The Yellow Room

by anon

Chapter Five - Punishment

Whipping grown girls is a pastime rare
Few males, if called on, could refuse to share.

Alice lay awake next morning listening to the birds, in a sweet trance at the recollection on which she dwelt of what she had passed through the night before. She felt completely changed, and could she have seen the dark stains upon the pink sheet under her, she would have known that she really was so.

She met Maude in the breakfast-room and was warmly greeted by her.

"Well, love? Well, Alice?" cried she, clasping both her hands in her own and gazing into her face with a glance in which there was deep meaning.

"Oh, Maude!" ejaculated Alice, blushing, and then, to turn the subject, "how are you, dear, after that terrible flogging? I could almost have cried at what you suffered at one moment, and yet I could have made Uncle tear you in pieces the next."

"Yes," said Maude, "I have experienced the feeling. The result was that you and your Uncle enjoyed yourselves the more. Now, wasn't it?"

After breakfast, Alice remembered that she had to go straight to the yellow room. She did so without much dread, feeling that she could not have worse to go through than she had already suffered; although one or two chance expressions of Maude had made her doubtful of this conclusion; and the cold sternness of her Uncle startled and alarmed her after his warmth and tenderness of the preceding evening. When he met her and wished her good-morning in the breakfast-room he was apparently absolutely unconscious, and certainly totally forgetful, of what had passed.

Alice went with Maude arm-in-arm to the yellow room, wondering what the trapeze would be like.

Her Uncle soon followed her and locked the door. He had a long carriage-whip and some sheets of paper, which she recognised in his hand.

"You are Miss Alice Darvell, and this is your handwriting and signature?" asked he severely, showing the papers to her.

"Oh yes, Uncle, they are," answered the girl, trembling with fright.

"You pee'd like a mare before your Uncle, eh, miss?"

"I - I - I couldn't help it."

"Did you?"


"Well, you shall be flogged like a mare. Strip yourself."

"Oh, Uncle!"

"Strip yourself absolutely naked, or," he said, raising the whip and lightly slashing it about her legs, for her frock only came down to her knees, "you shall have double."

She jumped as she felt the lash sting her calves, and drew up her legs one after another.

Then, seeing her Uncle's arm again raised, she began quickly to undo her bodice and slip off her frock; her petticoats and corset soon followed, and, lastly, slipping off her chemise, she stood naked except for her long stockings, and covered with a most bewildering air of shame, not knowing whether to cover her face or not, or how to dispose of her hands and arms.

"Take off your shoes and stockings," said her Uncle.

She had to do so seated in her nakedness, and the action added extremely to her confusion.

Sir Edward then went to a bracket or flat piece of wood screwed on the wall, on which were two hooks fixed back to back and some distance apart; round them was fastened a thick crimson silk cord. As he unwound it, Alice saw that it communicated with a pulley in the ceiling through which it ran, and dangling from which was a bar of wood about two and a half feet long - the cord dividing about three feet above it and being fastened to each of its ends.

"Now, Maude," said Sir Edward, "put her in position and fix her wrists."

Maude walked up to Alice and led her beneath the pulley. Sir Edward allowed the bar to descend to a level with the top of her shoulders. Maude then took the naked girl's right wrist and fastened it by a strap ready prepared to one end of the bar, so that the back of the hand was against it. And then she did the same with the left hand.

"Ready?" asked Sir Edward.

"Ready," answered Maude.

The Yellow Room - 5a

Whereupon he pulled the cord, availing himself of the hooks to get a purchase, until Alice's arms were stretched high above her head, and her whole body was well drawn up, the balls of her feet only resting on the floor.

"Oh, Uncle! Oh, Uncle! Oh, please! Oh! Not so high! Oh! My arms will be dislocated! Oh! It hurts my wrists!" and, involuntarily moving she found very little would swing her off her feet.

Sir Edward, finding her sufficiently drawn up, fixed the cord, and, taking the whip in his right hand, played with the lash with his left as he gloated upon the exquisite naked girl - her extended arms, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, her navel, her abdomen, her back, her thighs, her buttocks, her legs, all displayed and glowing with shame and beauty.

