Chain Story

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This is the fourth in a series of stories which were created by you, the reader.

Story Four

The auburn July and her best friend Jes had been invited to tea with July's Uncle George. They had tried to get out of it, but for some reason he had been very insistent....


Why were we having tea with Uncle George? Jes and I had more or less been brought up by Uncle George in the absence of our fathers on Naval service, and on many occasions we had found ourselves over his lap. He corrected our sins with a hairbrush on our chubby young bottoms. Now we were both married, and living near to each other, that is until we went on a girls' night out. For some reason we got well and truly sloshed, and ended up being brought home by the local cops! Next morning our furious husbands gave us a right dressing down, and a day or so later we received an insistent invitation to tea from Uncle George.

He was his usual charming self, but then tea over, he said. "Now perhaps you are wondering why you are here. Well your husbands telephoned me to tell me of your disgraceful behaviour on Saturday night. They felt you deserved a sound spanking, which I agree with, but they might be too soft-hearted to do it properly, so, to put it bluntly, they have asked me to do the honours."

"Oh" said Jes, "Well I suppose it's not the first time is it? So perhaps it will wipe our slates clean. I think we deserve it." I nodded agreement.

"Very well, but I think you are both too old for the hairbrush so..." He stood up, and went to a drawer, and took out an ominous looking leather strap, which he slapped against his palm. "Who's first?" There was a stony silence. "All right, I'll decide, Jes, you're the oldest. Go to the sofa, pull up your skirt, and then bend over the back of it."

"Yes uncle," said Jes meekly, her cheeks flaming, as she tugged up her skirt, and arched herself over the sofa back, her plump bottom tightly covered with cream silk knickers. Oh dear, I thought, this is going to be very different to the hairbrush. I wondered where the strap had come from; perhaps he used it on Aunt Helen!

"Right over, Jes, I want those fancy knickers taut. I really should take them down, but as you are now married ladies, I'll just have to whack harder. Six of the best, and that's probably only for starters." He raised the strap over his shoulder and thwacked it down across the middle of Jes's plumped out backside.

"Owooo", she wailed, her stockinged legs kicking frantically. He waited for her to settle, and then thwacked again. My own bottom tingled beneath my skirt, soon it would be suffering the same fate. Why had I not worn some sensible knickers, my tiny thong, would leave me bum cheeks nearly bare when I bent over..........


Uncle George now turned to July. "As I said, both of you are no longer small children and you will understand that measures need to be taken appropriate for a 25 years old lady. July for you this implies that you will be wearing a special punishment dress after you have received your discipline."

July was blushing. It would not be done with receiving the strap. No, afterwards she would be reminded for a yet undetermined period of her humiliation. And it would be visible to all those initiated into the knowledge.

July had no time to recover from her first shock. Uncle George put a package on the table. "This is your new punishment dress", holding what appeared to be a long sleeved dress made of very heavy grey wool. It was nearly floor length and, as she was soon to discover, knitted from very thick and especially coarse wool, which would add to the discomfort. "This fuzzy turtleneck dress is knitted in double ply", Uncle George said, "You will have the full pleasure." Two layers of fabric created a turtleneck gripping tightly around her neck and reaching with its itchy material right up to her chin. The close fitting dress would underline her figure. But although July had a perfect S-size body, the heavy material would made her looking plump. Her breasts, accentuated by a raised waistband laced by a cord just beneath them, would no longer look like tiny B-cups but as if she was wearing a heavy C or D.

"You won't be wearing underwear when enclosed in your punishment dress." Uncle George made it clear that purposely the sensitive skin of her breasts, nipples, bottom and thighs, especially when prepared by the bite of the strap, should be exposed to the coarse material.

July would discover all this just after the discipline had been executed. But even beforehand she knew how it would be to accept this way of punishment. "Robert would never ask this from me." Her husband was her last resort for help. "It will be itching awfully and it is summer right now. I would be sweating like hell". She had tears in her eyes. She was desperate.

"I know July; this will make you appreciate every fibre of the wool." She turned around to see Robert standing in the doorstep. "Your parents invited us for dinner tonight. An excellent opportunity to present the new dress."


