The French Governess

by Pam and Mike

Early in 1937 Alix Dubois had been appointed as Governess to the daughter of Sir Oliver and Lady Celia Hogg. Their daughter – Alice – was 19 and her parents wanted her to receive additional lessons before she went abroad for a year or so as did many daughters of wealthy families at that time. Alix was to teach her French and European history as well as some of the customs and practices of the main European nations.

Alix was French and 33 years old. She was about 5’10” tall and stood very erect. She had a very attractive figure and long hair which she wore either in a plait down her back or tied up. Alix was also very strict, a martinet, and quite assertive.

Sir Oliver was frequently abroad for many weeks at a time so Lady Celia ran the large house. She was a pretty 43 year old with a slim figure but she was quite meek and not as firm as perhaps she might have been. Sir Oliver was 55 and they also had a son, Hugo, Alice’s twin, who was at a crammer trying to learn enough to enter the civil service or army.

After a short time coaching Alice, Alix was not happy with her progress and she went to see Lady Celia.

“I am not satisfied with Alice’s effort” she said to Lady Celia in her enchanting French accent “she needs further, shall we say, encouragement.”

Lady Celia was not sure what to say to this assertive governess but well remembered her own governess.

“Well, Alix, what do you mean...?”

“Ma’am, she needs to be more disciplined. I am prepared to attend to it” replied Alix who was quite sure what she meant.

Lady Celia thought about it for a moment and decided the governess knew best but she had not quite got the message.

“Very well. Yes...very well may spank her” replied Lady Celia.

Alix knew that she was not going to get her way but felt it was the first step. She left the drawing room and went back to the wing of the house where she taught Alice. She entered the room and flourished a sheet of paper.

“Stand up!” she told Alice.

Alice seemed surprised but stood up at her desk.

“I will be testing you in 30 minutes on this sheet of French vocabulary and then you will get the result before bed. Take it and study the words” the governess told her.

Half and hour later Alix returned to the room and took the sheet from Alice. She then asked her the questions and Alice wrote down what she could remember but she was not the brightest girl.

“I will mark these. Go and get ready for bed and be back here at 9 o’clock” said Alix sternly.

While Alice was in her bedroom Alix marked the paper; the result was not good.

At 9pm Alice returned dressed in her nightdress and dressing gown, her brown hair was brushed down over her shoulders. Alix told her to stand in front of her and then started to go through her answer paper.

“...So...” said the young governess “you did not score well, did you?”

Alice looked at the floor. “ Alix...I will try harder...” she stammered.

“Well it is too late for that” said the governess “as I have spoken to Lady Celia and I am permitted to deal with you in a way that may encourage you. Come here!” With that the governess sat on a chair and beckoned Alice to her.

“Remove your gown” she said waving her hand at the girl.

Alice was taken aback but obeyed and was soon standing there in her thin nightdress.

“I am going to spank you. Over my lap!” she said.

Alice stepped forward and stood there holding her bottom but her stern governess again instructed her to bend over her lap. When Alice was in position Alix pulled her nightdress up to expose her smooth backside. Alice then felt her governess’ hand on her bare flesh as it felt the contours of her bottom. She then set about giving Alice thirty firm slaps which turned her bottom rosy red and made Alice ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ each time her hand made contact.

Alice by now had spread her legs giving her governess a good view of her most intimate parts. Alix took in the view, slapped the bare cheeks once more and then she was permitted to stand. She rubbed her bottom vigorously.

“I’m very sorry, Mademoiselle Dubois...I will try to study harder...” she said still clutching her aching cheeks.

Alix addressed her. “You have thirty minutes to revise the vocabulary and I will re-test you. Make good use of the time!” She then got up and left the room.

After another 30 minutes had elapsed Alix re-entered the room and Alice noted that she was carrying a heavy hairbrush which was placed on the desk. Being not the cleverest girl, she assumed it was so she could brush her hair that had become messed up while she was over Alix’s knee. She was the tested on her vocabulary but as she gave more and more incorrect answers Mademoiselle Dubois picked up the brush as she paced up and down. Alice became more nervous as it dawned on her what it was for. Alix ended the test.

