The Yellow Room

by anon

Chapter Four - Mystery Unveiled

Away! she cried, grave face and solemn sighs;
Kiss and be merry! Preach the sermon after.
Give me the careless dance and sparkling eyes.
Let me be wooed with kisses, songs, and laughter!
Then up he got and donned his clothes,
And dupped the chamber door,
Let in the maid that out a maid
Never departed more.

It was a beautiful summer's night. The air was heavily laden with the sweet perfume of the flowers in the garden below the windows, which were thrown wide open. There were besides several china vases, or rather bowls, standing about the room, full of roses, of shades varying from the deepest crimson to the softest blush scarcely more than suggested upon the delicate petal. The only sounds were the gentle rustle of the summer zephyr amongst the trees and the weird hoot of the owls. The deeply shaded lamps gave animation to the rosy tints of the boudoir. They were emphasised by the yellow flame of the fire which, notwithstanding the season, crackled merrily in the grate. (A fire upon a summer's night is an agreeable thing.) Between it and Alice there at once appeared to be something in common. She and the fire were the only two black and gold things m the rosy apartment. The fierce flame struck Alice as being a very adequate expression of the love she felt seething in her veins. She felt intoxicated with passion and desire, and capable of the most immoral deeds, the more shocking the better.

This naughty lust was soon to have at least some gratification. Maud had seated herself at the piano - an exquisite instrument in a Louis-Seize case - and had played softly some snatches of Schubert's airs, and Alice had been reclining some minutes on a rose-coloured couch - a beautiful spot of black and yellow, kept in countenance by the fire -showing two long yellow legs, when Sir Edward noticed that every time she altered her position she endeavoured, with a slightly tinged cheek, to pull her frock down. Of course he had been gazing at the shapely limbs and trying to avail himself of every motion, which could not fail to disclose more - the frock being very short - to view above her knee. He thought once that he had succeeded in catching a glimpse of the pink flesh above the yellow stocking.

Alice, sensible of her Uncle's steadfast observation, was more and more overwhelmed with the most bewitching confusion, her coy and timid glances, her fruitless efforts to hide herself, only serving to make her the more attractive.

Maud looked on with amusement from the music-stool, where she sat pouring liquid melody from her pretty fingers, and mutely wondering whatever had come over Alice, and whatever had become of the healthy delight in displaying her charms of which she had boasted before dinner. Maud felt very curious to know how it would end.

"Alice," at length said her Uncle, with a movement of impatience, "have you begun to write out that sentence I told you to write out fifty times?"

"Oh, no, Uncle! I have not."

"Well, my dear, you had better set to work. It will suggest wholesome reflections."

So Alice got up and got some ruled paper, an ink-stand, and a quill pen; then, seating herself at a Chippendale table, began to fiddle with the pen and ink.

Her Uncle continued to watch her intently. Maud had ceased to play, and had thrown herself carelessly on the couch which Alice had just left. Maud's dress, too, was quite low and very short; but in the most artless way she flung herself backwards upon the sofa and clasped her hands behind her head, thus showing her arms, neck, bust and breast to the fullest advantage; and pulling her left foot up to her thigh, made a rest with the left knee for the right leg, which she placed across it, thus fully displaying her legs in their open-work stockings and her thighs encased in loose flesh-coloured silk drawers tied with crimson ribbons. Her attitude and abandon were not lost upon Sir Edward.

