Readers Writes

Naughty Amy

The following are a selection of the best suggestions that we have received for possible 'Amy' photo-stories (see Amateur Gallery - Website_Friends - Amy). Some are very good, and we would love to do them, but unfortunately we are unable to run to Hollywood film stages and casts of thousands! And others may well happen in the future, when opportunity permits.

So, since these folk made the effort, we thought we would share their contributions with the rest of you. If reading them provokes you, you can submit your own favourite spanking scene for us to try to capture.


What they wrote...

I would like to see Amy bent over a chair with her knickers round her knees, with her lags wide apart showing everything. She is hand spanked, then given 6 strokes of the cane, the man who has just punished her then takes her from behind before cumming over her very red bum cheeks.


Amy has been caught cheating on a maths test. Her parents are very disappointed in their daughter. Amy's father is especially angry since this is not the first time that Amy has cheated on a test. He decides that Amy deserves a spanking. He goes to fetch his paddle. Amy is then made to pull her jeans down. Her father decides the spanking should be on Amy's bare bottom so she is made to pull her panties down as well. Then Amy has to bend over with her bare butt sticking out. Her father swings the paddle and smacks Amy's bottom. Amy stood up and rubbed her sore bottom but this annoys her father. "Stay in position! For disobeying, that swat didn't count." Amy gets five more swats on her bare bottom. By the end, Amy was screaming in pain. Never again would she cheat in a test.


Amy is a bratty teenage girl who is staying with her elderly aunt and uncle in the country. After a week of insolent behavior Uncle and aunt decide a good dose of "old fashioned" medicine is called for. After lunch she is ordered to the porch where her uncle sits in a large chair, he surprises Amy by pulling her over his knees while she protests and swears, kicking and thrashing. Uncle who is old but mighty strong takes a thing cane off the table and strikes Amy's bottom (shorts are still on). Amy is so shocked she yelps once and is so stunned by the pain and surprise she is mute. Uncle tells her he wants no back talk or he will take her to the barn for a thorough whipping. Amy's elderly aunt comes outside and hands the uncle a flat wooden spoon with an etching of a bare bottom on it. The uncle smiles and tells Amy that he raised 5 children and all learned to behave by having their bottoms regularly spanked by this "bottom warmer". He then pulls her shorts down and the Aunt leans over and hooks her thumbs under Amy's waistband pulling her niece’s panties down over her knees. Amy is mortified by her bottom being seen by her Aunt and Uncle and tries to shield her naked cheeks with her hand. Her uncles firms places her wrist behind her back and adjusts his knees so her bare bottom is even more prominent and plumped out. Her Aunt shakes her head and exclaims that she has never seen a bottom more in need of some good old-fashioned "attention". Her uncle begins to spank Amy with his bare hand slowly but methodically while her aunts stand there observing. No one speaks but after several minutes of good hard spanks delivered to her cheeks, one side then the other, back and forth up and down Amy gives way to bawling and kicking like a baby. Her uncle smiles and softly speaks " there, now were getting to the "bottom" of things aren’t we little girl, yes indeed, we are finally getting somewhere". The Aunt then gives the uncle the wooden spoon and Amy's bright red bottom is given 4 hard whacks, stripping her pink cheeks. Amy sobs while her Aunt pulls her panties back up. She is ordered to her room to change clothes and start her long over due list of chores. Amy is horrified as she sees her aunt place an old worn wooden flat spoon with a drawing of a bare bottom on it over a new hook in the kitchen. Next to the hanging spoon is a card that has been taped up saying "For Amy's bare-bottom". The rest of the summer the aunt and uncle relax while Amy learns to mind and obey with a few more trips over her uncle's lap.