As Chain Story 4 seems to have ground to a halt, may I continue my contribution, as I can not think up a sequel to Ron's:-

"Thwack", the strap struck for the third time across Jes's straining knickers, making her howl and squirm. What would it be like on my poor bare bottom? Uncle George quickly delivered the final three whacks. He gave his wriggling niece a hearty smack and said, "Up you get Jes". She stood up frantically rubbing her smarting rear, hopping up and down.

"Stop rubbing your bottom, Jes, and stand over there, skirt up, and if I see you rubbing, you'll be back over with your knickers down", he said sternly, and then turning to me, "Your turn now July, bend over like Jes was".

With leaden steps, I went to the chair, and arched myself over its back, my thin skirt taut across my plump bottom. "Get your skirt up July."

I looked round pleadingly. "Please Uncle, it's very thin, do I have to?" And then I shrieked as the strap thwacked across it; The old days of the hairbrush, were a mere tickle after that.

"That one doesn't count, and they won't until your skirt is up". Miserably I reached back, and tugged my tight skirt up until it was clear of my curvy rear. "Well, I see why you did not want your skirt up, and those knickers, if you can call them that are quite disgraceful for a respectable married lady; you deserve a dozen for that."

"Pease, uncle, no!"

"Don't argue and bend over tighter." I arched myself even further over the chair, my thong cutting into my slit, and that strap snaked across my bare bottom. I howled and pleaded in vain, squirming and wriggling, as uncle turned my poor bottom into a scalding throbbing bonfire. I lost count of the strokes, until at last he stopped.

I lay there bottom blazing, but also feeling rather randy! Someone started clapping. I looked round; there in the door stood my husband Robert, and Jes's Simon.

"Well done, George," said Robert ''That's a fine undercoat you have painted on my naughty wife's backside, now for the top coat", and he advanced on me, a nasty looking wooden paddle in his hand.......


I was shocked. What was he doing here? Where did he get that awful wooden paddle with all those holes in it? He said nothing to me, but unceremoniously pulled my knickers down. For several agonizing seconds, there was no sound except for my ragged breathing. But bottom was burning and cold at the same time. Finally, Robert spoke softly.

"This is a long time coming, young lady."

I winced as I felt the first whack.

"You need to count, July," said Robert sternly. "I'll give you ten, but if you miss one, we start again."

A second time, the paddle came down hard. "Two!" I shouted through clenched teeth.

"No, the first one was just an intro. Start with one."

SMACK. "One."

He got to five and I was fighting not to burst into an unstoppable flood of sobbing. Somehow, I accidentally missed six. Robert started over at the beginning. Finally, then, we made it to ten. I couldn't hold back the tears any longer. He let me cry for a few minutes.

Then, gently, he said, "Right, then. Put your clothes back on. It's time to go home now.


As I watched July receive her strokes with the strap, my red hot bottom felt every whack again! OWWW! I don't think I will be able to sit down tonight. I haven't felt so sore since I was last hairbrushed and that was when I was at school. Somehow lifting my school skirt and showing my school knickers had been less humiliating. But I was now a married woman. I had felt a man inside me! I was a real woman now, not a silly schoolgirl. I realised, as my mind wandered, that I was actually becoming turned on with the naughty thoughts about my school days when the most I had ever allowed was a hand inside my blouse over my bra, and a knee rubbing me down there through my school skirt while having a heavy petting session. Then I remembered Mike. On my 16h birthday I had let him touch me inside my bra and caress my nipples till they stood out, and we had then played inside each others panties. It was the one and only time I had let a boy do such a thing, but the thoughts of it were bringing back pleasures which over-rode the pain of my bottom.

"Why are you grinning, Jes?" yelled Uncle George.

Stupidly I said "Well this reminds me of my schooldays".

"What do you mean?" he said, "I cannot believe it!" He stared at me speechless! "You what! Right, go upstairs to your old room. All your clothes are still there. I want you to put on your school uniform and come back down while I think what I should do." he shouted.

