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Introduction to Novels


This website publishes online the full text of the best Victorian and Edwardian erotic spanking novels. Access is free and unrestricted.

With the publication of the now infamous 'Fifty Shades of Grey' it is easy to see that many people will imagine BDSM and erotic adult spanking to be a modern day phenomenom. Avid readers will know that spanking and whipping scenes have featured in numerous post-war novels, with some authors (male and female) known for a predilection in this regard. But historians will point to Greek and Roman artifacts depicting 'flagellation', although it is open to debate as to whether these images are of slave 'encouragement' or of erotic BDSM origin.

Of interest here, is the explosion of vintage erotica produced between the 18th and early 20th centuries, concentrated in France but also spread to England. Possibly provoked by the works of Marguis de Sade, much of this writing featured the upper class past-time of whipping their servants, each other, and their family members at every opportunity. If you enjoy reading about the period, you will discover them to be disorienting, intimidating, exciting, frightening and ultimately exhilirating. Many 'Victorian' spanking books were originally written in French and translated, and many French phrases remain in place 'for effect'.

Among the sexual activities described, there is 'tribadism' (lesbian activity), homosexual scenes, incest between father and daughter, mother and son, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. Oral and anal sex abound, in addition to both consensual and compelled rodgering, of both adults and what we now consider to be underage participants. Through reading the Victorian spanking novels, there is an apparent accepted practice of fathers whipping and then having their daughters anally 'in order to prepare them for their future married lives', it is a theme that is hinted at in some novels and vividly described in others.

It should be noted that the origins of many of the erotic period books is, to say the least, 'murky'. Many have been republished as 'anonymous' to avoid paying royalties to authors and their descendants, and often the date of first publication cannot be relied on. To confuse matters further, a number of modern authors have written pseudo-period erotica, partly to cash in on the genre's continuing popularity, and sometimes to evade censorship laws. I generally take books at face value, and provided they offer a convincing storyline and style, I do not delve too deeply into authenticity.

Victorian servants had a fairly thin time, their only opportunity of work being with their current employer, and so they were routinely subjected to corporal punishment with birch, cane or whip, and required to perform sexual favours for their masters and mistresses. But some, having served their 'apprenticeship', were permitted to assist with the chastisement of various other family members.

List of Victorian Spanking Novels

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  • A Disciplined Childhood: Confessions and Experiences
  • Arabella
  • Astrid Cane
  • Augustus and Lady Maude
  • Beatrice
  • Birch in the Boudoir (also published as: Beauty in the Birch)
  • Caroline
  • Fanny Hill's Experience of Spanking
  • First Training
  • Frank and I
  • Gynecocracy
  • Maude Cameron and Her Guardian
  • Randiana, or Exitable Tales
  • Sadopaideia
  • Stays and Gloves
  • Tales of Fun and Flagellation
  • The Adventures of Lady Harpur
  • The Autobiography of a Flea
  • The Beautiful Flagellants of Chicago
  • The Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux
  • The New Ladies Tickler
  • The Nunnery Tales
  • The Pearl - A Journal of FacetiƦ and Voluptuous Reading
  • The Romance of Lust
  • The Story of Monique
  • The Way of a Man with a Maid
  • Venessa; or The Vicar's Girl
  • Venus in the Country
  • The Yellow Room