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Saxon Anthology of Erotic Spanking Literature

This site is a free and expanding library of primarily Victorian erotica, where Saxon-Web republishes erotic novels which feature corporal punishment from the period. Ranging from over the knee spanking, through strapping and caning, and often whipping, the nature of the physical discipline is commonly for the erotic pleasure of one or both parties.

The books are sometimes rare or banned, and consequently difficult to obtain. Their style and content is quite varied, and very erotic in places. Readers are cautioned that the stories can sometimes be severe in nature.

True to the traditions of The Pearl and others, I try to publish in serial form with each new chapter being posted on a regular basis (time permitting).

I am beginning to run short of new material and so I welcome further contributions to this collection. If you have such a book in text format please send it in.

Index of Published Victorian Spanking Erotica

In progress...

Library Illustrative of Social Progress (c. 1872)

This consists of a collection of Victorian works published by John Camden Hotten. They are reprints of eighteenth century pornography on flagellation, primarily by dominant women in positions of authority. The official date of publication is claimed to be 1777, but this is probably to avoid prosecution under the prevalent laws on indecency.

Freshly published...

The Lustful Turk (1828)

The Lustful Turk, or Lascivious Scenes from a Harem is a pre-Victorian British erotic epistolary novel first published anonymously in 1828 by John Benjamin Brookes and reprinted by William Dugdale. However, it was not widely known or circulated until the 1893 edition.

The Lustful Turk uses the contemporary conventions of the novel of sensibility and Gothic romance and its exotic Oriental themes are influenced by the life, adventures and writings of Lord Byron. It was influential on many other works of erotica, and the theme of the virgin who is forcibly introduced to sexual acts and later becomes insatiable in her appetite for the carnal is common in later erotica. Such works include The Way of a Man with a Maid, a classic work of Victorian erotica concerning the forcible seduction of a girl called Alice by a Victorian gentleman; May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love, first published in the Victorian erotic periodical The Pearl and The Sheik written by Edith Maude Hull, published in 1921.

A Disciplined Childhood: Confessions and Experiences

Extracts from the autobiographical works of Edith Cadivec, written in the 1920s by a French woman of notorious repute. The extracts are descriptions of her childhood punishments and how much they sexually aroused her.

An Experimental Lecture on Flagellation

by Colonel Spanker

"The exciting and voluptuous pleasures to be derived from crushing and humiliating the spirit of a modest girl. Delivered in the assembly room of the society, Mayfair."

Arabella (1890)

In the tradition of Fanny Hill, but far steamier! That's how to describe this once banned classic. Arabella is the story of a proud and strong-willed woman of the Victorian era. In her own words she describes the erotic escapades and kinky amours that took place behind the closed doors of 1890s society. She chronicles a life of erotic diversions that is truly remarkable.

Astrid Cane (1891)

Coming-of-age tale about a young girl who is slowly but surely (and lingeringly) initiated into the world of womanhood, and dominatrix-dom. First trained by Lady Julia Tingle, Astrid becomes a feared and desired mistress in her own right, leading us through numerous encounters with both men and women.

Augustus and Lady Maude (circa 1900)

An amorous exchange of letters between two young aristocrats in the golden age of privilege reveals sensuous, forbidden love among the English high society. Before summer's end, Lord Augustus has gained mastery over his heart's desire and her governess, and he proceeds to entice others into his expanding coterie.

Birch in the Boudoir

also published as:

Beauty in the Birch

Birch In the Boudoir is a classic example of French flagellation literature. First published by Charles Carrington, probably in Paris in 1905, it was written by "Jean de Villiot", a pseudonym standing for at least two people, Hugues Rebell and Carrington himself. It was distributed privately amongst certain spankophile circles before decaying into obscurity after WWI. Purporting to be 'an exchange of intimate letters between a young lady and gentleman, recording their true amatory and disciplinary experiences of an Arabian harem and an English girl's reformatory establishment'.


