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Saxon-Web has been hosting a Spanking Forum since 2004, and had a complete redesign in 2011. It is a small and intimate group who are keen to welcome new friends from anywhere in the world.

More than spanking chat (although chatting with people who understand each others needs and desires is an important component!), the members are always ready and willing to help new friends with their own personal issues, and with advice on techniques and the use of various implements with which to explore fantasies to the full.

Every single member has been through the trauma of growing up and living with their 'peculiar urge', alone. Some been reconciled with themselves for a considerable time, while others are only just getting past the massive hurdle of actually joining such a place and in doing so 'confessing' their urges to other people for the very first time.

We know very well just how huge this step feels, and we also know that many people read pages such as this and leave again, too fearful that they will be laughed at or looked down upon by more experienced people. Indeed, we have been on other sites where cliques of 'old hands' exclude new people from their close circle of friends, making the experience cold and unwelcoming.

I urge you to join, it only takes a few moments, and simply introduce yourself with a brief 'hello' message. From that first simple step you will find yourself welcomed and encouraged to join the conversations, without hint of bias.

Separate areas of the forum are set aside to chat about general topics, current affairs, specific aspects of spanking, and all it entails. A dedicated section allows for you to reply to personal ads, and provides help and advice for writing a personal advert of your own. There is also an active fun section.

Please do click the links below to view the forum, and then Register as a member when you are ready, when more of the forum becomes accessible to you. The Mobile version holds the same content, but with very basic formatting for faster loading and better small screen display.

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And finally for cell phone users, the forum may also be accessed using Tapatalk App app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.