Phoebe KissagenPhoebe Kissagen


The Remarkable Adventures, Schemes Wiles and Devilries of une Maquerelle

being a sequel to The New Epicurean


Edward Sellon


Sir Toby. — Do'st think that because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

Clown. — Yes! by St. Anne, and ginger shall be hot i' the mouth, too!

*Twelfth Night, or What you will.

LONDON, 1743 (Reprinted 1875.)

8vo.; pp. 96; 8 badly done coloured lithographs; title printed in red and black; this is not a "reprint," but an original publication of 1866; price two guineas; issue 500 copies. The author, Edward Sellon, thinking that his manuscript did not contain sufficient matter to form a volume, sent the publisher, W. Dugdale, another tale to make it up, but 'Phoebe Kissagen' being found ample, the second tale was not published; this will however explain the following remark in Dugdale's catalogue: "to which is added, Scenes in the Life of a Young Man, a narrative of amorous exploits" no such scenes are in the volume.

The work has been reprinted; and was issued in January 1876, in small 8vo.; pp. 99; the title printed in black only, and identical in wording, except that the impress becomes: "London, 1743 (Reprinted 1875)." This edition contains the whole of the matter comprised in the original, but some slight alterations have been made. There are no illustrations, although the original stones are still in existence.


When Sir Charles passes away suddenly whilst in the throes of passion with his favourite concubine, he leaves her, Phoebe, and her friend Chloe a sizeable sum each which they use to embark on a new life. And what better mode of investment is suited to these to two sirens than to established a house of ill repute in one of the capital's finest districts. Providing a talented bevy of lithe young creatures and with each room equipped with a peep-hole our two proprietors can espie the unconventional comings and spendings of their lustful clientèle.

Witnessing and partaking in all manner of deeds debauched and deviant, from group-menages, to lesbian tribadism, mutual gamahuching a'la soixant neuf, to rear-side ruttings, our hostesses will taste the rich quintessence of high-society salaciousness and reach peaks of orgiastic pleasure.

Written by Edward Sellon, author of The New Ladies Tickler and being a sequel to his incredibly naughty The New Epicurean: The delights of sex, Facetiously and Philosophically Considered, in Graphic Letters Addressed to Young Ladies of Quality.


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