Erotic Caning


Taking a CaningMany people are (rightly) fearful of "The Cane". At school I was subjected to its full potential as an instrument of punishment, when caned by the headmaster. The Internet carries many images of badly welted buttocks, whose owners will be wearing parallel bruises as medals for many days if not weeks. Not for me, thank you very much!! And, I suspect, not for many of you either.

HOWEVER! A light cane can be used to great effect in a play-scene. Picture the scene, your playmate stands before you, trembling slightly, genuinely nervous. You have agreed that she is to received her first caning, albeit a fairly gentle introduction to a new disciplinary implement that has intrigued and enthralled you both for years. She is correctly dressed, the very epitome of a naughty schoolgirl, crisp white blouse, dark grey pleated skirt, white socks, and even her old school tie. And now the role play begins...

The Cane

Firstly, and of crucial importance, a cane carries that mystical quality which fills the potential recipient with awe and makes them decide to be "very good indeed". To stand a girl in front of a desk, and to lean back in a chair, slowly flexing a whippy cane while delivering "the lecture of all lectures", is a powerful scene. In fact one does not even need to wield the cane in anger, to produce the desired effect. To threaten its future use is often enough to get the juices flowing.

Local sex shops, including Ann Summers, often carry a stock of 'play canes'. These are both light, and very bendy. Serious caners will dismiss these articles immediately, but to novices, they present an ideal starter.

The length of a cane requires that it's recipient must be positioned at least an arm's length away, and in a variety of positions. I know that many spanking recipients prefer the 'secure' feeling of being placed across a knee for punishment, however, there is an added eroticism in being positioned to receive the cane. A heightened sense of vulnerability, which increases exponentially as she feels her chastiser moving around behind, and the eerie swish as a practise stroke slices the air.

Make no mistake, to apply a cane correctly requires rehearsal! Do not expect to be able to step in and vigorously whack away at the proffered bottom. Begin with air strokes. Get a feel for the balance of your wand. Use a soft cushion or pillow and test your strength and accuracy, the depth of impact will give a good indication of the equivalent sting which will be experienced.

When you are finally ready to try your hand at real live flesh, I suggest you lay your sub down on a bed, with a pillow or two under her hips to raise them slightly. This position helps with accuracy, and you can move on to the traditional "touching toes" position later. I find that I prefer not to stretch the bottom skin too tightly with a severe bend, my preference is to position the submissive across the edge of a bed or chair arm, with her feet on the floor, with something like a 45 - 90 degree angle between trunk and legs.

Begin with taps, give your sub a chance to become accustomed to the feel of a cane on her rump. Make no mistake, the sting is quite intense and very different from a hand-spank. Very gradually, and very carefully, increase the length of your swing. Concentrate on your timing, not your strength, and be very careful with your accuracy. As any racquet player will know, power and therefore sting comes from the wrist.

When you are ready to apply some real sting, DO NOT try a full-arm swing as depicted in photos, this will almost certainly result in a badly aimed welt on back or thighs, and you will likely put your lady off the idea for life. An unerotic, but reasonable safety precaution is to cover those areas with folded towels. But a turned up skirt and thick knickers bunched around mid-thigh work quite well, and that this arrangement is visually appealing comes as a bonus.

Try a few strokes, perhaps up to half a dozen, spaced at least half a minute apart, and leave it at that for the moment. Give your submissive time to absorb the sensations over several hours or even days. The initial sensation of pain is quite intense, and it takes practise and experience to accept and absorb the sting, and then prepare for the next stroke. Different bottoms respond differently too. Some will recover very quickly, leaving no visible marks in the morning. Others will welt and bruise easily.

In the early days concentrate on the cerebral effects with role-play, careful and specific positioning, and with plenty of verbal communication. With care and above all, patience, you will both discover a whole new world of erotic discipline.

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As I have made it known that I often like to use a light cane for sensual discipline sessions, and I am able to do so without leaving lasting bruising, I have been asked by a number of people to explain the technique. I was prepared to do so when time permitted, however in the course of events I have come across a web page which describes this subject in beautiful, and very expert, detail.

With thanks to Bob and Raven, follow the link below for "All you ever wanted to know about Sensual Caning (but are afraid to ask)":

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