The Lustful Turk

Chapter 10

LETTER 18 (continued)

'On recovering my senses I was still buried securely in my lovely Theodora; her head was reclining on her right shoulder; with gentle respiration her ivory breasts deliriously heaved against my bosom; her eyes were closed, but the pearly dew still glistened in her dark silken eyelashes.

Tenderly encircling her neck with my arms, I kissed off the trembling drops. How exquisite was the gratification of my senses at this moment! Still trembling with the ecstasy of having deflowered as pure and lovely a virgin as ever was stretched on the altar of Venus, how thrilling was the joy when I again drew her soft lips to mine, feeding my senses with the luxurious inhalement of her balmy breath, amidst a shower of dove-like kisses! One of her arms, which lay by my side, I gently placed around my neck. She withdrew it not.

Gradually her lovely eyes opened and although I could clearly read in their dissolving expression how great was the pain she felt from the enormous machine buried within her, but still with joy I saw by the expression of her eyes that complete possession of her lovely body had reared the bud of tenderness in the senses of my victim. Although at present its blossom was a painful one, the sweetness of her kisses, the voluptuous heaving of her breasts, that indescribable look which true modesty surely shows at the moment it has received its irreparable shock from powerful man, all tended quickly to renew the vigour I had lost in unloosening her virgin zone. The burning blushes which with rapidity covered her neck and shoulders, the increasing heaving of her breasts, the trembling of her limbs and body, all proclaimed the distention she internally felt, caused by her external beauties. To be in this state and be quiet between the swelling thighs of such a beauty was impossible. I gradually withdrew myself nearly out of her. A loud sigh followed my motion - then in like gradual manner I sheathed myself up to the hair - but again on our close junction a cry escaped her.

"Idol of my soul," I cried, "does it hurt you? Fear not; bear up but a short time; your sufferings will cease forever."

"Indeed, dear sir," she sobbed, "you hurt me cruelly. I shall thee - pray spare me."

Again I slowly and gradually withdrew myself and returned my instrument into its delirious sheath; but, instead of driving it up to the hilt until our hair mixed as before, when it was all but an inch and a half in I stopped.

Finding the insertion accompanied by a deep sigh only, again and again I repeated the movement, tremulous agitation being the only response. Satisfied as I was that this manner of enjoying her did not hurt her much, still it was impossible to continue it long. The enjoyment of her was too exciting to permit me to have complete command of my feelings from the beginning to the end of enjoyment, consequently her beauties soon worked me up into a fury, an agony of delight, my thrusts keeping pace and becoming fiercer as the excitement increased. The strength of my furious shocks made everything around us tremble by their violence.

In the intervals between lunges, as I withdrew myself from her, she renewed her painful cries, loudly vociferating, "Oh, pray, sir, spare me - for heaven's sake stop. I cannot bear it - indeed you tear me to pieces - cruel. Ah! oh, I shall die." Then, "Oh, my God." Then again (her voice subduing into softer supplication), "Oh, dear sir, for pity's sake spare me! dear sir, pray forbear."

I murmured it was impossible to desist, I could only stop her complaints by closing her mouth with kisses. She saw from my agitation it was in vain to supplicate, so became resigned to her fate. No doubt she felt some consolation as every moment lessened the pain; sighs began to usurp the place of cries and when she withdrew her lips from mine it was only to regain the breath I had nearly sucked away. At this moment I plainly saw that her nature was touched by my energetic proceedings. The ecstasy again seized me, and for the third time I dissolved myself away within her.

'Thus did I consummate my marriage, and thus did the tender girl forfeit her virginity for her prudery in attacking your feelings. It is true the Rubicon was now passed with her, but I had made up my mind not to undeceive her as to who possessed her maidenhead until she had enjoyed the soft pleasures of coition sufficiently to reward her for the loss, and to make the discovery a matter of no great consequence.

Twice more thereafter (making five in the whole) did I make play and force the defunct maid to sustain the assault, each time piercing her up to the quick with the most redoubtable and lively thrusts, and bedewing her burning receiver with the dew of life; then thinking I had effected sufficient for her first instruction, I got up for the purpose of meeting Hassan on his return (as I assured her) but desired she would not disturb herself. After a few more caresses I resigned her to the God of sleep, the only arms but my own or a female's I intend she shall ever repose in.

