Astrid CaneAstrid Cane

by anonymous


'Printed for The Erotica Biblion Society of London and New York'







This gem of Victorian erotica dates from 1891, and concerns the goings-on of the Cane family - father and three daughters - under the tutelage of a female family friend, Julie, Lady Tingle, who believes in the power of women to dominate their households, women and men alike, by taking control of their libidinous urges. It opens with Astrid, the oldest daughter, being given a salutary lesson in obedience by Julie, and she proves a remarkably quick learner, dominating with the help of whip and strap. Her father had been dominated by an aunt, and had secretly harboured lusts in that direction. Astrid quickly comes to dominate his household, and just in time she foils an attempt by a widowed neighbour to take over her father. She successfully begins plans to dominate the neighbour's family, and soon everyone is firmly under her thumb. A reasonably credible plot, very entertaining, and this one of the highlights of the Victorian erotic genre.

Chapter One