First Encounter

by redruth

The true story of a first encounter with a new Dom. I have deliberately kept his identity hidden, partly to keep you lot guessing and partly to honour his anonymity. If he wants to reveal himself to you, by adding any comments or remarks, then that is his privilege. I do not mind.

Weeks of preparation, e-mails, personal messages left on Saxon and phone chat's were about to culminate. I was about to meet, for the first time, the stranger/friend who already knew in great detail, not only all the implications of what I wanted and expected from him but knew precisely what I needed, indeed what my misbehaviour demanded from him.

The Encounter

I stepped off the train and quickly lit a cigarette, hoping to finish it before I reached the ticket barrier so he wouldn't catch me smoking. I stood looking at the many strangers around me. He had a pretty good description of me, whilst I had very little to go on. Suddenly I spotted someone looking at me very sternly. My stomach dropped to somewhere near my knees and my half smoked cigarette was immediately discarded. 'No, that can't be him' I thought to myself 'he wouldn't look so fierce for a first encounter, would he?' My eyes were drawn back to his though, and I gulped when the stern look was momentarily replaced with a smile and a nod. The butterflies in my stomach were rapidly replaced with alligators. There was no doubt but that he had seen me smoking. We walked quickly towards each other, hugged and said "Hi," I felt simultaneously both safe and scared.

The stern look was back on his face and I felt very much like a naughty 12 year old. "Was that a cigarette I saw in your hand?" he asked calmly.

Thinking 'oh shit' I nodded agreement, my heart sinking.

"It will be taken into account" he confirmed. "Come on then." he barked "We have another train to catch."

With that he marched me along for about ten or fifteen minuets, through town, to the next train station. As I struggled to keep up with him a thousand questions buzzed through my head but his very manner said 'no talking'.

On the platform awaiting the arrival of the right train we chatted a little and slowly I felt the panic subsiding, though my mouth was very dry and my heart was beating double time, I was having fun. A lot of what I was feeling would have been felt on meeting someone for the first time. Knowing that this someone would shortly haul me over his knee and spank me only added to the excitement and intensified my feelings.

The train arrived and for some unknown reason it was far more crowded than I had been expecting it to be (I mean I didn't expect it to be crowded but it was). However we managed to find seats opposite each other but we both had people sitting on either side of us. "It's too noisy to talk in here, wait until we get off" he said sternly, one look at his face and I nodded my agreement, mutely, again feeling very much like a naughty school girl. We rattled along noisily for around fifteen minuets or so before he spoke again.

"How are your butterflies?" he asked gently.

"Still fluttering" I responded with a shy smile.

"Good. So they should be. We will be getting off in about ten minuets. So we are about twenty minuets from getting started." With this, he raised his fore finger. "Now shush" he commanded.

The butterflies in my stomach had metamorphosed back into alligators and I was simultaneously wishing the time away whilst putting the brakes on and wanting to flee. A few moments later I noticed his hand in mid air, gently rotating from side to side. Anyone looking on might think he was asking if I felt okay but I could see from the look on his face that he was in fact imitating what his hand would shortly be doing to my bottom. I felt my face turn crimson, convinced that everyone on the train knew what we had planned, then blushed again as I realised it was other cheeks that would soon be turning red. His eyebrow lifted questioningly as I looked at him, so I knew he expected some response, I just nodded my head slightly and he seemed satisfied.

Before I knew it he was towering over me "Come on then, we are here." he said, lifting down my case.

I reluctantly trotted after him and was frog marched to his car. Five minutes later we were at the house and my panic was in full flow. I sat in the car looking at the front door, almost paralyzed with fear.

"Out." he snapped opening the car door. "Now. Quickly." he ordered, when I didn't move.

That broke through to me and I stumbled up the path behind him as he opened the front door.

"In. Sit." he barked showing me into his front room.

I obeyed in an instant adding automatically "Yes Sir."

"Good. Now then, are you sure you still want to go ahead as planned?" he asked gently "You can back out if you want to."

I assured him I wanted to continue and after a tour of the house I went off to freshen up after my very long journey, whilst he made a welcome cup of coffee.

The coffee was long gone when eventually he said to me, "Ready?" and I nodded my consent.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I admitted with a grin.

"Stand up." he barked wiping the grin off my face as I instantly obeyed. "Why have you been sent to me?" he asked sternly, in a voice reminiscent of any headmaster I have ever heard.

"To be punished Sir." I muttered looking dejected at the floor.

"Look at me when you speak to me." he ordered.

Slowly I dragged my eyes up to meet his. "Better. Now. I asked you a question, answer me proplerly."

"To be punished Sir" I confessed again whilst forcing myself to look him in the eye.

"I thought as much. You have the book? Hand it over." he snapped.

With shaking knees I passed over the punishment book. My heart sinking as I thought about all the entries in it, because he had been away for awhile. Kicking myself for my misbehaviour and heartily wishing I had been more sensible I stood shamefaced awaiting his verdict.

"Well now, this is quite a list young lady." he looked at me as if I had disappointed him.