Amy is wearing full school uniform, white blouse with tie, quite short navy blue pleated skirt, white socks just above the knee. She is a prefect and bent over the desk in her classroom with the head boy shagging her. In walks the headmaster, he orders Amy out, sent to wait in his office. Ten minutes later the headmaster arrives, he tells her that she is a very naughty young lady and needs to be punished, he is going to ring her parents this instant. Amy pleads with him not to ring them, "I know I've been naughty" she says "but can't you punish me instead?" She thinks she will get detention for a week. After much consideration the headmaster agrees to her request, "Very well" he says "as you obviously enjoy bending over desks with your bottom in the air, you can bend over mine." Amy is unsure of what he is going to do and it showed on her face. "I am not going to have sex with you young lady I am going to spank you." Amy protests that it was illegal for him to spank her, although she was feeling some tingling in her abdomen. He then gave her the choice, accept the punishment or he would speak to her parents. Reluctantly Amy agreed to be punished. The headmaster ordered her to bend over his desk. Amy hesitated, so he grabbed her arm and dragged her to his chair where he sat down and pulled her over his knee. He flipped up her navy skirt and pulled her white knickers right up so they almost vanished inside her and proceeded to smack her bottom. Amy pleaded with him to stop, "I'm sorry, sir, please don't spank me any more, I know I have been a naughty girl and I wont do it again." After several more spanks he stops, pulls her knickers into their usual position and finds them quite damp. "Did you enjoy that?" He bellows "Well see if you enjoy this!" And he again drags her, forcing her to bend over his desk, again he lifts her skirt exposing her white knickers and rosy cheeks. He pulls down her knickers and shows Amy the cane "Oh god, please no! I am really sorry!" "You will be, young lady!" And he proceeds to give her 12 strokes of his cane.


Amy has been caught red handed shoplifting. When the police take her home her father is waiting. He sends Amy straight out the the wood shed. Amy waits for her dad knowing that she will be going to get it this time, Amy's father enters the shed and tells Amy to remove her clothes because she is about to learn that stealing doesn't pay. He then removes the the thick leather strap from the hook on the wall and tells Amy to hold out her hand with her palm towards the ceiling. Amy holds out her hand as her father lines the strap up then lifts it over his shoulder and brings it down (Crack,Crack,Crack) he gives her 6 of the best, then he orders her to hold out her other hand where she receives the same. Then he orders her to bend over as he removes the cane and cracks it in the air before giving Amy 12 cuts across her bottom. Amy is crying and sobbing when her father leaves the shed. But is felling really horny and she starts to finger herself.


Amy's older sister comes home from a date to find her new top is ruined with makeup. Amy has borrowed it without asking. She sits on the edge of the bed, and asks her what happened but Amy is rude to her. She spanks Amy's bottom a couple of times through the bedcovers while lecturing her but Amy decides to cheek her sister. Her sister loses her temper and pulls her out of bed and puts over her knee. Amy struggles and cries out but her sister flips up her baby doll nightie and pulls down her matching panties. She spanks her bottom hard and long until it is bright red and Amy struggles and cries. Not seeing any change in Amy's smart attitude, she decides to make her younger sister lie across the bed while she spanks her hard, firstly with her slipper and then her school ruler. By this stage Amy is crying that she is sorry and has stopped struggling and sassing and her bottom is bright red and sore. She is left to lie on the bed and cry for 20 minutes and then her sister comes back and pulls her onto her lap and cuddles her and says she forgives her.


Amy thinks she is good at playing tennis. She loses her temper with the umpire. He is fed up with her tantrums so he grabs a chair turns her across his knee flips up her short pleated white tennis skirt pulls down her panties and gives her a jolly good spanking. While he's doing this his free hand touches her breast so he starts squeezing and groping them in time to his spanks. He pulls down her top to give him better access to her lovely tits as he parts her thighs with his knee and continues spanking her.


