Little Moments - Childhood Memories

by BoPeep

I was a little girl when I realised that I was fascinated by spankings. My ears used to prick up if I saw them on TV or in a film, but I never got any myself. I do recall once being nine years old and being in the house with my grandmother, who stayed with us at weekends. My friend was round to play and told my grandmother and I that she had just been spanked by her father, with his slipper. I remember being jealous and I recall my grandmother taking an interest and asking:

"Did he make you touch your toes?".

I had a mental image of that and wondered what it would feel like to actually put yourself into position. I fervently wished it had been me, but it never was. Around the same time, maybe a year later, I was looking through my gran's stuff whilst she was out of the room. It was something that I should not have done, but I found a Mills and Boon novel and put it inside my jumper and ran off to my room to read it.

All the way through the novel, "The Savage Touch", I was intrigued by the masterful nature of the man in question. Immediately I knew that it turned me on even though I didn't know what that even meant. Eventually I came to a page where the heroine of the novel is cheeking the hero and he says: "Remind me to spank you sometime." I couldn't believe it. ADULTS could get spanked?! No way!! I avidly read on until I found what I was hoping for: she finally gets exactly what he's promised. The words stated "And before she could do anything other than utter a startled yelp, she was hauled unceremoniously over his powerful thigh and on the recieving end of several stinging slaps to a particularly vulnerable part of her anatomy."

I was stunned. It was delicious. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Up until that moment I'd presumed that kids got spanked by adults, and that because I'd reached the grand age of ten years without anything like it, I'd "missed the boat". Here was a book telling me that my dreams didn't have to evaporate as I grew up, but could, in fact, be part of my adult love life too.

I must have read that book ten times. My grandmother never saw it again, I just couldn't let it go. I began scouring the second hand shops for similar books and became adept at flicking through the pages until I caught a glimpse of that wonderful "s" word....! I found many, but nothing has ever lived up to that initial moment of realisation that I got from that very first, now very dog-eared, little book.