“That was very poor. You do not apply yourself to your study. Come here!” she said to Alice.

The young woman stood up and came forward.

“Face your desk” came the order. Alice did as she was told.

“Raise your nightdress above your waist” came the next order.

Gingerly Alice did as she was instructed.

Alix looked at the still red bottom in front of her and then moved to Alice’s left side and observed her fine legs and thighs, her curvaceous bottom and how her pubic bush stood forward of her mons pubis. Alice glanced at her governess and lowered her hands to cover her front.

“ are going to spank me with the hairbrush?” asked Alice nervously looking at the implement in Alix’s hand.

“Of course” said Alix “Do you think I have asked you to stand by the desk and raise your nightdress so I can brush your hair here?” With that she held the brush in her left hand and gently brushed Alice’s pubic triangle. Alice gasped with pleasure.

“Ohh! Alix...”

“Bend over the desk!” said Alix sternly.

“ bottom...” mumbled Alice.

Alix slapped the brush on the palm of her own left hand. Alice got the message and bent over. Then she felt Alix’s hand caress her cheeks and then push her lower back down so that her bottom was raised slightly and her cheeks parted to reveal her pussy and pubic hair. Then the hard wooden back of the hair brush was placed against her right cheek. Six very firm blows of the hair brush fell on each cheek making them ripple as contact was made. Alice held tight to the seat of her desk grimacing as each blow fell. Alice was then sent to bed. In bed she clutched her cheeks. They felt hot and they tingled and her pussy felt damp. ‘Maybe’ she thought ‘Mademoiselle Dubois was right. Perhaps it is not so bad...’

A few days later Lady Celia was sitting at her dressing table preparing for bed. Mademoiselle Dubois stood by her side.

“So you have spanked Alice?” she asked Alix.

“Yes, ma’am, and it has done her some good” she replied.

“Yes, yes...I think you may be right...perhaps I should have been firmer, don’t you think, Alix?” aid Lady Celia.

“I do, ma’am...” said Alix sensing that Lady Celia had a deeper message for her.

Lady Celia stood up.

“I wonder, Alix if...if it would be...if you should...umm...” said Lady Celia.

Alix seized the moment. “You mean spank her more often, ma’am?” she volunteered.

“ I meant was...” said Lady Celia hesitatingly.

“Perhaps use the cane on her bottom?” suggested Alix.

Lady Celia paused – that was not what she was thinking at this stage. “Well, yes. Yes, I think that the cane could be used... on her bottom... but what I was thinking was that you should spank me”.

Alix was hoping that this was coming. “Certainly, ma’am. Perhaps you could come over to the bed.”

Alix went and sat on the large bed and Lady Celia followed and stood by her side. She thought back to when she was 18, 19 and even 20 years old when her French governess had put her over her knee and spanked her very hard and that had been just the beginning. The elegant lady went over Alix’s lap. Her nightdress was pulled up and Alix placed her hand on the mature bottom before her. She caressed the buttocks which were very shapely and with a cleavage adorned with wisps of black pubic hair. She started to spank those cheeks and gradually increased the strength. After forty slaps she stopped. Lady Celia remained over Alix’s lap breathing deeply and enjoying the sensation of hot buttocks. She then stood up.

“Thank you, Alix. Thank you. That will be all for now” she said.

Alix stood up and left the lady rubbing her glowing backside as she returned to her room to prepare more tests for Alice.

Alix’s next challenge was to obtain a cane. A week or so later in the afternoon while Alice was writing an essay she went up to the attic of the house. There was all sorts of junk up there and she found a chest marked with Lady Celia’s maiden name with dusty books that a governess had left years before. In the chest she found what she was looking for – two canes that she had spotted some time beforehand while rummaging though the books for reading material. One was about three feet long and yellow with age and other brown and about six inches longer. Both had crooked handles and a nice feel to them. The smooth rattan would make ideal additions to the schoolroom.

The following day Alix again found herself in the company of Lady Celia. Since that first spanking she had been over the governess’ knee twice. She sat at her dressing table brushing her hair then stood up.

