The Cottage

by Cheeky Mollie

Chapter One

Louise was sitting in the car waiting for Colin to put the bags in the car, the holiday was over, they had spent a lovely two weeks just relaxing and recharging their batteries. As she looked up she saw smoke wafting from deep in the trees. She jumped out of the car and shouted to Colin.

"Col! Look, there's a fire, should we tell someone?"

Colin looked up and saw what Louise meant, he grabbed her hand and they made their way to the reception area. As Colin told the receptionist what they had seen she smiled and explained it was coming from the cottage. Colin and Louise showed they didn't understand what she was on about by the look on their faces. She explained that in the woods was a cottage owned by Sir Hughes that he sometimes let out to holiday makers. It was very private and secluded. Impulsively Louise asked how to contact Sir Hughes. The receptionist gave her his address. They thanked her and made their way to their car.

"Louise, what did you ask for his address for, we have just had a holiday?"

"I know, but maybe next year we could have a secluded holiday. We could pop in and see this man now, please?"

Colin could never refuse his wife anything and it was on the way home so he nodded.

She was quite excited, their next holiday could be just the two of them in a secluded cottage, it sounded perfect to her. She had forgotten that before this holiday they had been at each other's throats and didn't know if they would make it to their anniversary. This holiday had refocused her and she knew she was happy with Colin and her marriage wasn't terminal, it had just been the everyday stresses of life, everyone had to deal with them at some point. Their relationship was no different.

They drove up to an impressive Manor house. Colin checked the address again and this was definitely the place they needed. They parked the car and walked to the door. They knocked and the door was opened by a lady dressed like a maid. They explained what they were there for, and she invited them in and led them to a room and told them she would see if Sir Hughes was free to see them.

After a short while, a man entered and introduced himself as Edward Hughes. Louise and Colin introduced themselves and explained that they had heard about his cottage. He looked at them and rubbed his chin.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think the cottage would suit you."

Louise, never one to hold her tongue, spoke up, "Why, aren't we posh enough for you?"

Colin gave Louise a look that told her to be quiet, and she scowled back at him.

Before he answered, Sir Edward Hughes smiled at her. "You misunderstand me, my dear, let me explain. You see, that cottage is only let out to people who practice some form of BDSM, and it may be that I am judging you wrongly, but it doesn't strike me that you do this."

Louise looked a bit shocked, what on earth was BDSM? She turned to Colin who was shaking his head at Sir Hughes.

"What's the matter Colin, what is BDSM?"

As Sir Hughes started to speak, she looked at him shocked and astounded as he explained what BDSM was.

Then she heard Colin's voice as if coming from far away. "I am sorry to have wasted your time Sir Hughes and thank you for seeing us." He pulled Louise up and they headed home.

They settled back into their routine, and the arguing escalated again. It looked like divorce was on the cards, Louise was so unhappy and so was Colin. When she thought back to the holiday she smiled to herself. Was it just work and money worries that was making them so horrible to each other? Take this morning, because she had overslept a little he had gone off on one, as he had to make his own sandwiches. She then lost it and threw her shoe at him as he left, saying he was big enough and ugly enough to do his own sandwiches. She knew she wasn't blameless, but it wasn't all her fault.

While Louise ate her lunch, her friend Sandra joined her, "Hey Lou, what's up? You seem so down."

"Oh Sandy, it's just that I don't think Col loves me anymore."

"Hey, don't be silly, he adores you, you had a row."

"We do nothing but row since the holiday."

"Well I could suggest something but you won't like it."

"What Sandy, what is it? Do you and Bas use it?"

"Um, yes we do, and if I tell you, please keep it to yourself."

"Of course I will, please tell me, I don't want my marriage to end in divorce."

"Well, you could try Domestic Discipline." Sandy whispered the last bit.

Louise looked at her as if she had grown two heads. "What on earth is that?"

Sandy explained what it entailed in her relationship, but all relationships are different and it was up to the couple to set their own boundaries and rules. She then wrote down a web address and told Louise to look at it. Louise took the slip of paper but shook her head, she so knew this wasn't for her.

Louise was distracted all afternoon, and couldn't concentrate on her work, so she decided to head off home early. She was in a position where she could, as she worked flexi hours. She arrived home before Colin and quickly headed to the computer and logged into the website that Sandy had given her. The more she read the more intrigued she became. It was their wedding anniversary in two days and she decided that if they were to make it through another year then they needed to do something drastic.

While Louise was getting advice from Sandy, unbeknown to her, Colin was talking to his friend Basil. Colin couldn't believe his friend's advice, how when he told him to give Louise a good spanking, he told him, it would solve everything. Colin shook his head, saying he loved her too much to hurt her. Basil said he would be doing it for the good of his marriage and handed him a piece of paper and told him to look at them. Colin headed to his office and logged on to the websites, no one would know and besides he owned the company. What he saw amazed him. There were testimonials from men and women all saying how domestic discipline had saved their marriages and added some much needed spice. Maybe it was worth a try. He was planning on taking Louise out for their anniversary, and telling her he couldn't live like this anymore, and maybe they should split. If he could convince her to give this a try maybe, just maybe, they were in with a chance.

It took Colin and Louise the next two days to plan their individual plans. On the morning of their anniversary, Louise asked Colin if he could be home by seven as she had a nice meal planned and wanted to talk to him. He looked a bit put out but agreed to her request. He would just cancel the restaurant, it was the least he could do considering what he wanted her to agree to.

That evening Louise took extra care getting ready, she made sure she had on the new underwear that Colin had bought her; it was a deep blue with black lace and it was silky and sheer. She also made sure her make-up was perfect; she wanted to be as perfect as she could be for her husband. Once she was ready she prepared the meal she had planned so it was all ready for Colin.

He walked in and took in Louise's appearance and smiled to himself, she was a wonderful wife and he wanted to rip her clothes off there and then, but no, they had to talk. Colin asked if he had time to have a wash and change before they had dinner. She nodded and then when he was ready they sat down to eat, the meal was divine. Colin praised Louise and smiled at her. She smiled back, it was now or never.

"Colin, I want to ask you something, please hear me out before you dismiss what I am going to say, please."