"Y,y,yes Sir, I'm s.s.sorry S.sir." I stuttered, feeling ashamed of myself.

"You will be when I have finished with you. Very sorry indeed. I will not tolerate this behaviour and well you know it. Don't you?" he barked looking down on me.

"Yes Sir." I admitted timidly. Then he threw in the sixty million dollar question.

"So then. You have deliberately manipulated your way into this punishment book, by your blatant disobedience and defiance?" he demanded angrily.

I shuffled, uncomfortably from foot to foot, in a crazy quandary of repentance and rebellion.

"Well?" he shouted. "Haven't you?"

Sanity and repentance won through and I shakily stuttered "I'm sorry Sir."

he marched passed me "To late for sorry Sir, far to late." he said sitting in the middle of the sofa. "Come on, bend over." he continued, patting his thighs.

Heart thumping, without argument, I placed myself placidly over his knees. He adjusted me, until we were both comfortable and the slap, slap. One to each cheek soon followed by another and another.

My rear was just beginning to register the slaps were getting slightly harder, when he stopped and I felt him raising my skirt and arranging it carefully on my upper back.

Oh, the humiliation! "Sir...." I whispered embarrassed.

"Don't say a word, I haven't even started yet." he warned sharply.

Slap slap, slap slap, he continued where he had just left off. After about thirty to each cheek he removed my panties. Slap slap, slap slap, not only much louder now but harder and faster too. I started to squirm as the heat built up but he held me tight slap slap, slap slap...

"Ouch, ow, ouch." I couldn't help it, my whole bottom was on fire. My right hand left the carpet coming up to protect my stinging rear - big mistake! He quickly caught it up in the non-spanking hand and held it fast.

"Naughty, naughty." he teased "That means extra."

Slap slap, slap slap, they were coming hard and fast now. I wanted to beg for mercy but knew I wouldn't get any.

Finally he stood me up. "Nose in that corner and don't move. If I see you rub your bottom it will be the worse for you, understand?"

I nodded miserably.

"Answer me" he boomed.

"Yes Sir, I understand Sir." I managed to reply.

"What do you understand?" he asked menacingly.

"That I have to face the corner and not move, Sir." I tried.

"AND?" he prompted.

"Not touch my bottom Sir." I said, dying a thousand deaths.

"Good. Do so at your peril, we have not finished yet. Not by a long chalk." He sounded almost smug.

I stood in the corner, helpless but seething with barely suppressed resentment. Eventually the burning of my bum got through to me and the resentment slowly dissipated, leaving me feeling very sorry for myself. In the mean time I could hear him moving around behind me and sooner or later sensed that he had his back to me. I took a risk and quickly rubbed my throbbing backside, not knowing that he had positioned a mirror so he could still see me.

A little more time passed and I was sure I had gotten away with it. I heaved a sigh of relief and continued to wait for further instruction.

"Turn around." he ordered a few minutes later.

I turned slowly to face him and he stepped to one side, revealing the mirror. My heart sank as I realised the implications, exactly as he intended.

"What were your instructions?" he asked innocently.

My eyes dropped automatically to the carpet as I sullenly repeated the instructions.

"Look at me and repeat that!" he yelled.

For once I obeyed instantly.

"And did you do that?" he asked.

"No Sir." I admitted fearfully.

"No sir. No sir." he mimicked in a silly pathetic voice. "Right. Over this chair." He snapped back to his stern voice. "Come on, come on bend right over." he insisted, adjusting my position.

Whack, whack, he started as before, using the slipper now. It wasn't too bad to start with but before long it was again building up. I started to wriggle in discomfort.

"Keep still, or I will double it." he warned.

I forced myself to try to keep still but obviously I can't have done a very good job of it because he paused for a moment after twenty or so whacks to each cheek and said, "That is what you would have got if you had kept still but now I have to start again." And sure enough, whack whack, whack whack the slipper continued to make contact with my glowing bottom. The same followed with the strap and I was gasping and struggling internally to hold my position as expected. Twenty four to each cheek was delivered hard and fast then he stopped.

"Have you learned your lesson, missy?" he demanded.

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir." I responded quickly.

"Um. I'm not convinced." he said. "But I think you have had enough for now. We will give it a rest and continue later." He said in a voice that brooked no argument. "You may lower your skirt." He finished. I was just relieved it was over - for now.

We had some more coffee and chatted amiably about what had taken place so far, each checking that we were happy with the outcome of it. Then we had a couple of hours break (because he wanted to watch the football, but he told me not to tell you that or there would be a repeat performance of the whole thing, Whoops!!!) and enjoyed a meal together.

So a couple of hours later:-

"Stand up." he ordered, looking through the punishment book again. The reprieve was over.

"Bend over, hands flat on that table." He pointed to a low coffee table in front of the window.

"Wait." he stopped me as I walked towards it. "Upstairs, on the dressing table in the bedroom, you will find two hairbrushes and a large leather paddle. Go and bring them to me. Quickly now."