'Hassan came at the appointed time. Theodora had fallen into a refreshing slumber, out of which I was obliged to disturb her, but desired her not to be alarmed, assuring her no one should injure her. I explained as quickly as possible that the Bey's eunuch was not satisfied with the assertion that our marriage had been consummated, which rendered it necessary she should again submit to be examined. I pacified her as well as I could, assuring her there was no help for it, but this was the last exposure her modesty would suffer. A pearly tear or two dropped from her lovely eyes, but she submitted. I withdrew the clothes whilst Hassan laid hold of her legs by the ankles, gently dividing them; the bottom of her lily thighs and the sheet were covered with crimson drops; the delicious entrance in the grove of Venus, which before she had received my luxurious stretches had so much the appearance of the bud of the rose, now hung flabby, loose and inflamed by the tremendous friction it had suffered, satisfying the beholder in a moment that the hymen had been broken and the deflowering completed. Hassan immediately bowed his head as satisfied and I conducted him out of the boudoir.

On my return to her she was still in tears, but I soon dried them. Having ordered dinner, I told her a slave would attend to help her dress, and by the time her toilet was finished the meal would be ready. I sent by the slave a beautiful white satin dress, with diamond eardrops and pearl necklace and with a letter stating it was my wish she would wear these ornaments as a marriage gift.

'I waited her approach in the outer room. She came, leaning on a slave.

Her appearing to be scarcely able to walk caused me to fly to her support and her head sank on my shoulder unresistingly. I carried her to a couch, where throwing my arms around her, I drew her to my bosom and placing numerous soft kisses on her lips and neck, bestowed on her every endearing tide I could give utterance to. But although she trembled, blushed and sighed, and could hardly keep her eyes open, still, to my great gratification, her lips returned my soft pressures, and altogether there was something in her behaviour that satisfied me I had created an interest in her feelings that was tantamount to reciprocation; indeed every moment had the effect of removing the natural coyness which every girl must feel in the company of the happy possessor of her virginity so shortly after the loss.

Dinner was served, of which she partook with apparent satisfaction. During our repast I caught her examining me when she thought I was engaged or did not observe her; her cheeks, neck and shoulders were instantly suffused with blushes on her discovering I had remarked what she was about. I tenderly drew her to my bosom, assuring her there was no reason for her blushes. In short the repast was enjoyed with double zest by me from the numerous nameless delicate pleasures I received from the maidenly confusion caused by the novelty of the situation in the lovely girl.

After the banquet was removed it was past sunset. As she lay in my arms her eyes seemed heavy, which induced me to ask if she would retire and snatch an hour or two of repose before I came to pass the night with her, at the same time telling her she must not expect to get much sleep that night. She agreed to avail herself of my offer, on which, summoning the slave to assist her to undress, I supported her to the entrance of the boudoir, there resigning her into the slave's hands and giving instructions to leave all the lamps burning and properly supplied with oil.

'After reposing on a couch for about two hours I undressed myself. On entering the boudoir, I saw that Theodora slept naked from the heat of the weather; in her sleep she had removed nearly all the bedclothes.

Her head lay on one of her arms on the pillow, her other arm lying carelessly by her side, whilst the treasures of her lovely breasts and shoulders were unprotected by the slightest covering. Without disturbing her, I laid myself by her side, bringing my mouth as nearly as possibly to hers. Our lips at last touched for a moment. I sucked her balmy breath. Lying thus examining the beauties of her delicate limbs, suddenly I perceived a strange confusion seem to seize upon her. She appeared as if struggling with someone; then she sighed. I caught the flying bream and gave her another soft kiss; still she slept. Her sweet disorder and struggles seemed to increase; she uttered some words, broken and inarticulate. A blush spread itself on her face and bosom; she turned upon her back as if impelled by the agency of someone, her lovely thighs spread of themselves, her breasts heaved rapidly, her whole body was agitated, her arms spread then of a sudden fell, and then she became motionless as death. Certainly she had tasted in a dream all those joys which the waking sense can know. A soft emotion succeed the calm in which she had been absorbed. "Yes, thou lovest me," she sighed, in the most tender accents; then sighed, breathed short, and again said, "Oh, I cannot doubt it."

'More lost in transport even than she, I had not power to move. A moment afterwards she became no less confounded than myself; her soul seemed to give itself up to an ecstasy; again she trembled and seemed convulsed with pleasure. Mahomet, how beautiful she appeared! how infinitely did this confusion become her! I could bear it no longer, but seized her in my arms and thus broke in upon her joys by awakening her - thereafter there remained no more of the illusion that had engrossed her faculties than that tender languishment to which she had abandoned herself with a warmth that rendered her worthy of the pleasures she had possessed. When she opened her eyes, where love itself reigned, the glances she darted appeared still full of the fire that was diffused through her veins; she had not yet lost the impression that had been made in her sleeping fancy. Oh, how touching was her very look.

