The Yellow Room

by anon

Chapter 2 - Initiation

Alice's new life with her legal guardian continues, now she pays the price for her earlier disobedience.
"Don't be afraid; a little bleeding does 'em good."

Awaking next morning about nine o'clock, she caught herself wondering what the whipping would be like, and how it would be administered, and was filled with a delightful sense of shame when she recollected the part of her body which would receive the castigation and the exposure it would inevitably entail. The thought or anticipation of this did not disturb her much. She even contemplated with pleasure the exposure there would be of her legs and thighs, and of that which she did not name to herself; considering the word immodest but she did trust that her Uncle could not flog her very severely.

As she lay thus occupied with these thought there was a tap at the door, and Janet came in with a cup of tea and some bread and butter and the announcement: 'You have just an hour for dressing, miss, for breakfast will be served at half-past ten in the blue sitting-room - the one which overlooks the park. Miss Maud will come to show you where it is.'

'Thank you, Janet,' said Alice, keeping herself carefully covered. 'There are several things I want from my old room - linen and a dress. Will you please bring them?'

'Yes, miss. I have the clothes you are to wear all ready, and will bring them to you.'

'What do you mean, Janet?'

Janet did not reply. She grimly thought she would leave the girl to find out for herself. She returned presently with an armful of clothing, which she deposited on a sofa.

In the meantime Alice had jumped up and donned the dressing-gown. She then again found it necessary to look about for that piece of furniture which is a feature in most bedrooms, but could not find it anywhere. She did not know, however, how to mention the matter to Janet and while she was wondering how to accomplish it, that amiable domestic had left the room. Alice had told her to return in about half an hour to do her hair, and the reply was that her hair was not to be done up that morning - a circumstance which, recalling what was before her, made her blush deeply. Then Janet departed, shutting the door, which only opened from the outside.

Alice, consoling herself with the reflection that she could wait at any rate until she was on the way to breakfast, proceeded to wash. In the wall, close to the wash-hand-stand, was a black marble knob, with the word 'Bath' upon it in gold letters. It was exactly what she wanted at the moment. Putting her-hand upon it, she happened to press slightly, whereupon the panel slid aside and showed a marble-floored room surrounded by looking-glasses, with several large slabs of cork for standing on, and a large bath of green Irish marble in the centre.

Proceeding to it, she found that the same mechanism filled the bath with water as opened the room itself. She soon ascertained that not only was the water perfumed, but deliciously softened. The champagne and the tea made her wish again that she could have got rid of the water she herself contained, but she could not make out how the water ran away or was made to run away from the bath - so that little idea was knocked on the head. While bathing, she caught sight of herself continually in the glasses about her, and fell in love with her round, plump limbs and frame, and wondered why she had never done so before.

She also noticed with indignation the red marks across her bottom made by the cruel whip the night before, and shuddered as she dried herself with the deliciously woolly and warmed towels and remembered that she had a flogging to undergo. She came, however, to the conclusion that her disobedience deserved punishment; she felt naughty, and she confessed to herself that she 'really deserved to be whipped for it'.

Hardly had she so determined than she found her obedience again put to the test. Proceeding to dress, she found the clothes brought far worse than the dress she had refused to wear the evening before. They were fit for a girl often, and, indeed, unfit for even her. The chemise was abominably low behind and before, the petticoats were quite short and so was the dress. And the petticoats were so starched that instead of hiding her limbs they would display them. And there were no drawers.

What was she to do? Sir Edward was rigid in exacting punctuality at meals, and generally. If she waited till Maud came she would be too late, and probably receive a worse flogging; besides, in all probability Maud would only again laugh at her.

So, a little indignantly, she dressed herself in the white silk stockings, which reached just half-way up her thigh, tied them with the rose-coloured garters above her knee, put on the patent leather low-cut shoes, the black and yellow corset, and the white frock with the rose-coloured sash. She tied her hair with a ribbon of the same colour, and then looked at herself. She looked like a great, overgrown schoolgirl, but she could not help owning to herself, a very lovely one. Her arms were bare, and the frock was so low that she noticed with horror it only just concealed her red teats; at least, looking at her from straight in front, it did, but if you looked down from her shoulder they were quite visible. And the dress stopped at her knees; no effort could make it longer. And the petticoats would make it stick out so. The only comfort was her hair, which did help to hide her naked back.