Amy is at college, eating dinner with her boyfriend & other friends in the cafeteria.  She's just come from anatomy lab and is talking about her afternoon, mentioning livers and other internal parts.  Her boyfriend asks her to avoid talking about that kind of thing at meals and reminds her that he's spoken to her more than once about this.  She had forgotten that he'd told her, partly because she doesn't think that it should bother him.  She teases him about it, but he doesn't say anything more.  When they're done with dinner, they hold hands as they walk out of the cafeteria into the lobby, where dozens of students are walking in and out and milling around.  He tightens his hold on her, and instead of walking out the door, he pulls her towards a bench in the lobby.  Seeing where this is leading, Amy tries to pull away, but her boyfriend sits down on the bench, turns her over his knee, and lands 3 hard spanks on the seat of her jeans.  She pounds her fists on his leg, and he stops to grab her wrists, undo her jeans, and pull them down to just below her bottom.  Her panties leave half of her bottom showing; he spanks her for the next few minutes, then pull her jeans back up and escorts her out.


Amy is lounging about at home when her mother comes in and asks her nicely to do her homework. Amy says she'll do it in a minute. Amy's mother comes back and hour later and finds that Amy has not been doing her homework and worse, she catches Amy masturbating on the sofa. Amy's mother is very mad so she puts Amy over her knee, lifts her tartan skirt and yanks her white panties down before giving Amy a hard hairbrush spanking. After spanking Amy's butt till it's red, Amy's mother makes her daughter do her homework under her supervision, and so Amy is forced to do her homework as her mother looks on with hairbrush in hand.


Amy is found in a compromising position with the stable lad. The butler sends her out to cut a birch. To complete her humiliation she must take down her own drawers and present herself for punishment bent over a table. The sting of the birch is intense and when she tries to escape its heat the butler has to restrain her. The sight of her dancing bottom is too much for him and he takes his pleasure in the same way as the stable lad. Drawers, chemise and birched bottom please!


Amy has been going out with a boy that you disapprove of. After spotting them together, you bring Amy home. She is sent to her room. You come in and she has to remove her own belt from her jeans. She is made to lie across her bed with her jeans/panties pulled down to her knees. Then you administer a good dozen strokes with her belt.


Disciplinarian arrives and is greeted by a smartly dressed housewife. Has her show him all her clothes and undies so he can select suitable school girl type. Has her change and remove makeup. Stands next to him with knickers at knees to show she is ready. Shaves her fanny. Spanks and canes her.


Caught with Vibro - stern telling off, then a good slippering on the bare, kneeling over pillows on the bed. Next is a brief spell of corner time, followed by bare bottom hand spanking and finally a good 24 strokes (or more) of a small riding crop, preferably the thin single tail or a small leather-tabbed type. Rosy bottom shots, & intimate mid close ups, plus some stripers... and some tears on her pretty face. Thank you.


The sexy vixen forgets on purpose to do something her lover asked. She must select a belt from his closet for a spanking. While he showers, she waits sitting on a chair in the corner, holding the belt she has selected. When her lover is ready, she bends over the back of the living room sofa. Her lover spanks her bare bottom after she raises her skirt and lowers her underwear.

Sweet Pea

I would like to see Amy wearing white over-the-knee-socks or white aerobic socks and a small skirt. Because of having missed a lesson in high-school, she is being punished by her (female) teacher. She is bending over a stool, chair or desk while being spanked. All the time we will see her butt-cheeks getting warmer, perhaps also the inner side of her thighs too, and we will see her white socks on all/most of the pics.


She is a new maid... Her Masters (elderly lady and gentleman) have guests (2 more couples)... The Maid has to be punished... in front of the guests. The Masters make her to soak her drawers in water... She is then caned on wet-drawered bottom... Some of the guests can't resist and want her beaten on the bare bottom. So... she gets 6 on wet drawers, and more with the crop on the bare. Drawers should be white and pulled just below the bottom cheeks... Her ankles should be always TOGETHER and could be tied with a rope... Her wrists could also be tied together. Her position must allow her figure to point out the buttocks in a relaxed way - bent over a suitable furniture or just bent over with hands tied to the legs...


