The Lustful Turk

Chapter 4


Emily to the Dey

Oh, Ali, is it possible that you, who have so often sworn that it made you unhappy to be for a day absent from your Zulima, can it be believed that for a whole week you would thus desert her? Your cruelty makes me suffer more than words can speak. You know I had no intention to give offence in what I uttered at our last interview. How could you leave me in the way you did? Oh, Ali, I am with child; hasten to comfort your miserable slave. You cannot doubt my love.

Since the day you overpowered my innocence (the day I consider the happiest of my existence, although truly it was a painful one), how many proofs have you received of my love and devotion? Hasten then to do me justice, I conjure you. Surely I need not remind you of what I lost in becoming yours-my native country, innumerable friends, virtue.

Oh, Ali, do not longer punish me; I am all devotion to your every desire, your submissive slave,




Ali to his slave Zulima

I have received your letter. I was aware of your being with child. Were it possible to increase my love for you this would be the cause, but lovely as you are, and dote upon you as I do, I am determined to tear myself from your tempting arms until I find your submission perfect You write about your loss of virtue, country and friends by falling into my power. Recollect the pleasure I have taught you and caused you to experience-have they not sufficiently rewarded you for the virginity you brought me? You say you are all devotion and submission to my every desire - be more explicit. Have you made up your mind to absolve me from my oath? Mark me! never more will these arms enfold you until by resigning your second maidenhead I have put it out of your power to dispute with me on this point. Write to me more explicitly - say you meant to absolve and submit to my embraces in the way I wish, and then you will meet with a return of my most ardent affection.



My veins were on fire - I could deny him nothing, and wrote the following note:


Emily to the Dey

I submit - I absolve you from your oath - fly to the arms of your longing.



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