Dressed at last, but feeling worse than naked, she sat down to wait for Maud, and, to her horror, noticed in a glass opposite that the dress stuck out to such an extent that not only could her leg be seen to the top of the stocking, but the rosy flesh beyond was quite visible; and after a trial or two she discovered that if she was not very careful how she sat, not only would the whole of both legs be displayed, but her cunt also. She wondered however she could go about like this, and whether she would have to; and at last the costume so excited her passions that she was compelled to walk up and down, and became so naughty that she did not know how to contain herself or the water she had been unable to get rid of.

While she was fidgeting about the room in this state of agitation, Maud entered, and immediately exclaimed, in the most disingenuous manner, "How perfectly lovely you are, Alice, with that blush-rose flush! What a splendid bust! Good gracious! Do let me look at them. What lovely straight beautifully shaped legs", (catching hold of the skirt of the frock), "Oh, do let me see"

"Oh! don't Maud! Don't!"

"Very well, dear. But you have not done up your hair. That won't do."

"Janet told me I was not to."

"Yes; I know. But that was a mistake. It hides too much."

"That is just why I like it down."

"And just why I do not, dear. You must let me roll it up for you so that your back and neck and shoulders may be fully shown. There, now you look a perfect darling. I thought I should find you quite cured of your anxiety to hide every charm. Do you not wish now you had taken my advice?"


"But," she went on, "it is not of much consequence; for if you had not rebelled, some other excuse would have been made for punishing you."


"Yes; and you deserved it, Alice."

As Alice had herself come to this conclusion, and felt her bare legs, she only blushed, and said: "Oh, Maud, do you know I have no drawers on; and that when I sit down my legs and all show? Shall I have to go about in this dress? And how long shall I have to wear it?"

"That depends upon how you take your punishment. While you wear it you will certainly have to go about in the house and grounds with it. I suppose you wish you had drawers on?"

"Indeed you may suppose so. Oh, Maud, however can I?"

"We must be going, Alice, or we shall be late."

"Oh, Maud, do tell me, does Uncle whip very hard?"

"I should have thought," and Maud's eyes flashed, "You could have answered that question yourself."

"Yes. He hurt me dreadfully with the riding-whip. Have you been birched?"

"Yes. I have."

"Was it very bad?"

"In a few hours you will be able to judge for yourself."

"How does he birch?"

"Here" said Maud, slyly putting her hand under Alice's petticoats upon her bare bottom.

"Oh, don't, Maud."

"Silly child, you should be obliged to me for the sensation. Do come along to breakfast."

"Oh, Maud, there is something I want to ask you; but how to do it I do not know. Perhaps" (with a deep blush) "the best way is to say they have forgotten to put something in my room."

"I know very well what you mean, Alice. You mean you have no po, and you want to pee. All I can say is that I hope you do not want to very badly, because it is not at all likely that you will be allowed to do so until after your flogging. But, of course you can ask Uncle."

"However could I ask him?" replied Alice, aghast and pale at the notion and the prospect of what she would have to endure. "Does he know?" remembering her thought of the night.

"Yes. Of course he knows and he does it to punish you, and to help to make you feel naughty. Do you feel naughty, dear?" asked Maud, and, again putting her hand under Alice's petticoats, she began tickling her clitoris.

"Oh, don't! Maud. Oh, pray don't! Oh, you will make me wet myself if you do. Oh, can't you let me go to your room?"

"My dear girl, if I were to let you pee without permission, I should probably be forbidden to do so oftener than twice in the twenty-four hours for a week or a fortnight. And I advise you to say nothing about it to Uncle, for if he finds out that you want to very badly, he will probably make you wait another hour. It is a very favourite punishment of his."


"Oh, I don't know; except that it is a severe one. And it is awfully humiliating to a girl to have to ask; but it certainly makes one feel naughty."

"Yes; it does. Do you know, I was nearly doing it in the bath?"

"Lucky for you that you did not. It would certainly have been found out, and you would have caught it. But, Alice, why do you say "doing it" instead of "peeing"? When you ask you will have to use plain language."

