The Spanking Pictures Galleries

Saxon-Web now manages four distinct spanking picture galleries. Access to them is completely free, so choose at your leisure and enjoy. Click on the thumbnail pictures below to select your preferred picture gallery:

Amateur Spanking Pictures

Saxon Amateur Spanking Pics

There is something special about amateur pictures. All those 'posed model' spanking pics look good, but a less-than-perfect amateur photo is always more 'real'.

Naughty Amateur Adult Schoolgirls

Amateur Schoolgirl SPanking Pictures

When the amateur spanking gallery got too big I decided to separate out the amateur naughty adult schoolgirls into a gallery of their own.

Period Spanking Photographs

Victorian Period Spanking Photographs

Just as soon as the camera was invented, it began to be used to capture the not so innocent games of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Spanking Drawings & Cartoons

Saxon Spanking Drawings

This large collection of spanking, BDSM, and erotic drawings has slowly accumulated. None are original, but you may not have seen many of them before.


If you would like to see your own pictures discretely published in these galleries - please send them in!






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Naughty Girls

Naughty niece Christy

Naughty niece Christy Cutie thinks she's doing Uncle Paul Kennedy a favour. But when she tidies his desk she disturbs his important work, and he's very disappointed in her behaviour. This calls for some physical punishment. A firm hand spanking over the desk helps her consider her actions. But is it enough? Uncle Paul instructs his naughty niece to pull down her knickers and jeans so he can deliver some hard strokes with the strap.

Naughty Boys

Misbehaving male - Sent to the Dean

After being caught out of bounds, Alexander is lectured on his behaviour, then bends over for a firm spanking with the wooden ruler. When he protests the Dean gets angry, and demands he return to his position to receive a more severe punishment – this time on his bare bottom.