I couldn't believe how stupid I had been to tell him. But that was done. I went upstairs, opened the creaking door and looked round the room. Nothing had changed, it was like turning the clock back 7 years. I opened the middle drawer of the unit and there was my folded white blouse, my navy cotton knickers, my navy pleated skirt, my opaque hold ups, my flat shoes and my little 32b white bra. It seemed like a time lapse. I undid the zip of my dress and let it fall to the floor. My 36b bust was covered by a plain cotton bra with wide straps. I unhooked it and exposed my breasts, admiring them in the mirror. The nipples, aroused by my punishment and my wicked thoughts were erect and I blushed. I slipped off my tan pantyhose and then slipped of my silky knickers. I realised that I was a little damp and touched myself to check. MMMMMMM! That brought back my wicked thoughts. Why was it always better touching myself rather than when my husband did it? Although I did like to feel him cumming inside me.

"What's keeping you, Girl!" yelled Uncle George up the stairs.

I took out the navy knickers and spilled them on. the I rolled the hold-ups up my legs. I'll never get into that bra, I thought, but was surprised to find that I did although my breasts were pushed up like a tarty barmaid. I buttoned the white blouse, tied my tie and then slipped the pleated navy skirt up over my hips and let it hang from my waist. Wow! Had I really worn them that short? I wonder how many boys could see my stocking tops in this and how many had had a hard on when they did. I looked again in the mirror and thought "yes, I bet I was considered a sexy little thing then." I wish I had done more with the boys.

"What's keeping you, girl!!"

I turned, opened the door and started down the stirs to face my Uncle George's wrath again........


I struggled to my feet, my hands frantically clutching my blazing backside.

"Stop rubbing your naughty bottom, July!" barked Robert.

"Please, please", I blubbered, but he grasped my hands, and tied them securely together with a length of cord. At that moment Jes came back into the room; I could not believe my eyes, now a curvaceous school girl her full breasts thrusting out her tight blouse, and her short skirt showing her stocking tops, and emphasising her ripe hips.

Simon stood, paddle in hand. "Over there, Jes." he ordered pointing at the chair across which I had just been bent.

"No, no Simon, I won't, my bottom's so sore."

"No such thing as won't." Simon is a big man, and in a trice Jes found her hands tied like mine, except that they were now attached to the lower leg of the chair, holding her tightly bent over for him. He tossed up the back of her pleated skirt, and hauled down her school knickers to her knees, revealing her ample strap-striped bottom, perfectly offered for his paddle, which a moment later thwacked down hard across Jes's vulnerable rear end. She yelled. I knew just how she felt, and my own bottom was telling me how she would soon feel, but I could not bear to watch, and shut my eyes tight, but I could not block out the sound of the whacks and howls. It seemed to go on for ever, but at last the whacks stopped, although the yells went on. I opened my eyes; poor Jes's quivering bottom was the colour of a ripe cherry!

Robert said "Thank you George, a worthwhile afternoon's work." And then grabbing my arm, frog marched me to the door, completely forgetting that my skirt was still up, my thong round my knees, and my hands tied. he shoved me into his car, and I yelped as my tender bottom met the seat. I just hoped we did not get into a traffic jam, with me sitting bound and half naked in the front seat for all to see. Despite the fire in my bottom, my two spankings had made me randily moist, and I could see a firm tent pole thrusting out the front of Robert's trousers. I saw in the mirror that Simon and Jes's car was close behind us.

Robert parked in our drive; oh dear, I hoped the neighbours did not see me being bundled into the house, or the rather mature schoolgirl being marched in behind me.

The next bit must have been planned, Robert placed two chairs facing each other, and he and Simon say down, their knees interlocked, and then surprise, surprise, Jes and I found ourselves side by side, plump bare bottoms upwards, over their combined lap. My right hip pressed against Jes's, and my left against Robert's rampant cock. Then 'smack' a hard male palm, spanked down on my tender left cheek, followed by another palm, presumably Simon's on the other one.

"Oh no! Please, please no more, my poor bum!" I begged, as I heard two more hearty spanks reverberate off Jes's bottom, after which they played our four plump rotundities like jungle tom-toms.....


Robert and Simon smiled at each other. They had been waiting for just the right opportunity to punish their wives at the same time. Simon continued spanking Jes, as he ran the index finger of his free hand gently along the wetness she could not prevent. Robert caught on and began playing July, bringing her close to climax, even while slapping her bottom and playfully pinching it.

