Ageplay within Spanking


Many people, both men and women, like to indulge in a specific roleplay that involves one or both partners taking on the role of someone of a much different age to their real years. More commonly, this would involve one partner assuming an age that has key significance at some point in their past, while the other partner assumes a 'supervisory' role that naturally dovetails with it.

It is not uncommon for a participant to 'regress' right back to infancy, where the scene is embellished with diapers, feeding bottles (or flesh and blood nipples), cots, toys, and traditional infant clothing. Indeed, a small industry has sprung up in order to furnish these items in the adult sizes required. However, my own tastes do not go back this far and so I am not qualified to discuss the 'adult baby fetish' in detail. What I will say though, is to underline that while (like most fetishes) the scenario may appear utterly bizarre to someone who is not involved, certainly to the point of ridicule, I am completely at ease with the idea that a person might find comfort and solace in this type of roleplay.

My own preferences reside in the adolescent school years. Initially, this was not a problem since I was of similar age. However, as years passed and my fetish became more focussed, I became concerned that buried deep inside me was a wish to chastise young girls dressed in school uniform. These thoughts were hastily reburied as deeply as possible, but continued to surface periodically. It was not until I discovered spanking magazines on the book shelves that the complete detail of my fetish became apparent. I did not yearn to do unspeakable things to schoolgirls dressed in theirĀ  uniforms (I have since mentally tested myself through observation and found, to my relief, that children of this age do absolutely nothing for me!). No, what matters to me most is that the person wearing the white knee-socks, pleated skirt, striped tie and blazerĀ must be an adult.

While my early fetish realisations were heavily focussed on the physical act of spanking, it took a number of years more before I gradually began to recognise a desire to erotically humiliate my playmate. And I stress the term "erotically", and add that it must take place within a fully consenting arrangement. And so, it is the dressing up, and subsequent juvenile spanking of a grown woman that floats my boat. A long way removed from the rather worrying paedophilic overtones that "schoolgirl spanking" might suggest. It is a happy coincidence that more than a few women have a strong urge to be treated in this way.

Acting out a roleplay where at least one of the participants assumes a role much younger than their real age is commonly known as 'age play'. In theory, I imagine it is possible that a person could act a role much older than their true age, although I have never heard of it being done in a fetishistic sense except perhaps to embellish the scene for a 'junior' partner. As I stated earlier, one or more specific infantile or juvenile acts become fetishised, which by definition, means that those acts are sexually charged for the individual. A smacked bottom and other punishments may or may not feature within this roleplay, depending on the preferences of the participants, but spanking is not central to the scene. As I stated previously, age-play is not really 'my thing' but I vigorously defend the right of anyone to indulge if they enjoy it.

I like to bend a girl across my knee, get her organised, and then spank her bottom, usually on the bare. When I indulge in this fetish of mine, it is essential that my 'girl' is a willing participant. And more than just willing, she must actively be 'getting off' on such treatment, otherwise the act feels just as abusive as it would in a non-consenting scenario. Participating 'just to please me' is not enough, I need to feel that she yearns to feel my palm stinging her backside.

And as I allow myself to be carried along by the scene, any awareness of 'acting' disappears. I become that stern disciplinarian, and she becomes a naughty little girl who thoroughly deserves to have her bottom spanked. Completely regardless of her actual age.

I don't understand why it is so, it just is. There is no moment in my past that could possibly have triggered my fetish. I had no sisters, in fact very little female contact of any description with only the usual annual visits from distant cousins etc. All I know is that at the age of six, when a girl classmate was tipped face down across the teacher's knee to be spanked on her knickers, I was utterly transfixed. It only ever happened that one time, much to my disappointment. Obviously I was completely unaware of why that scene held such fascination for me, and it was not until years later, during adolescent 'boy moments', that my fantasies were invaded by scenes of corporal punishment of girls. So I was already fetishised at age six, with absolutely no previous experience of such events.

And so it is, that when I am spanking the grown woman across my knee, in my mind's eye I am dealing with an amorphous young girl. Many times it has remained this way, just a naughty secret that I keep to myself. Until when we know each other really well, one or other makes a few tentative comments about 'age', and it turns out that in fact she has been secretly regressing herself all this time, keeping her own 'guilty secret'.

Of course, once we are confident that our 'special thing' is not going freak our partner out, we find that we can explore all the subtle nuances of both our psyches and enrich the roleplay enormously. The back of the wardrobe becomes populated with clothing that doesn't quite fit properly, and is clearly designed for a much younger clientele. Behaviour changes. Suddenly she takes to stomping her foot when things don't go her way. She becomes childishly cheeky, or takes to poking and tickling in that way that only gleeful young girls do. Obviously she is hankering. Time to send her upstairs to get changed...