Two Flappers in ParisTwo Flappers in Paris


A. Cantab

(pseudonym - author unknown)



The Erotica Biblion Society of London — New York


A young diplomat aboard a ship bound for France meets a beautiful girl on her way to her Paris school who is desperate to 'épater' the senior girls in the exclusive lesbian society. Thankfully for all of us he agrees to help her, and indeed her equally attractive friend without whom she wouldn't be allowed out, by posing as her uncle and taking them both to the highest-class bordello in Paris. There they are to receive a full education in nearly all carnal matters, and they do in the exquisitely rendered piece of erotic fiction that is Two Flappers in Paris.

What makes Two Flappers in Paris stand out among similar works of this nature is the fact that our narrator insists on keeping the girls 'mascottes', which he feels essential to protect until the girls' wedding night (although later our hero does suggest he may be able to help them out on that score as well). Surprisingly little is known about the origins of the book, and despite some publishers taking the narrator's assertion of truth literally and publishing it under the authorship of Jack W., his (or her) actual identity is unknown.


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