He nodded and smiled at her, he would give her this time then it would be his turn.

Louise took a deep breath. "Col, we seem to always be arguing lately and it's wearing me down to the point I have considered leaving you, but I love you too much to do that." She looked up and saw his smile so she continued, "I, um – I, um, came across this website about Domestic Discipline and I want us to give it a try please." She finally looked up at him and saw his face break into a big smile.

"Oh Lou, I was going to ask you the same thing, but thought you would hate the idea, I have been researching for a couple of days now."

She smiled, "Me too."

They shared a giggle and then were in each other's arms, kissing. As they broke away they both felt shy and awkward like teenagers. Colin said that maybe they should put down on paper what they wanted and needed from this plan and to see if they agreed, or if any compromises might be needed. Louise agreed and they both went off to write their letters to each other.

Louise's Letter

Dear Colin,

I love you so much and I know we need to put right our marriage else I cannot see us lasting the year. Our marriage is as important to me as I am sure it is to you. This may sound very stupid but I'm sure we can save it. To this end I want to give domestic discipline a go if you're willing to try. I know this involves me accepting you as head of the house and while I know this will be hard at first for me to accept I am eager to try for both our sakes.

I have read the internet and got some ideas from there and to this end I am willing to let you use any implement you deem necessary, all I ask is you don't go and buy any canes. At this time I don't want to involve any BDSM other than spanking. This sounds like it's all about me but this needs your input too. All I ask is we give this plan six months and see how it goes if it doesn't work we will have lost nothing.

Love Louise xx

Colin's Letter

Darling Louise,

How do I start this most difficult letter to you. I want to say before you read on how much I love you and how difficult it is for me to write this. As you'll be more than aware, our marriage is on the rocks, well, really its terminal. I still feel we can save it as I know how much we love each other. That said, and there is no easy way to put this, I want us to try domestic discipline for the next six months to see if this can save our marriage. If it doesn't work we have lost nothing. I am unaware if you even know what domestic discipline is and if you don't, once you have read this letter I will explain it.

I don't want to hurt you ever, that's not what this is all about, please believe me. This is about loving you enough to care that we don't hurt each other any more than we already have. This letter sounds very self-orientated, it is not; it's about us and needs your input as much as mine.

Love Colin xxxx

They both looked up and hugged each other, they spent the next few hours chatting and agreeing the terms of their new relationship. Colin was to become the head of the house, but if he mucked up, as he knew he wasn't perfect, he would spend time doing something he didn't like or something special for Louise. Her consequences would be a spanking, there would also be fun spankings as they had both read how these could spice up relationships and decided in for a penny in for a pound.

Chapter Two

They were six weeks into this new plan and things were going well, there had been fun spankings and this had really spiced up the sexual side of their relationship. It had surprised Louise that something that hurt could have her panting with pleasure, and a sensual spanking could make her so wet and horny. In her mind Colin had become an expert at this type of foreplay and the mind blowing sex of the last six weeks was exactly that, mind blowing. They had even experimented with some vibrators, something Louise wouldn't have dreamed of using a few weeks ago. Colin had also let his fingers slip into her anal passage and whilst at first it hurt a little it was a good pain, and had made Louise's orgasm extra special. At the time she had no idea it was a light form of BDSM, something she hadn't wanted to try, but at the time it felt right and so wanton, it was so liberating.

However this evening was going to be her first punishment spanking and although she had agreed to this, she was nervous, no nervous wasn't the right word, neither was scared or anxious. It was only 10.00 am and her stomach was doing flips thinking about it, she felt sick and found she couldn't concentrate on her work. She looked up and saw Sandy looking at her, they smiled and both made their way to the rest room, knowing they wanted to talk.

"Hey Lou what's up? You look like you have a load on your mind."

"Oh Sandy, it's well, it's we agreed to give domestic discipline a try and it's been great till now, but I have messed up and tonight I am due a punishment spanking and whilst I'm not scared Colin will hurt me, my stomach's doing flip flops and I feel sick."

"Oh Lou, you will get used to it, but punishment ones are different because of how you feel."

She gave Louise a cuddle and they made their way back to their desks and Louise did feel a bit more relaxed, until the clock made its way to five o clock and it was time to go home.

Louise normally got in before Colin and tonight was no exception. She put on the dinner as it had been agreed they would have dinner and then sort out the punishment. Louise went and had a shower and changed into casual clothes.

When Colin got in, the dinner was all ready and he smiled and gave Louise a cuddle. He wanted to ensure her that he still loved her and this was necessary. They ate dinner and then snuggled for a while on the sofa.

"Right, young lady, I think it's time."

Louise gulped and stood up on shaky legs, as she made her way upstairs the butterflies started again and when she got to their bedroom it was as much as she could do to walk in the room and sit on the bed. They had decided they wouldn't do standing in corners or for her to wear any particular clothing, this was to be a punishment of an adult and Colin wanted to treat her as an adult and not a child.

Louise heard Colin's footsteps on the stairs and nearly passed out, not with fear but with she didn't know what. He walked in and saw her sitting on the bed shaking like a leaf. He started to question himself about this, would he be strong enough to deliver this, could he do this, she looked so vulnerable sitting there. No, he had to harden up, they had agreed to it and he couldn't back out now. He didn't want to back out but no way did he want Louise scared of him. He was very confused and he deided he would start this, but if Louise seemed to scared then he would stop.

He went to Louise and pulled her up by her hand, he asked her to undress to remove all her clothing. She very slowly removed her top and skirt, and was standing in just her underwear. She had chosen it with great care, hoping to inflame her husband and to see if he would put off the spanking. She had no idea why she was trying to stop this, by behaving this way, as all she had to say was 'no' and Colin wouldn't go through with it. Louise also knew she needed this and needed the air to be clear between them and it wouldn't until this punishment was over.

She looked at Colin, pleading for what she had no idea, it was the thought of being naked, but he shook his head no.

Going through his head was the thought why was she delaying the inevitable, had she no idea what she was doing to him. He could quite easily not do this but that wouldn't help either of them.