"Theodora," I cried, with rapture, pressing her to my bosom, "lovely, amiable Theodora, how beautiful you appeared just now," kissing her with all the ardour I was capable of expressing. The dream still retained some influence over her waking mind, the memory of her late impulse insensibly increased upon her, and desires to which she had hitherto been a stranger thrilled in her veins.

'Experienced as I am in womankind, my passion for Theodora now not only made me attentive to all her motions but also enabled me to make true conjectures as to their meaning. I saw quite enough to convince me I was not an object of indifference to her, and that now more than ever she regarded me with pleasure. The charming girl, altogether artless and sincere by nature, knew not how to disguise her thoughts; so if she did not tell me all she felt in my favour, it was only because of a shamefacedness. However, I discovered everything I wished to know, since I was alive to a consciousness of something more than her modesty would let her speak. But my kisses and touches, combined with her dream, now began to warm her. She now blushed less at every liberty I took than she had done before at those she apprehended I should take. In fact, in spite of herself she was beginning to partake of my transport. Whilst I was sucking her soft lips my hand slipped between her thighs but although it was between them still she kept them closed. "How is this," I cried, "lovely Theodora; do you refuse to make me happy again?" "Ah," she replied, unthinkingly, "you were but too much so just now, and before you awoke me had all the advantage you could wish." On pressure to explain the seeming mystery her words contained, she held out against my entreaties longer than I expected she would. Kisses and caresses, however, got the better of her in the end, and her reluctance to speak of the subject vanished by degrees. "If I should tell you," she said in a trembling voice,

"do not abuse me." I swore I would not, but with transports which instead of removing her apprehension might have assured her it would be impossible for me to keep my promise. Too little skilled in mankind to be sensible of the effect of what she was about to reveal, she at least confessed to me that being in a slumber the moment before I spoke to her, she had seen me in a dream, and through my agency she felt a rapture which before she had notice of. 'Was I between your thighs?' cried I, pressing her strenuously in my arms. Covered with blushes but looking on me with eyes swimming with languor, she tremblingly replied, "Yes." "Ah, then," rejoined I, more inflamed, "You love me more in the idea than you do in my real person?" "That," she said,

"would be impossible-I could not love you more; but it is certain I was less ashamed to tell you so." "But what more?" impatiently demanded I. "Oh, ask me not," replied she, hiding her blushes on my bosom; "I cannot enter in particulars; but I was indeed happy without regret."

Here she paused for a moment, and then added, "or pain." 'Whilst she was thus explaining the effect of her dream I had extended her thighs, and with my forefinger for a few moments had been tickling the inside of her delicious love-sheath. Her eyes were turned full on me, charged with all the fires of love and soft desire, plainly intimating what her thoughts were. It was impossible longer to restrain my burning impatience, so turning her on her back, I got between her thighs, and laying myself on her, entreated her to say she loved me. She only answered with sighs, more impressive than words. I read in every look and motion what she would have said if not restrained by shame.

One arm held her lips to mine, the other hand directed the instrument which in her dream had made her so happy. Faint murmurings and half-stifled sighs combating with the remains of modesty rendered her if possible more beautiful than ever, whilst with energy my vigorous instrument was driven up till it was at the end of its penetration, its progress sending up through her eyes the sparks of the love fire that now blazed in every vein-aye, in every pore in her. She had now taken in love's arrow (from the point to the feather) in that part where, now causing no pain, the lips, which owed their first breathing to my potent instrument, clung as if sensible of gratitude in eager suction around it with a warmth of zest, a compressive energy that gave it in its way the most delicious welcome in nature, every part of her sheath gathering tight around me, and straining as it were to come in for its blissful touch. Buried in her this way, we were both lost in an ecstasy and forgetfulness of ourselves or of what further was requisite to satisfy the demands of nature. We seemed to breathe out our whole souls upon each other's lips.

'We lay motionless through excess of bliss. After languishing for some moments on her bosom, I at length recovered, but the lovely girl could not bear the fierceness of my glances, and moved her head a little on one side, with a sigh breathing nothing but love. "Ah, Theodora," I softly exclaimed, "surely you did not in your dream turn away those swimming eyes, those soft lips?" at the same time trying if it were possible to strain myself further into her. Suddenly her arms encircled my neck, her lips joined mine with soft thrilling pressures, whilst with voluptuous activity she moved her young body to receive my thrusts, murmuring with tenderness, "Does that content you, dear sir? — is it thus? — how else can I act to satisfy you?' I had now no command of myself. Holy Mahomet, how wild was ecstasy. The soft joy had seized upon her senses, her tremblings, heaving, soft shudders, the active movements of her arms and legs, quick breathings, graspings, return of my kisses, all bespoke her dream realised. But nature, unable to support the torrent of pleasure, deserted us both: we sank insensible in each other's arms.

