A Taste for Leather


This page has been created with input from a number of submissives who appreciate the use of leather implements.


There are two distinct elements in the use of a leather implement for corporal punishment. For a great many people, boys and girls alike, the sight and sound of a belt being unbuckled and slipped out through waistband loops can mean only one thing. The age old maternal phrase of 'just wait until your father gets home!', more often than not meant a meeting of parental leather and tender juvenile bottom. Additionally, Scottish and Irish schools retained the used of 'the tawse and 'the strap' respectively for many current readers to remember well the fear instilled by them. So, to many people, leather implements carry strong psychological reverberations.

When asked what they preferred to be spanked with, other than a hand, 8 out of 10 practising submissives responded with something made of leather (the other two elected for a traditional wooden hairbrush). Generally speaking, leather implements produce a warming, burning sting which begins gradually before building to scorching. Most leather spanking toys are at least and inch wide and often more, thereby spreading the impact over a wider area of the bottom. This means that an individual spank is quite bearable, nothing too intense, and so the spanking can progress for a significant period before becoming unbearable.

To quote one young lady, "To me its always a sigh of relief when the leather appears for it is, compared to other implements, a soft and gentle tool. Wood springs to mind with its bruising thud ...shudder."

And another responds with, "Paddles, of any material, don't do much for me, I can't 'connect' with them. Strap and Tawse are much better, sound better and feel better! However, the belt does it for me, accessible and visual. It could be the 'old-fashioned' link to its use, I think? And a constant reminder? I know I'm going to regret saying this but, mens knees, hands and belt were invented for my use!"

But make no mistake, in due course any leather implement will produce a bright red, well-spanked rear.

As to the application, the dominant can be reasonably relaxed during the spanking, secure in the knowledge that a well-aimed stroke will do no lasting damage. Obviously there a degrees of severity, and the flexible nature of - especially a belt - means that there is scope to strike undesirable areas other than the nicely padded fleshy buttocks, and so a degree of care is called for. But, with due consideration for the recipient, a leather spanking can continue for a satisfactorily extended period of time.

The Implements

The Belt

A commonly used and easily obtained item - tradition would have it Fathers have used them through history, a wide leather belt striking fear into many a child, and indeed, wife. Hanging behind a door, the recipient was often sent to their room to await their fate, and it is also associated with 'the woodshed'.

There is a risk of wrap-round with a belt and therefore they are often doubled up, leaving a loop at the business end (negating the possibilty of the 'whip effect' which can cause nasty welts on the flank, and enabling better control. Belts are supposed not to leave bruises or welts, but but if it twists in the air it can land edge-on, which isn't pleasant. The thicker the leather the heavier and more intense the stroke, but more easily controlled. A belt stroke feels very different from any other implement, somewhat 'softer', if it can be described in this way! The cumulative effect of many repeated strokes is a very hot, sore behind.

The Tawse

A variation on the strap or belt, said to come from Scotland historically. Traditionally they were more often applied lengthwise on open palms of misbehaving pupils, as well as rears. A tawse is a long flat strip (or sewn strips) of leather that is split into two, three of even four tongues. These tongues land independently, like multiple strap strokes, and make it very painful. Shorter tawses may be used on individual buttocks at a time, while the longer versions can be applied across the entire bottom. A tawse can leave welts and bruising if the ends are allowed wrap around the buttock.

The Leather Paddle

One step on from a belt, a short wide piece of leather with a large wide face rather like a table tennis bat. It delivers over a wide area in one stroke, and can easily be used in the OTK position. Again the thicker the leather, the harder the stroke. Light paddles can be an absolute joy and a relief from the squirming for the spankee. Because of the width though, generally each stroke overlaps the last, building up to a intense stinging ...and worse.

There are dozens of leather paddle designs available, differing in shape, size, and thickness. Studded (!), engraved, holed, coloured, and any other variation imaginable. Each to their own, everyone appreciates the varying sensations that each produces, but they can be quite expensive so be prepared to pay to be experimental.


A crop can be used like a cane, in which case why not use a cane? But more usually the leather loop (slapper) is applied to produce quite a small but intense attention-grabbing sting, and to various parts of the body.

Floggers, Whips, Cat-O-Nine-Tails etc

Often leather made, these are thongs of leather bound together either loosely as in cat-o-nine tails or together in the case of a flogger. Loose they can deliver many little stings over a wide area in one movement, they can - I believe - even cut the skin in the wrong hands, or when used on the wrong body part and depending on the grade of leather. But in general the multiple thongs land simultaneously and feel similar to a thuddy strap. There are many variations of size and weight (severity), but with care the lighter versions may be used on many erogenous parts of the body, including thighs (esp tender inner thighs), back, breasts, and vagina.

A single-tail whip is more towards the BDSM area of TTWD. My feeling is that whips are for those far more into pain than our typical spanking afficionado, and consequently only brifly mentioned here.

Quality Counts

Extreme care should be given to buying a leather implement. Some of the cheaper products are cheaply made and can cause damage in use. Flimsy, leather with rough badly sewn edges will lead to cuts and abrasions if used with any force. Rounded edges, are a must, with a substantial handle and sturdy stitching. Buying from the higher end market will, ultimately, be the wiser option for quality and durability

Some manufacturers recommend keeping implements oiled to maintain suppleness and longer life, consideration, to this, must be given to buying and using the right product.

As for severity, a reputable site will advise on this, from light through to severe, from paddles through to Prison Straps.

The thicker and heavier the leather is, the more severe the sting, without the need for much force. This could be said for all leather implements. Some straps are doubled over and sewn into a handle, not for the faint-hearted. Whips and the martinet can be used gently or not, depending on the user, and produce a burning sting rather than a thud of pain. The Tawse and straps, similarly, depends on technique and skill. The build up of the sting is quick and painful and stays long after the punishment stops.

Paddles, again would be graded, from light for playing gently, and heavy, for those who wish to 'test' their limits. Many are used for 'warm up' before moving on to a harder paddling.


The use of leather discipline implemts reverberates throughout recorded history, with results ranging from breaking the skin all the way through to death. But the erotic versions of all these leather implements have a much wider use, from gentle, sensuous teasing, to a sound punishment. Leather is a popular choice with those who indulge in BDSM becuase, in the hands of an expert, a flogger can evoke varied responses from sensuous teasing to burning pain. As leather is a skin, and used on skin, this, in my opinion, must be considered the reason for it's popularity.

For anyone exploring the use of leather in a relationship, the implement can have its own language. It speaks of trust, when used gently, the tails, face, and edges skimming over the skin. A warning as it bites, building towards the finale, by which time the recipient is relaxed, into the use it was intended for - punishment.