She reached around and undid her bra letting it fall to the floor, as it slid down her arms she felt very nervous and had no idea why. This was her husband for goodness sake, he had seen her naked before and, well, the things they had done recently, but this was so different this was like Sandy said, a mindset. She then moved her hands to the waist band of her knickers and quickly let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and her hands immediately went to cover her breasts and between her legs to cover her front.

Colin saw this and smiled, he moved her arms to her side and she dropped her head, he tilted her chin up and told her to look straight ahead. He loved looking at her naked body, but no, he needed to concentrate on the job in hand.

"So, young lady, you know why we are here."



Louise gulped, she realised a bit too late they had agreed if she was to be punished he had to be addressed as 'Sir', and Louise knew she needed to do this to ensure her mind was where it should be.

"Yes Sir."

"Better. So now tell me why you are to be punished."

"Because I got a speeding ticket, Sir."

"Partly true. You would have got a spanking for that, yes, but it would have been mild, this has to be harder because...?"

"I lied about it, well technically I didn't, I just didn't tell you about it, Sir."

He was behind her and she didn't see him raise his hand, but she felt the slap when it landed on her cheek, she yelped.

"Um, that's left nice red hand print there." He sat on the bed and pulled her across his lap. He rubbed her bottom a few times and she relaxed into his lap and felt the bulge in his trousers, under her hip.

So he was turned on by this was he, maybe, just maybe she could get out of this after all. She thought this wouldn't be so bad, then she felt his hand lift and it came down with a resounding slap. Skin on skin felt good but it also stung, she yelped.

Just as the sting was dying, he delivered another slap and she yelped again, then he delivered about 20 slaps this way, alternating between cheeks. Louise's bum had a nice red hue; to her it felt like a furnace had been started on her bum.

Colin stopped spanking and rubbed her bottom. Oh, that felt good ,but she also felt bad about lying to him. It then hit her, she had again done something so awful and she started crying. Colin had read about sub's crying but wasn't sure if it was pain or not with Louise, as he had never punished her before, but he was relying on her to safe word out if she needed to. Was this safe or not? Oh why was this so difficult to handle but he knew he had to.

He stood her up and looked into her face, he could see her sorrow and the fact she was sorry to have lied to him. Did he stop now or not?

"Ok young lady, bend over the end of the bed."

Louise gulped but waited for him to place a pillow over the foot-board and then bent over it. This was his signal that she was fine to continue. They had discussed this as some subs found it hard to safeword even when they should, so they had put in place another method that if she found she couldn't safeword then she would refuse to do something.

He told her the original spanking was for the speeding ticket, this part was for her lying. He picked up his slipper from the floor and rubbed it on her bottom, and then he lifted it and brought it down hard on her right cheek.

She shrieked and stood up, and put her hand back to rub her bottom.

He removed her hand and pushed her back over, telling her to stay in position and not to put her hands back again. He told her if she did, he would repeat the stroke. He then held her in the small of her back and delivered another whack on the other cheek.

She squealed again, and was begging him to stop, but not the safeword.

He delivered ten whacks in all then dropped the slipper on the floor. He then delivered six spanks to her thighs.These were open fingered spanks and they stung Colin's hand so he knew they must be stinging Louise. She really twisted and was begging him to stop. When he had delivered the six spanks he stood her up and hugged her to him.

Brushing his fingers through her hair and kissing her, hugging her to him, she was begging his forgiveness and he was ensuring her all was forgiven. She was promising him to never lie again to him. He laid her on their bed and laid down with her, covering her in kisses and hugging her to him as if his life depended on it. He didn't want to make love to her, not now. She had to learn the difference between a punishment and a fun spanking. He was actually lying to himself now, there was nothing more beautiful in his eyes than his wife and to make love to her now would be wonderful. He felt so horny and he knew she would be too, but it wouldn't be right just now. He could feel her body relaxing into him and he released her from his gasp turning her over. She gasped as her bottom touched the sheet, and he smiled. He told her to rest and he would be back when he had washed up and they could have an early night, she nodded at him he gave her another kiss and left her on the bed.

While Colin was washing up, Louise had got up and was looking at her bum in the mirror; it looked so sore and was very red. Although she did regret lying to Colin, she still felt very wet and felt she needed him. She climbed back on the bed and snuggled his pillow. Colin was thinking too, how horny she had made him feel and should he make love to her when he went up. He didn't want her confusing the spankings; he needed her to know the difference. He wiped a tear from his eye and realised he really didn't know if he could do this life style, but he had promised to try it for six months and up to now it had worked so well. They were happier and that had to be all for the good. Maybe it got easier as time went on, but how could he get used to hurting his wife, was he a monster? He never realised he would have these feelings. He would talk to Basil and see if he felt like this.

Colin climbed the stairs and smiled at Louise, she smiled back and opened her arms. He stripped off and jumped into bed. Within minutes they had their hands all over each other and their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. It was bliss, they both lost their selves in each other. He moved his hands down to her nipples, pulling them between his fingers and making her moan and groan out loud, he moved his mouth and sucked them hard, he could hear her groans and moved his hands down and found her clit, he was rubbing it with his fingers and it felt so good to Louise. He could tell she was reaching the point of no return and slowly he eased himself into her. Their lovemaking was fast and both soon of them were lost in each other and their own orgasms. They reached their peak almost together and relaxed back on the bed.

"Louise, I'm sorry if I hurt you, do you still want to do this domestic discipline?"

"Colin, I am so happy with our life now, I needed that punishment and I know I deserved it. I also know it hurt you to do it, but it was done with love and I needed correcting, so yes, i do still want this, don't you?"

"Lou darling, I do, but I did find it hard spanking you like that."

"Oh Col, I'm sorry."

Lou started to cry and Col hugged her and told her it would be okay, it was just that he found it hard to accept that spanking could be done out of love, as it was a weird concept to have, but he knew their marriage had needed this and it would all work out. Just that she must not be naughty too many times. Lou smiled at him and told him she didn't intend to be, because although he hadn't spanked her any harder than he did normally, it was she felt guilty and awful to have lied to him and that was what had made her cry.

Colin felt better but didn't know if she was just saying that to make him feel better he would investigate some more tomorrow. They cuddled into each other and dropped off to sleep. Colin dreaming and thinking maybe this D/D wasn't so bad, and Louise dreaming of her wonderful husband who loved her enough to do something that went against the grain for him. She felt a very lucky girl.