Jes and July forgot about each other for a moment, as they were deliciously brought to the edge and deliberately kept there. For a time, the actual spanking slowed down, but the teasing brought Jes to ache down there with each gentle pass of her husband's careful fingers. July grunted and wriggled trying to press herself against the fingers that would stiffen and soften alternately.

Both men had planned this with Uncle George and knew that they had promised not to let either wife come to an orgasm without making her understand the nature of her bad behavior. Silently, they agreed that both women were close enough and with a few final hard spanks, the naughty wives were reached under and pushed up to standing position. Their bottoms were hot and sticky. Robert and Simon both had to bring themselves under control so as not to take advantage, just yet.

Robert looked toward the stairs and Simon got his meaning. . .


As I stood on my feet again, I felt a bit dizzy. Robert was firm, his strong arms around me, holding me steady. Simon was murmuring something to Jes about staying quiet. Simon's back was to me, so I could not see what he was doing. Both Robert and I just stood and watched Simon, who was deeply concentrating on his task.

I could feel Robert's breath against my neck and his arousal up against my sore backside. My own excitement inside throbbed in time with the ache of my freshly spanked bottom. As I was caught up in my thoughts, I felt Robert gasp. Simon stepped aside and revealed a topless Jes, her own bra used to tie her arms behind her. Her schoolgirl blouse was tucked in her mouth and tied behind her head. As if to demonstrate her helplessness, Simon played with her nipples, pinching and gently rubbing them, right in front of us. I could tell Jes was very embarrassed to have Robert and I staring at her breasts, but we really couldn't help it. I was really turned on now and almost wished it was my nipples exposed and played with like that.

I sighed and Robert began to move behind me. He grabbed a big handful of my hair and moved towards the staircase. I had made a point of making the bed this morning and the guest room had been tidied up for my Aunt Nettie's visit next week. Robert moved his hand to my behind and smacked it twice, as if he knew that I was thinking about something other than the present moment.

As he pulled my skirt off, I realized I must have lost my panties somewhere between the car and the house. The gardener is coming tomorrow, I thought, and he will find them. Now I really felt naked, though I still had on my bra and blouse. My hands were still tied in front of me. Robert checked my bounds and asked if I was ok.

"Yes, dear", I whispered, "I am all right, except I really need your hard cock". Robert whipped me around and spanked my bottom on both cheeks, several times, sharp and swift.

"You will get what is coming to you in due time", was all he said. I could then feel him pull my hair in the direction of the stairs. I could not turn my head to look, but heard Jes and Simon follow us up.

I could feel Simon stare right at my rear and knew the Jes could see everything I keep private. I feel very naughty admitting that knowing they were looking at me made me very wet. As if he read my mind, Robert stopped me on the stairs and only using his hands (no words) he made me spread my legs and hold still. My bottom must have been very red. Robert then began to touch me in the way he knows drives me crazy. I shuddered and trusted that he would not let me fall. Just his light touching of my sex brought me to my edge. He stopped and pulled my hair again to keep moving.

I could hear Jes panting and knew Simon must be taunting her too. We were all on the landing now, just outside the master bedroom. Still holding my hair in his big hand, Robert reached in front of me and swung the door open. He flipped on the light and I took a deep in breath at what I saw in my very own bedroom. What could he and Simon have planned for us now?


The bedroom was dimly lit and looked like a sultan's private chamber. July and Jes stole a glance at each other, surprised at their husband's decorating skills and nervous at the same time.

Both women were placed at the end of the bed, face down, bottoms up. robert explained that each of the naughty girls will be dressed as pretty slaves, as they will be expected to make amends by being especially obedient.

While Robert spoke, Simon carefully untied and stripped them both, spending a little extra time on Jes's tender backside with soft strokes and hard pinches. completely naked, July was made to stand before Robert.

Robert placed a blindfold on July. She shuddered as he touched her softly, everywhere from her head to her feet. then, still blindfolded, she was dressed in silky feeling pants that showed her backside and a tight fitting top which forced her breasts out and up.

When Robert removed the blindfold, July saw that Jes was dressed the same way.


