School Punishment

by RG

I was 10 years old and I am now nearly 39.

Pete and I had thought it would be fun to play truant. Pete was my boyfriend, strong, good looking, envy of other girls. I had to keep him. Unfortunately we were seen leaving and the search started.

I remember walking back into school, fear gripping me.

We waited outside the Head's office and heard the words 'come in'. I remember him slightly touching my hand. Looking at me. He knew what was coming. Not new for him.

As I entered, across the desk lay a leather strap and a long cane with crooked handle. I felt a tremble.

Sir proceeded to lecture us both. I remember a few words like 'wasting time' and 'needing to be punished' but frankly the rest I did not hear.

Sir then said to Pete to step forward and drop his trousers. I was beyond scared. Pete was then asked to bend over and something was said about leading me astray.

I wondered what knickers I was wearing. Did I wear the school ones? Oh no. I couldn't remember.

Sir picked up the strap. 4 hard stinging blows were made to his butt. I could see him tensing.

He then stood. His hands rubbed his tender butt. Sir then spoke to me.

Then he asked Pete to again step forward as his punishment was not over. Pete had played truant before and had been warned. Sir then said for Pete to bend over and drop his pants. What, bare I thought? Panic yet excitement. I had never seen Pete before like this. His butt glowed from the strap.

Sir picked up the cane. He asked Pete about this. Pete had never had cane he said. Pete's voice quivered. Sir said that 6 of the best was in order as it was not the first time. He had not learnt his lesson.

The tapping started. I remember the swishing sound, the swoosh-bang. And a yelp from Pete.

I could not see Pete's face from behind. Pete was whimpering I could hear.

Then the final blow. Pete was asked to stand. Gingerly he did. He wasn't sure whether to cover boyhood or grab his stinging butt.

One hand for each.

Sir then spoke sternly. And asked both of us to leave. How did I get off?

I never was caned - somewhere in me lies the desire to receive the punishment I deserved.

Not long after this Pete and I ended.