It's All in the Mind

Fitting somewhere between Roleplaying, and trying real life bare bottomed spanking for the first time, there is 'another way'. Your partner is willing to "give spanking a try" (she loves you to bits and will do anything to please you!), but is unsure whether the 'pain' will be too much? A very common scenario.

Put simply, do a dry run. Go through all of the excitement and trauma, but don't mess with her bottom, play with her mind! The following essay has been submitted by Mike (a writer who has some excellent spanking stories up in the Fiction Section) and it demonstrates what is possible, rather well...

BDSM Mindgames

By M J Sellars

True Life Submission - "...but no Pain Please"

This is an account of play I devised with a close woman friend. Lets call her Rosanne. Professionally she is a pro domme (the best exponent with a cane I’ve ever met). I once asked her whether in private life she was essentially dom or sub, and to my surprise she admitted to being submissive. When I asked her if she would like to play with me, acting the sub herself, she agreed but explained that she wouldn’t take any pain at all.
Apart from the name, this is a true account. The play has been enacted several times, and developed so that something new is introduced each time.
Roseanne absolutely loves it. (And so do I).

I decided on a ‘schoolgirl in detention’ scenario. Rosanne already had a schoolgirl skirt and knickers, and was able to dress very fetchingly. She also had a fully equipped schoolroom in which she was normally the schoolma’am and wielded the cane herself. I made her bunch her hair on each side of her head, which made her look about 20 years younger. Superb!

When she knocked and came into the room I made her stand in the middle, eyes cast down and hands clasped in front of her body. I walked around her, checking if she was clean, tidy, shoes clean, skirt straight, socks pulled up. Hands held out for inspection. I stood very close to her, quietly talking. “Of course, I’m a most proper teacher, wouldn’t dream of touching a girl, or doing anything suggestive with her. And the inspection would not include her underwear. If you think I am doing something improper, then it’s only in your imagination.” I lifted her skirt and looked at her knickers, checking the material to be the coarse schoolgirl cotton type, dark blue. “And I certainly wouldn’t touch her blouse. I wonder if you are imagining yourself being undressed?” I unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She wore no bra. “Of course, I wouldn’t actually find out that you were improperly dressed, but in your own mind you know you deserve an extra punishment for wearing no bra. In your mind you know you should be spanked. Well, in your mind, perhaps you really WANT to be spanked. Perhaps in your mind you are imagining yourself over my knee?”

I rolled up the right sleeve of my shirt.

I took her by the arm and led her to a chair. I gently pulled her and she lowered herself across my lap. I lifted the skirt again. “Of course, if I WERE spanking you I wouldn’t need to take your knickers down, but perhaps you are imagining me doing it?” And I pulled them over her legs and drew them off. “In real life, Rosanne, I wouldn’t be checking your knickers, but perhaps you are hoping I would, hoping I’d notice that wet patch in the crotch?” Whenever we played this game she would already be wet. Who would have believed a simple inspection by a fully-dressed man would turn her on so much?

The spanking was the most gentle possible. Just the lightest of taps. But she absolutely loved it. Not the feel, but the idea. After a while I said I hoped she wasn’t being turned on by this. “Of course, I would never in real life TOUCH you between the legs, but perhaps you are imagining me touching you? To check that you are not sexually excited. Naughty girl that you are!” I slipped a hand in between her thighs, and she was running wet. I bent over her head and put the fingers in front of her nose.

I whispered very quietly in her ear “Oh, Rosanne! How you disappoint me. You are really the most evil girl. You really need to be punished. Stand up!” When she was upright I stood close to her, still whispering. “You deserve to be caned, Rosanne. I’m going to give you six strokes of the cane. And I want you to feel the sting of the cane. I want your senses to be alert. I want your skin to be ultra-sensitive. I would never DO this in real life, but perhaps you are imagining it? Imagining me running my hands over your body.”

She is only wearing a skirt, with shoes and short socks. I run my hands over her plump upper body, stroking ever so gently, trying to make her skin ultra sensitive. Her breasts are wonderful, full and rounded and warm. I lift her skirt and take a bottom cheek in my hand. I stroke it and suddenly squeeze. “Imagine the cane, Rosanne! Soon it will be stinging as if a thousand bees were stinging you. Pain such as you have never imagined.” I have one arm around her, gently hugging as if to protect her, while teasing first one buttock then the other with my right hand. And still whispering in her ear.

I look into her face as I unbutton my shirt and slip it off. “I would never undress in your presence, Rosanne, but perhaps you are imagining me stripping to the waist?”

I send her across the room to select a cane from the basket. She knows I’m watching her intently, though she looks modestly at the floor. She hands me the cane. I point to the small chair and she stands in front of it. “Bend over!” She settles her feet a short distance apart and bends to hold the seat of the chair. She is very subdued. I lift the skirt and pull it high over her back. I take up position at her left side and tap her naked bottom with my cane. “I’m going to give you six.” After several taps I hear her give a little sob. I pull back the cane and swing it hard down onto a cushion I’d placed on another chair just behind her. It makes a loud “thwack” sound and Rosanne flinches.

I repeatedly tap her bottom and thwack the cushion until she has in her imagination taken all six strokes. After each one she makes a little noise, a gasp or a sob or an anguished cry. At the fifth she half stands up and clasps her bottom as though she can’t bear it any more. I have to say “Bend over!” a couple of times before she reluctantly grasps the chair again.

After more teasing she goes over my lap again. More spanking (gentle tapping in her case). I don’t spank all over her buttocks. I concentrate on the rounded part low down, the most fleshy part which is nearest to her genital area. The shockwaves from the spanks go straight to the mark, the centre of all the genital sensors and she is increasingly turned on. Without prompting she eases her legs apart a little, and my spanks go nearer and nearer to her most intimate place. Legs go further and further apart, and my finger-tips flip right onto her labia. As I continue to spank directly onto her labia she gets more and more excited, until I feel her shuddering into a huge orgasm.

Next comes the application of soothing cream. “Of course, Rosanne, I never treat your wounds myself, though I may send you to the sick room.” She lies on her tummy on the sofa and I fold her skirt carefully out of the way. I cover both cheeks with cream and gently spread and massage the cream to cover the whole area. As soon as I near the thighs, though, she eases her legs apart. My fingers slip into the divide and I spread cream into every nook and cranny. I linger over her labia, and fingers slide inside, as if by accident. She is still wet, and I can tell she is near another orgasm. Time passes, my fingers never still, slowly and gently working their way around inside her until the next orgasm arrives. This time it is less intense, but goes on for ages. With one hand still inside her I lean over and press her bottom cheeks together, pressing all her most sensitive places hard onto my fingers while she quivers.

And this is the woman who claimed that she never had more than one orgasm. Well, she does now, every time we play.

Later Rosanne told me what she had been thinking during the “caning” episode. Although she had complete confidence in me and knew I wouldn’t hurt her, she felt to be living through a real experience. The excitement and fear were intense. All the elements were there, including submission to a figure of authority, exhibition of her naked buttocks, fear, and eventually pride in her success in taking all six strokes. And the most unexpected feature of any pain session; she felt a huge surge of affection for the person who inflicted the pain, and gratitude to him.

The spanking, on the other hand, was pure pleasure for her. And the pleasure became deeper the nearer she got to orgasm.

By that time we were both intensely turned on, and the sex was fantastic for both of us. We have played this scenario many times since, and it just gets better and better for us both, and the sex better and better. Mindgames. All in the mind!

By the way, I’ve played this same game with three other women, all of whom have simply loved it.