At last, raising his whip, as he stood at her left, he said: "so we pee'd like a mare before Uncle" and are now going to be flogged like a mare."

Alice, in silent terror, drew up first one leg and then the other, showing off the exquisitely moulded limbs, and giving more than a glimpse of other charms.

"And," went on her Uncle, "on the very part guilty of the offence." *Whisp* - *whisple*.

He had raised the whip, swinging out the lash, and brought it down with full force across the front of the girl's thighs, the lash striking her fair on the cunt. For a moment she was speechless, but the next emitted a piercing yell as she threw her head back and struggled to be free.

Sir Edward's arm was now across him.

*Whisp*, *whisple* went the whip as he gave the return stroke severely across her bottom, making her dance with anguish and leaving a red weal.

*Whisp*, *whisple* went the whip with merciless precision back again.

Alice's gymnastics were of the most frantic description. She jumped and threw out her legs and swung to and fro, showing every atom of her form, in utter recklessness of what she showed or of what she concealed.

When three strokes had been administered backwards and forwards from the left side, Sir Edward went round to the right - there her bottom received the forward and her front the back strokes, and well laid on they were. Sir Edward delighted in the infliction of a punishment, which left his victim no reserve or concealment whatever, and he made the whip cut into the flesh.

Alice, almost suffocated with her cries and sobs, writhed for several minutes after the last stroke. At last her agony became less intense and her sobs fewer. A high stool was then put before her and on it a po.

It was pushed close up to her, and Sir Edward inserted his hand from behind and tickled and frigged her cunt, saying: "Yesterday you pee'd to please yourself. Today you shall do so to please me."

Alice, beside herself, knew not what to do. She had not relieved herself since the night before. At last, with a shudder, a copious flood burst out, partly over her Uncle's hand, and she gave a groan as she realised the manner in which she had been made to disgrace herself.

Her Uncle then loosened the rope sufficiently to let her heels rest on the ground, and calling Maude to the sofa, which was immediately in front of Alice, he threw her back on it, while she quickly unfastened and pulled down his trousers, exposing his back view entirely to Alice. Maude, too, whose petticoats were up to her waist, threw wide her legs, and Sir Edward, prostrating himself upon her, fucked her violently before Alice.

Never was Alice so conscious of her nakedness as then.

Never, apparently, did Maude enjoy the pleasure of a good fucking more than she did in the presence of that naked and tied-up girl.

And never did Sir Edward acquit himself with greater prowess.

Alice's movements, as she saw her Uncle's exertions in Maude's arms, and his strong, sinewy, bare and hairy legs, and his testicles hanging down, and heard his deep breathing and Maude's gasps and sighs -began again, but this tune from pleasure instead of pain. She could not, however, as she longed to, get her hands to her cunt, and could only imitate the motions of the impassioned pair before her by a sympathetic movement to and fro - which expressed, but did not assuage her desires - and by little exclamations of longing.

At length the crisis was reached, and Sir Edward sank into Maude's embrace, while Alice could see, and imagined almost that she could hear, the throb, throb, throb that was sending thrill after thrill through Maude, and was causing her such a transport of delight that she seemed about to faint from it.

And then he untied her, and was about to leave them, when Alice said, in a most bewitching way: "Could you not 'fuck'" - a deep blush - "me, just once, dear Uncle?"

Her half-closed eyes, her splendid form, and her nakedness, re-awakened her Uncle's love and re-invigorated his bestowal of those sensible proofs of it in which ladies so delight.

He replied: "Maude has made me work pretty hard, my dear, but," putting one hand upon her shoulder as she faced him, "as you honour me with such a command, I should be but a fainéant and ungallant knight were I not to execute it - or at any rate to make an effort to do so," and, leading the beautiful girl, nothing loath, to the couch whereon he had enjoyed Maude and gently pushing her backwards, amid her cries and exclamations and involuntary but pretty reluctance, he inserted himself into her embrace. She inundated him at once, and Maude, perceiving it, slipped her hand between his thighs. This help, good at need, soon worked the cavalier up to a proper appreciation of the situation in which he lay, and to a due expression of his sense of it; to the lady"s intense gratification especially, as her forces were suffi­cient to enable her a second time - and this tune at exactly the right instant - to:

Tumble down,
And break her crown
and, fortunately, not "come tumbling after" Jack, as Jill does in the story.

