'Tails' of the Unexpected - When Spanking Goes Wrong

This article is designed to function as a "heads up" to some of the things that could go wrong during and following a spanking. It is not a set of dire warnings!

Most of the time, a spanking occurs (be it he or she!), both parties enjoy themselves, the bottom gets red and/or stripey, lots of fun is had afterwards, no one else hears or sees the action, and tomorrow both parties are looking forward to a repeat performance.

But, just sometimes, things can go wrong. This page is here to let you know about those possibilities in order that you have the opportunity to avoid any pitfalls, and generally 'be prepared'.

This first tale comes from a young lady who has a problem with exceptional bruising. She is married, but it is not her husband who does the spanking. You see the problem? I'll let her take up the narrative...

Because strap marks last such a long time with me, my boyfriend and I decided to investigate the effects of a cushioning layer on the derriere. Our hypothesis was that welts could be avoided if the strap did not contact bare skin, and it was proven beyond doubt. But oh dear, the bruising!

I'm going to get strapped this morning. Thought I'd send you a 'before' pic in case it turned out to be the first of a series.

I'll send them and write notes separately. 2 with work in progress and one four hours after. Hope you 'enjoy' them. We used about half a tube or Arnica but I know the bruising will be much worse tomorrow.

The bruising has developed even more in the last hour - now 5 hours post. The other thing to note in this pic is the strap mark below my left buttock. This is the only one that landed on bare skin. I bet it will outlast the bruising. There's a good object lesson for you. The raised welts from the flogger and the petechial bruising are interesing. I got 60 in all, and was very sorry by the end of it. We were experimenting to see if whacking a covered bum could avoid the welting, if not the bruising, and actually we succeeded very well.

A prolonged strapping over clothes - no welts, but mega bruising.

This was a severe strapping. After a warm-up spanking I was secured by wrists and ankles  over a chest-high stepladder - bent, but not to a right angle. My bum was protected by knickers and, more importantly, four layers of double knit sweatshirting - 5mm thick, wrapped around me like a very short skirt. The strap was a stiff leather dress belt between 30 and 40mm wide and about 4mm thick, and it was used doubled over.

We progressed in sets of five, expecting to get not much past 20. My bottom is quite generous, but it was obvious every square inch of it was going to get hit again and again and again, and I wondered what the effect would be. After every five my boyfriend stopped to let me settle down a bit, to smear me with arnica cream and to survey the damage before deciding whether to proceed. Oh okay, he did a few other things too, but we won't go into that. Let's just say he was enjoying himself very much.

From the first set of five my bum was a uniform bright red and it didn't appear to be getting any redder as we progressed. A few white raised welts formed, little blobby things. We got to 20 - to 30 - to 40. Still no stand-out welts, but a single red strap-mark below my left buttock where I accidentally copped it on the bare skin. And by now the bruising was just starting to show, especially on the hips where there is less padding and where the end of the belt landed. At that point we should have stopped no doubt, but we were having fun, in a strange, twisted way. But by 60 I'd well and truly had enough.

The photos we took at the time were unremarkable. Seen one red bum, you've seen 'em all. The most riveting pix of the day were of raised welts on my upper back from a so called 'soft' suede flogger, which my boyfriend entertained himself with between sets. I yelled and complained far more about that flogger than about the strapping, but the ridgey appearance of the welts disappeared quite quickly leaving thin red lines.

By the time I went home my bum was no longer red, but the bruising was forming by the minute and it was clear more was on the way, arnica or no arnica. You can feel bruising before you see it. That, we have learned, is what you should look out for - the dense, swollen consistency of bruised flesh. (Now if anyone finds THAT description arousing - shame on you!)

Would I do it again? Well, not tonight Josephine. Ask me again in a month. :-)