Childhood Memories

By Mike

I was born in the late fifties, and as a boy who grew up in the sixties was spanked as a way of life that was normal to that time period. My Mother, Father, next door neighbour, school teachers and some friends' Mothers all have spanked me at some time, and quite often on my bare bottom. At that time you were still a child until your mid teens, and even if still at school at fifteen or sixteen and broke the rules, you had a good chance of being punished.

This story is true, believe me, and led to my sexual interest in the art of spanking. I would have been twelve and a half at this time and had gone through puberty at about eleven or so, and had developed in many ways leading to adulthood, but still a child most of the time.

It is very relevant to tell you that since the age of six I had followed on television the Dr Who program from its beginnings. In 1969 the series had ended with a complete change of cast, and would return in colour with a new 'Doctor' character for the following season. One of the last Doctor's companions was a young schoolgirl from our future called Zoe. She was supposed to have been about fourteen years of age, but in real life was played by a twenty year old actress called Wendy Padbury. One of her costumes was a silver cat suit, and my friends and I discussed the fact that the suit was tight and maybe she didn't wear anything under it. This was quite exciting for pubescent schoolboys, and honestly she was a big sex symbol to boys like me.

This day we were going swimming at our local swimming baths, these baths where getting on in years a bit and always in need of some repair. This time they had closed the ladies changing rooms, and because of this it was only open to schools and not the public. They staggered the times the differing sexes were allowed in as there was only the men's changing area open, so this swimming trip was all boys.

There were three females sitting in the entrance lobby, two about sixteen years old and one older, about mid to late twenties. One younger girl was a spitting image of the character Zoe, and I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't her, same style hair, nice big eyes, big smile, but it wasn't Zoe. The girls were being taught spring-board diving by the older woman as part of a school championship contest, and would be using the pool at the same time as us.

The men's changing area normally had two large changing rooms to it running side by side, this day one had been blocked off by a big wooden concertina type frame that was bolted to the floor and ceiling, this had a door in one of the centre panels. On the door was a sign saying "Women Only", obviously for them to change into swimming costumes. When we boys had changed and gone into the pool area there was a dividing rope across the middle of the pool and we were not allowed past it to the deep end and where the girls were going to practice spring-board diving. We had to put up with the shallow end. It didn't go down well with our party, but our teacher Mr Simmons said we must put up with it, as it was still a trip out from school. As we were being lectured by Mr Simmons about our complaining, my friend pushed me towards the pool trying to knock me in, the second time this happened I side-stepped him and he fell in himself to lots of laughter from the other boys. I was given the blame and told to go back and get changed because I wouldn't be swimming today. 'I didn't even get wet', I moaned to myself as I walked back to my clothes, then I heard voices, women's voices. I stopped and listened, they were coming from the other changing area behind the blocked off room.

Now I was getting naughty thoughts, they will be changing into swimming costumes, my Zoe will be taking her clothes off. I tiptoed up to the screen to see if anything was visible. There were gaps between the panels and I could see movement behind them in the changing room. When I stood really close to one gap I had a nice clear view, my Zoe was dead centre with her teacher just behind her, there was little to see of the other girl as she was over to one side, but Zoe and her teacher where stripped down to their bra and panties and were removing these too. I was mesmerised, soon they where completely naked. I was seeing real women naked, right in front of me. I was also getting an erection, and it was trying to break out of my now tight swimming trunks.

Suddenly the older woman pulled my Zoe to one side, and I tried to follow with my eyes to see where they had gone. They had now put on their swimming costumes, so I had decided perhaps I had better move away as they would be coming through to get into the pool shortly. Suddenly my view of the room through the gap in the panel went black. The door was to my left and side and it shot open and a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. I had been caught.

The teacher had a grip on my arm and had a look of thunder on her face, she asked one of the girls to go and get someone in charge. When she came back it was with the pool manager, a woman who looks after the running of the pool during school time. I had thought she would get Mr. Simmons and not her. I was denying the accusation that I was spying on the girls getting changed, but Zoe and her teacher said they had seen me pressed up against the panel and looking through the gap. The more I denied it the more annoyed the teacher and the girls got. The Manager said she would report me to my teacher, but this teacher had had enough by then, because I was still denying spying on the girls and her. She still had hold of my arm but suddenly took hold of my swimming trunks with the other hand and pulled them down to my knees and pointed out the erection I still had. I was utterly stunned, the room fell silent and all four women stared at my erect penis. 'See' she said 'I think that's proof enough', 'and I will take charge of this'.