"Oh, Maud!"

"Yes; and very likely have to do it before Uncle. If he finds out you squirm about saying things and calling them by their names, be will make you say the most outrageous things, and write them also. But there is half-past ten chiming. Come along!"

When they got to the blue room - on the way to which they passed, to Alice's intense consternation, several servants who gazed impassively at her - they found Sir Edward there in a velvet coat and kilt. He greeted them cheerily. The view across the park, in the glades of which the fallow deer could be seen grazing, was lovely; the sunshine was flooding the room, and the soft, warm summer air wafted in the perfume of the flowers from the beds below (the blue room was on the bedroom floor) through the windows, which were thrown wide open.

Alice was so struck by the view that for a moment she neglected to notice how her Uncle was gazing at her - but then she felt the air on her legs, and it provoked a consciousness at which she blushed.

"How do you like your frock, my dear? It becomes you admirably."

"Does it, Uncle?" Looking coyly at him. "I am glad you like it."

"I am glad to see you are a sensible girl after all. We shall make something of you."

"How long am I to wear it, Uncle?"

"For a week"

"For a fortnight," struck in Maud, maliciously. "She is to be mistress next week."

Maud knew very well she would find it much worse to be dressed like that when giving orders, and that her orders would not be so well attended to. She revelled in the notion of getting Alice soundly punished.

Sir Edward noticed with a gleam of amusement how fidgety Alice became towards the end of the meal, and Maud smiled gently to herself. Alice thought that after breakfast she would have a chance. She was disappointed. Sir Edward then said, in a severe tone: "I think, Miss Alice, we have a little business to settle together. Your disobedience cannot be overlooked. You must come with me. Your short skirts will punish your prudishness, but the birch is the best corrector of a bold, disobedient girl's bottom."

She grew quite pale, and trembled all over, both with fright and at being spoken to so before Maud, who, reposing calmly in her chair, was steadily gazing at her.

She had got up. When her Uncle had finished speaking, he came up to her and took hold of her left ear with his right hand, and saying, "Come along, miss, to be flogged." Marched her off to the yellow room.

There, to her consternation, she saw straps and pillows on the oak table. In a perfect fright, she said: "Oh, pray do not strap me down, Uncle; pray do not. I will submit."

"Undress yourself," he said, having closed the door; "leave on your stockings only."

"Oh, Uncle!"

"You had better obey, miss, or you shall have a double dose. Take off your frock this instant. . . Now your petticoat bodice. . . Now your petticoats.. . Now your corset and chemise. Now, my proud young beauty, how do you feel?"

He had not seen her to such advantage the evening before. She had then had her long dress on the whole time, and while punishing her he had only uncovered a small portion of her legs. It is true she afterwards had been made to take off her drawers; but the skirt and petticoats gathered about her hips had still concealed much. Now she was naked from the crown of her head to her rose-coloured garters. Burning with shame, she put her hands up to her face, and remained standing and silent while Sir Edward feasted his eyes upon every exquisite detail of the lovely little head poised so beautifully upon the perfect throat; of the dimpled back and beautifully rounded shoulders; of the arms; of the breasts and hips and thighs. It was the most lovely girl he had seen, he said to himself, and then, seating himself, he commanded out loud:

"Come here, miss. Kneel down: there, between my knees. Clasp your hands, and say after me:"

"Uncle, I have been..."

"Uncle, I have been...."

"A naughty, disobedient girl..."

"A naughty, disobedient girl..."

"And deserve to be soundly birched."

"And deserve to be soundly birched."

"Please, therefore..."

"Please, therefore..."

"Strap me down..."

"Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, please don't strap me down!"

"Say what I tell you at once, miss, or it will be the worse for you."

"Strap me down..."

"To the table..."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" "To the table..."

"With my legs well apart..."

"Oh, dear! I can't.. With... with... I can't... with my... Oh, Uncle I..."

"An extra half-dozen for this."

"Oh, Uncle!"

"Say at once: With my legs well apart."

"With my.. My... oh!... legs" (and she shuddered deliciously and blushed bewilderingly) "well apart."

"And give me..."

"And give me..."



"Four and a half dozen . . ."

"Oh, Uncle! Please not so much!" (recollecting the baker's dozen with the riding-whip).