Alice's sensations were dreadful. How could she, there, under her Uncle's eye, write that she had "pee'd" And not only "pee'd", but with shame and anger she recollected the sentence ran, "like a mare!" - like an animal; like a beast; as she had seen them in the street. And all "before her Uncle". Whatever would become of her if she had to write this terrible sentence; to put so awful a confession into her own handwriting; to confide such a secret fifty times over with her own hand to paper? If it was ever found out she would be ruined - her reputation would be gone - no one would have anything to say to her -she would have to fly to the mountains and the caves. She had not realised until it came actually to writing it out how difficult, how terrible, how impossible it was for her to do it. If her Uncle knew, surely he would not insist. He could not wish her to humiliate herself to such an extent; to ruin and destroy herself with her own handwriting; neither could he have realised what it would be for her to write such a thing. While these thoughts were passing through her mind, she kept unconsciously pulling and dragging at her frock. If only she could cover herself up. So much of her legs showed; and the long yellow stockings made them so conspicuous under her black frock. Although they were above her knees, unless she kept her legs close together she could not help showing her black garters. And her arms and her neck and her breast were all bare. She began to feel almost sulky.

"Well, Alice," at length said her Uncle "when are you going to begin?"

"Oh, Uncle! it is dreadful to have to say such a thing in my own handwriting - I am sure you have never thought how dreadful."

"You must chronicle in your own handwriting what you did, miss. Writing what you did is not so bad as doing it. And you will not only write it, but you will sign it with your name, so that everyone may know what a naughty girl you were."

"Oh, Uncle! Oh, Uncle! I can't. You will burn it when it is done, won't you?"

"No; certainly not. It shall be kept as a proof of how naughty you can be." And as she kept tugging at her frock and not writing, her Uncle said: "Maud, will you fetch the dress-suspender? It will keep her dress out of her way."

Maud discharged her errand with alacrity. In less than three minutes she had returned with a band of black silk, from which hung four long, black silk ribbons. Making Alice stand up, Maud slipped her arms under her petticoats and put the band round Alice's waist next her skin, buckling it behind, and edged it up as high as the corset, which Janet had not left loose, would allow. The four ribbons hung down far below the frock, two at the right and two at the left hip - one ribbon in front, the other at the back.

Maud then walked Alice over into the full blaze of the fire. Putting her arms round her and bending down, she took the ribbons at Alice's left side one in each hand; and then pulled them up and joined them on Alice's right shoulder in a bow. The effect, of course, was to bundle half Alice's petticoats and dress up about her waist, disclosing her left leg from the end of the stocking naked. Maud, with little ceremony, then turned her round, and, taking the ribbons at her right side, tied them across her left shoulder, thus removing the other half of Alice's covering and displaying the right leg. She then carefully arranged the frock and petticoats, smoothing them out, tightening the ribbons, and settling the bows. And by the time she had finished, from the black band round her waist nearly to her garters, Alice was in front and behind perfectly naked - her breast and arms and thighs and navel and buttocks. The lower petticoat was, it will be remembered, lined with yellow, and the inside was turned out. It and the stockings and the two black bands intensified her nakedness. She would sooner have been, she felt, stripped entirely of every shred of clothing than have had on those garments huddled about her waist, and those stockings, which, she instinctively knew, only heightened the exhibition of her form and directed the gaze to all she most wished to conceal.

"Now, miss," said her Uncle, "this will save you the trouble of vain and silly efforts to conceal yourself."

"Oh, Uncle! Uncle! how can you disgrace me so?"

"Disgrace you, my dear? What nonsense! You are not deformed. You are perfectly exquisite. With," he continued, passing his hand over her, "a skin like satin."

Feeling his hand, Alice experienced a delicious thrill, which her Uncle noticed and recommended her to sit down and write out her imposition - a task which was now a hundred times more difficult. However could she, seated in a garb which only displayed her nakedness in the most glaring manner, write such words?

"Alice," said he, "you are again becoming refractory."

Putting his arm round her, he sat down and put her face downwards across his left knee. "You must have your bottom smacked. That will bring you to your senses." (Smack - smack - smack - smack - smack -smack.)

"Oh, Uncle! Don't! Oh!" - struggling - "I will write anything!" -smack-"Oh! How you sting!"-smack-smack- "Oh! Oh! Oh! Your hand is so hard!"

