First Training

by Anonymous

Chapter Twelve

'Had you but another sister I would have taken triple pleasure,' she sighed then as together we walked into the hall and made our way upstairs.

'There will be other girls, though,' I ventured boldly and not without a strain of hope in my voice.

'Could you cane or birch one?' she asked me curiously and led me into her bedroom, there to dispense liqueurs.

'Yes, I believe I could, though perhaps at first with your guidance.'

'There is a trick to it, Clara - a manner of twisting the wrist so that the cane skims the globe and does not bite too deep, for to it to do so would be cruel. The paddle is splendid, as is the strap or birch. Your sister is to have a taste of the birch tonight. You see this here?' So speaking she rose and opened one of her two wardrobes. Within stood a fine birch, its twigs still moist, for they should be softened, said she. To use a dry one - save across a knickered bottom - would be cruel. 'What a fire it brings to the bottom!' she laughed, handing it to me and allowing me to swish it the air, which I did with great pleasure, imagining a receptive naked bottom on the end of it.

'Why must Sarah? Did she not assist you?' I asked immodestly.

'You scarce needed to be put to the test, Clara, but your sister does. Robert has mounted her well and creamed her quim, but she will not be truly settled until she has received the same as you. Did I not tell her so downstairs? Yes, even amid your tribulations you heard that I shall not belay her hard. Just sufficiently to warm her for the entry of the cock. She will sleep the better for it and already has her nightdress on, I am sure, which will save undressing her. Do you wish to watch?'

I shook my head. It would be unfair to Sarah, I felt, to be spectator to her trials again. I squeezed my bottomhole and imagined her receiving it. Would it be Tim, I asked naively. My stepmother smiled and shook her head.

'No, dear. She must be exercised in a way that will impress upon her even more the male role in these affairs. I am not sure that she will be receptive, though. She is less forward in her understanding than you and may remain a novice for a few weeks yet. You may have to birch her tomorrow, Clara, if she complains.'

'Yes.' The word escaped me before I meant to say it, and yet I did.

'The tests may occasionally seem to you severe, Clara, and yet you must be assured that I judge them finely. Go and tell her that I wish see her in ten minutes' time. Go on!'

The last words were sharply spoken, for I had hesitated. The handle of the birch felt warm to my hand and I relinquished it reluctant1y, which she saw well.

'Go on, darling, you will burnish her bottom well tomorrow and it will be good for her - good for you both,' she said more softly. And with that I hastened to Sarah's room where she was just getting into bed and so received my message crossly.

'Oh, I am just going to sleep,' she declared, though not meeting my eyes, which was a great mistake for her, for when a thing is done it is done, and when it must be done then it must. Such is my philosophy, guided as it is by caring and devotion and a knowledge of the needs of others which they may not recognise themselves.

'You had best go or she will be cross,' I said, 'but wear only your nightdress, as you are doing, for I do not think you will be kept long and stepmama said you were to go thus.'

'Very well,' she replied moodily and sat sideways upon her bed picking at her quilt, I wondering much at what went on inside her. The sight of her thinly-clad bottom, which was so beautifully round, stirred me and it was as though I felt the birch clasped in my hand once more. Even so, I did not linger but bidding her a fond good-night went along to my room and there left my door ajar of a purpose.

I knew that I had to listen and felt all tense within. The minutes passed all too slowly. I watched my clock with care, half fearful that Sarah might delay or be late in her going, for I sensed punctuality to be important. How quiet the house was when her bare feet slurred at last along the corridor! I heard then a little cry from her as she evidently entered our stepmother's room and then a slapping sound followed by another cry.

'You have seen it once already, Sarah. It is but a cock and a fine one. Am I to birch you, girl? Will you not kneel up? Come, present your bottom. What a lovely one you have!'

ft12_a.jpg (11751 bytes) 'Oh, d-d-don't, please! I cannot in front of him!'

'What has he to say in the matter - or you? Do you treat this as a mere lewdness of desire, you silikins?' SWEEEE-IISSSH! The birch sounded distinctly, making such a juicy sound across my sister's bottom, and she wailed. 'Will you have another and another, Sarah? He dare not move nor stir until you are presented up to him. Am I not in command of you both and fully so?'

'Ho, ho, ho, he m-m--mustn't.' SWEEEEISSSSSH! 'HAAAAR! Oh, it bums!'