Both men then moved towards the girls, Robert walked towards Jess whilst Simon approached July. Two gags were brought forward from behind their backs, "open!" the command came. Both girks were gagged with rubber ball gags securely buckled behind their heads. Julywas led to the side of the bed, Jess to the right.

"Bend over and clasp hands." Simon said.

As the girls clasped hands two pairs of real steel handcuffs locked together the girls wrists.

"Now for the real punishment." Robert said.

Both girls gasped as a 3ft long crook handled cane landed in front of their eyes. A crop appeared next, then finally a birch splayed its ends across their terrified eyes-wide faces.

"You will both receive 24 strokes of each." Simon informed them.

"No mercy." Replied Robert.


The two girls bottoms were soon writhing under the harsh spankings. Both cried tears of shame as well as pain. Neither had seen the other naked before, which only added to their shame.

little mischievous one

There was a pause and both girls began to relax, thinking their torment was over. They both wept bitterly wondering how they could have been so foolish as to get themselves in this mess. Unfortunately, it seemed their relief was to be short lived as cruel hands pulled them upright and led them to a hard wooden bench, ridged and knobbly, forced each girl into a sitting position and shackled their feet and waists so it was impossible to adjust position to ease the pressure on their scorching bottoms.


After a time, both men brought a little something for each naughty girl to sip. With slow gentleness, the confinements were removed and slowly Jes and July were helped to stand and stretch. The gags were removed and the blindfolds tugged down so the girls could see each other. Standing a few feet away from each other, both were red-faced at the sight. Nipples showing at the top of tight bodices, completely see through pants with a gap in the fabric at the crotch, neither had ever felt so naked.

Robert and Simon stood behind each girl and enjoyed their discomfort. The men moved Jes and July closer to each other and blindfolded them again. Slowly, with a small step toward each other at every stage, the women were stripped down to naked. Robert assisted Jes and July in lifting their arms above their heads as Simon lowered soft cuffs down from the ceiling.

By now, Jes and July could hear and feel each the others soft panting. Robert teased the nipples of both women and then brought them skin to skin. Both girls drew in their breath sharply, like they just stepped in cold water. They both could feel Simon below them, keeping their legs apart while he tied them to each other. Soon, they could feel each others heart beat and body heat.

Jes was afraid first. She could feel hands slowly slide up the inside of her thighs, parting her wet pussy lips and sliding a smooth, very thick, cool dildo inside her. July squirmed as the same was done to her. As the ladies adjusted themselves, as little as they could, they could feel the stretching and pushing. They could feel fingers exploring. Moments later the gags were back in place. The men did not speak and did not give any warning of what they were planning to do next.


The sound of metal chainlinking made the girls turn their heads toward the noise. Footfalls fell softly on the carpet and then suddenly Jes let out a moan as Robert sucked tenderly on her left nipple. Instantly aroused by the sensation, her nipple hardened and gooseflesh covered her arms. The sucking sensation was gently repeated as though she was being milked and just as she felt relief from this gentle sensation, her nipple was taken between masculine fingers, she knew not by whom. The gentle sucking gave way to a pulling sensation as her nipple was extended forward from her breast.

Suddenly Jes realised what the sound had come from and she could only wait for the pressure and pain of the nipple clamp to fall upon her. She wanted to cry out but the gag prevented anything but a small whimper escaping her throat as the clamp now affixed to her nipple was firmly pulled and tested for its secure fastening. Next she heard the chain links slide between her pert breasts and knew that the pain and pressure would be repeated. Standing immobile from the restraints, she waited for the second clamp to be affixed to her now proud nipple and she was not to be kept waiting.

The Count

After a final twitch on the chain connecting the clamps restricting Jes' nipples, July's nipples received the same treatment.

Smarting from the discomfort both girls writhed against each other, each rubbing up against the others body in a way that created an arousal that was a contrast to the feeling in their breasts. It wasn't just the girls that were becoming aroused. As Robert and Simon surveyed their naked wives they both had the same idea, removed the gags and moved the girls lips together and after some initial resistance, more from Jens than July, the girls began to kiss, at first tentatively, but then more urgently. July tongued Jens and they both french kissed.

"I think they are enjoying this too much" laughed Robert, "but I am sure we can find some amusing way of cooling them down".

