Wedding Night

by Sara

M/f - punishment spanking and belt

The Wedding Day had been perfect. Everything had gone according to plan and Sara had looked radiant in her Wedding Gown.  David had been so proud of her as he watched her walk gracefully down the aisle towards him.  Sara's heart had also skipped a beat as she saw David standing at the altar waiting for her, dressed in his light grey top hat and tails.  Indeed, all the men looked remarkably fetching in their smart tail-coats, but there was only one whom Sara had eyes for that day.  The man she loved, the man she was there to marry. her fiancĂ© David.

The ceremony had gone smoothly, they both said their vows without faltering and after the pictures had been taken, they moved on to the reception and then later mingled with their guests at the evening disco.  Whenever they could, they had taken to the dance floor just to escape the rounds of "congratulations" and "you look lovely" coming from their guests.  Just so that they could be close to each other and whisper their love and desire to each other.

Sara had noticed that David's arms were holding her very firmly against him, and he often slipped his hand down below her waist to her bottom whenever he thought no one was watching.

"So." he whispered, "What have you got on under here then?"

"'ll have to wait to find out" Sara whispered back with a cheeky smile.

"I notice you are wearing your belt with your trousers..were they too big after all?" she asked, knowing that he had only tried them on two day's previously and they had been a perfect fit.

"Nooo..I just felt more comfortable with it. You know how I always like to wear a belt sweetheart" he replied

Sara knew only too well that it was actually she who preferred David to wear the belt. Their relationship had always been formed on the footing that David had, and always would, have the last say in anything. It was for this reason that when they had seen the Vicar a few months before the service, that they had chosen to use the older wedding service that included the word 'obey'. It had met with a few raised eyebrows from friends and family alike, but they had smoothed things down by saying that they wanted everything to be very traditional, including the vows.

Sara had told David early on in their relationship that she saw the wearing of a belt by a man to be more as a symbol of his authority over the woman, than of a means to hold his trousers up. It meant that wherever they were, an instrument of punishment was always close to hand, and it served to remind her that if she stepped out of line, then David would take her somewhere private and put her right, returning the belt to his waist when he had finished.

She had, on many occasions during their Engagement and courting days, been swiftly laid over the back of a chair or across the bed to be punished with a few well aimed strokes of David's belt, and she knew that this would continue once they were married. She also knew that David loved her and cared for her unconditionally, and would never do anything to hurt her. He just wanted to make sure she behaved herself and acted in an acceptable manner. She was inclined to slip on occasions, and after a session on the receiving end of his belt, she picked up very quickly indeed. She did however need an occasional reminder.

At the end of the evening, Sara and David made their way to the grand staircase in the hotel foyer. They were spending their first night in the Bridal Suite of the hotel where the reception had taken place. It was a splendid hotel, with very ornate decoration, and Sara had been rather worried that it was rather over the top for their budget, but in the end, with some gentle persuasion, David had let her go ahead and book it, especially as the Bridal Suite was thrown in with the package.

After throwing her bouquet, which was caught by the Chief Bridesmaid, Sara and David made their way up the stairs towards the Bridal suite, waving to their guests in the hallway below them. The long train of Sara's dress followed her up the stairs (she had purposely let it down to give the guests one last look at her fabulous gown before she and David turned the corner and were out of sight of the guests below, the final folds of the train disappearing round the corner moments after the couple vanished from sight.

Once at the door to the Bridal Suite, David removed the key from his top pocket and swung the door open. Sara made as if to go in, but David stopped her.

"Oh no, we are going to do this properly" he said, sweeping her off the floor, planting a kiss on her lips and carrying his bride into the room before turning to kick the door shut behind them. The closing door only narrowly missed the end of the train on Sara's dress, but David took care not to get it caught, as he knew how much planning she had put into looking her best for him.

Carefully, David moved over to the luxurious bed that seemed to dominate the whole room, despite not even taking up a quarter of it. The cream silk sheets had already been turned back for them and very carefully, David lay his bride on them, gently smoothing out the folds of her dress as he done so. He stood back to admire her.

"You look beautiful" he said.

Sara rose from the bed slightly and straightened the cravat around David's neck. "You don't look so bad yourself" she replied.