“Shall I go over your knee again?” she asked.

“No, ma’am. Come over to the bed” said the French woman.

Lady Celia obeyed but was unsure what was to happen.

“Face the bed and bend over” came the order from Alix.

“Are you...are you going to cane me?” asked the lady.

“Have you been caned before?” asked Alix

Lady Celia blushed. “Umm... yes... yes I have... my governess...” she began to say

“Well not today. Now, bend over!” responded Alix.

“Y-yes” said Lady Celia “Yes, certainly...”

She bent over and placed her hands on the bed. Then she felt Alix lift her nightdress and fold it over her back. She then watched as Alix went to the dressing table and fetched the heavy hair brush. The next thing she knew was the sting as it made contact with her left cheek. Memories came flooding back as time after time it fell across her bare bottom. After twenty strokes Alix stopped.

Lady Celia stood up and smoothed her nightdress down over her stinging backside. She faced Alix. The atmosphere was electric. She kissed Alix who placed her right hand on Lady Celia’s backside and gently rubbed it. Her left hand brushed Lady Celia’s right breast and as it felt her erect nipple Lady Celia gasped.

“Th...thank you...” said Lady Celia.

Alix curtseyed and left the room.

At 4pm that afternoon Alice’s lessons were ended. She stood up to go but Alix picked up her last test paper.

“Before you go, Alice, this test on German history was very poor. Did you not study for it” she said in her French accent.

“Yes, Mademoiselle Dubois...I am sorry I did not do very well...” replied Alice rather hoping that a spanking over Alix’s lap would follow.

“Obviously the use of the hairbrush does not encourage you enough” said Alix walking to her cupboard. Alice watched her and was horrified to see her open the door and take out a cane. Alix sat at her desk with the cane on the desk in front of her. Alice stood in front of the desk staring at the long length of cane that had not made its mark for about 20 years.

“So, Alice, I think we need to deal further with your laziness” she started. “Is there any reason why I should not cane you?”

Alice continued to stare at the cane. Never before had a cane marked her smooth rounded cheeks and she felt a prickly heat around her collar.

“N-n-no, Mademoiselle Dubois... but... surely not the cane... the cane is for boys...” she stammered.

Alix stood up erect. “Turn and face your desk” she instructed.

Alice did as she was told and stood there her hands on her bottom.

“There will be plenty of time to rub your bottom afterwards and believe me, you will need to rub it. Bend over!” she instructed the young woman.

Alice placed her hands on the desk, paused and then bent forward a little more. She felt Alix’s hand on her back and heard her sweet voice telling her to bend right over.

“You have been caned before? asked the governess.

“N-no...” mumbled Alice unhappily but also in expectation of this new experience.

“I will fold back your skirt and give six strokes across your bottom. You will remain over the desk until I tell you to arise” came the French voice.

She then felt her skirt being raised and folded over her back. Alice then heard a rattle as the cane was picked up. Alix admired the tight bottom in front of her clad in dark blue cotton knickers. She placed the cane across both cheeks.

Swwwish-thwack. It was drawn back and then swept down across that pretty sight.

Alice jumped up and hopped from one foot to the other.

Alix flexed the cane in her hands. “Bend over!” she said firmly.

“Y-y-yes... madam... it hurts...” blubbed Alice.

“Bend over” came the famous words again. Alice obeyed and seconds later ‘Swwwish-thwack’ as the second stroke fell.

Swwwish-thwack. The third bit home.

Swwwish-thwack. Number four and Alice gripped the seat of her desk tightly.

Swwwish-thwack. Low and hard fell the fifth.

Swwwish-thwack. Lower and harder fell the last one.

“You may arise” said Alix placing the cane on the desk.

A tearful Alice stood up and her hand rubbed her stinging backside for all it was worth.

“That concludes today’s lessons, Alice. I hope you will work a little harder” said Alix.

“Y-y-yes, Mademoiselle Dubois... thank you for caning me...” said Alice as she left the room still holding her bottom.

Alix was a little surprised by her remark but pleased that she should thank her. The cane was returned to the cupboard where it remained for a week when it came out to deliver another six of the best across Alice’s knicker clad buttocks.