Chapter Three

They were half way through this plan, so at the three month stage and Louise had been doing a lot of research on-line and had come across something that had her interest piqued. It was spanking parties. She had no idea what these were, or what happened at them, and they had intrigued her for a while. She spoke to some friends she had made on-line but had never actually met, and one was going to this spanking party and told her to come and see what went on, she didn't have to take part. She also told her to come on her own if she wanted to, or if Col wouldn't go. Her friend even suggested lying to Col and telling him she was visiting friends. Louise had to smile at that suggestion and told her friend in no uncertain terms she wasn't lying to her husband, but the idea of a party wouldn't leave her mind.

While Louise was researching, so was Colin, and he had come across spanking parties too, he had taken the interest a bit further and contacted the organiser of one. It was easy, all he had to do was become a member, which was free, but the party cost a small fee. The organiser had got back to him and he planned to take Louise to one if he could get her to agree. He also knew she was up to something and planned to ask her tonight. Over the last three months he had altered his attitude and accepted that Louise did need his guiding hand to punish her sometimes. Although he didn't have to punish her often, when he did it meant something to both of them. It had got easier for him to deliver and follow through on his part in this lifestyle.

They were sitting snuggled up to each other on the sofa and Colin decided it was now or never. "Louise I was looking at the net and come across spanking parties."

She sat upright, looked at Colin, and giggled, "Oh Colin, so was I, but I have no idea what they are. Well I didn't, but I spoke to an on-line friend and she told me what they were, she suggested that we or even just me go and try one. She also suggested I lied to you if you wouldn't go and say I was visiting friends. I told her no, I knew the consequences of lying to my husband."

With that, Louise's hand went to her bottom and rubbed it. Colin smiled to himself, and was pleased she had learnt that lesson. He thought back to the very first spanking he had given her that was for lying to him, and then two days later she had lied again. He had told her when he found out that if she lied again he would use a wooden ruler on her and also she would be biting on soap. As far as he knew she hadn't lied again to him. So there was definitely something in this punishment thing, and it worked for them.

"Lou, I already know what they are, as I contacted the organiser of one and maybe we should go try one out and see what occurs? As to your friend, she needs spanking maybe." He smiled to soften his words.

"Col I want to but... I'm a bit nervous."

"Don't be, I will look after you, you will be fine."

She nodded and then they decided to retire to bed, and whilst they both dreamed of different things it was all to do with the party. Louise was excited but anxious too, and she did a lot of thinking about how you could feel both feelings.

They arrived at the party and Louise felt funny, she had no idea if she was dressed correctly. She didn't want to feel out of place, she had on a blue and black corset a short skirt and high heels, she had also brought some other clothes with her.

Colin was suited and booted, he smiled at her and grabbed her hand to escort her into the venue. The host greeted them and then showed them around, telling them about the equipment that could be used and also where the play rooms were. Whilst looking around, Louise noticed that everything was red and black or purple and black. That included the beds, curtains, walls and even the carpet. The organiser also noticed her looking and smiled at her, she was reacting like his sub had at her first party.

He then introduced them to a few people. Louise felt shy and awkward, she was so glad she was with Colin; she couldn't believe some women were there by themselves, she could never have walked into this place on her own. She began to feel overdressed, as a lot of people were very casually dressed and not the sort of clothes she expected. One lady came over and asked her if she was 'newbiesub' on a particular website and Louise nodded and the girl introduced herself as 'fiestyone'. This was Louise's friend from the site she had joined. She introduced her to Colin and he spoke to Louise's friend, telling her that he didn't think it right she was suggesting his wife should lie. The women looked at him and then smiled as a man joined them. It turned out this guy was 'fiestyone's' Dom, he had overheard the conversation and wanted putting in the picture. Colin told him what Louise had told him and he kept giving 'fiestyone' the look. He then excused them and took her off to a room.

"Oh Colin, I hope she isn't in trouble."

"I am sure it will be alright Louise."

After chatting to some other people, they sat on some seats and just chatted to each other, looking around and taking it all in. Colin went to get them a drink and while he was away a man approached Louise and asked her to play. She refused and the man left her alone, she was pleased. When Colin come back she told him and he smiled and explained that people sometimes played at parties with several people. Louise shook her head as much to say 'no sorry, I'm not going too ever'. He smiled and told her not to worry, he wasn't going to let her, she was his and his alone.

Louise smiled at Colin, indicating maybe they should play and he lead her to a private room, neither of them could have played in front of anyone, they were just too new. Colin laid her on the bed and undid her corset at the back and massaged her back. Louise was just relaxing back into it when she felt a sting on her bottom and realised Colin was spanking her, it felt good. He then lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down, it felt yummy to Louise and so good. She felt Colin rubbing her bottom and then a sting, this pattern kept up for a while. The rubbing followed by a sting, it was wonderful. Then Louise felt something a lot stinger and realised Colin was using something on her bottom other than his hand. She looked around and realised it was his belt, it felt so good. After about ten minutes Colin was back to rubbing her bottom.

"Louise you have a lovely red hue."

Louise just mumbled and Colin had to sit her up, he cuddled her to him and she was in seventh heaven. After another ten minutes they left the room. Louise had a lovely session with Colin and felt wonderful, so relaxed, a spanking worked wonders for her. They went back out to the main room and sat talking to another couple; it felt good to Louise to know there were a lot of people who enjoyed this spanking thing. And also good to be sitting on a warm bottom. She saw her friend and smiled at her, and her friend smiled back and rubbed her bottom and gave Lou the thumbs up, so Lou knew she was alright. Colin saw the exchange and told Louise some subs were cheeky or bratty to give their Dom a reason to spank them. This puzzled Louise.

A shadow fell over Louise, she looked up and gasped, looking down at her was Sir Edward Hughes.

"Hello, I don't know if you remember me?"

Colin looked up and smiled and asked Sir Hughes to join them, he sat down and they had a long conversation about spanking and how they come to be at the party. Louise felt herself blushing and was trying to hide the fact.

"Oh dear young lady, a red face and a red bum no doubt."