"Now, now.. I don't want my bride being cheeky to me already" David said with a smile as he playfully patted Sara on the bottom over her dress.

"Owww." Sara protested half heartedly.

"Oh come on, that doesn't hurt, you have so much padding in the bottom half of that dress that you wouldn't feel a thing if I put you over my knee right now and gave you a good spanking" David replied.

Sara defended herself by saying "Yes I would, the 'padding' as you put it, is only netting and it's in the lower part of the skirt, not the top, or I'd have had hips the size of a horse!"

"Well..well..well, maybe I had better check this out for myself then." he said, moving a little closer.

"No!" Sara said, rather hastily David thought.

"Oh, and why not?" he asked.

"er.well, because I want to get this dress off and get into my nightie first" Sara replied.

"Oh come on, I'd love to undress you myself. I think it's rather a turn on for a guy to get his bride out of her wedding dress."

"No!" Sara said again. Even she noticed the sharpness in her tone this time, and hoped that he hadn't, however he had and looked questioningly at her.

"What's up? You've never refused before, why tonight of all nights?"

Sara looked down at the silk sheets, then up at David. He could tell that she was looking rather guilty about something.

"Come on Sara, tell me" he urged.

Again, Sara looked down at the sheets and picked an imaginary piece of fluff off them.

David began to get a little impatient with Sara's lack of communication. "Very well then, if you are not going to tell me of your own accord, then maybe you need some help"

With that, he sat down on the bed next to Sara, took her by the arm and pulled her across his lap. Immediately she began to protest and tried to pull away, but he was too strong for her. He eased her into place so that the top half of her was tucked under his left arm stopping her from getting her hands round to shield her well placed bottom.

 wedding night 4Within seconds of placing her exactly where he wanted her, David raised his right hand and planted a firm slap right in the middle of her bottom. Sara was used to much more, and barely made a sound other than a few slight moans because she was not exactly comfortable, and there was yards of dress material that was rather twisted about her legs, hampering her struggle, which David noticed too. After delivering a further eleven swats to her bottom, he decided that the dress needed to be removed otherwise it could be torn or damaged, so he stood Sara up again and turned her round and began to unfasten the back of her dress.

"No, leave it, I'll go in the bathroom and take it off and get changed" she pleaded.

"Don't be silly Sara, I'm quite capable of helping you to take this dress off, we don't want it to get spoiled do we? I can hang it up for you as you take it off." With that, he lifted the hem off the dress up as high as Sara's waist before her hands moved swiftly in the other direction and tried to push it back down again.

"Now Sara stop are making me cross here with this stupidity. Lets get this dress off and be done with it" he said in a commanding tone, delivering an even firmer slap to her bottom than he had previously.

"Now are you going to behave and take this dress off ?" he asked.

Sara nodded meekly, and David was almost certain he could see a tear in her eye. Reluctantly she allowed him to lift the dress and pull it off over her head and arms. What he found underneath rather took him back, for Sara was wearing a white lacy basque with white stockings but no knickers. Her freshly shaved pussy was completely bare.

"No wonder you didn't want to take your dress off" David exclaimed in surprise. "How come you haven't got any knickers on my girl?" he asked.

Sara looked down at the sheets again, feeling her face flush red.

"Answer me Sara" David demanded.

"I...I didn't put any on this morning. It was so hot and I wanted to keep cool and fresh, and I also thought it would be exciting to be around that many people and not have any knickers on" she replied in somewhat of a rush.

"Exciting.?" David questioned. "Now you listen to me my girl, if I'd known you'd been down there with that many people around, and even walking up the aisle with no knickers on, I'd have taken you over my knee right there and then, and given the photographer a very candid shot to take!! Do you hear me ?" he asked.

Sara hung her head and could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She hadn't meant anything by it, just felt that it excited her having such a big secret that no one else knew about, not even her Mum who had helped her to dress, as she had originally put on the matching white lace panties, but slipped back into her bedroom to remove them after she had finished dressing in her mother's bedroom.

"Well my girl, don't think you are going to get away with this. It might be our wedding night, but I still have my belt here, and I have no qualms about using it either, do you understand?"

Sara nodded silently and felt the first tears trickle down her cheeks and plop onto the sheet.