"I have an idea", said Simon as he caressed the inside of Jens thigh, why don't we . . .

Backside Kid

Why don't we have them lick each other?

Jens and July both had a sharp intake of breath.

Being stripped and spanked in front of each other and each other's hiusband was one thing.  Being felt up by your sister's husband was in fact quite sexy if it was in fron tof your sister and your husband. But tasting your sister's juices while she tasted yours . . .

However the men were adamant.

Jens was taller, so she lay on the bed.  She was told to hold heer ankles and pull her legs forward, so her genitals and anus were on full view for the boy's delectation.

"Sit on Jen's face" Robert told July.  She obeyed and felt the warmth of Jens lips against her own, rather different lips and the moist warmth of her breath.

Robert took July's hair and tugged her down to Jens crotch.  She knew what was expected, though she had never done it before.

Experimentally July started licking gently, tasting Jen's juices and being surprised by the musky scent of Jen's genitals, all the while feeling Jen's tongue circling her own clitoris. Both girls were becoming aroused now, by the other's tongue and by the thought of their genitals and anus being so exposed to scrutiny.

"I think they are getting too comfortable" said Robert.  I think they need a spanking each.  I'll spank Jens and you can spank July.

and afterwards . . .


. . . and afterwards they can spank each other! said Simon smiling at the O shape that Jens' and July's mouths had both made when he said it.

The girls were disentangled and bent over.  Each was given a short hand spanking.  Robert's spanking was over quickly and was rather mechanical, with about 20 evenly timed smacks applied in turn to each of Jens' bum cheeks before she was ordered to stand up.

Simon took rather more trouble over July.  First she was told to hold her ankles.  She had to move her feet a few times before Simon was satisfied with her position and he put her into position by gentle pressure on her legs, letting his hand travel up between them for a little fiddle more than once.

Once he was satisfied with July's position he stood back to admire his work and pointed out to Robert and July how they could see part but not all of July's genitals and the rosebud of her "bumhole" as he called her anus.  July went bright red in the face at this last exposition of her charms in such an explicit way.

"Are you ready for your spanking?" Simon asked July.  "Yes" she said. "Yes what?" said Simon.  After thinking for a couple of seconds July said "Yes,sir."

"That's better" said Simon "but I think we need an hors d'oevre before the main course.  I think a litle tit tweaking will be just the job."  So saying, he tugged on the chain connecting the nipple clamps, stretching both the nipples.  The tug was gentle but on such a sensitive area it had a clear effect and July took an intake of breath.  Simon repeated the tug three times and each time July experienced the mix of pain and pleasure.  Finally Simon set the chain swinging, telling July her spanking would start when the chain stopped.

As the oscillations died down and the magnitude of each pull on her nipples subsided, July braced herself for what she knew would come next, wondering if Simon was going to use an implement on her, or just his hand.

In fact it was to be with the hand because as Simon explained that was all Jens had received.  "Yes, but where was the fairness when you groped me and then pulled my tits?" thought Jens to herself, though she knew better than to say it.

Simon gave 20 spanks as well, but he varied the strength and speed and bum cheek and also stopped half way through to rub her buttocks, which she rather appreciated at first, until he had another sly feel between her legs.  Simon finished with the slow application of his index finger tip from her coccyx at the base of her spine down the cleft of her buttocks to her genitals, not emphasising the pressure as he went over her anus, which flinched a little and closed up as he passed over it, but not shying from it either.

"You took that very well, holding your ankles all the time and presenting your arse to me well" commented Simon, "you may stand now".

"You patronising so-and-so" said July to herself as she stood up, rubbing her bum, thinking Jens certainly could not be a harder spanker than Simon, and certainly would not take such liberties with her private parts, wondering whether she would now be asked to spank Jens first, or vice versa, . . . .

Backside Kid

The boys decided July should be spanked first. "Bend over for Jens now" Robert ordered his wife "and what she gives you, you can return in due course".

July duly bent over and grasped her ankles again. As she did so Jens thought July exchanged a knowing look with her husband Robert, which Robert then exchanged with her own husband Simon.

