A Spanking for the Soul

by Kate

Lizzie looked down at her hands in her lap as her boyfriend, Edward, scolded her.

"Lizzie! How could you?" Edward said, pacing back and forth in front of her in his dark blue suit, "Why do you insist on being stubborn? I know you and your mother have your differences and I wasn't going to say anything but you went too far. And while your family does not know what we do when you misbehave, you most certainly do."

Lizzie could feel a tear slip out from under her lashes as a wave of guilt and sadness overwhelmed her. "I...I'm sorry, Edward..."

"Edward? No, you know what to call me."

Lizzie sniffed, "I'm sorry, sir…. She just made me so mad."

Edward got really close to her and lifted her chin so that he could look into her eyes. " Lizzie, that is no excuse to bring up the past and to blame her. I thought we had gotten past that. Apparently not."

Edward let go and moved to the chair opposite her. "Come here. You know what you are going to get. You will be punished for your words and your actions. Then tomorrow morning, you will go over to your mothers and appologize. Is that clear?"

Lizzie felt a flare of defiance, but then looked at his stern face and said, "Yes, sir." Then got up and stood close to him.

"Ask me for your punishment, little girl." Edward said, his blue eyes looking solemnly and deeply into Lizzies eyes.

"Sir, I have been very bad and I hurt my mothers feelings. Will you spank me?" Lizzie tried not to look away as she said this, while blushing.

"Yes baby girl, I will spank you. Now take off your dress and panties."

After disrobing, Lizzie lay across Edwards lap. She was of a small figure and fit easily across. Edward placed one hand on the small of her back and the other lightly rubbed her lifted bottom.

"Now, you have been a very naughty and a very bad girl. This is strictly a punishment spanking. I will give you what desire and I will push you to your limits and a bit beyond. You will remember this whenever you talk to your mother. I am it going to count. By the end of your spanking you will have a very red ass and perhaps bruises and welts. I'm going to begin now."

Edward gave no other warning and started spanking her with his hand immediately. *smack *smack *smack.

With each smack to her behind, Lizzie could feel her ass getting hotter and stinging. Both parties remained silent. Lizzie determined to not say anything and bit her lip and gripped her hands to the chair legs. Edward constrated on the task at hand. He made sure to not have any particular speed and made sure to slow down and speed up whenever he felt like it. Once he reddened ever inch of her ass with his hand he stopped. "Stand up and bend over the bed. Make sure to hold on to the pillow."

Edward knew his Lizzie well and knew it would take a while before she was at a place where she fully submitted herself to this punishment and allowed the lesson to seep in.

As Lizzie did as he asked, she heard him take off his belt. Though fear coursed through her , she gripped the pillow tight, even more determined to not squeal or groan. The first belt slap stung against her heated behind and Lizzie slightly jumped. Edward sighed inwardly, glad she was making some sort of movement. There were times when she reverted back into holding things in and it made him feel powerless, but now seeing her react even in this small way, he knew he was getting through.

With each belt slap, Lizzie began to feel real pain beginning to form after each sting. And one slap was so hard she gasped into the pillow and arched her back. Lizzie could feel her determination falter and slowly begin to slip away as pain overpowered her senses.

Once Lizzie was panting heavily and had a few welts on her ass Edward decided to give her a break. "I want to stand facing that wall over there for five minutes without touching anything." Lizzie awkwardly waddled over to the wall, with her hand on her head. Edward looked at his little girls body as it showed signs of giving in, with drooping shoulders, but it showed signs of resistance with her straight back and her held head. Edward eyed Lizzies hot red ass, knowing exactly what she needed. When the five minutes were up. He brought her over back to the chair and had her lay across his lap again. This time, one of his legs between hers. As he maneauvered her, his fingers brushed her pussy, which was definately damp. He smiled to himself. But forced himself to ignore it. Lizzie needed what he had in mind much more than what he really wanted to do. He picked up a hair brush from the floor and rubbed the flat side against her ass. " Now, your spanking is almost over. I am going to spank you with this hard side of the hair brush, then I'm going to spank you with the special hair brush. "

Lizzie tensed on top of him. But he stroke her back and ass. " you know you need this. And you know I will do this for you. Because I love you and I am in charge of your body."

Then Edward began the long process of breaking down Lizzies emotional barrier. Each slap and whack hurt like crazy and it wasn't long before she began squirming and crying out in pain. Her ass was on fire and Edward could see some parts starting to bruise. It was time for the special brush. " okay baby, it's time for the brush with the sharp bristles. You know that it might bring a little blood to your tender ass, but I am here to take care of it after. "

Lizzie lay perfectly still, hoping it would be over soon. As she felt the bristles tickle her ass lightly she readied herself for the first blow. But as the brush landed, Lizzie was completely overcome with pain and cried out loudly.

Edward spanked her ass quickly, already seeing a few drops of blood. Lizzie was gasping and yelling with pain, and she was still, completely immobilised by the pain. But when Edward said, "Cry, baby girl."

Lizzie let go of everything an wailed and cryed her eyes out. Until she didn't even remember Edward stopping only registering the pain, the sorrow. She was slightly aware when he laid her across the bed with her bottom up and felt him clean her spots and lightly rubbed lotion on her.

As she slowly stopped crying, Lizzie sniffed and reached for Edward, who took her into his arms and cradled her against his chest. "Such a good baby girl. You can go to sleep baby. I'm going to be right here the whole night." Edward whispered and brushed his fingers through her hair as his little Lizzie began to breath more evenly and slowly drift off to sleep.

The End

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