Real Spanking Experiences

These are a collection of true accounts sent in by visitors to this website. They should not be assumed to be examples of how things ought to be done, but they highlight the tensions and trepidations of meeting someone with a spanking in mind.

Personal Experiences Index

Patience - Megan's recent experience - This is a true tale of a recent event.

Laptop Spanking - Desktop Caning - This is an accurate account of real and keenly remembered events that took place several years ago. It was certainly not the last time the young lady was bent over to be caned.

Beks - My Schoolgirl Spanking - This is a largely true story, told to me by a girl I know. Although a very sorted girl, it took her a few times before she started to really answer the "how did you start this?" questions, and the whole thing is thrilling.

Bunty Jane's Tale - This is the true story of an adult 12 year old. The lady in question has my great respect and gratitude for sharing these personal recollections with us...

Celia - This is a true story in which I tell how I met her and how our interest in spanking developed.

Desirable Discipline - This true life account describes how, after confessing her spanking needs, her partner 'went through the motions' in order to please her. What happened next came as something of a surprise.

Taken in Hand - Emma’s account of how confessing her spanking needs to her apparently vanilla husband has resulted in a wonderfully fulfilling spanking relationship for both of them, with advice to others who find themselves in the same position...

Defining Moments

Recollections of the childhood spankings that triggered a lifetime of erotic spanking...

First Timers

A collection of true accounts sent in by visitors to this website. They all share the fact that it was a first time experience for at least one of the subjects. Generally the most thought about, and the most traumatic event in a spanko's kinky life, what these accounts show is that there is no reason why it should not be a positive one...

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Naughty Girls

Naughty niece Christy

Naughty niece Christy Cutie thinks she's doing Uncle Paul Kennedy a favour. But when she tidies his desk she disturbs his important work, and he's very disappointed in her behaviour. This calls for some physical punishment. A firm hand spanking over the desk helps her consider her actions. But is it enough? Uncle Paul instructs his naughty niece to pull down her knickers and jeans so he can deliver some hard strokes with the strap.

Naughty Boys

Misbehaving male - Sent to the Dean

After being caught out of bounds, Alexander is lectured on his behaviour, then bends over for a firm spanking with the wooden ruler. When he protests the Dean gets angry, and demands he return to his position to receive a more severe punishment – this time on his bare bottom.