Amy is late with her homework and is spanked by her (female?) teacher. Still defiant, and after seeing her reddened buttocks, the headmaster decides further punishment is necessary and administers the cane. Amy is then made to "display" the results of her chastisement to her "classmates" (you me and the rest of the world, that is!)


Amy's work has not been up to scratch and this week we've had another complaint from our best customer. Amy has been given several verbal and written warnings now we need to take things further. Amy should be humiliated before her punishment and should be made to stand in the middle of the room with her skirt tucked up into her waist band for about 5 minutes. Her tights should then be pulled down and she should remain like this for 5 minutes. (Note that she should be wearing tights and not stockings/pull ups or bare legs). Then her panties down for 5 minutes. Then kneeling on top of the table for her punishment. Finally she should stand on a chair holding her skirt up while her bottom cools.


Amy does not want to visit her Aunt she wants to play with her new doll instead. Amy has a bright idea and thinks if she wets her knickers she won't have to go to her aunts.
"Oh Dad!" she says "I've wet myself"
"Yes" replied the wise father "And you did it on purpose. That is very naughty and you know what naughty girls get"
"Oh no" wails Amy as Dad peels down the wet pants, and gives her little bum a good hard spanking in the nappy changing position.


Unable to pay her rent, already in arrears, she is offered the chance to 'pay it off'. She can make her own choices ... So much for each item of clothing removed. (Not all at once.) The remaining debt to be paid by X number of strokes from hand, belt or cane. Each one carrying a different 'tariff'. Her choice of how many of each, until the rent is up to date. Position and state of undress for each at Landlords discretion and dependent on initial choice.


Amy's husband comes home from work to find her sitting watching TV with none of the house work done and dinner not put on yet. As this is becoming a regular occurrence he decides that it is time to make a stand.

After berating her for being lazy he takes her across his knees lifting her skirt and begins to redden her cheeks with his hand. Despite her protests that she will change he decides to continue the punishment and orders her to remove her skirt and knickers and bend over. While she is doing this he takes the belt from his trousers and doubles it over and proceeds to lay the thick leather belt across her bottom. While his wife begs for forgiveness the wronged husband comes to the conclusion that he must teach a very strict lesson to his wife and order her to strip and bend over the sofa. While she is doing so he goes to the garage and brings back a garden cane. Aroused by the sight of his wife's red bottom he orders her to open her legs and with full view of his wife's sex proceeds to administer twelve strokes of the cane. With the punishment over the pair slake their hunger - dinner will have to wait!


We should see Amy's face as she is being scolded prior to her strapping. She should strive for a "pretty girl who is very sexy and frightened" look on her face. Next, over the school desk, with the following details: She's in a schoolgirl tartan, no panties, and calf length stockings and schoolgirl shoes. Lift the tartan up over her bottom. PLEASE spread the legs at least 1 and 1/2 shoulder width apart. Amy's back should be arched, and her hips rotated upwards and outwards so that her bottom is fully exposed. You should show the disciplinarian assisting her in attaining this position. REALLY strap her, and lets see some tears looking back over her shoulder


I would like to see Amy being punished over her white knickers dressed in a school uniform complete with pleated short skirt. My favourite scene would be Amy wetting her panties during punishment.


Each week we have CPR time, time for Confession, Punishment and Repentance. Amy has confessed to masturbating and to being disobedient at school. We have agreed on 3 smacks with the tawse on each hand, and six strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. After the tawse, the sobbing girl has to lie in her back with her legs lifted back over her head. Her Father may have to hold them for her. Feet wide apart and the strokes delivered slowly and firmly from the middle of her bottom down to the top of her thighs


Amy should be a teenaged daughter whose mother starts to give her an OTK spanking, but who turns the tables on mom, giving her mother a bare bottom OTK spanking. Introduction of a father witness, expecting to see his daughter spanked, but who delightedly witnesses the role reversal might add some piquancy. The mom's face should register disbelief, pain and humiliation.


