Midnight IntimaciesMidnight Intimacies

by anonymous



'Being the Secret Life of a Warm Blooded Woman in Search of Passionate Pleasures'


New York, Privately Printed.




Explicit incest novel first printed in a limited edition of some 150 copies, each hand numbered.

"There's no denying the vigour of the contents, even if they stray at times from the moral standards of the modern age. To a significant extent, of course, such deviations are a desirable asset, considering the main aim of the erotic genre being arousal. However, do not expect a meaningful plot here, even the achieving of consistency is sometimes an expectation too far. This book concerns the intimate exploits of a vigorously endowed young man and an erotically demanding young mother and her daughter. The role of the latter, as might be expected is that of a willing pupil in the amatory arts, and in addition to descriptions the direct involvement of the mother and daughter we are given the mother's complex life story. In the traditions of the genre this becomes an entr'acte, essentially an end in itself. Most common forms of activity are included here, and all-in-all the work is a good-natured romp."


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