Colin laughed but Louise shot him daggers.

"Ah Lou honey, it was only a joke."

She tried hard to smile and Sir Hughes asked her to forgive him for referring to her embarrassment, she smiled and they went back to chatting. Sir Edward told them all about another party but it was more BDSM and you had to belong to a group called the 'O' group. They asked about membership and Sir Edward explained it wasn't just spanking, and maybe they should do some research into BDSM and in to the 'O' group as it had a web page, if they were interested. Sir Edward then excused himself as he needed to sort out his sub.

When the party ended, and they were at home sitting on the sofa all snuggled up together, they surprised each other by both almost at the same time suggesting looking into BDSM. Louise said she really didn't know much about it but it sounded a bit too much for her, as she was imaging being total tied up and allowing anyone to do what they liked to her with no limits. Colin told her he saw it as an add-on to the life they now led, and maybe they should research it together. They agreed it was a good idea and headed to the computer. As it fired up they were both lost in their own thoughts.

The internet came on and Colin typed in the group they were looking for. There it was on the screen with the usual age consent thing. Colin tapped the over 18 button, and they were in.

The first picture they saw was of someone tied up and it confirmed Louise's worse suspicions, it wasn't going to be for her. Colin looked at her and could see the confusion on her face. He switched it off and told her maybe she was right, it wasn't for them. She nodded and they headed for bed.

Louise dreamt all night about BDSM and couldn't get the thought out of her head, she would research this some more tomorrow, she was off work for a week and would look at this more closely. Colin, on the other hand, slept well and had no thoughts of BDSM in his head. He knew Louise wasn't keen and as far as he was concerned she was the most important and her happiness meant the world to him. After just three months their marriage had improved beyond all his dreams and no way was he messing that up, or going back to where they were or had been so unhappy.

Chapter Four

The next day, after Colin had left for work, Louise researched BDSM and the more she read the more she wanted to know. There was so much to read and learn and a lot of it confused her. Especially the terms used, it was things like sub's and slaves, and what made it worse some people's ideas said there was no difference and was she a sub or a slave or neither. She not only read the 'O' group's page but went on to other sites and not only did you have sub's slaves confusion there was something called total power exchange which was again different. She went on to a forum and posted a lot of her questions and hope to god she got some answers as she wanted to move forward and couldn't till she had these answers.

One lady come back with some clarification that seemed to answer her question's, she was basically told that everyone had to chose their own labels and what fitted for them. What some called slavery others called submission? The best way she could put it for herself was master/dom wanted his slave/sub to be clean shaven and had asked for this task to be done. While a sub could say it wasn't what she wanted, if she was allowed to in her dynamics of course. A slave couldn't say this without a punishment as she would have to follow her master's wishes and if she didn't he could shave her himself again if it was in their dynamics. So to put it clearly, it was all down to your dynamics as a couple. Louise was still so confused but as she saw it, it was all down to dynamics. She supposed for clarification sake she was a sub as she had given her submission to Colin and trusted him completely. Although, on the other hand, she wasn't his sub, they were in a domestic discipline relationship and from what she had read, that wasn't submission. She was just more confused than ever. She decided to write down all she thought and see if she could come up with an answer for herself.

When she looked at what she had written, she had pages and pages of writing and she read it all through. She came to the conclusion that she was submissive, but she wasn't actually a sub. So with that clear in her mind, she went on to ask what the difference was between spanking parties and BDSM parties. She got her answer's and supposed the only way to really find out was to attend one, but after what she read she didn't know if she would be comfortable at one. She decided she needed to discuss this with Colin when he came home.

Louise looked at her list and on it was a phase that said 'NO WAY', and under this she had written a fairly long list: scat play, water sports, needles, breath play, asphyxiation play, blood, cutting, knives, enemas, adult babies, diaper play, these were the main ones. She had also written 'would like to try' and this consisted of, Orgasm denial, handcuffs, rope, blindfolds, gags, floggers, pin wheels, headphones, senses denial, butt plugs and vibrators, these were the most prominent ones. As Louise read the list she was shocked by what she had written and wondered if Colin would be too. Well, there was only one way for her to find out and that was to chat to him when he came home.

When Colin walked in that evening, it was to the delicious smell of a chilli con carne, he loved this meal it was his favourite. He realised it was being served for one of two reason's, either Louise knew she had done something and was going to be punished so was trying to soften him up, or she wanted to chat about something difficult for her. She turned from the cooker when she heard him come in and ran into his arms, he hugged her and enjoyed the smell of her hair and her body she was defiantly in a very sexy state. He tilted her head up and looked at her, asking with his eyes what was up. She smiled and told him to go and wash up as tea was ready. He smiled and realised he wouldn't get whatever it was out of her till she was ready to tell him, probably when they were snuggled up together on the sofa after tea. It was a favourite time for both of them.

He was right, they had eaten their tea and washed up, and they were snuggled together, with the radio on low and just enjoying each other's company.

"Ok Lou, what's up? Tell me."

"Well I have been researching BDSM and I made a list of stuff I may want to try out, and also maybe go to a party, not sure if I could cope with it but maybe worth a try."

She handed Colin the piece of paper with her scribbles on it and he read it with interest.

"Um well, it looks like you have given this a lot of thought, so maybe a party might be a good idea, but do you really want to go?"

"I think so, but I don't want to walk around nude or kneel on the floor or anything like that."

"Well, I don't think you have to, but I'll tell you what, I will contact an organiser tomorrow and see I know they have a party in the same venue as the spanking party, if you want to give it a go."

Louise nodded and snuggled back into Colin's strong arms, she was thinking what a lucky girl she was. While Louise was thinking this, Colin was thinking he was the lucky one, the last few months had been wonderful. He spent the next few weeks in some real in-depth conversations with a party organiser, and finally felt ready to attend a party with Louise. He went shopping for an outfit for her as he didn't want her to feel over or under dressed, he also brought himself some new clothes. The night before the party he told Louise about his plans for the next evening and she was buzzing with excitement, he loved seeing her like this and her excitement was rubbing off on him.