Probably not interesting enough to do, but as a spankee married to vanilla, I would love to see what I will never get. A meeting at a restaurant, then he stands, holds out his hand, after a hesitation she takes it, and is led, walking behind him out and to a nearby motel. In the room he seats himself, [chair] tells her to pull up her skirt and lay across his knees. Then a hand spanking is given to the point that she cries and kicks. With some rubbing in between. :) Afterward he holds her on his lap with her bottom still bared and his hand caressing it, her face in his neck. I know, not very edgy, but my personal dream. :)


Well we have just got married and are in our wedding attire, in the corridor of the hotel Amy teases me by saying her bottom is cold and lifts up her dress giving a sneak glimpse of her bottom. In the lift she bends over and gets a hard spanking on the string clad `bare` bottom. Once in the bedroom she is taken over the table, bed, chair and knee. The next morning she is walked to the beach in a skimpy bikini showing the marks of the night before


A strip poker game with Amy losing every second hand. When she has lost her panties she can "bet her bottom dollar" and risk an otk spanking if she loses the next game. She gets 4 Queens and bets 50 spanks. Of course she loses against 4 Kings and goes over her boyfriend's knee. If she likes, the game continues until her boyfriend is also naked and then she can spank him. (revenge is sweet)


Amy's husband has constantly warned her of her over using of the credit cards and warned her that if a high bill came in the mail, he would have to take action.
The bill arrives in the mail and Amy finds the credit card bill and opens it up. She looks at it and her face falls. She didn't expect that sexy black dress to cost that much and her husband will be coming home soon.
She hides the bill and puts the rest of the mail on the table. Her husband comes home and later on, after dinner, while watching TV, her husband sees the envelope where it is hidden: In between his collection of his favourite movies.
He opens the envelope and his face falls farther than his lovely wife's. He asks Amy about it and she tries to avoid the question, but faster than anything, her husband grabs her arm, places her over his knee, and begins spanking her, ignorant of her objections and constant kicking.
When she's kicking her legs furiously, ashamed of herself, one of her slippers flies off her feet and right next to her husband on the couch. Her husband spies it and immediately removes his wife's panties so that they won't be a distraction to the matter at hand. He gets her bottom nice and pink with the slipper, but decides that it is not enough.
Amy thinks it is enough and begs for her hubby to stop in a quivering voice. He says to her that a hand spanking and a slippering is not enough for what she did. Bills add up and the expenses were uncalled for. He then removes his belt and proceeds to have Amy's bottom in a long meeting with the belt. With the tears flowing freely after 10 minutes with the belt, Amy begs for her husband to stop, but he is not finished yet: A quick run with the cane is in order.
He orders her to the bedroom and she bends over the bed. With the Senior Cane, he applies 6 of the best and she screams all the way.
The spanking done, Amy's husband tells her that if this ever happens again, the punishment will be much worse.
Of course now that Amy's learned her lesson, she won't ever overdo it on the credit cards...will she??


Amy is a young police officer. she sees a young guy tampering with a car. she chases him and he runs into a nearby gym. the gym is empty but Amy finds the guy and is about to arrest him. suddenly more men appear. they grab Amy and strip off her uniform when she is naked they bend her over a bench. the guy she was chasing takes of his belt and thrashes poor Amy's lovely bum. the rest of the guys fondle her and take it in turns to smack her bottom hard as she weeps tears of pain and humiliation as she looks up Amy can see the guys dropping their pants and knows she is going to get even worse.


Go all out for having peed her pants on a girls night out in front of her mates. Hubby well jarred off. Still in wet knicks, she's spanked soundly, made to stand in the corner until she's dry and then caned on her bare backside for such disgusting behaviour. Then shag her rotten.