"You will have more if you do not say it at once!"

"Four and a half dozen."

"On my bare bottom."

"Oh! That! .my.. I can never say that..."

"You must!"

"My bare.."

"You had better say it! Stop; I will improve it.

"You must say: On my girl's bare bottom."

"Oh, Uncle!" She said, looking at him; and seeing his eyes gloating upon her and devouring her beauty, and the lust and fire in them, she immediately turned hers away.

"Now, Alice, "On my girl's bare bottom."

"On my girl's bare bottom." He moved as he said this, and Alice noticed he adjusted something under his kilt.

"Well laid on."

"Well laid on."

"Yes; I will, my dear. I will warm your bottom for you as well as ever any girl ever had her bottom warmed. I will set it on fire for you. You will curse the moment you were disobedient. I will cure you of disobedience and all your silly nonsense. Come along to the table. There, stand at that end"

Alice began to sob.

"Put the cushion before you, so. Now lie over it, right down on the table. No resistance! (As he fixed the strap round her shoulders she made a slight attempt at remonstrance). The strap went round her and the table, and when once it was buckled she could not, of course, get up. He then buckled on two wristlets, and with two other straps fastened her wrists to the right and left legs of the table, then another broad strap was put round the table and the small of her back. This was pretty tight, as were also those that at the knees and ankles fastened her legs, wide apart, to the legs of the table. She was like a spread eagle, and her bottom, the tender skin between its cheeks, her cunt, and her legs were most completely exposed.

"Now, my dear, you will remain in that position half an hour and contemplate your offences, and then you shall have as sound a flogging as I ever gave a girl."

"Oh, Uncle, before you flog me, do let me do something. Maud told me I should have to tell you, but I do not know how to. I will come back directly and be strapped down again if you will only let me. And, oh! Please do not leave me in this dreadful position for half an hour."

"You must say what it is that you want."

"Oh, Uncle" - feeling it was neck or nothing - "do let me go and pee before I am flogged. I want to, oh, so dreadfully. I have not been able to all the morning, nor all night."

"So you want to very dreadfully, do you, miss?" and going up to her he put his hand between her legs from behind, and severely tickled the opening through which the stream was burning to rush. It was all that Alice could do to retain it.

"Oh, don't! Oh! If you do I shall wet myself. I shall not be able to help it. Oh, Uncle, pray, pray don't! Oh, pray let me go!"

"No, miss, I certainly shall not. It is a part of your punishment. There was an unnatural coldness about these parts of yours which this will help to warm up. Have you not felt more naughty since you have had all that hot water inside you? And are you beginning to see how ridiculous prudishness is? Now, just you think about your conduct and your disobedience until I return to whip you, and remember you owe your present shameful position to them."

Saying this, Sir Edward left the room. Poor Alice, left to herself- all naked save for her stockings; her arms stretched out above her head and tightly strapped; her legs divided and fastened wide apart; the most secret portions of her frame made the most conspicuous in order that they might be punished by a man - did feel her position acutely. She considered it and felt it to be most shameful. Her cheeks burned with a hot, red glow. But all concealment was absolutely impossible; the haughty beauty felt herself prostrate before, and at the mercy of, her master, and experienced again an exquisite sensual thrill at the thought that she really deserved to have her bottom whipped by her Uncle.

Presently Maud came into the room in a low-necked dress, with a large bouquet.

"Well, Alice," she said, "I hope you enjoy your position and the prospect before you."

"Oh, Maud go away. I can't bear you to see me in this position. I won't be punished before you."

"Silly goose! Young ladies strapped down naked, and stretched out for punishment like spread eagles, are not entitled to say shall or shan't. What a lovely skin and back, Miss. Alas! Before long that pretty, plump, white bottom will present a very altered appearance. How many are you to have?"

"I was made to ask for four dozen and a half, well laid on."

"And you may depend upon it, you will have them, my dear, most mercilessly laid on" - stroking her legs and thighs, which caused Alice to catch her breath and to coo in a murmuring way from the pleasure Maud's hand gave her. Maud asked her whether she had tried to induce her Uncle to let her go somewhere.

"Yes," replied Alice; "I did. But he would not."