'And you will do more, miss, if you do not show your bottom better. I will have you here all night until you obey! Had you but learned a lesson from Clara then you would be silent in letting him perform his rightful duty. Come, William, advance a step or two, but no closer. Did I not tell you what a globe she has and the sweet hang of her tits? You are to touch them only on peril of being birched yourself.  She will learn better, perhaps, from taking your prick between her cheeks than any other way.'

'Blub, blub, blub! - Don't let him. . . please!'

'Once you are corked, girl, we shall have another song from you. Would you disgrace your sex, Sarah? Come, dear, open your legs wider and push your bottom well out. You want the birch again? There... that is better.'

'Oh-woh! I shall die of this, I shall!'

'Tush and nonsense! No young woman ever died from it. You are to receive your papa's cock and sperm up your bottom, my pet, as far as it will go, and merrily he will throb in you, I have no doubt. It is you who are to receive the greater pleasuring, not he. Very well, William.'

'No, no, no! AAAAARGH!'

'More in, William, more in. Get two inches well lodged and so remain. There! You see how well she opens up to you?'

'Nooo, nooo, NOOOO! It is too big! Oh! papa! Do not!'

'Shush, you little fool! He has no say in the matter. I shall have you birched at breakfast, Sarah, if you continue this disobedience. Very well, William, ease it full up her now and hold.'

'I... I... Julia, I should not! GAAAAR! How tight and warm is!'

'How DARE you speak, sir! Have I not forbidden it? Clasp the fronts of her thighs, but no more than that. I will not have your fingers straying to her quim. Think of her as I have instructed you - not as your daughter but as a queen of love - one whom you henceforth will obey in all respects. Now work her slowly, slave, while I fondle her titties, for such is my prerogative.'

'GOOO-OOOH-OOOH!' A sobbing cry from Sarah. 'Oh--woh-woh, it is naughty!'

'Deliciously so, my pet, to have your papa's cock up your bum at last, and well have you merited it  If you would but be quiet and stately in your movements there would be no need for such fussings. Work your hips gently back and forth to his prick. He is right up you now with every stroke.'

'I c-c-can't! I mustn't! OOOH! Oh-woh-woh, papa, take it out!'

'Little hypocrite, how your titties have swelled and your nipples hardened! He will do naught but what I tell him, nor you. There... your hips now surge a little - that is good. Keep at your workings. Do not be fretful. William, draw out now unto your knob, but hold it just within.'

'OOOOH!' A sudden wail from Sarah. I imagined well the impetuousness of her bottom now, despite her cries. There is nothing more taunting than to have the peg full up and then to have it so withdrawn that it throbs and titillates the rosette's rim. Sarah's little petulant cries sounded as though smothered, her burning face - I am sure - being buried in the coverlet.

'Now, miss, he will hold it so for as long as I tell him. An hour even, if I wish it, yes, for the adorable warmth and tightness of your derriere will keep him so. Even though his eyes plead for deliverance he will not receive it, nor you. You wish to wriggle upon it, do you not, but are ashamed to, for it is a luscious feeling, Sarah. Would you break the spell, or stay an hour so? You have but to speak Sarah!'

A long silence, and then: 'Wh-wh-what d'you mean?'

'Is he not as much in training, my pet, as you?'

How well I imagined my flushed sister, corked just sufficiently as she was not to dare to move and in her secret heart all a-quaver lest it be withdrawn.

'You are m-m-making me do it.'

Oh, what a silly answer, I thought, and felt quite enraged with her. At first I had thought our stepmother overdoing things, but now I knew better. Sarah was really the greatest sillikins of all.

'Very well, you shall stay thus - both of you.'

'Oh woh!'

'J-J-Julia!' from papa.

ft12_b.jpg (16553 bytes) 'Have I not told you to be QUIET, sir! Do you not know your place here? You are but the provider of her pleasures, did she but know it. A heel on the back of your neck would suit you better than this posture. Keep it in - just in! Now, Sarah! Well, miss?'


'It is for you to command, you fool! Would you be here all night and turn a majesty of movement into farce? Bring him to conclusion. Speak!'

'I d-d--do not know what you want me to say, mama.'

'Mama, indeed! Well, that is a little better, Sarah. Your bottom pulses deliciously with his prick up you, and well you know it. Be bold in your commands, for they shall be no less than that Ordain him to effect six strokes in you - full within - and to come.'

