The Power of Mesmerism

The Power of Mesmerism

A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies

by anonymous




* The Russian Nihilist movement was a Russian movement in the 1860s that rejected all authority.

The original edition was published by Lazenby in London in May 1880 with 6 illustrations and the mention 'Printed for the Nihilists, Moscow, 1880' and later published in 1891 with a similar mention.

The Power of Mesmerism is a classic Victorian erotic novel that was originally published in 1880. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. This risqué fictional foray into the nineteenth-century boudoir will finally put to rest the age-old presumption that the period was frumpy and repressed. A must-read for fans of steamy Victoriana. Starring Frank Etheridge, a man who picked up certain skills in Germany that give him power over men and women. He uses this talent as best he can on the outside world, but also works within the family.

"First of all this book is not for everyone!! I repeat this book is not for everyone!! It is erotica in it's wildest! Victorian Erotica to be exact. It involves incest, rape and homosexuality so please beware. When a young man comes home from school after being there for about 4 years, where he learned the art of mesmerism, he starts to try out his abilities first on his sister, then his parents and friends. He mesmerizes them to a sleep and has his way with them, but later he does not need that anymore since they do it of their own free will. I know what happens in the book is extreme and although I'm not into incest but I loved the writing style. If you could think of this book as only fiction and read it in that sense it's fine. It's not like when you are reading a romance novel and imagining the characters and wishing they were real people. It's completely different. You have to look at it as fiction because it is."

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