"And I suppose you want to very badly," went on Maud, maliciously placing her fingers on the very spot.

"Yes; I do. Oh, don't, Maud, or you'll make me!"

"Now mind, Alice, whatever you do, hold out till your birching is over. If you do not I warn you that you will catch it."

"I think it is a very, very cruel, horrid punishment," said Alice, whimpering.

"It is severe, I know, and it is far better not to be prudish than to incur it. But here comes Uncle."

"Now, you bold, disobedient girl, I hope you feel ashamed of yourself," said Sir Edward, entering the room and shutting the door. "Maud will witness your punishment as a warning to her what she will receive if she is disobedient."

Going up to the wardrobe, he selected three well-pickled birches, which had evidently never been used, for there were numbers of buds on them. They were elastic and well spread, and made a most ominous switching sound as, one by one, Sir Edward switched them through the air at which Alice shuddered and Maud's eyes gleamed.

"Oh, pray, pray Uncle, do not be very severe. Remember it is almost my first whipping. It is awful!"

Maud had changed the dress she had worn at breakfast and, as already mentioned, now had on one cut very low in the body; her arms were bare and her skirts short. Between her breasts was placed a bouquet of roses.

"Hold these," said Sir Edward, giving her the rods.

He then put his left arm round Alice, and said: "Now, you saucy, disobedient miss, your bottom will expiate your offences, and by way of preface" - smack, smack with his right hand, smack, smack, smack. "Ah, it is already becoming a little rosy."

"Oh, Uncle! Oh, how you hurt! Oh, how your hand stings! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Yes. A bold girl's bottom must be well stung. It teaches her obedience and submission" - smack - "what a lovely, soft bottom!" -smack, smack, smack

Maud's eyes gleamed and her face flushed, as Alice, wriggling about as much as the straps allowed, cried softly to herself. When her Uncle had warmed her sufficiently, he removed his arm and moved about two feet away from the girl - whose confusion at the invasion of her charms by the rough hand of a man increased her loveliness tenfold. Maud held one birch in her right band. She, too, looked divine. Her dark eyes flashing, her lovely bosom heaving, she handed it, retaining the other two in her left hand, to her Uncle. Alice could not see that as she gave up the birch, as soon as her hand was free, she slipped it under her Uncle's kilt from the back, and the instant increase of his passion and excitement left no doubt as to the use she was making of it. Sir Edward stood at the left side of his refractory ward. He drew the birch, lecturing her as he did so, three or four times upwards and downwards from back to front and from front to back between the cheeks of the girl's bottom, producing a voluptuous movement of the lovely thighs and little exclamations of delight.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Don't do that. Oh! Oh! How dreadful! Oh, please Uncle!" trying to turn round, which, of course, the straps prevented. He next proceeded to birch her gently all over the area, the strokes increasing in vigour, but being always confined to the bottom.

"Oh, Uncle, you hurt! Oh! How the horrid thing stings! Oh! It is worse than your hand! Oh! Stop! Have I not had enough?"

"We will begin now, miss," said he, having given her a cut severe enough to provoke a slight cry of real pain, "and Maud will count."

Lifting up the rod at right angles to the table on which she was bound down, he brought it down with a tremendous swish through the air across the upper parts of her hips.

The Yellow Room Birching

"One," said the mellow voice of Maud - her right hand and a portion of her arm hidden under her Uncle's kilt, the movements of its muscles under the delicate skin and the wriggles of the Baronet showing that Maud had hold of and was kneading a sensitive portion of his frame. The bottom grew crimson where the stroke had fallen, and the culprit emitted a yell and gasped for breath. With the regularity of a steam-hammer, he again raised the rod well above his shoulder, and again making it whistle through the air, he again gave her a very severe stroke.

"Two," said Maud quietly.

A shriek "Oh! stop! Oh! stop! Oh! stop!"

Swish. "Three," calmly observed Maud.

"Oh! You will kill me. Oh! I can't - I can't-"

Swish. "Four, Uncle."

"Oh, ah! Oh, I can't bear it! Oh, I will be good! Oh, Maud, ask him to stop!"

Swish. "Five."