'HAAAAR! Oh! P-P-P...'

'Do not stammer, girl! Out with it! Sheathe his cock yourself, if you will, for I permit that. Six long, firm strokes and then you'll take his sperm.'

'P--P-papa! Do it!'

'No, Sarah, that will not do, girl. Enunciate clearly your desires, let us have no pretence that they are other than that. WELL??'

'Oh-ho-ho!' Another silly little sob from Sarah whom I could not but think was truly enjoying having that swollen plum nestling securely in her hole, for it must have been pulsing fiercely, as though all the time seeking re-entry and fulfilment 'S-s-six strokes, papa, and then c--c-come!'


Never had I heard my stepmama's name so expended as with one long groan papa commenced his toil. Indeed I felt a trifle sorry for him that naughty Sarah had kept him so long about it - though I was to learn better in such matters later on.

'MA-MA!' from Sarah, for the slap-smacking of her bottom to his was fiercer than before. The gasping of their breaths sounded and the bedsprings sang. That she was truly being plugged I rejoiced in and felt as though I were receiving every stroke myself, so juicy were the sounds.

'LA-HAAAR!' she sobbed then and to a deep groan from papa I knew his come was spilled, or jetting up her deeply as it must, for though I describe her cries as sobs they were other than of despair but of a pleasure she could not conceal and I imagined her round silky bottom ground full into him as the delicious pellets of sperm anointed her, for then came a shuddering sigh from both and a moment of trembling silence.

'Withdraw, William! You have done your duty. To your room, sir!'

No sooner did she speak than she was obeyed. I heard the shuffling of his feet and he was gone, his bedroom being that adjoining hers and in the direction opposite to my own so that I had no need hurriedly to close my door.

'Well, Sarah?' I then heard and then the distinct sound of a kiss. 'Was it nice? You may answer truthfully, for he is gone. Were you not well served? Have no secrets from me now.'

'I don't.. .Yes.'

The confession being wrung from her, another kiss sounded.

'You have been well reamed, Sarah. You are become a woman now, even as Clara. I wish you not to have shyness in such matters but to put yourself up boldly, though rather at your own wish than mine. A male slave may caress you, if you so command, but otherwise will merely be of service to you or - as we say - will service you. The longer you keep them about it, my love, the greater your own pleasure will be. Do you not feel nicer there, despite your howls?'

'Yes... but I should not. Oh, to think it was papa!'

'Why, you silly, at the very mention of your bottom and your titties, his stalk has risen ere this. I have kept him long and in great suspense for this moment. Were you to go naked now to his room, what do you think would happen?'

'Oh, I don't know - I must not think of it.'

'Indeed you must, and most precisely. He would obey your every command - not fall upon you, cock stiffening, as you foolishly imagine. Ask him merely to kiss your bottom and he will. Anxious as a dog awaiting an offered biscuit, he would kneel to you.'

'He would not do it to me again if you were not here?'

'Oh, how you miss the point, indeed! No, he would not, nor dare to. Put a halter around his neck and lead him to your boudoir and there he will do your bidding. Have his cock stiffen, if you will, and merely toy with it, then send him away.'

'I c-c-cannot imagine doing it!'

'You will. It is pleasant to play with the males, Sarah. They, too, take pleasure in their own frustrations. If you are not queen now of your realm, you are at very least a true princess. Lie on your back now, dear, you will soon come again to the touch of my finger. Did you not come when he was up you? Tell the truth!'

'Yes! B-b-but with papa, oh!'

'It matters not who, Sarah. You will limit yourself to none, will bind yourself to none. Only be imperious and less hesitant and you will find your way, as Clara has already done, and she by precepts rather than example.'

'Had she not done it before then?'

'Not before tonight, no, and has yet to have her cunny creamed, though she needs me not to administer to her in that. Learn from her thereby and you will profit much even though she is younger than you.'

'I do not want her to make me do things, though.'

'She may or she may not. It depends upon your comportment and behaviour. Be neither sullen nor uncommunicative. Speak quietly at times and follow your nature. I believe you know it a little better now. If you do not, I shall have you exercised regularly until you come to the proper way of things.'

'I... oooh! you are m-m-making me come again... I shall try!'

'Until you learn to control those nearest and dearest to you, Sarah, you will come to nothing. This is the secret of it. Regard your papa and Robert with distant love and use them to your own desires. Be stern, be cool, and be commanding and we shall soon have things better ordered here.'