I went, hurrying on trembling legs, 'what was in store for me now?' I wondered, self evident though it appears. I returned and placed them in his outstretched hands with a gulp.

"Thank you. Now over." His head jerked in the general direction of the small table which had been moved into the centre of the room.

Trying, unsuccessfully, to slow my breathing, after rushing to do his bidding, I placed my palms down on the table. My skirt was unceremoniously thrown up my back, exposing my still naked buttocks.

Slap, slap, slap, slap the now familiar rhythm began, as the back of the wooden hairbrush met it's target, it continued as usual until each cheek had received about twenty four slaps then he changed tactics and would give the same spot two or three smacks before doing the same to the other cheek. On top of what had gone on before, this quickly became very sore and I was whimpering quietly. He paused for a moment and changed to using the other hairbrush which was of a similar size to the first one (like a small paddle) but this was a black metallic backed one and seemed to sting a lot more. This spanking seemed endless and once again he had to hold tight to my right hand, when it tried to cover my burning bottom. Eventually he stopped, after using the leather paddle to good effect and ordered me to the corner again, with the same instructions as last time. I had to concentrate so hard on NOT rubbing my fiery bottom, that I was barely aware of anything else going on.

The sting had hardly begun to diminish, when I almost stopped breathing in shocked, horror. Yes, there it was again - that unmistakable whoosh - it was the CANE being swished through the air. Now have I told you; I really, really, do NOT like the cane? Well be sure of this - I don't. I don't like the intensity and narrowness of the sharp sting it delivers or the bite of the after sting it leaves behind. So now I was really frightened and on the verge of total panic. In fact, it was on the tip of my tongue to call out my safe word and yet here I was, still stood helplessly with my nose in the corner. I tried to tell myself to calm down and every time I came close to success yet another whoosh sounded harmlessly from the other side of the room, causing my panic to mount yet again.

It was almost a relief to hear him snap "Come here."

I walked towards him and he met me in the centre of the room.

"Now. I want your hands, here and here." he pointed with the cane to either end of the mantle shelf above the fireplace.

"Sir please....." I attempted to plead.

"Now." he barked.

I followed his instructions.

"Good. See how easy it is?" He mocked as he intimated where he wanted my feet.

I was now bending slightly forwards with my hands and feet as far apart as they would go. It felt most unusual and unnatural and once again my face turned crimson with humiliation but he wasn't finished yet.

"Now." he said "Look into the mirror until we are eyeball to eyeball."

I did so.

"Do not break eye contact, understand?" he commanded.

"Yes Sir." I managed, heart thumping double time and some.

"Good. If you don't move and stay silent and maintain eye contact, you will receive a mere twelve. Okay?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Any deviation and no matter where I am up to I start again at one. Got it?"

"Yes Sir."

Whoosh one. Whoosh two. Whoosh three.

"Ouch." I whimpered.

Whoosh one. Whoosh two and so on. I don't recall how many times we started again at one, but eventually we got through to twelve.

"Well done. It's over." he commended.

"Can I lay on the sofa for a while please Sir?" I asked timidly.

"Yes, if you wish." he agreed calmly as he sat in the arm chair.

I settled myself, face down on the sofa gratefully, trying to come to terms with the pain in my now well striped bottom. He seemed to sense that I needed some recovery time and kindly left me alone for quite some time. Every now and again he would gently ask "Are you okay?" and I would merely nod.

Eventually he asked again a little more firmly. "Are you okay?"

I nodded.

"Then talk to me." He said his voice letting me know he meant it.

I simply scowled at him.

"Are you sulking?" he asked incredulously.

I kind of squirmed a bit, knowing I was skating on thin ice, but still managed to nod honest affirmation.

"Do you WANT some more?" he demanded.

"No Sir." I said mutinously.

"Okay. Sulk away. But be warned young lady, if you don't come and offer me thanks for taking the time, effort and trouble to take an interest in your discipline, fairly soon. You will get some more, make no mistake about it. You will approach me and thank me properly. Yes?" he said sternly.

"Yes Sir."

"Okay, don't take too long." he warned.

Now I had yet another dilemma, I was feeling very brattish and wanted to sulk, but how long was too long? I really didn't want to earn any extra. So I pulled myself together and forced myself out of the sulks.

I stood and faced him saying as convincingly as I could "I'm so sorry for my misbehaviour Sir. Thank you for taking the time and effort to correct me Sir." I held my breath fearfully, had I managed to pull myself together in time?

"Good. Well now it is done. I trust it will serve to help you focus in future?"

"Yes Sir." I said. And now, finally, the tears came, as he held and comforted me until I was still and content.

After some time had passed, I slowly went down on my knees in front of him, pleased with myself that I had submitted to his authority, heart and soul. There was but one more thing I wanted to do

"May I pleasure you, Sir?" I asked demurely as I unzipped his fly to release his still bulging cock.

Later, as his cum shot down my throat again and again I was finally perfectly content, in fact both of us were practically purring with content as we made our way to bed.

The meeting had been a success, and many more were to follow. But that's another story.