Tales of Fun and Flagellation

by Lady Gay Spanker

Recollections of a Governess - Part 2

When I reached the age of sixteen, my stepmother told me I was to enter a convent for three years, to complete my education as a governess.

At the monastery, after the formalities of entry were over, I was given into the charge of a nun, about twenty-two years old, Sister Constance by name. Our cells were close together, communicating by a door in the partition wall, and they were similarly furnished, except that on the prie-dieu of my instructress a rod was always to be found. She was really beautiful both in form and feature, and as the favourite of the Lady Superior, was feared by all, on account of her strictness, or rather cruelty.

One day I was called to the Chamber of Penitence, where several nuns were assembled, when the Superior entered, announcing that two scholars who had been exceedingly disobedient, were to be punished in our presence.

Soon all the girls were mustered, and the two distinguished ones were called up and reminded of their fault and the punishment they had incurred, which was a sound birching on the bare bottom, before all their school-fellows. Recollections of a GovernessThe culprits were made to stand in the middle of the room and strip to their chemise, when one of them was laid on a form and held down by a nun while another sister inflicted a whipping - "a discretion" - as it was called. All cries for mercy on the part of the tortured girl had no influence upon the nun wielding the rod, who, with evident gusto, flogged her so severely that her victim's beautiful white bottom and thighs were soon crimsoned, and tiny drops of ruby blood streaked here and there upon the violet wheals. The second girl, who had been standing by in her chemise, waiting with quaking heart till her turn came, was now forced on to the bench and held down. Her whipping was inflicted by another elderly nun, who lashed her about the soft parts of the thighs without mercy, causing the culprit to shriek with pain.

The Lady Superior enjoyed these executions immensely, and would certainly have flogged the birching nuns themselves if they had dared to let the girls off without making them bleed, although, strictly speaking, it was not allowed to whip the pupils in this manner.

Such was the first time I had seen a naked girl of my own age whipped, and the stripping for punishment, the wriggling and writhing of the body during the whipping, the legs flung wildly about with pain, the bare bottom moving to and fro in all directions, combined with the cries and shrieks of the sufferers, put me almost out of my senses with excitement.

Sister Constance followed me to my cell, and after making me confess how the correction of the two girls had excited me, told me that I was allowing an unchaste carnal desire to take hold of me, which it was her duty to expel. In order to do so she must daily apply either the upper or the lower discipline but as I was young she would use the lower for the present, and ordered me to strip. I said I had not done anything wrong, and did not see why she should be so cruel as to flog me for nothing.

"I see you must be taught implicit obedience first," said Sister Constance, and going out of the room she called in another nun, and explained how the matter stood. Nun birching schoolgirlThey forced me down on the bed, and the nun held me while my monitoress turned up my clothes, unbuttoned my drawers, and pulled them down. She then commenced to whip me most severely, and although I promised to obey her commands, did not cease until my bottom and thighs were wealled [sic] all over. I was now let up and told to strip. I sobbingly began to undress, but begged hard not to be beaten again. However, the two nuns were determined not to let me off, and having made me undress entirely, they tied my hands behind me, held me down on the bed, and flogged me again still more severely, until the blood showed itself in several places. Although I had been flogged for being so wantonly excited by the sight of the two girls being punished, I could see that my birching had Sister Constance and her companion in the same manner, and they retired together to the cell of the former, locking the door which communicated with mine. They also took all my clothes away to prevent me getting dressed, and left me alone, naked and smarting.

I could see nothing in the other cell, but could certainly hear the sounds of whipping, and could easily guess the rest. It was quite an hour before they came out and allowed me to put on my clothes, but before leaving the cell I was promised another flogging the next day, and warned against resistance, which would cause the dose to be doubled.

The next day Sister Constance came to my bedside before I was up, and asked me in a bantering tone if my naughty little bottom had quite recovered from yesterday's well deserved discipline. Whipped in bedLifting the covering of the bed, she pulled up my night-gown, and gave me some smart switches with the rod across the front of the thigh, causing me to jump with pain. She made me kneel on the bed with my legs well apart, and whipped my bottom smartly, several times flicking the tender spot between the thighs, which from my position was entirely unprotected, and any attempt I made to close my legs or ward off a blow was punished with several extra unmerciful lashes.

At last, Sister Constance, unable to control her excitement, threw the rod aside, and kissed my crimsoned bottom. Her naughty hands wandered wantonly over my body, and as she touched my burning pussey [sic] I made a sudden convulsive movement, but giving some smart slaps, she threatened me with the rod again if I did not remain perfectly passive.

I did not so much fear the rod now, but curiosity and lasciviousness made me remain quite still, while Sister Constance, with her skilful fingers, so cleverly excited the little crimson palpitating clitoris, that I presently sank inert on the bed in a transport of voluptuous oblivion.

That night, as I was in bed, Sister Constance entered in her night dress, and kneeling down at the bed side, stretched out her hands with an imploring gesture, like a child that is going to be punished, and cried out -

"Oh, dear Miss Annie, I will never be disobedient again!"

You have whipped me most delightfullyI stared at her with astonishment, but as she grew more urgent in her entreaties, I understood what she meant, and I jumped out of bed and seized the rod.

"Oh, pray don't whip me! Don't whip me this time!" she cried again.

I took no notice of her cries, but with indescribable delight, pressed the head of the kneeling nun between my knees, turned up her night gown, and gave her a smart birching, causing the long twigs to go well in between her legs until I saw by her movements and exclamations that I had caused her to emit the delicious juice of love. After she had recovered, she got up, embraced me and as she kissed her thanks, whispered: --

"You have whipped me most delightfully, dearest, but you ought to have played with my pussey a little, as I did with yours. Don't forget it next time."

The following day being Sunday, I accompanied Sister Constance to the dormitory of the girls, who were all still in bed.

"Out of bed, and every one of you a clean chemise on, quick!"

That was the order given, and in less than a minute they were all out of bed, and we had the pleasure of viewing the naked forms of forty girls, as they changed their shifts.

They then put their stockings and shoes on, which allowed me to see other parts of their bodies, for most of them did not seem to have much idea of modesty.

Then Sister Constance asked them if they had bathed and washed themselves well the night before, and all replied in the affirmative. Notwithstanding this declaration, she took a chair, placed it behind a screen, and sitting down, told me to stand behind her. a few good whippings soon taught her to submitShe then called the girls one by one to the secluded nook, and examined them closely in a most shameless manner, under the pretence of seeing whether they were clean in every part. Each girl had to hold her chemise over her head, and turn and bend herself in all directions, so that I saw that every girl had made more or less acquaintance with the rod.

Altogether, the different forms of these young girls, just attaining the age of puberty, some of them with quite well-shaped breasts and full rounded posteriors, afforded an extremely pleasing and exciting picture.

It was particularly interesting to notice the hair on a certain spot, which with some was like the finest down, and with others already like slightly curling fine wool, whole some very young furrows were quite bare.

Having been appointed to the post of assistant teacher to Sister Constance, I was able to enjoy this sight often. It now and then occurred that a new comer made strenuous objections to being handled and exposed in such a disgraceful manner, but a few good whippings soon taught her to submit, and at last she would begin to feel the charm of the mysterious twigs, and become as docile beneath their influence as the rest.

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