"Stand up!" David barked. Obediently she did so. After all, she had just vowed to obey this man, so she had to do as she was told now.

"Get yourself over the end of the bed my girl, you are going to feel the sting of my belt on your bare bottom.maybe it will make you think twice about coming out in public with no knickers on again."

Already crying, Sara moved to the end of the bed. There was a large brass bar that went across the end of the bed and David placed a pillow over it and motioned for Sara to place herself over the pillow. She could only just reach as it was a little high for her, but she knew David meant business when he pushed her further over so that her head and arms were down on the bed in front of her, and her feet were raised off the floor. She turned her head to the side and saw David remove his belt from the loops of his trousers and fold it back on itself.

'Still' she thought 'he won't belt me too hard, after all, it is our wedding day'.

Sara was wrong, the sight of his pretty bride bent over the high end of the bed, her pert bottom framed by the basque, suspenders and stocking tops was enough to stir him into a deep state of desire. Although he administered the spankings as a form of punishment, he also got immense satisfaction from them. He had always been a dominant person who gained much from spanking a healthy bottom. Now, here was his bride of just a few hours, ready and waiting in position, with her bottom framed by this wonderful lingerie, waiting for him to punish her naughty bare bottom.

Stepping forward, he placed his hand on Sara's bottom and caressed her cheeks. They were slightly warm from the hand spanking he had already given her, but for the most part, it was smooth, fairly cool and in his eyes, very beautiful.

After a few moments of caressing her, he stepped back, placed a hand firmly in the centre of her back, raised the belt in his right hand and brought it down firmly across Sara's bare bottom.

Sara let out a slight yelp but knew that it was pointless protesting too hard, especially this early in the proceedings. Another stroke landed just below the first, making her yelp again, slightly louder this time. She kicked her legs, but to no avail as they were so high off the ground she could not touch anything with her feet.

Again the belt landed across her bare bottom, and Sara took a sharp intake of breath and screwed her eyes up tightly, willing the sting in her bottom to go away, but knowing it would get worse before it got better.

The belt landed a fourth time, curling itself around her right cheek and causing it to sting furiously. Again she tried wriggling, but her efforts were rewarded with a fifth stroke from the belt that made her cry out.

"Owwwww..nooo.please David, please stop, it hurts." she protested.

"It's meant to hurt Sara, it's your punishment for not wearing any knickers on your wedding day" David replied, bringing the belt down a sixth time and making Sara yelp again.

Sara sobbed. This was certainly no 'token spanking'. He was obviously making her first spanking as his new wife, one that she would remember for a long time to come.

The seventh stroke was lower, and caught her across the top of the thighs, making her kick and wriggle to get free. She tried pushing back with her hands to try and get her feet down onto the floor, but was rewarded with the eighth stroke and a firm push back down onto the bed. She was crying heavily by now. He'd only ever given her six strokes before and wondered how much more he had in store for her.

Nine.ten.they kept on coming and Sara kept begging and wriggling, trying to avoid the sting of the strap as it landed on her tender bare flesh.

"Nearly done now sweetheart, you've taken your punishment very well, just two more strokes to go" David informed her.

She didn't know whether to breathe a sigh of relief that it was nearly over, or cry out in dread because there was still two more to go. Her thoughts were interrupted by the swish and sting of stroke eleven making contact with her bottom, making her yelp again.

"Last one now Sara.lets make this count shall we?" David asked.

Without waiting for a reply, he brought the belt down heavily on her naked rear end, making her scream into the covers. He stood there for a moment, looking at the stripes on her bottom, before casting the belt down on the bed and moving close up behind Sara. Carefully he lifted her down off the rail of the bed and seeing that she was shaking uncontrollably, picked her up and lay her down gently on her side on the cool silk sheets.

Sara sobbed into the covers, and David stroked back the whisps of hair from her face.

"Come on sweetheart, it's all over now", he soothed "I think you've learnt your lesson, lets have a hug so I can make you better". With that, David lay down on the bed beside Sara, and cradled her in his arms until she had calmed down and stopped sobbing.

It was about twenty minutes later that David once again pushed back the hair from her face, tilted her chin towards him and kissed her passionately on the lips. Although she had almost been on the verge of sleep, Sara took the opportunity to respond..this was her wedding night after all....

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