Those Defining Moments

(That very first spanking memory)

If you ask anyone with an interest in erotic spanking, they will probably be able to point to one particular event in their lives when they were struck by the realisation that 'spanking' turned them on. No one can be certain if that formative event 'made' us a spankophile, or simply awakened an innate desire, but from that time on we knew that physical chastisement, and the exchange of power surrounding it, was erotic.

There are some who have never actually been spanked in their lives (but live in hope), some others who were physically punished as children but derive no pleasure from the memory at all, and some who were punished in a particular way or by a particular person, or in a particular place. But they all have a tale to tell of how one single event, such as witnessing a friend's or relative's punishment converted them into lifelong spankophiles.

For many, the realisation is an uncomfortable one. Surely it must be 'sick' to get off on seeing someone being punished, or wanting to be punished? While some people are able to get past this hurdle, and indulge their fantasies to the maximum, others try to bury their dark thoughts and desires. But those thoughts and fantasies never go away. Alone in bed, the old familiar images of that childhood moment come sneaking back, and the sexual arousal becomes apparent.

Readers' Accounts

Many visitors to this site have expressed their feelings in this way. They have spent years feeling perverted and dirty and alone, and it is not until the Internet shows them that there are tens of thousands of other 'perverts' out there that they can finally come to terms with themselves, and enjoy the extra dimension erotic spanking between consenting adults brings.

This page exists to encourage you to share with the spanking community. What was your defining moment, when you knew that spanking turned you on? Hopefully, your stories will help other people to come to terms with their own hang-ups.

Write your (true!) tale down in an email (or Word or text file) and send it to me. I will publish it here for others to read, anonymously of course. It need not be long, and if requested I can re-write it if you feel your language or writing skills are not up to scratch.

Congratulations go to CK, both for inspiring the idea, and having the courage to provide what we hope will be the first of many....

WARNING: The details of many of these events may well seem overly severe or even barbaric by today's standards, and you may find them upsetting. Their severity is likely to heighten your sense of shame at gaining erotic pleasure from it. But there is a small but very important difference between the reality of children being punished in this way, and our desire to echo those chastisements between consenting adults.


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