Although her Uncle gave her these marks of affection, yet he did not relent in severity. She was kept without drawers the whole fortnight - a severe punishment! And the stiff white petticoats kept what skirts she bad well off her legs, so that when she was seated they could not fail to be seen.

And, indeed, after the lashing on the trapeze, she was not allowed to resume that day any garments at all.

She had been given a notebook in which she was compelled to make an entry of every fault and the punishment she was to receive for it.

In her room, on that particular day, aghast at her own nakedness, and thinking herself alone, she had taken up a pair of drawers which, by accident or design, were left there - she had gone to get ready for luncheon - and put them on, when suddenly Sir Edward entered the room.

"What do you mean, miss, by putting on those things? Did I not tell you that you were to remain naked the whole of today?"

"I only put them on for a moment. I felt so ashamed of being naked."

"Take out your book and write: For being ashamed of being naked, and for disobedience to my Uncle, I am to ask him to give me two dozen with the tawse across his knee after supper this evening, and I am to remain stark naked for three days."

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Forgive me, dear Uncle. I won't be ashamed any more. I won't disobey you anymore. I won't indeed."

But it was no use.

At luncheon she had to sit down naked. All the afternoon she had to go about so. If only she might have had one scrap of clothing on! At dinner she could not dress, and had to appear absolutely naked again; not even shoes or slippers were permitted. And that to last three days more! All the evening naked; and as she thought of it she rolled over on to the pillow of the couch and hid her face; but, notwithstanding, felt naked still.

The Yellow Room 5 After supper came those terrible two dozen with the tawse. The tawse is a Scottish instrument of punishment, and in special favour with Scottish ladies, who know how to lay it on soundly. It is made of a hard and seasoned piece of leather about two feet long, narrow in the handle and at the other end about four inches broad, cut into narrow strips from about six to nine inches in length.

Alice had never seen, much less felt one.

She was commanded to bring it to her Uncle, and had to go for it naked - not even a fan was allowed! How could she conceal the least of her emotions? Oh, this nakedness was an awful, awful thing!

She brought it, and opened her book and knelt down and said:

"Please, Uncle, give me two dozen with the tawse for being ashamed and trying to cover my nakedness, and for my disobedience."

"Across my knee."

"Across - your - knee."

"Very well! Get up. Stand sideways close up to me. Now," taking the tawse in his right hand and putting his left arm round her waist, "lean right down, your head on the carpet, miss," and holding her legs with his left leg, he slowly and deliberately laid on her sore bottom two dozen well-applied stripes. Then he let her go and she rolled sprawling on the carpet with pain and exhaustion.

The three days' nakedness was rigorously enforced.

They entirely overcame and quenched every spark of shame that was left about her, and she was much the more charming. Her silly simplicity, her country ignorance, was replaced by an artless coquetry and a self-possession, which took away the breath and struck those in her presence with irresistible admiration.

Other punishments, too, she had to endure, some of them of a fantastic character.

The fortnight passed rapidly; but the last week, during which she was mistress, was a trying one for her. The servants scarcely heeded a baby in short frocks, with bare legs except for her long stockings, and became careless.

Many a smacking she received across her Uncle's knee in the dining-room, or wherever they might happen to be, for some shortcoming; often was she sent away hungry from the table and locked up in a black hole for hours because she had not ordered this or that, or someone had done what he disapproved of. And after supper every evening, and all night if he was in the humour, she was required to be at his disposal and to give him pleasure in every form his endless ingenuity could invent.

At the end of the week, when her drawers were restored to her, she scarcely cared for them; but had not worn them long when the recollection of having been so much without them gave her the sweetest sense of shame possible.

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