'Yes, yes, all right... baaaar!'

'There, my sweet, you will sleep all the better for it. I confess that sight of you two has stirred me not a little. Have Clara bring Robert to me.'


Sarah's voice was dutiful. In but a moment or two she knocked my door, which pleased me, for normally she would have burst in. I answered politely for her to enter and pretended to have dozed.

'Mama wants Robert taken to her,' she uttered breathlessly.

'Very well,' I replied languidly and got up, stretching myself, as I then was in my cotton nightdress. 'You will have to help me get him ready,' I declared, for a sudden sense of mischief had come upon me.

'I?' She started back, but I stepped forward and clasped her to me. Our bellies came warmly together and I could feel her springy bush against my own.

'Is it not nice to be naughty, Sarah?' I murmured and kissed her neck. She hid her face and trembled.

'I dunno,' she mumbled. I felt stem and, seizing her hair, dragged her head back. With my free hand I felt into her bottom and, pressing the cotton close between her bottom cheeks, felt a dampness there, a stickiness. She wriggled wildly and grabbed at me as though protectively.

'He has been right up you and come in you, hasn't he?' I asked.

Her mouth wobbled. 'Oh, Clara!'

'Hasn't he? Has he got a big one? Did you press your bottom right into him as he came? Did you, Sarah?' There was a pause and her fingers tightened into my shoulders. 'I shall birch you in the morning if you do not tell,' I whispered.

'Hooo-hooo! Yes, he has got a big one. Oh, all the things you make me do and say!'

She was still at that song, I thought with annoyance, and maybe ever would be so. Some young women are, ever secretly rejoicing in their naughtiness and, once tickled and teased or birched, allowing their drawers to be pulled down, they ever wish to be overcome. Reluctant as she was, I drew her along into Robert's room where he lay waiting in his stockings, shoes and chemise. His prick lay thick but inert over his balls. A sense of wonder was in his eyes at the sight of us both in our nightdresses. Before he could move - if indeed he intended to without instruction - I had clamped my hand firmly over his mouth.

'Bring him up, Sarah,' I commanded.

Her hand wavered and then reached out as in turn she bent over the bed, lifted the limp worm of his tool and began massaging it hesitantly until I spoke to her sharply and told her to look me full in the eyes while she did it. This she obeyed, face flushed and lips rather prettily apart. Having done her duty, Sarah was sent back to bed while I took our brother into stepmama's room. I knew well enough what she intended. Within minutes Robert lay groaning and hissing his pleasure between our stepmother's thighs which she kept wide apart, lying upon her back. ft12_c.jpg (19258 bytes)The oiliness and clamping of her cuntlips was delicious to see around his stiff weapon. Raised up as he was told to be on his forearms, Robert was not allowed to kiss her or otherwise touch her. Eyes haggard, he stared down at her swollen tits, for she had discarded all save for her corset and stockings. Her thick brown nipples burgeoned to him, but were forbidden to his lips. He grunted as he worked her, but she lay inert, a dreamy expression upon her face. Now and then her bottom would give a little jerk as his balls smacked into her, but her eyes were pools of mystery, hazing over only when she came - which she did a full dozen times, I swear, for his slowly-ramming cock glistened the more with her every libation.

'Not yet, Robert, not yet,' she said again and again when his breathing grew coarser, for she knew every sign of the male's impending spills. Thus she kept him at it, finally raising her legs and drawing them full back as she commanded him to and he did so, quivering and shuddering, till every drop was spilled, absorbed, sucked in.

'Off with him, Clara - he is spoilt,' she uttered when at last it seemed he would sink down on her, though straining every tendon not to do so.

His cock dripped as I drew him out and led him stumbling back to what she thereafter frequently called his 'cell'.

'You are a good boy now, Robert,' I murmured to him and sat on the bed like a child until I had him undressed and put into his nightdress which was an old one of my own. 'Get into bed,' I told him and he did so, huddling up and with his back to me.

'I w-w-want... 'he mumbled.

I, half-way to the door, turned and asked sharply, 'What?'

' d-d--do it with you,' he said and hid his face.

'You know you may not say such a naughty thing, Robert, you KNOW you may not,' I told him and waited for his reply.

'Yes, I know,' came his whisper.

'Do as mama tells you and we shall see,' I said and then went out, myself all a-tremble, though he knew it not.

Chapter Thirteen