Just married, 25-year-old Amy is introduced to the regime her new husband is used to. She will prepare meals on time. She will have to clean the stables. She will have to cater for the many dinner parties. Failure in all or any of these categories results in punishment with the crop. There are often many witnesses to her failings and consequent punishments. She is made to display the results to all and sundry, at her husband's whim. Failure to do so results in further punishment and humiliation by posting photos of her striped arse on the web.


Amy is caught smoking by her mother and as dad's away Amy is sent to see uncle. Like uncle has always done Amy is put over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking but as she's a big girl now uncle decides she needs six of the best with the cane to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry.

Uncle Andrew

Amy is a talented dancer, whose father is very proud of her achievements. However, he is also very strict and straight-laced. Amy has been asked to dance at her youth club's upcoming revue and being in the full bloom of youth, and knowing what turns the boys on she decides to dance the can-can wearing the costume and the black stockings and white knickers underneath the dress. She tell her father that she is going to do a Russian routine and he wishes her luck as she leaved for the club. Amy goes down a storm with the boys at the revue. She makes her mistake by asking a few of the crowd to come home afterwards, (still wearing the outfit and having forgotten that her father thinks she is doing a Russian dance), and she will do the can-can again for them. She is well into her routine, with the music belting out when the door opens, and her father walks in! Amy's friends are immediately ejected, and Amy is subjected to a grilling at the end of which she confesses that dancing the can-can makes her feel "naughty". Right says father, I'LL make you feel REALLY naughty, and a long and stinging spanking begins............


The serving girl has just dropped the plate containing the chef's supper after the restaurant has closed. The chef is tired after a long hard night's work, and the waitress realises that his temper, unpredictable at the best of times has just snapped, as he vows to make the negligent girl attend properly to her duties in future. firstly, she is bent over the kitchen table, and thrashed with a belt until her backside glows red. Then, when she is sniffling, and thinks it is all over, the chef replaces his belt, walks over to a unit at the side of the kitchen and removes a whip, with two long tails with small knots in the end. This is applied as she moves round the kitchen, carrying a plate of food from counter to table and back, with the knowledge that if she drops the plate or spills the food, the whipping and serving practice will start again from scratch. Finally the exercise ends, and the waitress is suitably contrite, however as she leaves the kitchen, her elbow catches the plate she has been practicing with, which then falls to the floor. This is the final straw and the chef storms out, returning with a long, thin riding crop, the sort used by polo players with a knotted tail at the end. As she bends over the table again, the waitress knows she is going to be sleeping on her front for the next few nights..........


Nubile Amy likes to continually tease the neighbour's sixteen year old boy by showing off her legs and stretching her limbs as to expose her chests to his view. The boy appears to be more than moderately interested and has been repeatedly discouraged by Amy's father from contact with his daughter. Sharp slaps to Amy's cheeks are administered whenever she is caught acting in a flirtatious manner followed by the strong admonition not to put herself on display for men or otherwise she will be punished far harsher for continued disobedience. At one point the father sees that Amy allows the boy to touch her knees and thighs. He immediately runs out and orders Amy into the house and takes her to the kitchen where he orders her to undress completely including all jewellery and other accessories. He then says "You enjoy putting yourself on display? Very well! Get down and squat!". Naked Amy immediately obeys for she knows her father voice very well. The father then orders her to cross her arms behind her head and thrust out her chest. Amy complies immediately. The father then orders her to spread he knees so he can observe her pubic area while standing over her and then orders her to look into his eyes. "Do you like being on display like this?". The father then begins to take a whip and begins to whip Amy's exposed body, starting with her thighs and working himself up to her breasts which she is stretching towards him with her hands crossed behind her neck all the while she is receiving her punishment stroke by stroke.


I would catch you breaking into my house, I would give you the choice police or my punishment, you choose mine. I tell you to strip down to your underwear, and pull you across my knee, where I start to spank you with my hand, then I remove your knickers and spank your thighs and arse till they are bright red. I then tell you where the cane is and tell you to fetch it, I make you kiss it before bending over, and inform you that you will get 18 strokes, 12 on your arse and 6 on your thighs, to be followed by the same with the tawse.


