Kate PercivalThe Life and Amours Of The Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival

The Belle of the Delaware - Written by herself


Kate Percival


"The description of her birthplace and early years fits perfectly with a description of the early American town, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and within that town on North Main Street near Bridge Street. Further, we can say that her book has to be the earliest known published book of modern style x-rated erotica, and also what can be considered a well-written narrative novel.

I believe it is fair to say that Kate Percival of New Hope, PA also was the first American author of a modern erotic novel which gloried in the erotic, virtually recommended poly-amourous bisexual behaviour as a life style, published during her lifetime in 1903, and should be also considered as the most daring of the earliest writers of women's liberation, setting a path for the liberated women of the American and European 20th century."

This classic Victorian erotic novel caused quite a stir for its shockingly graphic portrayals of debauchery. Follow Kate's erotic journey of sexual awakening as she has her first experiences with another young woman, an older man, a threesome, an orgy, flogging, toys, and much, much more! This is about as steamy, hot, and erotic as romance gets!


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