Alice was about to go to Belgium shortly where she would join Sir Oliver then on to Paris. Alix put together some special lessons on the history and geography of that country and made Alice work hard to learn the material. A test was set and that evening while Alice prepared for bed Alix sat down to mark it. The young lady’s answers were not impressive at all and Alix wondered how much had sunk in. In fact rather more had been absorbed that the exam paper suggested!

Alix went to Alice’s bedroom and knocked on the door. Alice called her in. She was standing in front of a mirror nude as she brushed her hair. In the light her breasts looked pert and a shadow emphasis the cleavage of her bare bottom. She turned to Alix and gave her governess a good view of her ample pubic bush. Alix felt that this show was being put on for her as Alice was going away for a couple of months.

“Your paper was poor, Alice. Come to the schoolroom when you are ready... bare backside this time” she said.

A few minutes later Alice entered the schoolroom dressed in a nightdress only. She was ushered to Mademoiselle Dubois’ desk.

“It is a shame that your paper was so poor, Alice, as it means that you will start your journey tomorrow with a well punished backside” she said to Alice.

“Are...are you going to cane me?” asked the young lady.

“Indeed I am but only after a dose of the hairbrush. Go and bend over the desk!” she ordered.

Alice wet to the desk and bent over. Alix raised her nightdress and folded it right over her shoulders. As the ten strokes of the heavy hairbrush fell the garment fell over Alice’s head as she writhed under the strokes – just as Alix had planned.

“Remain in that position while I fetch the cane” ordered Alix. She went to the cupboard but instead of the usual cane she took out the longer one. She stood behind Alice and studied the red cheeks and hirsute young pussy as she flexed this second cane.

“You will not arise until instructed” came the next instruction as she placed the cane across the bare bottom.

Alice braced herself but did not suspect that a different cane was to be used.

Swwwish-thwack - Swwwish-thwack - Swwwish-thwack. Three stingers rapidly marked her cheeks raising red welts.

Swwwish-thwack -Swwwish-thwack – the next two whistled across the same buttocks.

Swwwish-thwack – the sixth stinger stung sharply as it bit home.

Alix went to the cupboard and put the cane on its hook. She came back and placed her hand on Alice’s bottom and rubbed it gently. The young woman was told to get up and he did just that, her hands rubbing her backside and the weals on them. They felt worse than the last two canings. In her room she inspected the marks and thought ‘Mademoiselle Dubois certainly knows how to use a cane!’

Early the following morning Alice went to Alix’s room in her dressing gown. She knocked on the door and was told to enter. Alix was up early as usual and was wrapped in a bath towel which she held together with her hand by her breasts. She had a good figure.

“I am leaving very soon so thought I should say goodbye in case I did not see you” said Alice.

“Thank you” said Alix smiling gently at her.”

Alice looked at the carpet. “I am sorry I did not do as well in the test as you hoped, Mademoiselle Dubois. And my bottom is...well it is quite sore this morning” she said.

“I expect it is” aid Alix “Six strokes of the cane should be a reminder for a few days...” she replied.

Alice had her next moved planned. “Y-yes...I am sure it will” she said untying her belt and slipping her dressing gown to the floor before turning round.

Alix put her hand on Alice’s shoulder and ran her fingers down her back and then across her backside which bore the marks of the previous day’s caning. Alice gasped at the gentlest of touches and faced Alix who had let her towel slip so her right breast was visible; the nipple was prominent. Alice released the towel so Alix was naked. She kissed Alix and then kissed her breasts before kissing her tummy and running her fingers though the thick pubic bush between Alix’s legs. She the moved behind her governess and caressed her bottom wondering if she had ever been spanked or caned.

Alix helped the young woman to her feet, placed her arms around her and as she gently rubbed the girl’s backside they kissed. Two hours later Alice departed for Belgium and Lady Celia informed her that Alice’s twin brother would be arriving here from his crammer the following day and would she coach him. Alix agreed.

