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This is a free spanking story website which publishes schoolgirl spanking stories, strapping and caning stories, erotic novels, BDSM and Domestic Discipline stories.

These stories of sexual discipline and corporal punishment have been written by over twenty different authors (some of them semi-professional writers), and so you are sure to find a style and genre to suit your taste.

If you would like to see your own spanking stories discretely published on this website - please send them in! See below for some tips on writing your first spanking story.

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I have added a facility for readers to comment on their favourite stories. Your comment will be published below the story so that the author and other readers can see what you think. Be honest.

These are short stories that have been written by ordinary people just like you. Anyone who has ever written something is desperate to know if other people like it, and whether they should continue and go on to write more. When they hear nothing back they automatically assume that nobody likes their work, they become dispirited and give writing up for good. If you want new spanking stories to become available for you to read and enjoy, then please take advantage of this opportunity, the writers will love you for it.

Index to Spanking Stories

Guest Spanking Story Collections

By far the largest section of spanking and caning stories, writers who send in multiple stories are rewarded with their own mini-site on Saxon-Web. Some writers have sent in just a handful of stories for publication, while others have written dozens of top quality short stories.

Schoolgirl Spanking Stories

As the title suggests, this collection of stories are centered around school scenes and include all modes of school-style punishments such as caning, spanking, and the tawse.

Domestic Discipline Stories

This fledgling section carries stories with a D/D focus. Saxon is keen to receive more contributions.

Judicial Discipline Stories

Another new section intended to carry fantasy spanking stories of court awarded corporal punishment. More contributions please!

BDSM Stories

A small sub-section of stories with a more general BDSM theme, including bondage and suspension.

Spanking Stories

These are individual stories written by a wide variety of people, and covering all forms of spanking, caning and strapping that do not fit within the other primary sections.

Spanking Novels

Here you will find a number of quality multi-chapter stories that may become published novels in due course.

Naughty Boy Stories

It is not just naughty girls who need discipline, sometimes bad boys suffer the same fate! While this website is primarily focussed on M/f spanking discipline, quite a few visitors enjoy the more varied palette provided by these F/m and F/f school tales.

Canewell Ladies' Academy

A collection of schoolgirl disciplne stories, all centred around an academy for young ladies.

The (Poetry) Corner

The clue is in the name, a range of spanking and BDSM poetry that includes a number of humorous spanking limerics.

Saxon's Stories

Saxon writes in his own right, when free time permits. These stories are varied and even include a kinky version of the Cinderella pantomime, Sindayella. He also has a spanking novel in progress, and has collaborated on another.

How to Write Your Own Spanking Story

I'm sure we all remember our school days when we had to write an essay on a subject we weren't much interested in, and worse, we hated it because 'we had to', usually for homework. But it doesn't have to be like that. Writing something 'because we feel like it' becomes a totally different proposition, and when it is based around a subject that we live and breathe every day it becomes quite a thrilling pleasure.

Most writers have to begin with a subject for their story, but we are at an advantage already, because our subject is always going to be about spanking. All we have to do is fine tune the specifics, like who will get spanked? Who will do the spanking? Why? What with? Turn your basic ideas over in your mind for several days, let your imagination loose, and soon enough your basic plot will begin to crystalize.

For those of you with some real spanking experience, you could take one of those experiences and weave a fictional story around it. Having something real at the heart of the story can often help to kick things off.

A good story will have a bit of meat on the bare bones of the spanking. Try to create some characteristics for your subjects. Should your readers like your subjects, or hate them? Should they think that they deserve all they get, or perhaps some unfairness will make us feel sorry for them? An erotic spanking story shouldn't just be about some girl getting her arse whacked, it should also make us 'feel' something.

It sounds difficult, and when you first begin to write, it probably is. But as the story begins to take shape you will be able to fine tune the details, add bits, change bits, until you start to feel absorbed into your own writing, and then it all becomes compelling, and thoroughly enjoyable.

What do you have to lose? Open a blank document and just start writing stuff. Give it 10 minutes and then stop to review how far you have got. You may be surprised! Don't worry too much about spelling, punctuation, and all that other boring stuff from school. Let your imagination and writing flow, you can always tidy it up later, and people are always happy to sort your commas and colons when you get stuck.