The morning of the party Louise was up early and told Colin she was going to the hairdressers and beauty salon. He told her to make sure she was back in time and she didn't need a new outfit because he had brought her a surprise. She begged him to show her, but he told her no, not until that evening when they got ready.

Louise had spent a pleasant morning being pampered and primped, she also went window shopping but although she was tempted to buy a new outfit she saw in an Ann Summers store, she decided to trust Colin's judgement and the outfit he had picked out for her, although she had no idea what it was. She knew it would be just right and he wouldn't let her look out of place.

That evening, after she had showered and was drying herself off, she peeped out of their en-suite and saw Colin dressed, she wolf whistled and smiled at him. He had on some black leather trousers and they looked wonderful to Louise, the belt on them looked yummy too. Colin turned and smiled at her, she also saw he had a white shirt on the bed, it was plain but she knew her husband would look good enough to eat, well to her anyway.

"OK, so what am I wearing?" She asked him, walking over to their bed and sitting down.

Colin smiled and pulled a box from under the bed, he nodded to Louise to open it up, and she was so excited, she could see it was from a well known sexy lingerie brand. She gasped as she pulled back the layers of tissues and saw what it held; Colin was excited at her happiness. Louise pulled out a blue basque, blue French knickers, but the trimming was black, and black fishnet stockings. Louise dressed seductively, and it was as much as Colin could do to keep his hands off her. She smiled at herself in the mirror and knew she looked good.

"Um Colin, I'm not complaining hun, but what about shoes? And no way can I walk to the car like this."

Colin told her to face him, she turned around and in his hands he was holding a pair of black stiletto's, very strappy. Louise's squealed as she knew they were the Jimmy Choo's she had been wanting for ages. She ran to Colin and hugged him, her excitement was infectious and he hugged her back, then his mouth found hers and their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Colin pulled away, not because he didn't want her, but because he knew he wouldn't be able to stop at kissing. He looked at her and shook his head and she smiled at him, knowing he was as horny as her. She sat on the bed and put on her shoes and stood in them she felt like a million dollars.

They headed downstairs and Colin gave her his coat to wrap around herself for the short walk to the car. When they arrived at the venue, Colin could tell although Louise was excited she was also very nervous and didn't know what to expect. He held her hand tightly and they went into the venue, the organiser met them and greeted them personally and she could see Louise was nervous and assured her she would be fine.

She took them through to the main room and they saw a couple they had met at the spanking party, and Louise felt less nervous as at least they knew someone there. They sat and spoke for a while, then the male of the pair known as 'Master Charming' looked at 'cinders' and motioned with his head and she dropped to the floor and he put a leather collar on her. As Louise looked around she saw a lot more people had arrived and most looked to be in couples. There were people walking around in all kinds of fetish gear and even semi nude. Louise was shocked, but not too much as she had been told what to expect. There was one couple engaged in what looked like play and the top was using a whip on this lady's back, all she had on was a thong. There was also a lady lying on the bed and her top was using needles and ribbon. Then on another table was a man and he was being spanked by a female.

Colin looked at Louise, asking her if she wanted to play with his eyes. She agreed and he took her off to a private room.

He laid Louise on the bed, and pulled down her knickers and massaged her bottom, he could hear Louise's appreciative noises and gently spanked her she was wriggling about and moaning in ecstasy. Then she felt little picks and turned her head and Colin had a pin-wheel. It felt wonderful, so much better than Louise would have imagined. The she felt a wonderful sting and realised Colin was using his belt, it felt wonderful and she was so relaxed. Colin soon knew Louise was subbing out and he stopped spanking her and sat with her till she come around. He could see she was very relaxed. They went back to the main room and spent the rest of the party in different states of surprise and anxiety. Louise was shocked by the difference in the parties and although she felt comfortable there, she wasn't sure they were for her. Mind you, she wasn't sure spanking parties were for her either. It was so confusing.

When they got home, they talked about the party and their feelings, and they decided that maybe they wouldn't go again to another one and just keep the spanking thing to themselves. They were never going to play with anyone else and the only thing they could see a party offered was a place to meet like minded people, well to them anyway. That night in bed they finally came together as a couple and went to sleep happily, one with a sore bottom, the other happy in what they had achieved for themselves.

Chapter Five

A few more months passed, and Louise could not get her mind to stop thinking about Sir Edward Hughes' cottage. She would love to spend just a weekend there with Colin. She had a plan forming in her mind for a wonderful surprise for Colin. So with that thought in mind she contacted Sir Hughes.

Colin had taken Louise to a few more parties, spanking and BDSM ones, and they had decided they just were not for them. They had attended munches and loved to meet their kinky friends. The parties just did nothing for them as they never played with anyone else and as they could play at home it was purely the social side and they covered that with attending different munches.

On the quiet, Colin would love to maybe spank someone else in fun, but he respected Louise too much to risk her getting upset about it. They had spoken about it and they both knew how the other felt. She had told him if he wanted to, providing it was just spanking, then it would be fine, but he knew she wouldn't really like it. He had no real need to spank anyone else as he had Louise, and she had learnt fast, so no punishment had been needed for ages. He knew she was up to something but he didn't know what it wa. He had an idea it was to do with his birthday which was at the weekend.

Colin woke up on the morning of his birthday and reached out hoping to grab a handful of Louise, but her space was empty and felt fairly cold. He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sniffed, hoping to smell bacon cooking but no, he couldn't smell anything. As he looked at her side of the bed there was an envelope addressed to him. He ripped open the envelope, expecting a birthday card but no, it was a letter. He was a bit shocked, please he thought, don't let it be a dear John, he didn't want to look but couldn't not, if it was he would find her and bring her home, what was she playing at.

Dear Colin

Well, Happy Birthday honey, I had no idea what to buy you this year and then I had a wonderful idea. By the time you read this I will be almost to where your birthday surprise is. I suppose I better tell you where to find it, and me. Well, I have decided this year to make you a gift of me, I better try and explain that statement as you already have me. I have peeped at the sites you have been looking at and have seen they are sites for slaves and masters. I know you would never ask me to be your slave, and I wouldn't or couldn't be full time. I know it's not me, as I am sure you do. So this year, for this one weekend, I am going to be your slave and I am at Sir Edward Hughes cottages. Please come and claim me. If this is not what you want then please ring my mobile and I will come home to you.