Two days later the house was very quiet. As only Lady Celia and Alix were in residence the other staff had been given time off. That evening Alix was preparing lessons for Hugo when Lady Celia knocked on her school room door and came in. Alix stood up.

Lady Celia was dressed in a silk blouse, skirt and stockings. She looked very attractive and seemed a little nervous. She came and stood by Alix.

“So, Alix, this is where you teach. It is a very nice room” she started.

“Yes, ma’am” replied Alix sensing that Lady Celia had not come there simply out of curiosity.

“I understand that you have moved on from spanking Alice and you have caned her several times...”

Alix did not speak.

“...I saw her marks when she dried after her bath a couple of weeks ago...”

Alix wondered what was coming.

“...I remember the room where I had to study until I was 20. This chair is just like the one I had to bend over when my governess caned me...” she looked at Alix and smiled nervously.

Alix spoke. “So, ma’am, you were caned just like Alice?”

“Yes. Yes, I was...does Alice take it well?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. She only ever has six strokes but she takes it well” replied the governess.

“Umm...this chair is just the same...and this could easily be my old room. have spanked me...and...and you have used the hairbrush...would you cane me?” said Lady Celia.

For Alix the answer was not ‘yes’ or ‘no’; there was only one answer. She did not reply but went to her cupboard and fetched the longer of the two canes and turned to face Lady Celia. She flexed the cane in her hands. Lady Celia watched in awe as the pliant rod bent one way and then the next. She suddenly felt hot but was excited. Alix came towards her and put the cane on the desk.

“Face the chair, ma’am” she instructed.

The seductive French voice was clear and unequivocal. Lady Celia turned and stood by the chair and put her hands on the back of it.

“Bend over!” came the voice behind her.

Lady Celia bent forward and put her hands on the front of the seat. Alix stooped and lifted the hem of Lady Celia’s skirt and folded it over her back to reveal the tops of her stockings, an expensive suspender and a fine pair of knickers. She smoothed her hand over Lady Celia’s backside, backwards and forwards, round and round. Lady Celia gasped as she felt that hand caress her.

Alix picked up the cane. She stretched her right arm forward and placed the cane firmly against the mature backside before her. She tapped the cane seven or eight times against the taut knickers making Lady Celia shudder. The cane was brought back, well back. It hissed forward and licked across Lady Celia’s backside making a very satisfactory thwack as it landed. She bucked her head upwards then looked down again at the floor.

Alix drew the cane back again and landed the second hard stroke. Lady Celia would have the memento of this visit to the room for a good few days. The third was harder again and lower making Lady Celia yelp. The next two were hard too and the sixth was low and stung fiercely.

Alix stepped back. Lady Celia remained bent over savouring the sensation in her backside she had not felt for 20 years.

“Stand up!” came the firm command.

Lady Celia stood and faced Alix but she did not rub her backside as she had been made to avoid by her governess despite the stinging feeling across it.

“Th-thank you, Alix” she said.

Lady Celia the left the room. Alix watched her as she left and pictured the backside hidden beneath the skirt.

A week later Lady Celia went back to the schoolroom but Alix was not there. She flicked through some of the lessons prepared for Hugo that were on the desk. Then the door opened and in came the governess. So far as Alix was concerned, this was her territory and certainly Lady Celia was caught on the hop. Alix seized the moment.

“Ma’am!” she said assertively, “do you mind not checking my work. This is my room!”

Lady Celia blushed. “Er...yes. I am sorry...It was naughty of me...” she replied placing her hands on her backside and smoothing her skirt.

Alix sniffed and went to her cupboard and came back with the lighter cane.

“Bend over!” she told Lady Celia “Just here, bend over!”

Lady Clara did not argue but bent over and placed her hands on her shins. Alix lifted her skirt to reveal the lady’s underwear and the she drew the cane back and delivered two swift but hard strokes to the very attractive bottom.

“Stand up!” she said as she went to the cupboard and put the cane away.

Lady Celia stood and rubbed her bottom. Years ago she had been used to two strokes from her governess as swift punishment for minor misdemeanours.

“Thank you...thank you, Alix” she said, the after a pause she continued. “Alix, Hugo arrives in the morning and he is bringing his friend Toby. Would you teach Toby too?”