Maud had given her Uncle an extra pull when Alice had appealed to her, and this stroke was harder in consequence. Spots of blood began to appear where the ends of the birch and its buds fell, especially on the outside of the off-thigh. The yell which followed number five was more piercing, and choking sobs ensued; but Sir Edward, merely observing that she would run a very good chance of extra punishment if she made so much noise, without heeding her tears or contortions or choking, mercilessly and relentlessly gave her six, seven, eight and nine, each being counted by Maud's clear gentle voice.

"Now miss, that you have had one-sixth of your punishment-"

"One sixth! Oh! Oh! Oh! I can't bear more! Oh, I can't bear more! Oh, let me off! You will kill me! Oh, let me off! I will, I will, I will indeed be good!"

"I suppose you begin to regret your disobedience."

"Oh, don't punish me any more," cried the girl, wriggling and struggling to get free - of course ineffectually, but looking perfectly lovely in her pain.

"Yes! You must receive the whole number. It is not enough to promise to obey now; you should have thought of this before. You are now having your bottom punished, not only to make you better in future, but for your past offences."

And Sir Edward walked round to the right side of his niece, and there, in the same place but from right to left, gave her nine very severe cuts. Alice yelled and screamed and roared and rolled about as much as she possibly could, perfectly reckless as to what she showed.

The next nine were given lengthwise between her legs. Her bottom being well up, and the legs well apart, the strokes fell upon the tender skin between them, and the long, lithe ends of the rod curled round her cunt, causing her excruciating agony.

"There is nothing like a good birching for a girl."

Swish -

"One," said Maud, moving voluptuously.

"Oh! Oh! Yah! Oh! My bottom! Oh! My legs! Oh! How it hurts! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"They are all the better for the pain!" Swish.

"Two," said Maud.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, don't strike me there!" as the birch curled round her cunt.

"And the exposure. I do not think you will disobey." Swish.

"Three," said Maud, apparently beside herself, her eyes swimming.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yah! Oh! I shall die! I shall faint! Oh! Dear Uncle! I will -please forgive me - I will never disobey. I will do anything, ANYTHING! ANYTHING!"

"I dare say you will, miss but I shall not let you off," - swish - "there's another for your cunt."

"Four," said Maud.

"Oh! Oh! Not there! Oh! I am beside myself! I shall go mad! I shall die or go mad!"

"You will not do anything of the sort and you must bear your punishment." Swish.

"Five," counted Maud.

The cries gradually lessened, and the culprit seemed to become entranced; whereupon the Uncle, at whom Maud looked significantly, directed the remaining four strokes to the insides of the thighs, leaving the palpitating red rose between them free from further blows, for the present.

Alice's moans were then succeeded by piercing shrieks, but her Uncle, perfectly deaf to them, continued the flogging. When the third nine, given lengthwise, had been completed, Sir Edward put down the birch he had used and took a second from Maud. During the pause, his niece, with sobs and tears, earnestly implored him to let her off. For all reply, he again took up his station at her left side, and - saying: "No, miss; I shall certainly not unstrap you; you have been far too naughty. I will punish you, and your lovely legs and bottom, to the fullest extent of the sentence, and teach you to be good, you bold hussey, and give you a lesson you will not forget in a hurry" - gave her nine more sound cuts; but this time, instead of their being administered on the upper part of her bottom, perpendicularly, they were given almost horizontally on its lower part, where it joins the thigh. Fresh yells and shrieks, all of no avail, were uttered by the unhappy girl, who in her agony lifted up her head, her shoulders being fastened down with the strap, and prayed her Uncle, by heaven, to spare her. But the relentless rod still continued to cut into her tender and now bleeding flesh, as she was told she would 'receive no mercy'.

Maud's even voice continued to number the strokes, and she herself seemed aflame; the sight of the agony her Uncle was inflicting seemed to excite her sensuality in an extraordinary degree. Her lips were moist, her eyes swam; the eyelids drooped; and all the indications of a very lovesick girl appeared in her. The bleeding bottom, the tightly-strapped limbs, the piercing cries, and the relentlessly inflicted punishment excited her strongest passions. She could have torn Alice limb from limb; and she encouraged her Uncle, by rolling his balls and pulling and squeezing his prick, to continue the punishment in the severest manner. She gloated over the numbers as she called them out. Sir Edward, too, seemed beside himself. His eyes were as two flames; he watched every motion of Alice's body; gloated upon all she displayed; could have made his teeth meet in her delicate flesh, which he lacerated with the rod yet more severely as his organ, already excited to an enormous size, was still further enlarged by Maud's hand.