Saying this she dragged me towards a bench that was against a wall in the room, it was about waist height with red leatherette padding on it, and it was some sort of bed, big enough for someone to lay on it if they needed to. By the time I was marched up in front of this bench, my swimming trunks had slipped from where my captor had left them, down past my knees, and around my ankles. They now lay on the floor just behind me, and I was completely naked.

I was still stunned by what had just happened and didn't fight her or resist what she was about to do. I was pushed down over the bench, she held me down by pressing her hand on my back and then she started to spank my bare bottom. This was to be the hardest and most painful spanking I had ever had up to that time, that includes my Dad spanking me, and the slipperings and canings I'd had from teachers at school. The spanking seemed o go on for ages, each slap sent a sharp stinging sensation on to my bare bottom.

When at last I was allowed to stand up all I could do was rub and rub my sore bottom trying to stop the pain. The whole area felt red hot, and I had forgotten that four females looked on at this naughty boy as he danced around trying to rub the stinging away.

As I began to realise my situation I was unsure if I should cover myself up or not, I wanted to be invisible to the staring eyes of the two girls, who were still wide mouthed looking on at me, I even hoped Mr. Simmons would come into the room to rescue me and take me back to the other room. I felt really embarrassed by my situation, being caught spying, and being seen naked and then spanked in front of a room full of females. The manager now took charge, she picked up my trunks and handed them to me and I held them over my private area, she said I had better go into the other room and change before my teacher missed me. I did as I was told and walked to the other room with my head bowed in shame.

'Zoe' from Doctor WhoLater as I was changing, the pool manager came over and asked to look at my bottom, she said she was first aid trained and wanted to check to see if the spanking had been too harsh. I had taken off my trunks and put on my underpants and shirt. I turned away from her, lifted my shirt up and slowly eased down my underpants to show my still stinging red bottom once more. She reached out and touched the area lightly with her fingers and slowly moved them over my bottom. This felt nice and cooling to the heat that was still throbbing there. She told me this would be enough punishment for what I had done and my teacher Mr. Simmons wouldn't be informed of what had happened. With that, she drew her hand away and brought it back in contact again with two hard quick slaps, one slap for each cheek. I jolted upright as the pain shot through me, she then told me I deserved all that happened to me in the other room and hoped it would be a lesson well learned. She turned and slowly walked away leaving me alone once more to pull my underpants back over my spanked bottom.

The thing is, later that night at home, I stood trying to see what marks were still visible on my bottom in my bedroom mirror. I felt aroused again, as I remember seeing my Zoe and her swimming teacher strip, I remembered her pert breasts and how I didn't realise females had hair surrounding their private areas like men do. I was getting sexually excited at the thought of them seeing me with an erection and how they all stared at me in silence, and even the thought of them seeing me getting my spanking turned me on.

Later as I slept I had a strange but vivid dream I still remember to this day. The dream was in black and white, just like an old Dr. Who program. In the dream I crept passed the Doctor's Police Box space machine, and into a cave. There, the character Zoe, was being held fast by two Cybermen, (half men half robot-like creatures) she was being questioned by a man as they all stood in front of a control panel. Zoe was facing the panel and the man was getting angry with her, he signalled to the Cybermen and they pulled at her silver space suit and it tore away from her body leaving her naked. The man pushed her across the control panel held her down and started to spank her bare bottom, as he spanked her he repeated his questions. I ran forward to rescue her and pushed over the Cybermen who were too heavy to stand back up again, the man seeing this ran off. 'Zoe' from Doctor Who, with CybermenZoe stood naked in front of me rubbing at her bottom. I took her hand and we ran out of the cave back to the waiting Police Box. Outside, she thanked me and hugged me, her naked body touching mine. She invited me inside, took my hand and led me in. As the doors shut behind me I realised I only had my swimming trunks on and Zoe was now pulling them down, she looked down and I had an erection which I had developed as I watched her getting a spanking. She took hold of my hand firmly, now she had a cross expression on her face. The room inside the Police Box looked just like the changing room at the Swimming Baths and in the centre was the red leatherette covered bench I had been bent over and spanked. Now Zoe was pulling me towards it, and I noticed that there were other girls, some naked, some in swimming costumes, and they were all looking at me. As I was bent across the bench again I woke up and the dream ended there. I had climaxed at that moment; it was my first real wet dream.

What I really wanted now, was to see a girl my age or older have her bare bottom spanked, or for me to do the spanking, to see what it felt like to spank a female on her bare bottom. The adventure had begun....