“Yes, ma’am. But may I ask, is corporal punishment permitted if appropriate?” asked Alix.

“Well, they are both 19 but I did raise it with Toby’s mother, Lady Constance, and she agreed. Apparently Toby is well used to the cane and I know that Miss Elliot at the crammer has caned Hugo several times” replied Lady Celia.

Lady Celia continued, noting Alix’s satisfaction at her answer. “Alix, would you come to my room at 10pm this evening once you are ready for bed...and bring a cane. I feel...I...well, I would like you to cane me again.”

“Yes, ma’am” replied Alix.

Lady Celia the stepped forward and gently kissed Alix on the cheek. As she was about to leave the room she turned. “Oh. Alix, thank you for those two strokes of the cane...I...I was...”

“Thank you, ma’am. I will see you at 10pm” said Alix ending the conversation.

At 10 that evening a clock on the landing by Lady Celia’s room chimed the hour as Alix approached her bedroom door. She knocked and went in without waiting for a reply. Lady Celia was standing by her mirror brushing her hair; she was completely naked. She put the brush down and faced Alix. The governess looked at the mature woman’s ample breasts her shapely figure and her still generous pubic bush. Lady Celia looked at Alix and the cane she had in her hand. Lady Celia approached Alix who started to flex the cane.

“You will cane me...” said Lady Celia hesitatingly.

“Yes, I think six of the best, ma’am. Is that what you want?” replied Alix.

“Yes...I...I was about to put on my knickers and...” mumbled Lady Celia indicating some underwear by the bed “...but there seems little point now, Alix, does there?”

The ever assertive governess replied “No, ma’am. I intended to cane your bare backside.”

Lady Celia looked at the carpet and said “Yes...yes...I think you are right...”

Alix flexed the cane and then placed it on the bed. She took a chair and positioned it in the middle of the room where there would be plenty of room. She indicated to Lady Celia to stand by the chair. Lady Celia stepped forward and did as she was required to do.

Alix studied the older woman’s figure. It was a fine sight, her sturdy legs, her shapely buttocks, straight back and shoulders, an attractive face and brown hair – and a splendid pair of breasts. Her bottom bore the two lines from the caning that afternoon – soon there would be more.

“Bend over!” she instructed.

Lady Celia hesitated for a moment but bent forward and gripped the edge of the seat. Alix moved closer and put her hand on the inside of Lady Celia’s thigh.

“Part your legs” she said.

As Lady Celia moved her feet apart as Alix slowly ran her fingers up her inner thigh and over her lower cheeks then inwards and up her cleavage lightly touching her wisps of pubic hair that protruded from between her legs. Lady Celia gasped at the touch.

Alix went to the bed and picked up the cane. She returned to the older woman and took aim. A moment later the cane swept down and left its characteristic mark right across Lady Celia’s bare bottom. The second came about half a minute later, then the third. Number four was higher but parallel. Five and six were low and really bit home.

Alix stood back and surveyed the scene. There was the naked 43 year old woman, her adorable backside well striped and her pussy with its plentiful pubic hair clearly visible.

“Stand up” said the governess.

Lady Celia stood up and faced Alix, her hands clutching her stinging cheeks. “Thank you...that was quite a caning...” Her words tailed off as she reached for Alix’s dressing gown belt which she unfastened. She took the cane from Alix and kissed it the business end. “That certainly bit me hard tonight” she said. Alix nodded “ did its job well, ma’am...”

Lady Celia put the cane on the chair and she opened the governess’ garment and then went behind the young French woman who just stood there. She eased the gown from Alix’s shoulders. Alix was nude. Lady Celia caressed her shoulders and back and ran her fingers down to the woman’s bare bottom and along the lower edge of her cheeks. Then she reached around her and fondled her delightful breasts while her right hand went lower and her fingers ran through the thick black pubic triangle adorning the woman.