Then, slipping his hand between her legs, he tickled her clitoris until she cooed and declared she would take a delight in saying and writing and doing the "most shocking things".

"Very well, miss! Then go and write out what I told you; sign it; and bring it to me when it is finished."

So Alice seated herself - the straw seat of the chair pricking her bottom - resolved, however, to brazen out her nakedness, and wrote with a trembling hand: "I pee'd like a mare before my Uncle, I pee'd like a mare before my Uncle, I pee'd like a mare before my Uncle." Before she had half completed her task, she was so excited and to such an extent under the influence of sensual and voluptuous feelings that she could not remain still; and she felt the delicate hair in front, about her cunt, grow moist. Before she had completed the fiftieth line she was almost beside herself.

At last, for the fiftieth time, she wrote: "I pee'd like a mare before my Uncle." And with a shudder, signed it, "Alice Darvell".

During her task Maud had looked at what she was writing over her shoulder, and Alice glowed with shame. So had her Uncle; but Alice was surprised to find she rather liked his seeing her disgrace, and felt inclined to nestle close up to him.

Now Maud had gone to bed, and she was to take her task to her Uncle.

He was seated in a great chair near the fire, looking very wide awake indeed. He might have been expected to have been dozing. But there was too lovely a girl in the room for that. He looked wide awake indeed, and there was a fierce sparkle in his eye as his beautiful ward, in her long yellow stockings and low dress, her petticoats turned up to her shoulders, and blushing deeply, approached him with her accomplished penance.

She handed it to him.

"So you did, Alice," said he, "so you did," sitting bait upright, "pee like a mare before me, and here is, I see," turning over a page or two, "your own signature to the confession."

"Oh, Uncle, it is true; but do not let anyone know. I know I disgraced myself and behaved like a beast; but I am so sorry."

"But you deserved your punishment."

"Yes; I know I did. Only too well."

He drew her down upon his knee, and placed his right arm round her waist, while he tickled her legs and her groin and her abdomen, and lastly her clitoris, with his hand and fingers.

He let her, when she was almost overcome by the violence of her sensations, slip down between his knees, and as she was seeking how most effectually to caress him, he directed her hands to his penis and his testicles. In a moment of frenzy she tore open his trousers, lifted his shirt, and saw the excited organ, the goal and Ultima Thule of feminine delight. He pressed down her head, and, despite the resistance she at first made, the inflamed and distended virility was very quickly placed between the burning lips of her mouth. Its taste and the transport she was in induced her to suck it violently. On her knees before her Uncle, tickling, sucking, licking his penis, then looking in his face and recommencing, the sweet girl's hands again very quickly found their way to his balls.

At last, excited beyond his self-control, gazing through his half-closed lids at the splendid form of his niece at his feet - her bare back and shoulders - the breast which, sloping downwards from her position, he yet could see - her bare arms - the bands twiddling and manipulating and kneading with affection and appreciation his balls; his legs far apart, himself thrown back gasping in his armchair; his own most sensitive and highly excited organ in the dear girl's hot mouth, tickled with the tip of her dear tongue, and pinched with her dear, pretty, cruel ivory teeth - Sir Edward could contain himself no longer and, grasping Alice's head with both his hands, he pushed his weapon well into her mouth and spent down her throat. He lay back in a swoon of delight, and the girl, as wet as she could be, leant her head against his knee, almost choked by the violence of the delightful emission, and stunned by the mystery revealed to her. How she loved him! How she handled that sweet fellow! How she fondled him! What surreptitious licks she gave him! She could have eaten her Uncle.

In about twenty minutes he had recovered sufficiently to speak, and she sat with her head resting against the inside of his right leg, looking up into his face; her own legs stretched out underneath his left one -- she was sitting on the floor.

"Alice, you hold, bad girl, to pee like a mare. I hope you feel punished now."

'Oh no, Uncle, it was delightful. Does it give you pleasure? I will suck you again," taking his penis, to his great excitement, again in her warm little palm, "if you wish."