However Jens didn't really think about it much at the time, because she was still a bit shocked at seeing her friend's bare bum presented in such an indelicate position. She had seen other girls undressed in the changing room at the gym of course. But this was different. Bent over, Jens' pussy lips were visible to a far greater extent than if she was changing her knickers or walking to the shower.

"Nice pert bottom my wife has" observed Robert cheerfully, first feeling his wife's slim breasts and then running his finger down the cleft of her buttocks, lingering over the brown rosebud of her anus, making a little circling motion with his finger. He continued down and had a little two-fingered fiddle with her pussy. "She is a lovely shag, whatever the orifice. Aren't you love?" he asked his wife.

Jens was even more shocked at all this. But July just giggled. "I like to please my master in every way" said July "and in return he pleases me. As long as I've not been naughty, that is. If I am naughty he punishes me before he has his pleasure of me and he denies me my own pleasure, or at least make me beg him for it and perform all sorts of favours before he permits me to come."

July blushed to hear such intimate details from her friends.

To cover her confusion she began to spank July. "That's it" said Robert. "Warm her up with your hand then you can give her six of the best with a nice whippy cane". So saying he brought a cane out of a drawer and placed it between his wife's teeth.

Jens had thought it would just be a bit of spanking fun before the couples went to separate bedrooms for fun and frolics. She had been to that sort of party before. But from the cane it seemed the punishment was to be a bit stronger.

"Rub my bottom please mistress" said July after about 15 hand spanks "and then I will be ready for the cane", dropping it as she spoke.

The men nodded, so Jens did as she was asked, rubbed her friend's bum, and then picked up the cane. She gave July a rather feeble stroke. "Have you used the cane before?" asked Robert. Jens shook her head. "Let me show you then" said Robert. "Not too high and not too low, firm action and follow through. It should sting but not draw blood. Like this". So saying he aimed a blow at his wife. He gave her another two, saying these were for dropping the cane. "One from Jens, five to go, love" said Robert breezily, handing the cane back to Jens, adding "A bit harder next time. She will have hardly felt your first one".

Jens gave her friend the requisite five, with Robert and Simon encouraging her to hit a little harder. "Oh, yes please, harder strokes" said July. "Otherwise my master will feel I have not been punished enough and give me another six".

Punishment over, July stood up, saying with a gleam in her eye "Now it's your turn Jens. Hands behind your back please and I think we'll blindfold you".

Jens did as she was told and July fitted a blindfold over her eyes and then went behind Jens, took one of her arms and Jens felt something metal snap shut around the wrist, then took the other arm and the same thing happened so that her wrists were secured together by handcuffs. It all happened so quickly she didn't have time to think.

"Whatever next?" wondered Jens. She soon found out. In a co-ordinated move, someone pinched her nose to make her open her mouth and then something was pushed into her mouth, filling it, and it was then fastened in place by straps behind her head. She then had a wide collar being fitted around her neck and felt a lead being attached and given a little tug to show her what had happened. "What a good slave" said July "Now for the final preparation". Jens was bent over, her buttocks spread like July's had been and she felt July's slim feminine finger circling her anus, like Robert had done to July. But, oddly, the finger felt slippery. The finger was then inserted right up, making Jens draw breath. "Don't worry if this feels a bit cold and wet, love" said July, "you'll thank me because it will make the next part more comfortable. The finger wiggled about a bit to spread the lubrication, then withdrew.

Jens then felt something rubbery push against her anus. "It can't be?" thought Jens. But July was indeed inserting something wider than a finger into Jens' anus, something which pushed against her sphincter muscle rather uncomfortably then sat tight once it was past the muscle, with the spasms receding.

"Stand up slave" said July. Jens did as she was told and was surprised to feel something swishing against her legs and a little pull on the plug up her bum. She didn't have time to think about it though because she was led from the room, still blindfold, by the lead attached to the collar and taken to another room with whatever it was still swishing against her legs.

"Welcome to our playroom" said Robert as the blindfold was removed. "July is going to have some fun with you here!"

To her amazement, and it must be said a little trepidation, Jens saw the dimly-lit room was furnished as a dungeon with a four legged bench, an X shaped frame, a gynaecological-type chair with stirrups and a kind of pulley-type arrangement, all with restraining straps, and various whips, paddles and canes hanging from the wall. Moreover, on a side table was an array of dildos and vibrators. And, looking behind her, Jens could see the odd swishing was from an artificial tail protruding from the butt plug up her bum . . . . . . . .