Alix then led Lady Celia to the bed and instructed her to lie down on her front. The French mademoiselle slowly massaged Lady Celia’s shoulders and back and legs then gently stroked her well marked bottom. Kisses then replaced the massage and Lady Celia turned onto her back as Alix’s legs straddled her face. The governess used her tongue to explore Lady Celia’s pussy while her own received attention from the aristocratic tongue beneath her. After much writhing and gasping Lady Celia gripped Alix’s backside with a vice like hold as an orgasm rippled through her.

Minutes later Alix was back in her own bed and Lady Celia was fast asleep. The cane was back in the cupboard.

The following day Hugo and Toby reported to Alix for lessons. She told them exactly what work they would be doing and that she would test them regularly. The youthful 19 year olds didn’t seem to fully understand her and laughed when she mentioned the regime that would apply. They were joking when Alix stood up looking very severe. They fell silent as she went to the cupboard and took out a cane.

“Hugo, step forward!” she ordered.

Hugo stood up. “B-b-but, ma’am...I didn’t mean...well really...”

Hugo stepped forward. “Bend over” she said.

Hugo didn’t quite know what to do. He had never been caned by a lady but he bent over and touched his shiny shoes. Toby watched as his friend’s trousers tightened on his rounded backside. Six very hard strokes were given.

“Stand up. Now you, Toby, come here.”

Toby did as he was told and bent over. Six similar strokes cracked against his tightened trousers before he was told to return to his seat. The first lesson continued without further interruption.

After a couple of days lessons the lads were given a test. Alix marked their papers while they had their supper. They returned to the school room where Alix awaited them. The cane was on the desk.

“Hugo, stand up” she instructed. “You achieved 6 out of 10. How do you explain this poor mark?”

Hugo was aghast since, for him, 6 was not a bad score. “Well...I...umm...” he dithered.

“Hugo, four strokes of the cane should encourage you to get a better score next time. Step forward” said Alix picking the cane off the desk.

Hugo came forward. “Bend over” said Alix.

Toby watched carefully as the elegant French lady placed the smooth cane over his friend’s bottom. Four times a sizzling stroke licked across the tight trousers before Hugo was sent back to his seat where he sat down and grimaced at Toby.

“Toby, 3 out of 10...a disgrace...come here” said Alix. Toby shuffled forward. “And what do you think is your reward, Toby” she asked.

“Well, ma’am, I suppose six of the best?” offered Toby.

“I agree, Toby. Bend over” replied the governess.

Toby bent over and reached for his toes. Alix folded his jacket over to reveal his attractive bottom clad in black trousers and positioned the cane. Toby prepared himself for the first stroke. His didn’t have to wait long as the cane made it mark. Two more followed rapidly then two more and then the last, low and hard. He stood up, went back to his place and gingerly sat down. Alix then set them some study to do the following morning and sent them to bed.

In the room their shared they stripped off. Toby went over to Hugo. “Come on, old fellow, let’s see the marks!”

Hugo turned and showed his friend his naked backside which Toby fondled. “Gosh, what a whacking, old boy, neat tramlines, what!”

“I should say so, Toby. Now let’s see yours...” replied Hugo. Toby obliged by turning round and bending over. Hugo prodded and massaged his friend’s rump while kneeling behind him. “Six jolly good ones there, old chap” he told him.

Toby enjoyed the moment the stood up while Hugo continued to examine the red weals. He then turned to face Hugo with an impressive, youthful erection. Hugo laughed and picked up a slipper. “Bad lad” he exclaimed and chased Toby around the room spanking him several times with the slipper.

The boys had two more weeks of lessons from Alix and in that time only one more dose of six of the best each plus two strokes on the last but one day. One the last day they had breakfast in their dressing gowns and then went back to their room where they delayed going to the school room. They undressed and waited for Alix to come and get them as she did if they were even a minute late.

Sure enough a few minutes later their door opened and in swept Alix. Her mouth dropped open as she saw Hugo bent over the bed and Toby examining the two lines on his chum’s bottom. They jumped up and faced Alix who could not take her eyes off their erections.

“Pyjamas on and to the school room. Now!” she ordered.

Moments later they were standing by her desk. She appeared to be red with anger...or was it excitement? She gave them the results of their last test; they were not good but then the boys had planned it that way.