"My dear, do you want to pee?"

"Yes, before I go to bed."

"Then here is the key. Run along and go to bed."

"Oh, I would rather stay with you."

"Although I have whipped you and birched you and smacked you and made you disgrace yourself?"

"Yes, dear Uncle. It has done me good. Don't send me away."

"Go, Alice, to bed. I will come to you there."

"Oh, you dear Uncle, how nice. Oh, do let down my things for me before I go. Some of the servants may see me."

"And," she continued, after an instant's pause, with a blush, and looking down, "I want to be for you alone."

Touched by her devotion, her Uncle loosed the ribbons; let fall, as far as they would, her frock and petticoats; and giving her a kiss, and not forgetting to use his hand under her clothes in a manner which caused her again to cry out with delight, allowed her to trip off to her bedroom. But not without the remark that she had induced him to do that which did not add to her appearance; for the rich, full and well-developed girlish form had been simply resplendent with loveliness in the garments huddled about her waist; the petticoat lining of yellow silk relieved by the black bands from her waist to her shoulder crossing each other, and bits of her black frock, with its large yellow spots, appearing here and there. And as the eye travelled downwards from the pink flesh of the swelling breasts to the smooth pink thighs, it noted with rapture that the clothes concealed only what needed not concealment, and revealed with the greatest effect what did; and, still descending, dwelt entranced upon the well-turned limbs, whose outlines and curves the tight stockings so clearly defined.

Sir Edward, who had made her stand facing him, and also with her back to him, was much puzzled, although so warm a devotee of the Venus Callipyge, whether he preferred the back view of her lovely legs, thighs, bottom, back, nuque and queenly little head, with its suggestion of fierce and cruel delight, or the front, showing the mount and grotto of Venus, the tender breasts, the dimpled chin and sparkling eyes, with the imaginations of soft pleasures and melting trances which the sloping and divided thighs suggested and invited.

The first thing which Alice noticed upon reaching her room was the little supper-table laid for two; and the next that there were black silk sheets on her bed. The sight of the supper - the chocolate, the tempting cakes and biscuits, the rich wines in gold mounted jugs, the Nuremburg glasses, the bonbons, the crystallised fruit, the delicate omelette - delighted her; but the black sheets had a somewhat funereal and depressing effect.

"What can Maud have been thinking of, my dear, to put black sheets on the bed; and tonight of all nights in the year?" asked Sir Edward, angrily, the instant he entered the apartment, and hastily returning to the sitting-room, he rang and ordered Janet up. She was directed to send Miss Maud to "my niece's room, and in a quarter of an hour, to put pink silk sheets on the bed there".

Then Sir Edward returned, and giving Alice some sparkling white wine, which with sweet biscuits she said she would like better than anything else, he helped himself to a bumper of red - standing - expecting Maud's appearance. Alice was seated in a cosy chair, toasting her toes.

Presently Maud arrived in a lovely déshabillé, her rich dark hair tumbling about her shoulders, the dressing-gown not at all concealing the richly-embroidered robe de nuit beneath it, and the two garments clinging closely to her form, setting off her lovely svelte figure to perfection. Her little feet were encased in low scarlet slippers embroidered with gold, so low cut as to show the whole of the white instep.

Her manner was hurried and startled, but this pretty dismay increased her attractions.

"Maud," asked her Uncle, "what do you mean by having had black sheets put on this bed, when I distinctly said they were to be pink?"

"Indeed, indeed, Uncle, you said black."

"How dare you contradict me, miss, and so add to your offence? You have been of late very careless indeed. You shall be soundly punished. Go straight to the yellow room," he went on to the trembling girl. "I will follow you in a few moments and flog you in a way that you will recollect. Eighteen stripes with my riding-whip and a dozen with the cat-o'-nine-tails."

"Oh, Uncle," she gasped.

