The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

by anonymous

(alternatively - 'A Pukka Swiver')



This book is brought to you with our thanks going to Aleyn, who took the trouble to scan it for us.






Once again, one of our readers has come up trumps by providing a scanned copy of this anonymous 'Victorian' erotic work. Beatrice purports to be a Victorian memoir, and one famous edition has a scholarly introduction on its 19th Century origins, it is in fact more likely to be a product of the 1960s.

The Confessions of Lady Beatrice is the story of a young girl who is initiated into the pleasures and pains of the flesh by an older woman who is both liberal and a strict disciplinarian. At first beaten into submission, her pupil then submits willingly to being beaten into pleasure. She narrates the story of her initiation in explicit, not to say painful, not to say exquisite, detail in the course of which her growing enthusiasm for a variety of erotic pleasures, including heterosexual ones, is whipped up.

Chapter One