(or, The Care and Handling of Young Ladies, And of Older Beauties in Their Prime)

In my opinion better written than most, this novel is turning out to be a sexy tale. Caroline is the story of an interesting and sexually aware woman. The youthful Caroline attracts Harry and his sister Adelaide. Once married to Harry, and living comfortably with him and Adelaide, Caroline enlarges and enlivens their lives by ensnaring a variety of women for an initiation into the rites of love. The relationship between Caroline and Harry is somewhat murky in that they appear to cede overall dominance to each other on a whim. Harry is the male dominant to the numerous females, that is, unless Caroline decides not to allow him!


(or, The Voluptuous Delights of a Once-Innocent Young Lady)

Not strictly 'Victorian', but more 'set in the Victorian era', this book is centered on the tale of the erotic pursuits of a young English lady at the turn of the century, and carries on the tradition of other novels from the Victorian underground. This book stands out from all the other similar books by the sheer heat that radiates from the writing. It's a bit of a 'slow burner', starting innocently enough, but in my opinion it is all the better for it, having a believable realism, and not forgetting a stomach knotting ending. In due course the narrative becomes very kinky indeed, with just about everybody doing everybody - father's doing daughters, servants doing anyone, children doing children.

Fanny Hill's Experience of Spanking

Sado-Masochism is as old as human nature but John Cleland gives us an account of it as it was regarded and provided for in England two hundred and fifty years ago. From John Cleland's novel Fanny Hill, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, first published 1749, re-published as a Mayflower-Dell paperback, London, 1963, 2nd revised edition, 1964, pp. 181-190.

First Training (circa 1890)

The sexual, and disciplinary, coming-of-age of a young English lady.

Our subject finds the installation of a step-mother in her home beginning to have a subtle, but persistent effect on all around her. The story features sexual and disciplinary scenes of many varieties.

Flagellation & the Flagellants (19th Century)

The line between pain and pleasure is as thin as the tail of a whip, and this classic work is the definitive history of flagellation through the ages. As it shows, flagellation is much more than a punishment - it is also intimately tied to discipline and eroticism, has a romantic and even comic side, and has also been used for medical purposes. No one is above the bite of the birch or rod - convent nuns were chastised severely, queens have been flogged, and even favorites of the sultan have had to endure the whip in the great seraglios.

Forbidden Fruit (1898)

A classic Victorian erotic novel, originally published in 1898. It may be considered one of the very first studies of the conflict of sexual and religious taboos in the every day life of pioneering Americans. Sadomasochism, interracial sex, incest, and even pedophilia themes originally provided much of the drama of this sordid novel.

'Frank' and I

Volumes One, Two and Three

One of the best known Victorian erotic novels, written by that prolific author 'anonymous'. We have the full novel scanned and it is now fully published.

Grushenka. Three Times a Woman

Grushenka purports to be the autobiography of a Russian peasant girl with a taste for S&M written at the turn of the century.

Gynecocracy (1893)

Female Domination of Men

A narrative of the adventures and psychological experiences of Julian Robinson (afterwards Viscount Ladywood). Under petticoat rule, written by himself.

Julie (1903)

Headmistress of a Victorian finishing school near Paris, the exquisitely beautiful Miss Julie has earned the reputation of providing her charges with 'jolly good times'. Intimate letters from these tender disciples to families and confidantes soon reveal the nature of this fun, as they describe one passionate erotic episode after another, in abundant detail. With Julie, with each other, and with the various young men Julie has gathered about her, these young ladies reveal the depth of their sensuality - and no amount of loving discipline from their relatives and guardians will deter them. The doting instructress teaches them much more than the proper way to curtsey, she imparts, instead, the secret wisdom of the way of the flesh.


'Laura' is a sort of diary of an extended family, including a number of servants and friends, in which erotic behaviour appears to be the main calling. It is understood that women should act submissively towards men, gratifying their every sexual whim, and that they should also seek erotic stimulus from the females they encounter daily, whether these are relatives or servants. Training, or journeys to 'perdition', with the help of a leather strap, or using a birch, figures largely in the maintenance of this society.