"Go along, miss."

Alice, to her surprise, although she had some little feeling of distress for Maud, felt quite naughty at the idea of her punishment; and, noticing her Uncle's excitement, concluded instinctively that he also felt similar sensations. She was, consequently, bold enough, without rising, to stretch out her hand and to press outside his clothes the gentleman underneath with whom she had already formed so intimate an acquaintance, asking as she did so whether he was going to be very severe.

Yes," he replied, moving to and fro (notwithstanding which she kept her hand well pressed on him). "I shall lash her bottom until it bleeds and she yells for mercy."

"Oh, Uncle!" said Alice, quivering with a strange thrill.

"Go to the room, Alice. I shall follow in a moment."

Poor Maud was in tears, and Alice, much affected at this sight, attempted to console with her.

"The riding-whip is terribly severe; however I shall bear it I can't tell; and then that terrible cat afterwards; it will drive me mad."

"Oh, Maud, I am so sorry."

"And I made no mistake. He said black sheets. The fact is, your beauty has infuriated him, and he wants to tear me to pieces."

Sir Edward returned without trousers, wearing a kilt.

"Now come over here, you careless hussy," and indicating two rings in the floor quite three feet apart,he made her stretch her legs wide, so as to place her feet near the rings, to which Alice was made to strap them by the ankles. "I will cure you of your carelessness and inattention to orders. Your delicate flesh will feel this rod's cuts for days. Off with your dressing-gown; off with your nightdress." Alice was dazzled by her nakedness, the ripeness of her charms, the whiteness of her skin, the plump, soft, round bottom, across which Sir Edward laid a few playful cuts, making the girl call out, for, fixed as she was, she could not struggle.

Alice then, by her Uncle's direction, placed before Maud a trestle, the top of which was stuffed and covered with leather, and which reached just to her middle. Across this she was made to lie, and two rings on the other side were drawn down and fixed her elbows, so that her head was almost on the floor, and her bottom, with its skin tight, well up in the air. Her legs, of course, were well apart. The cruelty of the attitude inflamed Alice.

"Give me the whip," said her Uncle. As she handed the heavy weapon to him, he added, "Stand close to me while I flog her, and," slipping his hand up her petticoats on to her inflamed and moist organ, "keep your hand upon me while I do so."

Alice gave a little spring as he touched her. Her own animal feelings told her what was required of her.

Maud was crying softly.

"Now, miss," as the whip cut through the air, "it is your turn" -swish - a great red weal across the bottom and a writhe of agony - "you careless" - swish - "wicked" - swish - "disobedient" - swish - "obstinate girl."

"Oh, Uncle! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am sorry, Oh, forgive - "- swish -"No, miss" - swish - "no forgiveness. Black sheets, indeed" - swish -swish - swish - "I will cure you, my beauty."

Maud did her best to stifle her groans, but it was clear that she was almost demented with the exquisite torture the whip caused her every time it cut with relentless vigour into her bleeding flesh. Sir Edward did not spare her. The rod fell each time with unmitigated energy.

"Spare the rod and spoil you, miss. Better spoil your bold, big bottom than that." he observed, as he pursued the punishment. The more cruel it became the greater Alice found grew her Uncle's and her own excitement, until at last she scarcely knew how to contain herself. At the ninth stripe, Sir Edward crossed over to Maud's right to give the remaining nine the other way across.

Swish - swish - swish - fell the heavy whip, the victim's moans and prayers absolutely unheeded.

"A girl must have her bare bottom whipped" -swish - "occasionally; there is nothing" - swish - "so excellent for her" - swish- "it teaches her to mind what is told her" - swish - "it knocks all false shame" - swish -"out of her; there is no mock modesty left about a young - lady after" -swish - "she has had her bottom under the lash."