Amy being called out to the front of the class to be caned (touching toes) on her knickers after raising her skirt then her petticoat. Then returning to her seat rubbing her bottom, and grimacing as she sits, but with a broad grin on her face at her boy friend


Amy has decided to pledge for a sorority. Her sisters like to use the services of the good looking frat brothers in meting out initiation punishments to the pledges. The sorority is noted for stressing humiliation as well as discipline when putting their charges through their paces. It is a very sexually humiliating experience for Ami who must strip naked in a semi-public place before total strangers meekly submit to strappings with paddles and switches etc. perform oral sex / humiliation repeatedly for guys who are as gross as they are drunk naked and on her knees, beg for more and spend time out in the corner with a bum red and tender to the touch.


Close-ups of Amy playing with herself, punisher comes in & washes her like a very small child with particular attention to her pussy and bumhole. After Bath dressed in pyjamas and marched into bedroom. Made to get the strap out and then put both her pillows on the edge of the bed. Tearful pleading ignored as she is told to pull her pants down and get over the bed. Amy is given a very severe thrashing with the strap on her bare bottom and thighs while punisher shouts at her telling what a naughty little girl she is and how she deserves to be flogged and put into a girls home. Put back into bathroom and mouth washed out with soap then back to bedroom for another sound dose of the strap, which is interrupted by the phone. Amy is left bent over the edge over bed sobbing while punisher is on phone. After call punisher returns to find Amy still crying & proceeds to give her "something to cry about". She is given a very long hard dose of the strap & then sent out to the kitchen where she is given a tablespoon of castor oil& then in front of the rest of the household she is made to get the jug cord from the hook & give to her punisher who puts her over the table and flogs her bare bottom in front of everyone before marching her back into the bedroom where she gets another hiding with the strap & a severe dose of the jug cord before being sent back out to lounge to apologise individually to each member of the house including.3 visiting relatives who relish the sight of her poor little bare bottom as she sobs out her apologies. She is then sent to bed without her pants. {this is almost exactly what happened to me around the same age except it was my Aunt who caught me masturbating in the bath and told my parents who punished me}.


Amy should be made to get into her little girl style cotton pyjamas for being rude to a neighbour. She should be spanked over her 'jammies and then have her pj trousers pulled down for a good hard bare bottomed slippering. Then corner time and bed.


I would dearly love to see Amy spanked in her pyjamas with the slipper for bring home an appalling school report. Starting with Amy coming down stairs, slipper in had to the living room. There she should stand in the corner with her hands on her head, 'jammas still in place. She should then be made to bed over the sofa or armchair for the fist part of her slippering with her pyjamas tight around her bottom. Then she should be made to pull her pyjama trousers down below her bottom for a final 6 whacks whilst bent over touching her toes. Then some bare bottomed corner time until she is sent to bed. Pulling her pyjamas up into place as she mounts the stairs. I really hope that you can express this fantasy as spanking girls in their jim-jams is a particular favourite of mine. And unfortunately such pics are really hard to come by.


Sent to the headmaster for not handing in her homework - for the third time. Detention and extra homework have failed as punishments so the headmaster resorts to corporal punishment - with Amy's parents' agreement.<br>As she has behaved like a naughty junior girl she is first punished by otk hand-spanking knickers down for half of it. Then into the corner with knickers still down. Then otk slippering - again half with knickers up and half with them down. then into the corner with knickers down.<br>Finally bent over the headmaster's desk for 6 strokes of the junior cane on Amy's bare bottom which is well pushed out for the cane strokes.<br>Then back to the corner with her knickers down.<br>Amy is excited by what the headmaster has done (and what he has seen) and starts to rub her wet pussy. The headmaster sees and she gets 6 more strokes while kneeling up in the headmaster's armchair with her knees well apart and her bottom pushed right out.