“Hugo, you first. Come here and face the chair” she said pointing to a chair she had positioned.

Hugo did as he was told. “Pyjamas down!” she ordered flexing the cane. Hugo fiddled with the cord and lowered them. ”Bend over” she said as she folded his pyjama jacket over his back to reveal his smooth bottom marked with the most recent stripes. She observed that Alice had more hair between her legs than Hugo.

Three strokes fell rapidly. Hugo gasped. Three more fell. Hugo prepared to stand but felt the cane on his back so he stayed down. Three more fell and he gasped and clung to the chair. Two more quick strokes landed low and then a final sizzler landed diagonally across his cheeks. Alix told him to stand.

“Toby, here” she commanded.

Toby came to the chair awkwardly. “Unfasten your trousers” she said. He hesitated but did as he was told. His erection stuck out in front of him and Alix saw it. She stood in front of him and ran her fingers along its length making him feel weak at the knees. She positioned her lips close to his ear – “Bend over!”

Toby then received the same twelve strokes as had Hugo and stood up. Alix cupped his limp penis and his testicles in her hand – “Not so exited now are we?” she said before sending them to their room to dress and pack as they were to return to their crammer that afternoon.

In their bedroom Hugo reached under his pillow and took out five shillings. “Here, Toby, you won, well done, old chap.”

The following day the boys had left and only Lady Celia and Alix were in the house. In the evening Lady Celia went to the school room to see how Alix was getting on tidying before the governess left for Paris the following day.

“Lady Celia” said Alix as the lady entered “have you come for a lesson?”

This caught Lady Celia off her guard. “Umm...well...what do you mean exactly by ‘a lesson’...”

Alix smiled slightly at this question. “Perhaps a lesson for your bottom over my chair?”

Lady Celia fiddled with her blouse and looked at the carpet. She said nothing but went and stood by the desk. Alix went to her cupboard and fetched the longer cane and went to the other side of the desk and faced Lady Celia.

“You would like this, I think” she said.

“Yes. Yes, please...I do, Alix...”

“Very well. Bend over, right now!” the governess ordered.

When Lady Celia was bent over the old desk with her hands on the wooden seat, Alix put the cane down and lifted her dress to reveal the usual silk stockings and suspender but no knickers.

“You have come prepared” said Alix but instead of applying the cane she spanked Lady Celia a dozen times across her bare bottom. Lady Celia was aroused. Then the lady heard the top of Alix’s desk shut and the cold back of a heavy hairbrush on her cheeks. Ten times the brush landed, each time with a loud smack but it was the cane Lady Celia craved.

She then heard the cane on the desk as Alix picked it up. It moved through the air and touched Lady Celia’s red backside ever so gently. Alix then rapped it ten times on the lower part of Lady Celia’s bottom making her groan with pleasure as a tingling sensation grew in that fleshy area.

Alix was going to make the most of this opportunity. The cane was drawn back and then swept down right across the centre of Lady Celia’s mature, shapely bottom. A second red line then appeared parallel to it, then a third and fourth, each a little lower. Alix paused. The fifth stroke was lower and then the six was a real stinger and fell low again. Lady Celia tossed her head up and yelped loudly.

She remained over the desk as the governess ran her hand over both cheeks and then her fingers slipped between the lady’s legs and across her hirsute pussy gently touching her moist lips.

Meanwhile at exactly the same time in Paris, Alice, who had been misbehaving and had become very tipsy at a ball, had been sent by her hosts to see their retired governess. 65 year old Madame Dubois had instructed her to bend over a couch and had just delivered twelve stinging strokes of her vintage English cane across the young lady’s attractive bare bottom. Alice was now standing there very contrite.

At home Lady Celia was standing facing Alix and rubbing her aching bottom.

“There” said Alix “was that how your governess caned you?”

Lady Celia smiled broadly. “Yes, Alix. Yes it was...but her fingers didn’t explore as yours do. You know, my governess was your mother...”

From: pippa

Message: Wonderful story. I felt every stroke! Just like being there.

From: peterexe

Message: One of the best spanking and caning stories ever written - very arousing.

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