Love Louise xxx

Colin could not believe what he had read and read the letter through several times, he knew he could not refuse this gift Louise was giving him. He didn't want to, he got up quickly and jumped in the shower and had his stuff packed and was in the car heading for Louise within 30 minutes.

He arrived at Sir Edward Hughes house and he wasn't sure how to handle this, so he knocked on the door. It was opened by a maid but he also knew this was Sir Hughes sub and he asked if he could speak to Sir Hughes. He was invited in and waited to speak with Sir Hughes.

"Ah, so you have arrived Colin."

"Yes, where is Lou?"

"She's at the cottage but she left this for you. If you decide to go over to the cottage just follow the path through the trees, I will leave you to decide."

Colin opened the letter and read the following:

Darling Colin

As you are reading this it must mean you have accepted my gift for you. I know you have read about slaves and master's and know what you want from a slave. I hope I fulfil that role for you this weekend. When you walk into the cottage I will know that our weekend has started and we will see no one else till Sunday evening when we leave. You will find me in the dungeon and I will be kneeling on the floor with my head bowed and my hands laying face up on my knees. I saw this position on 'elegance refined' and hope with all my heart it is the right one. I am waiting my love, my heart, my soul.

Louise xxx

Colin could not get to the cottage soon enough. On his walk there, he thought about what Louise had written and how much this gift meant to her and to him. He just hoped he could fulfil his part. He loved his wife with all his heart, as she did him.

He arrived at the cottage and pushed open the door, he saw Louise's bag and knew she was there. He went into the bedroom and dumped his bag. He came back into the kitchen/lounge and saw a door, he pushed it open and saw stairs led down. This must be the dungeon; he took the first step and made his way downstairs slowly, he had no idea why. When he got to the bottom he was amazed at what he saw.

This was definitely a dungeon. There was a cage, handcuffs in the wall, both high and low, there was what looked like a rack, and all manner of hitting things. As he turned at the bottom of the stairs just underneath them was Louise, in the pose she had described to him. He was tempted, very tempted to walk up to her and cuddle her but no, he was her master and sex at the moment was not on the menu.

"Stand up."

Louise stood up but kept her eyes and head downcast, no word's passed her lips.

"I think my slave has too many clothes on. What do you think?"

"If my Sir thinks I have, then I must have." Louise kept her eyes downcast and hoped she was allowed to speak.

"Um well, I think we should remove some of them, and you will only speak when I tell you, you can."

Louise kept her eyes downcast and said nothing, she was actually biting her tongue, this was going to be so hard to see through to Sunday but she would.

Colin walked up to Louise and undid her blouse slowly, he left it open and he rubbed her nipples through her bra, she managed to keep the gasp in but it was hard. Colin smiled to himself, he quite liked this, it was fun. He then pulled her blouse off her arms and let it fall to the floor. He walked around her and undid the zip on her skirt, and let that fall to floor where it pooled around her ankles. He told her to step out of it, which she did, he then told her he wanted her to look up, and she obeyed him immediately.

She saw the smile on his face and knew he was loving her doing his bidding. He led her over to the spanking bench and bent her over it.

"OK wench, for your manipulating me into this, I have decided you need spanking." He whispered into her ear, "I love it."

He pulled down her knickers and she felt him rubbing her bottom, it was making her all squirmy inside and he knew it. He then lifted his hand and landed it on her bottom, it felt stingy but so good, she let out a little squeal.

"Be quiet wench, I want no more noise."

He then continued to spank her till her bottom was a nice rosy red. He then stood her up and let her knickers fall to the floor. He walked her over to a different type of bench, and before he tied her to it, he removed her bra. Her nipples stood out immediately and he smiled to himself. He handcuffed her to the cross of the bench by her wrists and ankles, and then he suckled on her nipples they were standing out in points.

"OK wench, now to test out your resistance."

Louise had her eyes closed so he told her to open them. She did so, and in his hands he had a magic wand, she gasped. He slowly put it on her clit and it buzzed away, he saw her trying to wriggle and he took it away, she groaned, he laughed.

"You will ask me for permission to cum, do I make myself clear? Answer me."

"Yes Sir." Louise managed to gasp.

Colin set the wand to her clit again and just as she was about to cum he removed it, he waited a few minutes then returned it to her clit. This time she begged him to let her cum, he refused. This went on till he knew she couldn't hold back any longer and as she almost screamed at him please he agreed. The relief on her face was astounding, and as he released her wrists and ankles and helped her up he could tell she was exhausted and could not really stand on her legs. He carried her to the bed in the bedroom, and told her he would let her rest for an hour.

After an hour Colin went in and woke Louise up, she looked stunning to him. When she was fully awake, he told her to run a bath for him. She went to put on a robe but he stayed her hand.

"I want you nude for now."

She wandered off into the bathroom and ran the bath for Colin. When it was ready she wandered back into the lounge and stood in a pose she had seen online. She stood with a slightly bent leg and her hands by her side awaiting his next command. She did feel self-conscious being in the nude, but the only person here apart from her was Colin.

He stood up and asked her to undress him; she slowly and seductively removed his clothing, when she got to his pants, she run her fingers around the waist band and slipped them down his legs, accidently on purpose grazing his legs with her fingernails. Colin knew what she was doing and decided she would be punished, he would decide how very soon.

She stood up once his pants were removed, and ran her fingers up his leg towards his penis and she was about to fondle it when he stopped her and shook his head.

"My slave seems to be forgetting herself."

She dropped to her knees her head downcast. Colin tilted her chin up and told her to stand up, she did as she was told. He took her hand and led her to the sofa. He sat down and put her across his knee and spanked her, telling her she was not a good slave.

This actually upset Louise and she started crying. Colin wasn't spanking her hard and was a bit shocked by the amount of tears. Then he realised what he had said and to soften the words he told her she was doing well but just needed to realise he had to set the pace. The tears slowed down. He sat her up and cuddled her and when he had comforted her, he told her to lead him to his bath and she could wash him. She smiled and led him to the bath.

He stepped in and Louise had lots of fun washing him all over. When he had been thoroughly washed, he got out of the bath and let Louise dry him, she paid special care to certain areas.

