Saxon-Web Poetry Corner

With thanks to Neil, who inspired this section, this is the place to get your BDSM poetry published and read.

Saxon-Web Poetry Corner

Lets Begin with some 'shorts'


by Lilypad

My "N" 's dropped off
I know not why
I think my laptop's
about to die.

It'll start with "N" and end in tears
as  bits fall off
and pop
and shear
and then whatever will I do?
Alone again and twiddling thumbs
and wondering of sore red bums.

So off to PC World I'll go
for I can't bear to be
out of the know,
to reconnect my private life
that I may find
an ease to write,
complete with "N",
great messages of pleas, of prose,
stories, PMs and then, who knows.

I may just find that special man
so no more wondering of sore red bums
and happy ever after it may become.

To Lauren (who is frequently at the receiving end)

by David Linnell

She’s been bad
Though it’s only role-play
She knows the punishment
Will be severe.

The protests flow
To no avail
She must prepare
To take what’s due.

Raising her skirt
She bares herself
Then over bends
For the first stroke.

She feels the taps
The taking aim
And then it comes
The stinging pain.

Count them aloud
The painful strokes
Each raining down
And making sore
A bottom now
That’s full of stripes!

Then it’s over
Sweet relief
A pleasant glow
Now surging upwards
Turning pain
To sensual bliss!

The Cussing Cutie

Aleyn quips:

I think she's got an itch
For me to call her B****
So when to England she gets a hitch
To her bottom I'll take a switch!

Agia retorts:

A rebuke in rhyme
For such a petty crime?
I don't deny I could use a thrashing,
For giving the Queen's English such a trashing
So, I won't pout or throw a fit,
American girls are full of... baloney.

If my manners I don't repair,
The rod is what you shouldn't spare.
But if I travel to recieve my due,
You might find the joke is on you.
Because if you spank with excessive force,
You'll find my language extra coarse!

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