In the dining room just after dinner, Amy gets perturbed at the boyfriends ordering her to rid the dishes. Then him telling her again the request for her to rid the dishes, she again gets mouthy. He then tells her he is going to "cure" her of this attitude by giving her a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking with a "French Tawse" has her strip nude, then bend over the table and grab the edge slightly spreading her legs begins to give her a severely hard spanking which lasts for approx. 30 minutes.

Spank Master

Amy should be dressed in a red tartan mini with black hold up stockings. She should be spanked otk and lying on her back legs in the air toes pointed 2 the ceiling in the "diaper" position. She should be caned in both the diaper position and the bridge position (hands and feet flat on floor with bottom raised so her body forms a bridge).


Amy should receive an initial hand spanking bent over the settee/chair over her skirt ,before being raised to continue the spanking over her tight white panties. She than should be taken over the boyfriends knee sitting on a chair, not the settee, and the spanking continued. this should be on the panties for several minutes before being lowered and spanked on her bare bottom. After a few more minutes the slipper which is conveniently lying by the chair should be used all over her bottom and thighs. The spanking should only cease when Amy's bottom is very crimson! If during the spanking, Amy needs controlling than she should have her arm(s) pinned down on the small of her back and if necessary the spanker will need to put his leg over hers to stop her bucking to wildly. I suggest Amy wears a tartan skirt with hold ups or stockings and of course shoes with heels!


Amy is late for class AGAIN. She has not done her homework AGAIN. Her class teacher has finally lost patience and sends Amy, with a note, to see the headmaster. Amy is expecting a telling off and to be put in detention AGAIN and she is not too worried about that.
When Amy hands the note to the headmaster she is shocked to find that he has spoken to her parents about her constant misbehaviour and that he has got their permission to discipline her as he sees fit.
He tells Amy that as she is behaving like a naughty little girl he will start her punishment by spanking her like a little girl over his lap using his hand and the slipper. Amy has lift her skirt up and then bend over his lap. The headmaster is irritated to find that she is not wearing proper school knickers but sexy white panties which are see through at the back and the front. He spanks her over these panties and then takes them off her and spanks her bare bottom before giving her some proper white knickers to put on. Amy puts them on and then has to bend over his lap for the slipper first of all over her knickers and then the head pulls them down to slipper her bare bottom.
After this Amy is sent to the corner with her white school knickers round her knees and has to show off her spanked and slippered bottom. She thinks her punishment is over but the headmaster goes over to his cupboard and takes out two canes - the junior and senior canes.
He tells Amy that as a senior girl she will be caned and that she would have had 6 of the best over her school knickers with the senior cane but as she has flouted school rules by wearing those skimpy see through white panties he would be giving her 3 strokes with her knickers up 3 strokes with her knickers down round her knees all these with the senior cane and then she would change back into her skimpy panties for 3 strokes with them covering her bottom and finally 3 strokes with those panties down round her knees all these extra strokes with the junior cane across her already sore caned bottom.
For the caning with the senior cane Amy must kneel on the seat of the armchair in the headmasters study with her knees well apart and her bottom well pushed out and for the caning with the junior cane Amy must touch her toes with her feet apart and her bottom properly presented.
After each of her canings Amy will be allowed to rub her sore bottom and then she must put the cane that has been used back in the cupboard.
Finally Amy is sent to the corner again with her sore caned and spanked and slippered bottom on display.
She is eventually allowed to pull her skimpy panties up and then she must take them off give them to the headmaster* and put on the proper school knickers before leaving the study to return to her classroom where she sits down wincing on her sore bottom.


Amy is otk a firm lady an aunt type Amy is in school wear and the spanking starts on her tight skirt then skirt up and over white panties then pulled down to mid thigh for the grand finale then in the corner hands on head skirt tucked up panties at mid thigh well spanked bottom on display