At length, Alice's lower bottom having been well wealed from right to left, as well as from left to right, there remained but the nine strokes to be given lengthwise.

For these, Sir Edward took the third birch from Maud, who by this time was standing with her legs wide apart, uttering little sounds, breathing little sighs of almost uncontrollable desire.

The unhappy culprit's yells had somewhat lessened, for the flow of blood had relieved the pain; and it had also been so severe that sensitiveness to it had much diminished. But now, feeling the curling round her cunt, which, being all open and wet, was more than ever exposed, she yelled in a perfectly delirious manner.

After some few of these strokes had been given, her Uncle asking her whether he was a wretch and a monster, as she had called him last night, she replied with vehement denials.

"No! Oh, no! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, no! Not a monster! Not a wretch! My own dear Uncle, whom I love! Oh! Oh! Oh! My bottom burns! Oh! Oh! It is on fire!"

"Will you be a good, obedient girl, miss?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Indeed!"

"And thank me for whipping you?"

"Yes; indeed I do."

"Whip well in, Uncle," said Maud quietly, in her rich voice.

And he did so. Alice shrieked; flooded the floor with urine, and fainted!

Maud, beside herself, threw herself backwards on the long and broad divan - her breasts exposed, her legs (without drawers) wide extended. Sir Edward, throwing down the birch, flung himself upon her with fury. He inserted his enormous affair into her burning cunt, and he fucked her so violently that she almost fainted from delight.

When Alice came round and Sir Edward had risen from Maud's bosom, Maud said, in clear tones: "Uncle, I told Alice yesterday evening, when she kept me so long before I could succeed in tying her hands, that I would take care it secured her an extra half-dozen.'

"Oh, Uncle! I beg Maud's pardon. Oh! After all I have gone through, let me off 'that half-dozen. Oh, dear Maud! Do ask Uncle to let me off! Oh, do! If I am birched any more I shall go mad! I shall - I shall indeed!"

Maud, still lying back on the couch, supported by a big, square pillow, said nothing. Her hands were clasped behind her head.

But Sir Edward said: "No miss; you can never be let off! You must have the half-dozen. It will be a lesson to you." And taking up the birch, he gave her six severe strokes, distributed evenly all over her bottom.

As they were being administered, Maud's left hand stole down to her waist and found its way between her legs.

While Alice was smothering her sobs and cries after her last half-dozen, Sir Edward again threw himself upon Maud and enjoyed her.

About ten minutes or a quarter of an hour later he proceeded to unstrap Alice.   She could not stand without Maud's help. The cushion and carpet were soaked with her urine and stained with
her blood.

"You will tomorrow have a dozen on the trapeze, miss, for disgracing yourself in this beastly manner; you will write out fifty times, "I peed like a mare before my Uncle"; and for the next fortnight you will only pee twice in the twenty-four hours. And now come and kiss the rod and say: "Thank you, my dear Uncle, for the flogging you have given me."

Quite docilely she knelt down before him, kissed the rod he held to her lips, and repeated the words "Will you be a good, obedient girl in future?"

"Yes, dear Uncle; indeed I will!"

"That's a good thing. There is, you see, nothing like a good, sound flogging for a girl. Were the rod more in use what very much better women we should have. Now go with Maud and get some refreshment. I have various engagements, and shall not be in till dinner. After lunch you had better have a sleep." And so saying, he packed the two girls to Alice's room, shut the yellow room door and, ringing for a footman gave orders that the estate steward and horses should be in attendance at the front door in half an hour.

Maud and Alice went to the latter's room. By Maud's advice, Alice who was so sore that she could scarcely move, got into bed and had some strong broth and Burgundy, and presently fell asleep. Maud spent her afternoon at an open window reclining in a lounge chair, pretending to read a novel, but in reality revelling in the reminiscences of the morning and meditating upon its delights - and wondering when she would get whipped next herself - until she was disturbed by some afternoon visitors.

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