The Count

"Let's show you round before we get down to business" said July, leading Jens by the chain to the low table. "I am sure you know what these are, Jens dear, what are they?"

Blushing, Jens said "Well toys, you know."

"I don't know unless you tell me" said July, "a little more detail please. What exactly is this and how does it work?" July held up a large pink implement.

"It's called a rabbit and you put it up and switch it on and it vibrates."

"Don't be so coy we are all adults here. Put it up where?"

"Up the" (blushing even more) " .. . pussy."

"Not an acceptable word dear. Use the medical word or the good short old English word beginning with "C", but not pussy, it is so twee. Again, where do you put it?"

"Up the vagina" said Jens weakly.

"And using the short English word, where do you put it?"

Jens hesitated and got a slap on her bum for it.

"I'm waiting" said July "and so are the boys."

"Up the er, oh, . . cunt", said Jens weakly, trying not to look at either of the two men.

"That's better said July. And do you have one?"

Jens shook her head.

"What about a vibrator or an ordinary dildo?"

"No said Jens."

"I see, Simon keeps you happy does he? But what about when he is away, do you finger yourself then?"

"Sometimes" said Jens.

"And do you think of Simon then, or fantasise generally."

Jens hesitated again and got another smack for it. "Bit of both really."

The Count

To cover her confusion she asked why some of the toys were much smaller than the others.

"Because they are for up the bum, silly" replied July matter of factly. "It is very sexy being shagged up the front passage while filled up the back passage at the same time. And of course you can use them on your man as well to enhance his pleasure." Seeing the colour rise further in Jens face she said, "You are much more easily shocked than I thought. Anyone would think you had never shagged your husband in anything but the missionary position. Come now it's time to show you the restraints."

She placed Jens over the four legged bench with her wrists cuffed to the bottom of the front two legs and her ankles to the rear two legs.

"It's padded so it's comfortable for long periods" said July like a saleswoman. "Now tell me what are its advantages and disadvantages."

Jens looked blank so July gave her e few swats. "Think girl. I've just told you one advantage, the victim can be kept in this position for a long time. Also your head is the same height as the crutch, facilitating fellatio or cunnilingus and you can't flinch away from the strokes. Moreover with your legs spread like that your cunt or pussy as you coyly call it, and arsehole are on full display, indeed Simon and Robert are both having a good look, and permanently available for penetration. The main disadvantage with a woman is that your tits aren't visible, let alone available. With a man, nether is his willy, as I expect you call it". July undid the restraints and motioned Jens up.

"Next we have the pulley, where with your arms above your head your tits are out but your private parts are not as accessible unless used in tandem with a spreader bar, particularly your anus. The other disadvantage is you can wriggle quite a lot. However, you can be put in a stress position where you are on tiptoe, though only for short periods."

"The X frame probably has the most advantages. With arms and legs both spread wide, depending which way you are facing, tits, arse and/or cunt or willy are all available for fiddling, clamping or insertion and while you can wriggle a little bit, you can't flinch away from a smack."

The Count

“The main disadvantage comes if it is not just a punishment session and you finish off with sex.  What do you think the drawback is?”

Jens looked blank so July smacked her again.  “Because it is not particularly convenient to shag when you are both standing up.  At least Robert and I find his cock is at the wrong angle.  Have you and Simon any tips for us from your own experience?”

Jens just shook her head, weakly.

“Lastly we have the gynae chair.  On your back with your legs in the stirrups your vagina and anus are both fully exposed for play and penetration; indeed that is the purpose of course, and the bum cheeks available for spanking.  With your wrists cuffed and your legs restrained against the stirrups you can’t move, particularly if the restraining strap is around your chest as well.  Finally, on your back like that your tits are also accessible.  Nice big firm tits you have.  Mine are a bit small.  I did think about having a boob job, but Robert was dead against it.  It’s rather sweet he likes me as I am.  But I digress.  Finally, your head is at a convenient height for someone to sit on your face if they want to.”

“Now, any questions before I punish you?” . . . . .