'I need not trouble you or excite your jealousy with any further account of the amorous scenes which took place between us. Long before morn she became (if anything) more submissive to my wishes than you were on your education. In the morning as she lay on my bosom, half asleep, moaning from the lassitude which a fierce enjoyment had just thrown her into, she suddenly sighed out, "Poor Emily!" I instantly comprehended the subject her thoughts were wandering on, particularly as a tear escaped from beneath her beautiful eyelid, rolled over her cheek and fell on my bosom.

Pretending great alarm, I anxiously enquired the cause of her sorrow, when in the fullness of her grief she related the whole circumstances of the letter she had received from you, nor did she conceal (as she did in her first relation) the unkind reply she had written, which she now much regretted. "How could I," said she fondly, hiding her face in my bosom, "a poor silly maid as I was then, have any imagination of the transports I have tasted in your arms tonight? But it was very cruel to write to her as I did. Are you sure that the Dey ordered her to be strangled?" "Why," I replied, "there was a report that an English slave had been strangled; but there is no relying on anything we hear as to what takes place in the seraglio, even if it comes from the eunuchs themselves; there is so much deception carried on in respect of the Dey's women." "Indeed?" she sighed. "Yes," I continued, "if by any chance the letter you mention should have fallen into the Dey's hands, there is no danger, trouble or expense that would have deterred him from getting possession of your lovely person, and every artifice would have been used until he had enjoyed your virginity; and if he could not have enjoyed you by your own consent or deceit, he would not scruple in using force for the satisfying of his desires." "How can he expect anyone to love him?" she tenderly enquired. "It is reported," said I,

"that very few women can resist him long, so well does he know how to please them. Besides, you do not form a true estimate of the power of man over the passions of women. Yesterday you were an ignorant maid who scarcely knew me! Now how many times during the night have your lips with the sweetest caresses called on your God as a witness to your love of me, whom a few short hours ago you had never seen before? Is it not true,? said I fondly kissing her. "It is," she replied, throwing her arms around my neck "But though at our marriage there was no reason for love on my side, either my gratitude or what you have taught me since yesterday have engendered it, and certainly the

Dey would not have made me feel as I do towards you now." This tender avowal again forced my almost unbounded passions; I clasped her with transport to my bosom, our lips joined, our breaths mingled; when gently I turned her on her back, her swelling thighs, now obedient to the intimations of love and nature, willingly extended, resigning up the gateway to the entrance of pleasure. Dividing the pouting lips and entering its velvet tip, the member was quickly wedged into her to its extremity-she had it now to her heart's contentravished to its utmost capacity by being so. Stretched as she was almost to suffocation on a rack of pleasure, its point stung her so much that catching at length the rage from my furious driving, she went wholly out of her mind, her sense concentrating in that favourite part of her body, the whole of which was so luxuriously filled and employed.

There alone she existed, all lost in those delicious transports, those ecstasies of the senses, which her winking eyes, the brightened vermilion of her lips and sighs of pleasure deeply fetched so pathetically expressed. In short she was a machine (like any other piece of machinery) obeying the impulses of the key that so potently set her in motion, till the sense of pleasure foaming to a height triggered the shower that was to allay this hurricane. She kept me faithful company, going off with the old symptoms-a delicious delirium, a tremulous shudder, an "Ah, me, where am I?" and two or three long sighs, followed by the critical, dying, "Oh, oh!" When I got off her, she lay motionless, pleasure-filled-stretched and drenchedquite spent and gasping for breath, without any other sensations of life than in those exquisite vibrations that trembled yet on the strings of delight which had been so ravishingly touched and which nature had too intensely striven with for the senses to be quickly at peace from.