Maude Cameron and Her Guardian

"A modern narrative, being the most refined description ever yet published of the sensual pleasure to be derived from the humiliation and chastisement of young ladies. Written by a gentleman expert."

While there is some debate as to when this book was originally written, it is most certainly 'written in the style of' other Victorian erotica found on this site.

A retired gentleman finds himself responsible for the upbringing of a young girl. Being of a sexually dominant nature, one thing leads to another...

Midnight Intimacies

Explicit incest novel first printed in a limited edition of some 150 copies, each hand numbered.

"There's no denying the vigour of the contents, even if they stray at times from the moral standards of the modern age. To a significant extent, of course, such deviations are a desirable asset, considering the main aim of the erotic genre being arousal. However, do not expect a meaningful plot here, even the achieving of consistency is sometimes an expectation too far. This book concerns the intimate exploits of a vigorously endowed young man and an erotically demanding young mother and her daughter. The role of the latter, as might be expected is that of a willing pupil in the amatory arts, and in addition to descriptions the direct involvement of the mother and daughter we are given the mother's complex life story. In the traditions of the genre this becomes an entr'acte, essentially an end in itself. Most common forms of activity are included here, and all-in-all the work is a good-natured romp."

Miss High Heels

Female Domination of Men

The Transgender Classic! Mother Nature sometimes imprisons a female in a masculine body. Miss. High Heels is the beautifully written, deliciously slow-paced sensual revelation of how Dennis Evelyn Beryl metamorphosed into the lovely Denise Beryl. "A must read novel for everyone fascinated in this subject."

My Grandmother's Tale

This Victorian tale of a nubile girl's erotic awakenings is a captivating, lighthearted and often humorous romp that explores her ever growing sexual desires. A stimulating look at the breathless pursuits of young adulthood. Needless to say, the Birch takes a prominent role in the erotic adventures.

Phoebe Kissagen 1866

When Sir Charles passes away suddenly whilst in the throes of passion with his favourite concubine, he leaves her, Phoebe, and her friend Chloe a sizeable sum each which they use to embark on a new life. And what better mode of investment is suited to these to two sirens than to established a house of ill repute in one of the capital's finest districts. Providing a talented bevy of lithe young creatures and with each room equipped with a peep-hole our two proprietors can espie the unconventional comings and spendings of their lustful clientèle. Witnessing and partaking in all manner of deeds debauched and deviant, from group-menages, to lesbian tribadism, mutual gamahuching a'la soixant neuf, to rear-side ruttings, our hostesses will taste the rich quintessence of high-society salaciousness and reach peaks of orgiastic pleasure.

Randiana, or Exitable Tales

A long-censored erotic classic. What turned the Victorians on? And how did a rich British Lord with money and time to burn while away the days between charing meetings of the local society for the suppression of Vice? Here is what life was like when the rich were wealthy and the poor had to turn to prostituton just to earn a crust of bread. From ball rooms to bordellos, look beneath the glittering facade of Victorian hypocrisy. And enjoy some of the randiest adventures ever penned.

Raped on the Railway (1894)

Raped on the Railway: a True Story of a Lady who was first ravished and then flagellated on the Scotch Express is an anonymous English pornographic story published in 1894 by Charles Carrington under the imprint 'Society of Bibliophiles' or 'Cosmopolitan Bibliophile Society'. The victim, a married woman, is raped by a stranger in a locked railway compartment and, in a trope common in later Victorian pornography, is depicted as ultimately taking pleasure in the act: she is then flagellated by her brother-in-law for the latter transgression.

Realistic Pleasures Gathered from the Diary of a Sybarite (1900 - 1901)

(Later published as Amatory Episodes in the Life of Sir Clifford Norton and Others - 1935)

The book contains five chapters, including 'Miss Birchem', 'Mr. Spanker', and 'The House of Flagellation'. One detects an obvious theme, with variations.

Sadopaideia (1907)

Being the experiences of Cecil Prendergast, undergraduate of the University of Oxford, shewing how he was led through the pleaseant paths of masochism to the supreme joys of Sadism.

