Female Spanking [and BDSM] Fantasies

The Saxon-Web Spanking Survey has been gathering spanking research data from all around the world for over a decade. Many men have used the freeform area of the survey to detail their favourite scenarios, but very few ladies.

I am now embarking on a new project to try to establish if there is a 'core' spanking related fantasy or fantasies that a majority of women relate to. It is important that a broad cross-section of women supply information in order to validate the research data which is intended to be used to formulate a hypothesis on this subject. To date, while a number of women (and a few men!!) have provided their innermost thoughts and feelings, I need a lot more contributors before I can begin to extrapolate.

(In the event that you have more than one key fantasy, it is OK to complete multiple questionaires)

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Please note:

In due course the data from these questionnaires will be formulated and published on this website, but no personally identifying information will be included, nor will those confidential details be used for any reason other than that stated, or passed to any third party.