Alice trembled when she saw the cat-of-nine-tails, made of hard, tightly twisted whipcords, each tail bearing several knots, and when she looked at the bleeding bottom she grew sick and pale. But when her Uncle began to lecture Maud as he caressingly drew the terrible scourge through his fingers, and to tell her that for a hardened girl such as she was a whip was insufficient punishment, and that she must. also be subjected to the cat's claws, Alice began to revive, and she noticed that, while Sir Edward again approached boiling point, Maud gave as much lascivious movement as her tight bonds permitted.

But the first three strokes, given from left to right, evoked piercing yells and shrieks; the next three, given across the other way, cries and howls of the wildest despair, followed by low sobs. The blood flowed freely and was spattered about the room. Alice felt some on her face and arms.

"You will not forget again, I know," said Sir Edward, as he wielded the terrible instrument. "You careless, naughty girl, how grateful you should be to me for taking the trouble to chastise you thus. The cat has quite irresistible arguments, has she not?"

The last six were given lengthwise, first along the legs, then round the bottom, and lastly on the cunt. Maud's roars and yells were redoubled; but in an ecstasy of delight she lost her senses at the last blow.

Alice, too, was mad with excitement. Rushing off, as directed, to her room, she, as her Uncle had also bid her do, tore off all her clothing and dived into the pink sheets, rolling about with the passion the sight of the whipping had stimulated to an uncontrollable degree.

Sir Edward, having summoned Janet to attend Maud, hastened to follow Alice.

Divesting himself of all his clothing, he tore the bedclothes off the naked girl, who lay on her back, inviting him to her arms, and to the embrace of which she was still ignorant, by the posture nature dictated to her, and looking against the pink sheet a perfect rose of loveliness. Sir Edward sprang upon her in a rush and surge of passion which bore him onwards with the irresistible force of a flowing sea. In a moment he, notwithstanding her cries, was between her already separated legs, clasping her to him, while he directed, with his one free hand, his inflamed and enormous penis to her virgin cunt. Already it had passed the lips and was forcing its way onwards, impelled by the reiterated plunges of Sir Edward, before Alice could realise what was happening. At last she turned a little pale, and her eyes opened wide and stared slightly in alarm, while finding that her motion increases the assault and the slight stretching of her cunt, she remained still. But the next moment, remembering what had occurred when it was in her mouth, it struck her that the same throbbing and shooting and deliciously warm and wet emission might be repeated in the lower and more secret part of her body, and that if, as she hoped and prayed it might be, it was, she would expire with joy. These ideas caused a delightful tremor and a few movements of the buttocks, which increased Sir Edward's pleasure and enabled him to make some progress. But at length the swelling of his organ and his march into the interior began to hurt, and she became almost anxious to withdraw from the amorous encounter. His arms, however, held her tight. She could not get him from between her legs, and she was being pierced in the tenderest portion of her body by a man's great thing, like a horse's. Oh, how naughty she felt. And yet how it hurt! How dreadful it was that he should be able to probe her with it and detect all her sensations by means of it, while on the other hand, she was made sensible there, and by means of it of all he felt.

"Oh! Uncle! Oh! dear, dear Uncle! Oh! oh! oh! oh! Wait one minute! Oh! not so hard! Oh, dear, don't push any further - oh, it is so nice; but it hurts! Oh, do stop! don't press so hard! Oh! oh! oh! Oh! please don't! oh! it hurts! Oh! I shall die! You are tearing me open! you are indeed! Oh! oh! oh!"

"If you don't" - push - push - "hold me tight and push against me, Alice, I will - yes, that's better - flog your bottom until it bleeds and the blood runs down to your heels, you bold girl. No, you shan't get away. I will get right into you. Don't," said he, clawing her bottom with his hands and pinching its cheeks severely, "slip back. Push forward."

"Oh! I shall die! Oh! oh! oh!" as she felt the pinches, and jerked forward, enabling Sir Edward to make considerable advance. "Oh! I shall faint; I shall die! Oh, stop! Oh!" as she continued her involuntary motion upwards and downwards, "you hurt excruciatingly."