Stays and Gloves (1909)

Female Domination of Men

Due to family bereavement and the subsequent remarriage of his mother, a boy is sent to an elite English boarding school. Lady Flayskin, the headmistress, requires all her pupils, boys and girls, to dress as girls. As the subtitle suggests, figure training and deportment are cultivated through tight corsets, high-heeled boots, and kid gloves. Discipline is enforced through the vigorous application of birch and whip. Whilst cross-dressing is a feature of this novel, the central chapters focus on the subjection of a haughty young aristocrat, Miss Virginia Malville.

Tales of Fun and Flagellation (1896)

This interesting publication was "privately printed for subscribers only". It is a diverse collection of anecdotes and storiesf f/f/f, M/f, and F/f flagellation.

"Perhaps this truly realistic volume may be better appreciated, and the authoress trusts her friends will agree her that actual realism is beautiful, enjoyable, whilst the half-and-half stuff of authors who have not the courage to put the finishing touches to scenes of love and voluptuousness, is simply unfit to lay upon the family table, and not good enough to read with, our most intimate friends."

The Adventures of Lady Harpur (1885)

The wealthy, aged Lady Harpur narrates her sexual initiation and adventures during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Known to her friends as Queenie, Lady Harper was the daughter of a rich plantation owner in the West Indies. There, the passions are as torrid as the Trade Winds. Before Queenie is very old she learns how the local gentry while away the hours in languorous loving. Eventually Queenie will be kidnapped and ravished by pirates, survive a shipwreck, and come into wealth and title when she meets, beds and weds Lord Harpur.

The Autobiography of a Flea

A Victorian-era erotic novel, narrated by a flea who tells the tale of a beautiful young girl named Bella, her sexual curiosity, and the people who take advantage of her ignorance. The novel serves as both erotica and also as a piece of anti-church propaganda by portraying members of the priesthood as immoral, manipulative and hypocritical.

The Beautiful Flagellants Trilogy (1907)

Book 1 of the trilogy [books 2 & 3 still required!]

The 'Beautiful Flagellants' trilogy recounts the travels and erotic adventures of a Frenchman who progresses through Chicago, Boston and New York. Our hero had been introduced to the pain and pleasure of being birched by a childhood governess, and his tastes quickly graduated to the extremes of such fustigation, after a promising start in France.

The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

Once again , one of our readers has come up trumps by providing a scanned copy of this anonymous 'Victorian' erotic work. Beatrice purports to be a Victorian memoir, and one famous edition has a scholarly introduction on its 19th Century origins, it is in fact more likely to be a product of the 1960s.

The Life and Amours Of The Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival (1903)

This surprisingly explicit sample of Victorian erotica follows the sexual awakening and subsequent adventures of its author, Kate Percival, the 'belle of the Delaware'.

The Memoirs of Dolly Morton

The story of a woman's part in the struggle to free the slaves, an account of the whippings, rapes, and violences that preceded the civil war in America, with curious anthropological observations on the radical diversities in the conformation of the female bottom and the way different women endure chastisement is a pornographic novel published in London in 1899 under the pseudonym Jean de Villiot.

The Merry Order of St.Bridget (1868)

In this graphic unveiling of 19th-century sexual adventures, Margaret Anson, a submissive handmaiden to the notorious Marquise St. Valery, describes the orgies at the Chateau de Floris, where the elite women of Paris submit to the subjugations and exotic indignities of the flesh that trigger ecstatic sensations. "Do you remember how we used to indulge in whipping on the sly, when Madame thought we were in bed? That was a very untutored way of proceeding. I have learned better since, and I can tell you that the passion for the rod is one which grows."

The Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux

Lisette inherited her mother's beauty and her father's patrician elegance. But, in addition, she possessed a most ingenuous mind and personality. There was nothing in Lisette's childhood to indicate the path she would take in her later life. Her loving parents lavished every affection and gift upon this dear girl, and they employed a diligent and sympathetic governess who never spoke a harsh word to her precious ward, even in the event of misbehavior. By the time she was eighteen, she knew as much about punishment as she did about lovemaking, which is to say, nothing. However, her destiny was being shaped by the grim fates who measure out and cut the thread of life for all mortals.

The New Ladies' Tickler

(or Adventures of Lady Lovesport and the Audacious Harry)

In a series of letters we learn about innocence being replaced by more and more exciting and aggressive sexual adventures.

There are two couples: Lady Lovesport, the widowed mistress of a vast estate, and her tireless lover, Mr. Everard, Lady Lovesport's niece, Emily, a delightfully virginal and curious young girl of quality, and her lover, Harry, who is audacious. At first the youngsters find their way to each other, but are soon taken in by the older couple to form a close-knit circle in which flogging is not the least of the excesses.

The Nunnery Tales

Nunneries have long been regarded as bastions of goodness and selfless service - with a dark underbelly of unbridled passion and sexual deviance. In 'The Nunnery Tales', a lusty young man enters into a convent disguised as a pious young woman - and all hell breaks loose.

The Pearl

A Journal of Facetiæ and Voluptuous Reading

Here we faithfully reproduce The Pearl, in its entirety, and includinng the lesser known 'Christmas Annual 1881 - To The Swivia', but without the original seven shillings and sixpence purchase fee.

The Power of Mesmerism (1891)

The Power of Mesmerism is a Victorian erotic novel that was originally published in 1891. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. This risqué fictional foray into the nineteenth-century boudoir will finally put to rest the age-old presumption that the period was frumpy and repressed. A must-read for fans of steamy Victoriana.

The Romance of Lust (1873 - 1876)

'The Romance of Lust', or 'Early Experiences' is a Victorian erotic novel published anonymously in four volumes during the years 1873–1876 by William Lazenby.

This novel may well represent the highest moment in nineteenth-century sexual imagination. An unabashed portrait of a classic erotic drama, it is considered by critics of the form to be an unparalleled and wholly satisfying reading experience. A very dirty book, with an opportunity for some dirty sex at every turn. Not for the squeamish or prudish though. Has incest, paedophilia, gay and lesbian sex, uncles, aunts, moms, sisters, strangers, nannies - and all very well done.

The Story of Monique

The Story of Monique explores an underground society's clandestine rituals and scandalous encounters that reveals the sexual rituals that beckon the ripe and willing Monique.

Venessa, or The Vicar's Girl

"In a sedate rural village in late 19th century England, the beautiful Vanessa lived quietly with her brother until the day the lustful local vicar took her in hand. In time, the modest hamlet became a hotbed of passion as Vanessa turned her newfound skills toward luring other households into their secret coterie."

Generally attributed to our good friend Anonymous, this tale is attributed to 'Mandeville Hardaway' by Blue Moon publishing, about whom we know nothing.

The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume I - Volume II - Volume III - Volume IV

Classic Victorian erotica. Beware girls, when this guy is around. Refuse his love and see what he will do. He commits an unnnatural act by force and she enjoys it so much, that she asks for it and not the other, second time around. In later parts, the heroine becomes so depraved that she helps her ravisher to seduce other acquaintances whom she too enjoys.

The Yellow Room (1891)

The genuine Victorian novel that began this anthology, a very rare opportunity to read this period spanking (i.e. birching) novel, smuggled out of the 'smutty books room' at The British Library.

Puritanically brought up, Alice finds herself taken into the household of an Uncle who claims the right to expand her education.

Two Flappers in Paris (1922)

Published pseudonymously, this classic work of erotica delves into the steamy Paris underworld of S & M clubs, orgies, and prostitution in the early 1900s. Considered scandalous when it was initially published, the tale follows two daring young women whose sojourn in the City of Light takes an unexpected turn.

Venus in the Country (1895)

"A naughty Victorian era bodice ripper. Delightful."

"An outstanding example of one of the Victorian erotic classics most of us were barred from reading for close to a century."