Coming Out

After years of self-denial, Claire finally dared to realise her dreams...

The Spanking

It was stuffy in the car. Not enough air. She opened the window, but soon closed it, too cold. She found herself gasping, trying to get her diaphragm to lift. Her hands were cold, and shaky. She felt light headed. This was really going to happen!

She had pulled about a half mile down a gravel road in order to change clothes. He had asked her to wear a skirt, (she had no idea why) and she couldn't leave home with a skirt on, as her family knew she only dressed up for church. She had just changed and was sitting behind the wheel zipping up, when a police officer pulled up beside her, to see if something was the matter. She was so rattled that he must have thought she was guilty of something, but she looked the opposite of guilty in her church clothes, so he drove away. She was heard to actually use a swear word, wondering what else would go wrong.

At one point she pulled over and sat, gasping, and whimpering with excitement and nerves, until she got herself under control.

She pulled into the lot, and saw their van parked to the side. She parked close by and sat, hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life. He got out of the van, and walked over to her car. She opened her door, swung her feet out, and looked up at him.

Oh my. Her breathing slowed, and she felt calmer. He was smiling; his eyes were twinkling! She found herself smiling back. She wondered if her legs would hold her when she stood, but she made it to the van, and sat in the second seat.

Introductions were made, John and Jean. With her agreement, they drove to a different parking lot, parking away from traffic in a far corner.

A little small talk, but most things had been talked out during the six months of email prior. They went over some things anyway, to be sure that she was willing, and desiring this. She was more sure every minute that these people were safe. Their careful communication, their courtesy, all added up to the right choice. No surprises.

Then, when everything was decided, settled, he turned to look her in the eye, and asked, "Can you submit?"

She sat in surprise for just a second, thoughts screaming in her mind. "Are you kidding? I've waited for 49 years to submit! Now when I have a chance I would say no? Are you nuts?!!!"

But out of her mouth came, "yes, that won't be a problem."

She sat with her knees together, her soft winter skirt almost to her ankles, her white blouse tied with a bow, her hands folded in her lap, her hair in a bun, the epitome of the church organist.

A good girl.

A good girl no longer. He turned in his seat, and pushed his hand up between her legs, clear to the top. Past the crotch of her panties, and into her pussy! She had automatically given way, leaning back, opening for him, but it happened so fast! And was so unexpected! Before the first gasp of surprise was out, he had three fingers in her pussy.

He didn't touch her clit, didn't pump in and out, there was no attempt to arouse her. She could hear him talking to Jean, but the voices sounded far away. She could barely hear them. She lay back in the seat, feeling him inside her, the world in the van was fuzzy, the world outside the van didn't exist. There was only his fingers, she was impaled on this man's hand. And would allow him to stay or go, as he wished.

After a while, she had no idea how long, minutes? hours? she heard him say to his wife, "I think we better take her home." And he withdrew, pulling her skirt down again as he left.

They drove through the city, talking to each other. She was aware of them checking on her in the mirror, not in a malicious or gloating way, but as if keeping watch over her.

Out of the van, into the house, up the stairs, and put into the corner. Things seemed more normal now, whatever affects from the experience in the van had gone, but her fear had also gone. Excitement and anticipation were left.

While in the corner she was undressed, and her clothes neatly hung up. Soon she stood naked, her face pressed into the wood. Then over his lap, and spanked. It hurt. She had had only one other spanking, and this one hurt! He spanked her bottom and her pussy. Her legs seemed to be apart. She didn't want to close them either. But each spank on her pussy stung!

She didn't feel very aroused, but the feeling of being bare bottomed and that he dared to do this, to give this to her, was feeding something inside her. Later she would call it fulfilling the need to be Dommed. The heat was building up, each slap on her pussy made her cry out louder. In the back of her mind, she knew he would stop if she asked.

But she didn't want it to stop, even though it hurt. It hurt badly, and she wanted him to continue to hurt her. That thought brought on serious crying. John and Jean thought she had had enough by her outburst, and she found herself in the bed, between them. Two people holding and touching and cuddling her.

And so it went, a day of firsts. Her first step to find what she needed, for herself as a person, not a wife or mother.

Her first wonderful taste of Domination, which turned out to be more wonderful than the stories she had been reading for three years. In fact, so lovely that, by inference, to be a submissive must be a good thing, if it feels so right to be Dominated.

Her first anal sex, something she had dreamed of for many years.

Her first experience of sex as something for her pleasure also.

Her first step out of the closet, and into the light.