He folded her more closely to him, and, altogether disregarding her loud cues, proceeded to divest her of her maidenhead, telling her that if she did not fight bravely he would punish her till she thought she was being flayed alive; that he would tear her bottom for her with hooks; and he slipped a hand down behind her, and got the middle finger well into her arse.

After this, victory was assured. A few more shrieks and spasms of mingled pleasure and pain, when Sir Edward, who had forced himself up to the hymen and had made two or three shrewd thrusts at it, evoking loud gasps and cries from his lovely ward, drew a long sigh, and with a final determined push sunk down on her bosom, and she, emitting one sharp cry, found her suffering changed into a transport of delight. She clasped her Uncle with frenzy to her breast, and throbbed and shook in perfect unison with him, while giving little cries of rapture and panting - with half-closed lids, from under which rolled a diamond tear or two - for the breath of which her ecstasy had robbed her.

Several moments passed, the silence interrupted only by inarticulate sounds of gratification. Sir Edward's mouth was glued to hers, and his tongue found its way between its ruby lips and sought hers. Overcoming her coyness, the lovely girl allowed him to find it, and no sooner had they touched than an electric thrill shot through her; Sir Edward's penis, which had never been removed, again began to swell; he recommenced his (and she her) upward and downward movements and again the delightful crisis occurred - this time without the intense pain Alice had at first experienced, and with very much greater appreciation of the shock, which thrilled her from head to foot and seemed to penetrate and permeate the innermost recesses of her being.

Never had she experienced, or even in her fondest moments conceived, the possibility of such transports. She had longed for the possession of her Uncle; she had longed to eat him, to become absorbed in him; and she now found the appetite gratified to the fullest extent, in a manner incredibly sweet. To feel his weight upon the front of her thighs -- to feel him between her legs, her legs making each of his a captive; the most secret and sensitive and essentially masculine organ of his body inside that part of hers of which she could not think without a blush; and the mutual excitement, the knowledge and consciousness each had of the other's most intimate sensations, threw her into an ecstasy. How delicious it was to be a girl; how she enjoyed the contemplation of her charms; how supremely, overpoweringly delightful it was to have a lover in her embrace to appreciate and enjoy them. How delicious was love!

Sir Edward, gratified at length, rose and congratulated Alice upon her newborn womanhood, kissed her, and thanked her for the intense pleasure she had given him.

After some refreshment, as he bade her good-night, the love-sick girl once more twined her arms about him and, while slipping her legs on to the edge of the bed, she lay across it and managed to get him between them; then, drawing him down to her bosom, cried, "Once more, dear Uncle, once more before you go."

"You naughty girl," he answered, slightly excited; "well, I will if you ask me."

"Oh, please, do, Uncle. Please do it again."

'Do what again?"

"Oh! It. You know. What - what - what," hiding her face sweetly, "you have done to me twice already."

"Don't you know what it is called?"

"No. I haven't the slightest idea."

"It is called "fucking". Now, if you want it done again, you must ask to be fucked," said he, his instrument assuming giant proportions.

"Oh, dear, I do want it ever so; but however can I ask for it... once more before you go?" and she lay back and extended her legs before him in the divinest fashion.

In a moment he was between them; his prick inserted; his lips again upon hers; and in a few moments more they were again simultaneously overcome by that ecstasy of supernatural exquisiteness of which unbridled passion has alone attempted to fathom the depths, and that without reaching them.

Exhausted mentally and physically by her experiences and the exercises of the evening, Alice, as she felt the lessening throbs of her Uncle's engine, found she was losing herself and consciousness in drowsiness. Her Uncle placed her in a comfortable posture upon the great pillow, and throwing the sheet over her, heard her murmured words of thanks and love as she fell asleep with a smile upon her face. Janet came and tucked her up comfortably. And she slept profoundly.

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