"Louise, get on your knees."

She obeyed him immediately; he smiled and told her she could have her wicked way with him. She smiled and reached up for his cock with her hands. She gently pulled on him and moved her hand back and forth. Once he was semi erect she kissed the tip of his cock, making him gasp out. She then very seductively started to lick up and down his length.

He had to hold on to the walls to stop himself collapsing, he knew Louise didn't really enjoy oral sex but she was bloody good at it. She then took him in her mouth and slowly, maddening slowly, she sucked at his erect member, taking him further and further in to her mouth. She thought her gag reflex would kick in, but it didn't. She was actually enjoying this, she chanced a glance up and saw Colin was nearly there. He moved one hand from the wall and held her hair, tightening her fingers in it. She was still sucking away and she felt him release his first few drops and then she felt it going down her throat. She carried on sucking away as if her life depended on it. He collapsed on the bath edge and she finished sucking him, cleaning off the last drops. She then released him and sat back on her knees, licking her lips and the last of him.

When he had recovered enough, he stood up and although in his role he shouldn't have, he couldn't help himself. He stood Louise up and cuddled her to him, thanking her. She smiled at him, he asked her to put on a robe and to prepare some dinner while he had a nap.

She prepared them some dinner and set it on the table for him; she gently woke him up when it was ready. He went and sat at the table and was surprised to see no place set for Louise. Once he had sat down, Louise knelt on the floor by his chair.

"Louise, you may sit at the table and you may eat too, you have been very good today."

Louise got up and sat at the table and they both ate the meal she had prepared. When they had finished he told her to clear the table and wash up. Then they would have an early night, they went to bed happy and full of joy. Louise waited for Colin to tell her she could share his bed and he was more than happy to cuddle up with her.

The next morning they woke and Colin sent Louise off to make breakfast for them both. After they had eaten, Louise was sent off to wash up and when she was finished she walked back to the lounge area and knelt on the ground next to Colin. Colin looked at her and took her hand and led her down to the dungeon, he removed her robe and then he handcuffed her to the wall. It felt weird to Louise as the bricks were rough and she knew if she moved about too much it would scratch her body. Colin teased her nipples with his fingers and when they were hard, he slipped on the clover clamps, Louise squealed out, she couldn't help it. He whispered in her ear and she calmed down.

Next he told her he thought she had seen and heard too much. So he slipped a blindfold over her eyes and some head phones on her ears. He also told her to open her mouth and he slipped a ball gag into her mouth, securing it behind her head. As Colin looked at her standing there he realised she was vulnerable and all his. He started to tease her with a crop occasionally landing a small quick flick, Louise tried to cry out but the gag stopped her. Colin was having a lot of fun and he could tell Louise was too, although this was about him, it was also about her. He kept running his fingers up and down Louise and he was getting as excited as she was.

He uncuffed her, and led her to a bench; he laid her down on the bench on her front. He tied her wrists and ankles to the bench, her legs were open as wide as they could be, he gently played with her bottom. Then he moved his fingers to her clit where he knew she was very wet, he moved his fingers making her wriggle about and squirm. He then took the juices to her sweet little hole and rubbed her juices up and down it. Next Louise felt his finger at her bottom hole and she held her breath as he inserted his finger into her, it was tight but felt good too. He gradually moved his finger in and out and she was pushing back on him. He removed his fingers and placed his hard cock next to her tight hole and then very gently eased into her. She gasped out but gradually the pain eased and Colin took it nice and slow, he also played with her clit at the same time. Eventually they both come together and Colin collapsed on top off her.

After about five minutes he pulled out of her and they both supported each other up to the shower where they showered together. They then went to the bedroom and Colin allowed Louise to sleep next to him and they slept till late afternoon.

When they both awoke, Colin told Louise he wanted to play some more and to go and wait for him in the dungeon. Louise obeyed him immediately, although she did feel quite sore. This weekend felt so good to her, she wouldn't want to do this all the time, but this was definitely enjoyable.

When Colin entered the dungeon, Louise was knelt on the floor, head downcast and hands on her knees. He walked over to her and stood her up and begun to tie some ropes on her. He actually made her a dress of rope and although the rope was fairly rough on her skin, it felt good to be completely in Colin's power. It took hours for him to complete and he didn't want to undo it straight away. He carried Louise upstairs and made her stand in the lounge, whilst he prepared some food. When it was ready he walked over to her and told her as she had been so good he was going to feed her. He fed her the whole meal and she felt spoilt and so wonderful.

After they had eaten he undid all the rope and he told Louise he wanted to make love to her but as lovers. He led her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed and he ran his hands down her naked body and squeezed her nipples till they stood very erect and he suckled on them. He placed little kisses all down her body and when he reached her sweet area he parted her legs and sucked on her clit. She gasped he stopped and looked up at her he kissed his way up her body to her mouth and then he parted her lips with his tongue. She knew she shouldn't have, but she couldn't help herself, she grabbed his head and kissed him back with passion, running her hands through his hair. He didn't stop her and she then ran kisses all over his body and down towards his cock. When she got there she planted little kisses and he groaned she trailed back up his body to his delight. He couldn't hold out any longer and pushed her back down on the bed and entered her and made slow passionate love to her. When they were both sated and laying on the bed it was night time and tomorrow they would return to their everyday lives.

"Louise I know we have till tomorrow but I want to thank you now for the best birthday present ever. I know you weren't a slave for the whole time but you did so well I'm so proud you're my wife."

He looked at Louise and saw tears, he was shocked. "What's up, babe?"

"Nothing, I am so happy and I'm glad I pulled it off, well nearly, and I am so glad you're my husband, Colin, you're the best."

They cuddled in to each other and slept peacefully, they both had thoughts that BDSM would play a bigger part in their lives in future, but there was no way Louise could ever be a slave, she just wasn't made that way, and also Colin realised he could never be a master, it was just too much hard work. He knew he had gone soft on Louise this weekend but she was his wife and it had worked for them.

They woke the next morning and left the cottage early and arrived home early where they sat and talked about their weekend and what they could bring into their everyday lives and how much fun they had both had.

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