'In this manner did I gratify my senses and take my revenge on the lovely Theodora for the insult paid to me. Thus she became the slave of my pleasures. She little knew the effect of the storm she was raising and how potently she would feel it when it exploded. Having deposited in her womb my burning revenge, I was satisfied, and all that now remained was to undeceive her and to introduce you. It did not require much ingenuity to bring this about Foreseeing clearly there would be a few pearly tears shed between you, also that I should have to listen to a few tender reproaches from Theodora, this also was no great matter. Having devoted nearly three weeks to the enjoyment of Theodora, yesterday I intended to withdraw the curtain which hung before her eyes. I desired Hassan at a particular hour to bring you to the apartments of Theodora, and when he heard me use a particular expression to let you enter the boudoir. It is scarcely necessary to explain that Theodora was now brought to submit to every, indeed any, wish I could form. On this occasion I had stripped her entirely naked, having nothing but a loose robe on myself. In this state I directed her to lean on the couch with her face downwards, raising her a little by placing a footstool for each foot to stand on at some distance from each other, so that her thighs were properly extended, and the entrance perfectly exposed. The head of my instrument was then fixed in her. At this moment you entered according to my directions, but dress disguised you so much that she did not know you, and Hassan caught you as you fainted. I motioned for him to take you away, then immediately resheathed the weapon in her hungry gap, as I well knew that would suppress all enquiry regarding you for the present. I seized her round the loins and demanded of her if she should like to be placed in that situation with the Dey. She turned round her head, with evident fear of some unknown danger marked in her lovely face, and replied, "Ah, sir, you make me tremble." "Why should you tremble, sweet one? He has been often near you during the last weeks and is at this moment nearer than you suppose." "Oh, where," cried the visibly alarmed girl, "where is he?" "Why up to your very quick," was my reply, and I forced myself into her as far as I could go. "It is the Dey who has enjoyed your virginity, whose wife you suppose yourself to be, and whom you now feel up to the hilt in your vitals." She fainted, but my violent thrusts soon brought her to life. The ecstasy seized me, I discharged myself into her, and withdrawing from her exclaimed,

"There, my child, the deception is finished, you now know the beast in all his beastliness. Know, sweet charmer," I exclaimed, "it was that letter of yours that has procured the pleasure you have received in my embraces; the female that just now interrupted us is your friend Emily."

To this she uttered a faint scream and fainted again. As I was ready for action I was soon in her again, and a few fierce thrusts quickly brought her to. To be brief, while my instrument was in her I had no difficulty in obtaining her pardon. She entreated permission to fly to you, and I granted her request. The rest you know.'

As the Dey ceased speaking his rampant tool (which I must confess I was handling during his confession) gave tokens of preparation and soon I had the delicious morsel where I fain would have kept it forever.

After this the Dey would often amuse himself with us alternately, compelling one of us to guide into the other his instrument and handle his pendant jewels; then he would throw his hand back and insert his finger into the gaping place that awaited its turn. In this way we were frequently (all three) dissolved at the same time in a flood of bliss.

This had continued for several weeks, when an awful catastrophe put an end to our enjoyments. The Dey had received a Greek girl from one of his captains. She passively submitted to his embraces, and uttered no complaint until he commenced the attack upon her second maidenhead; then did she seem inspired with the strength of a Hercules. She suddenly seized a knife, which she had concealed under a cushion, grasped his pinnacle of strength, and in less than a thought drew the knife across it and severed it from his body, she then plunged it into her own heart and expired immediately.

Aid was immediately summoned to stop the Dey's bleeding to death, and with the fortitude that ever characterises greatness, he ordered his physician to relieve him of his now useless remaining appendages, his receptacles of the soul-stirring juice, remarking at the same time that life would be hell if he retained the desire after the power was dead.

When the Dey had nearly recovered he sent for us, and disclosed to our view the lost members preserved in spirits of wine in glass vases. He affectionately bade us farewell, telling us that a ship would sail for England in a few days, and as he had no further use for us, he would send us back to our native land. His kindness had such an effect on my feelings as to cause a miscarriage. I lay dangerously ill for two weeks, during which time Sylvia attended me with the care of a mother. At length the time of departure arrived. The Dey sent for us, and presented one of his valuable vases to Sylvia and the other to me. It fell to my lot to have the shaft. He also made us several other valuable presents, and bade us farewell, hoping that in our own country we should find partners to supply him. We left him with a heavy heart.

We embarked on board the ship and arrived here without accident.

Our friends here hushed up matters and reported that we had been at a boarding school in France, instead of the boarding school of the Dey of Algiers. Sylvia afterwards married a baronet, who lost his charge before he effected his entrance, so well did she play the prude.

As for myself, you well know what my sentiments are. I will never marry until I am assured that the chosen one possesses sufficient charm and weight not only to erase the Dey's impression from my heart, but also from a more sensitive part I have a young willing maid who possesses wiles enough to catch any man, and sufficient experience to answer my purpose; out of ten suitors, seven have passed through her ordeal and been found wanting. My hopes at present are centred on an Irish earl, who I have a presentiment will be found worthy of acceptance. When I have changed my name, rest assured you shall know the particulars.

You no doubt wish to know what became of the vases, therefore I must ease your mind on that score. Sylvia has a female friend who keeps a fashionable boarding school in London, and she persuaded me to leave mine with hers in the keeping of this lady, who shows them as a reward for good behaviour to the little lady scholars. Poor girls, how their little mousetraps must gape at the sight!

Emily Barlow.