Spanking Reference Pages

This section of the website concentrates on the very real issues that potential spankers and spankees all face. You may want to find someone to put across your knee for a spanking, or perhaps you are hoping to find a safe and sane lap to place yourself over, or having found the opportunity and are wondering what to do next. Based on accumulated knowledge and experience, I hope you may find these pages interesting and perhaps even useful.

I NEVER claim that the advice given here is the only, or 'the right way', to do things, it is simply my personal take on the issues that I and my contributors have faced ourselves, and how we have overcome them.

Spanking Guides Index

Beginners Guides Section

These pages have been written by Saxon in an effort to help people who are thinking of getting into spanking, or getting into more advanced erotic discipline such as Caning and Birching.

Real Life Spanking Experiences Section

These pages have been written by guest authors. They describe a variety of typical experiences that may well be relevant to other people in a similar position, or you may just enjoy reading them.

Spanking Implements Section

In here you will find pages dedicated to, the Cane, the Paddle, the Birch and the Tawse.

Spanking and BDSM Advice

No, not definitive, officially authorised manuals, just our own experience and techniques written out in the hope that some of you find them useful. Included are a page on spanking your playmate, and another dedicated to spanking yourself.

Self Spanking Tips

Following on from the help on spanking, this page aims to help those who must or prefer to apply the spanking sting to their own bums.

Erotic Spanking

Without getting into serious BDSM activities, there is a valid level of sexy spanking foreplay. This page attempts to mollify the nervous, and guide couples on their way to adding a little spice to their sex lives.

Shades of Submission

Are you submissive? 'A Submissive'? Provocative thoughts on who is, or could be, submissive...


Hints and ideas for loosing your inhibitions, and maybe becoming someone else for the duration...

Ageplay within Spanking

Some thoughts and confessions on this deepest and darkest of intimate acts

All in the Mind

Fitting somewhere between Roleplaying, and trying real life bare bottomed spanking for the first time, there is 'another way'. Your partner is willing to "give spanking a try", but is unsure whether the 'pain' will be too much?

Adult Schoolgirls

Linking into the roleplay theme, this page delves into the erotic and ethical facets of this favourite of adult spanking fetishes.

Erotic Humiliation

A few notes towards an understanding of Erotic Humiliation, written by severine. The author hopes to provoke readers into responding with their own thoughts and experiences.

Personal Advert Advice

Not real adverts (they can be found on the Forum), but a string of examples of how it should be done, and some real horrors that will never work!

Spanking Safety

This page discusses the potential problems that can arise if you are disciplined over-enthusiastically.

Tails of the Unexpected

This page is meant to function as a "heads up" to some of the things that could go wrong during and following a spanking.

Meetings and Safety

The end result of many visitors web-search is a meeting with an 'equal and opposite'.  Here I hope to encourage safe thinking and a little caution.