Desirable Discipline

by BoPeep

This true life account describes how, after confessing her spanking needs, her partner 'went through the motions' in order to please her. What happened next came as something of a surprise...

A while ago I was with an army boyfriend who has since unfortunately been posted abroad. I had told him about my love of spankings and he had manfully obliged. Although not a born spanker, he was, nonetheless, a self confessed 'arse-man' and to be fair, any opportunity for him to survey said part of my body had to be a bonus in his eyes, no matter what the reason.

Anyway, I quickly got to find out that he had a way too gentle hand. I'd lie there, face down, thinking "I could be doing my nails right now. Wow, look at that mark on the carpet down there. Oh, was that a slap? Sorry, I missed it." Still, I reasoned, maybe it's a slow start and he'll catch up. Maybe he's scared of hurting me. "Hurt me, you idiot..."

He also had a habit of saying to me "Say sorry," and as much as I wanted to withhold the word until the following day if it got me more spanks, somehow it would always just slip out and it would be over.

Well, one day, we were out in his car. His driving was awful and I took it upon myself to tell him so. He got lost and wouldn't ask for directions so I pointed out the error of his ways there too. As a quiet man, he didn't let on much that he was getting progressively more provoked, and somehow I managed to miss it. Until he pulled over in a lay-by, turned to me and ordered:

"Get in the back. Now."

I raised my eyebrows and smiled and did as he said. He joined me. Here I was, in for yet more gentle bottom slaps. But hang on a minute... He looked way less nervous and way more stern than normal. Something had shifted. He told me to bend over his knee. Now, previously, he'd pulled me down firmly and helped me over there, not just told me to bend over. I just sat there, looking at his lap. I couldn't move. I was frozen to the spot.

He said, as if reading my fantasy mind: "Obey me."

So I did, somehow. It would be rude not to if someone puts it to you like that!

I think it took hours for me to make myself drop forwards and stretch myself out into position. I thought I'd die of shame. Or pleasure, I'm not sure which.  I felt as he slowly lifted my skirt and smoothed his hand over my panties, meticulously straightening them out into place. Then he lifted his big hand and brought it down with a sharp slap. I was startled. This was way harder than normal. "Well done!" I thought. He had large hands and they could cover most of my bottom, so he raised his hand again and brought it down harder in the same place. Again, again, and again. This was more like it, I thought. One or two even made me gasp a little. I put my hand back to cover myself and he pinned it into my waist, pulling me further into him.

"No you don't!" he growled at me.

I was impressed. He spanked me several more times and then stopped.

"Don't stop now", I thought. He ran his hands over my hot cheeks and I flinched a little. Mmmm, delicious. He then hooked his fingers into the waistband and started to pull my panties down over my pinkened skin. I gasped. I lay there, waiting, but he was in no rush. I was so ashamed and yet excited that he was contemplating my sore bottom just laying there before him. Then, I felt his hand brush my naked bottom and then leave it again, to be brought back down with another sharp crack.

"I like this," I thought, "carry on".

He spanked me over and over, painfully but delightfully, and then stopped and said, "I'm going to spank you until you are ready to look me in the eye and say 'Sorry, sir.'"

Now, hang on a minute. Hadn't it used to be just 'Sorry'? What's with the 'Sir? I can't do that. He didn't know it but that word has such a mental block for me. There's just no way. I just can't. I lay there. I said "no". I said "never". He started to spank. And spank. And spank. On, and on, and on. Harder and harder. He stopped. He asked me if I was ready to say it.

I said, "never, ever, ever."

A battle of wills commenced right there and then. This was really hurting now and had gone way past warm and stingy into the territory where it would be felt for several days. I began to get lost in it, and hardly noticed when he'd stopped and sat me up and had his hand under my chin, saying, "Well?"

I mumbled "I can't...." It sounded like a little girl whine. He sighed.

He pulled me right back down despite my yelps and started the task again. I was dissolved in the experience by now. The spanks were all melting into one long fiery pain. I didn't know he had it in him to do this. I hated him. I loved him. I hated him again. I wanted it to stop, and carry on forever. I wanted to escape, I wanted him to stop me escaping. I never wanted to see him again. But I wanted to marry him on the spot. For the first time in my life, I slipped into that other, delicious space.

I was only vaguely aware as he sat me back up again and said, "Say it."

I looked at the car seat. "Sorry," I said.

He sighed and flexed his stinging hand. "Sorry what?" he demanded.

"Sorry............sir" I wrenched out of myself. I spoke to the upholstery.

He was going to be cruel one more time, as he directed : "Look me in the eye and say it."

I couldn't. I just couldn't. He'd have to kill me first. I shook my head. I felt myself being firmly bent right back over his knee. I was as pliable as a rag doll. My skirt had fallen down and he flipped it back up. I started to struggle as he started to slap my sore bottom over and over again, hard. Constant.

Somehow, somewhere, some time later, I found myself looking him in the eye and dragging out, "I'm. Sorry. SIR."

He breathed one long breath. I dropped to my knees in the back of the car, my panties still bunched around my lower thighs and my skirt tumbling down over the stinging hot skin. I wasn't crying, but I had tears in my eyes and my mind was in the moment. At that time he could have done anything he liked, but what he did do was to lift me onto his lap and crush me into him.

He said, "Come here, little one."

I buried my face into his neck as I came back down to earth, and when I did, it was with the biggest smile he ever saw.