and wiping her nose, "Mike, you didn't do this to me, I did it to myself. I was acting so selfish and stubborn. I was fighting hard against it even when I didn't have to, I always do for some reason. That's what made it worse, not you. That's why I needed someone who wouldn't whimp out and quit. You did exactly what I asked you to do."

"Well, either way, you have serious welts and bruises all over this beautiful bottom of yours. Are you really going to heal alright?"

Still snuffling while talking, "Oh yeah, I'll live and I heal up just fine and in about two or three days they will be gone. I heal pretty quickly. It a small price to pay."

There was silence for a few moments as I finished as carefully as possible, making sure my hand or fingers didn't accidentally slip anywhere else.

"So do you really think I have a beautiful bottom? I always thought it was too small."

"Of course you do! It's perfectly shaped and fits your figure. You're gorgeously muscular too. I also have a lot more respect for you."

As she slid backwards and on her feet. "Oh? Why is that?" She walked round and carefully slowly pulled her panties back on.

"Because you knew exactly what you needed and while I was very concerned about following through, you willed yourself to take it. That takes an awful lot of willpower to endure and stay in place to take a belt spanking like that."

She turned to face me. She gently put her arms around my neck and hugged me. I hugged her back.

"Thank you, Mike, and I have a lot more respect for you too."

"Why, because I didn't try anything else?"

"That, and despite your reservations you didn't give up or whimp out, and you helped me push through. I feel so centered now, you can't believe it. I just have a big headache from crying so hard. I'm not afraid anymore to be vulnerable with you. You have no idea what happened inside me."

"I'm glad it helped you, but I do have a question."

"What's that?"

"What's with this lotus flower and 'The Lotus Club'?"

"Oh, my tattoo, yeah, Tracy and I both got one together four years ago when I was 19 years old. It's the name of our school back in Miami."

I was a little confused. "So your nursing school was called Lotus?"

She chuckled a little, "No silly, it was the name of the jujitsu school Tracy and I went to together. I started when I was seven and met her there. When we got our black belts at the same time, we got the school symbol and the name of the school on our backs when we turned 19."

"Wow, didn't expect that, all I did was weight-lift and track. Jujitsu, you did jujitsu for 12 years?"

"Actually, 13 years before I got my black belt at 18. I had to stop going because my mom wouldn't pay for it anymore when I started nursing school and Tracy and I were roommates. That's when life started getting crazy for me, because you're right, I'm a very driven person and competitive. Especially with Tracy. It's a long story but it all started with an internet google search. I started to search on emotional release and it didn't take me long before I went to all those websites you probably went through too. I decided to give it a try with Tracey's help and you pretty much know the rest. It helped me more than I could've imagined and I got hooked on it. I learned more about endorphins and other things in nursing school."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Wait, wait, you studied jujitsu and you're a black belt in it?"

"Brazilian Jujitsu to be precise."

"I've known you for, what, two years and you never told me you did martial arts."

As she carefully put her pants back on. She was buckling her jeans. "Well, it just never came up."

"And that's where you developed such a high pain tolerance, right?"

Still sniffling and wiping her eyes. "Well, that and I always have had. But listen, my ass is sore and I have a serious headache and I'd like to take a nap."

"No problem. Hey, again I'm sorry your behind is all welted up."

She walked over, put her arms around me, gave me hug and peck on my cheek. She stepped back. "That was for doing what I asked and not trying anything else, because if you did I would've dislocated you into pieces and left you disjointed." She picked up her shoes and socks and headed towards the door.

Wow, she was serious too, man I'm sure glad I didn't mess with her. "Hey, are sure you're going to be OK?"

"Oh, yeah, better than you would think. I'm pretty sore and will be for a few days, but I'll be fine." She left and went back to her apartment.

I saw her again the next morning. I was on my way out to work and caught her on the bottom of the stairs as she was coming back in from an early morning jog. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"Wow, I guess you're doing OK?"

"Absolutely! Couldn't be better; you know sometimes all a girl needs is a good spanking to make her feel better and brighter."

"Well, I'm glad you are."

"You know, I think I solved my boyfriend problem."

"Oh, who you going to date?"

"Well, I need someone I can trust, I don't need a wimp but someone I can respect. I also realized I need a boyfriend who isn't afraid to take me down a notch in life if I start to get too bitchy and big for my britches. Someone who is a neat freak like me. Someone who would also let me be me."

Ok, I got her hint so I was teasingly going along with it. "Well, I think I may know who you're talking about. But I think your boyfriend would want you to teach him that jujitsu stuff."

"I think I can arrange that as long as he could give me a good spanking now and then to keep me line, without trying anything else. You see, I have and I will be saving myself for marriage and spanking is another way of alleviating sexual tension."

"I see, well, I hear he gives real spankings though."

"I heard that too."

"I also heard he would have to spank really hard, fast and long enough to get your attention, because I hear you have a pretty high pain tolerance."

She stepped up to looked directly into my eyes. "I wouldn't have it any other way." Then she put her arm around me and gave me a long passionate kiss. "As long as it makes me cry in your arms." As she gave me another long passionate kiss. I couldn't believe what was happening. We had just started a relationship. "Well, I really do have to get to work but we can talk later this evening."

I get her go and headed off to my car. I was just about to get in when she called to me from the front door of the apartment building.

"Hey, Mike! Sometimes you're a real pain in the ass, you know that?"

She chuckled as I yelled back to her. "Well, you asked for it, you know!"

"Yeah, I sure did, didn't I?"

I gave her a wink and headed off to work.

[I challenge any female to take this account and write it from 'Lori's perspective'.]

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