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Introduction to Saxon-Web Spanking Stories : These stories of sexual discipline and corporal punishment have been written by over twenty different authors so you are sure to find a style and genre to suit

The Spanking Pictures Galleries : spanking pictures, caning photos, victorian bdsm pictures, punished schoolgirl pictures

Saxon-Web Anthology of Victorian Spanking Erotica - Introduction : Free online Victorian spanking novels, discipline of wives, husbands, fathers, daughters, cousins and maids, featuring birching, whipping and BDSM.

Spanking Forum : Saxon-Web has been hosting a spanking forum since 2004, new members always recieve a warm welcome.

Saxon's Spanking Biography : This page contains Saxon's Profile, Saxon's spanking history, how Saxon met his spanking playmates, bio and biography


Visitor Participation : The following visitor participation pages are our online games and competitions.

Spanking Caption Competition : Just take a look at the pictures below and use the form to tell us what you think they are saying.

Spanking Chain Story : A series of spanking stories created by you, the reader, one line or one paragraph at a time.

Female Spanking and BDSM Fantasies : Research into common female spanking fantasies from childhood into adulthood.

Readers Writes! Spanking Photo Stories : A selection of the best suggestions that we have received for possible 'Amy' spanking photo-stories.

Saxon-Web Spanking Survey Comments Page : The following are an anonymous selection of some of the more interesting comments that have been sent in on our spanking survey forms.


Spanking Reference Pages - Help and Advice for Spankers : This section of the website concentrates on the very real issues that spankers and potential spankees all face.

Erotic Spanking - a beginners guide : Explanations, hints and tips for people curious about erotic spanking

Spanking for Pleasure - Spanking Hints and Tips : Good erotic spanking is an art form and requires skill, practice, and an empathy with the bottom.

Self Spanking - Selfspanking - Self-Spanking : Hints and tips for self-spanking enthusiasts - self spanking hints, tips and tricks.

Shades of Submission - Might you be a Submissive? : there is nothing different about someone who wants, from time to time, to be submissive.

Spanking Role-play Tips : Have you ever felt like acting out a fantasy, but were too shy and embarrassed to try it?

All in the Mind - spanking without the pain : Fitting somewhere between Roleplaying, and trying real life bare bottomed spanking for the first time, there is 'another way'.

The Adult Schoolgirl Fetish : The image of a naughty, school uniform clad, adult female draped across my lap as I lower those school knickers with relish.

Erotic Humiliation : Burning with Shame - Notes Towards an Understanding of Erotic Humiliation

Personal Adverts : Looking for a spanking partner?  Maybe you would like to meet someone for occasional spanking fun?

Spanking Safety and Precautions : Many submissives are in their 40s before they muster the courage to act out fantasies they have had since childhood

Spanking 'Tails' of the Unexpected : This page is meant to function as a "heads up" to some of the things that could go wrong during and following spanking play.

Online Safety and Meeting Advice : Provided a few basic precautions are taken there is no reason why you should not thoroughly enjoy your journey through kinky cyber-world

Answers to Spanking Problems : I have created this page in response to some of the more commonly asked questions in spanking and BDSM relationships.

A Beginner's Guide to Spanking a Woman : I decided to write a little bit about what I know of spanking women. I would expect the advice to work in pretty much the same way for a woman spanking her guy.

A Beginner's Guide to Being Caned : So what makes it so scary? It's a light stick, and you grow beans up it. But now curve one end into a crook-handle. Now it is not a piece of cane, it is A Cane

A Beginner's Guide to Being Birched : The potential for 'a taste of the birch' among CP devotees lies in the type more commonly used in the schools and upper class homes of Victorian England.


Spanking and Erotic Discipline Implements : The following pages deal with various 'tools of chastisement'. The pages are full of helpful hints and tips on how to create and use them.

Spanking and Erotic Discipline Implements - The Tawse : In Scottish schools the instrument was referred to, by pupils and teachers alike, as the strap or the belt.

Spanking and Erotic Discipline Implements - The Birch : This page is a description of how I made a birch rod, along with one young lady's account of the results.

Spanking and Erotic Discipline Implements - The Paddle : Paddling is often used as a rite of initiation is American college fraternities and sororities.

How to Use a Cane - Erotic Caning : Advice on caning, flexing a whippy cane, light cane can be used to great effect, apply a cane correctly


Real Life Spanking Experiences : real life spanking experiences, spanking true story

Real Life Spanking - First Time Experiences : These are a collection of true accounts of first time spankings. They all share the fact that it was a first time experience for at least one of the subjects.

Real Spanking Experiences - Defining Moments : This page exists to encourage you to share your story with the spanking community. What was your defining moment, when you knew that spanking turned you on?

Real Life Spanking Experiences: Patience : Two canes, ineffectual when resting quietly, they still scare me. One light and stingy, the other - a brute. Which one first for 'six of the best'?

Real Life Spanking Experiences - Celia - True Story : This is a true story in which I tell how I met Celia and how our interest in spanking developed.

Real Life Spanking Experiences - Desirable Discipline - True Story : real life spanking experiences, true spanking story, domestic discipline, wife spanking

Real Spanking Experiences - Little Truths : I was a little girl when I realised that I was fascinated by spankings. My ears used to prick up if I saw them on TV or in a film, but I never got any myself.

Real Spanking Experiences - CK's Story : My own childhood memories of spanking were not pleasant ones, but I suppose that's the point. I was an only child and my parents were always afraid they would be over indulgent. So to compensate for that, they were very strict with me.

Real Spanking Experiences - Tony's Childhood Accounts : This story is completely true and I credit it as one of the things that got me into spankings.

Real Spanking Experiences - The Swimming Lesson : I was pushed down over the bench, she held me down by pressing her hand on my back and then she started to spank my bare bottom.

A First Caning : I never expected the cane to hold much thrill for me. I went to a school where girls were never caned.

THE Caning - The Mother of all Canings : This is a true story. CAUTION: severe caning... expectancy of the 'baring of bottom'... the senior cane... Six hard strokes of the authentic two-tailed tawse...

My First Real Caning will Linger : The cane fell again, the severity rising but I was feeling a change, a yearning to feel it.

'Brief' Encounter by Cherie : A female submissive writes about meeting with Saxon after a period of online interaction.

'Brief' Encounter by Cherie - Saxon's Reply : Saxon replies to a female submissive's view of meeting with him after a period of online interaction.

First Encounter : I was about to meet, for the first time, the stranger/friend who already knew in great detail, not only all the implications of what I wanted and expected from him but knew precisely what I needed, indeed what my misbehaviour demanded from him.

First Meeting : A female submissive writes about her thoughts and fears during a first face to face meeting after connecting with Saxon on the Internet.

Coming Out (as a spanko) : While in the corner she was undressed, and her clothes neatly hung up. Soon she stood naked, her face pressed into the wood. Then over his lap, and spanked. It hurt.

My First Spanking Party : You have been a bad girl, I said (she was in school uniform). Knickers on or knickers off?

The True Spanking Story of Buntyjane : This is the true story of an adult 12 year old... account contains Adult/girl age-play, spanking, paddle, slipper, cane, oral and anal intercourse.

Taken in Hand : real life spanking experiences, true spanking story, wife spanking

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