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Story Five

The first to start this story gets to choose the details of how these girls came to be here, and what is going to happen....

From: thecount

"You two follow me" said the Chief Executive Officer of Rattan Fashions to two PAs Poppy and Tracey he had caught in their undies trying on the new merchandise when they should have been working. "You are in serious trouble after what my new marketing director Jane has already told me."

"Oh sir" said Poppy, "don't be too hasty, we'll do anything to redeem ourselves!"



"Almost anything" equivocated Tracey.

"Well in that case you can both take a spanking for starters," he said, giving Poppy an encouraging pat on her bottom. "Come into my office and lower your trousers and touch your toes."

From: Spankmeister

Once in Mr Rattan's office Poppy started unbuttoning and motioned for Tracey to do the same.

"Come on Tracey honey, we don't want to upset Mr Rattan any more do we?" she said stepping out of her trouser legs and bending over to hold her ankles as if this was an everyday occurrence.

Tracey blushed at the sight of her friend in her thong which showed virtually of all of her slim buttocks, thinking distractedly that they would offer no protection to Poppy from her spanking, in contrast to her own sensible Marks and Spencer briefs that covered her amply. Poppy had twitted Tracey earlier in the morning about her "rather inelegant VPL" and suggested she wear a thong, well who was wearing the most practical undies now, in the circumstances? However as Tracey began to unzip she got a shock.

"Sir", said Poppy, "this isn't fair. Tracey's knickers cover all of her bum, whereas mine is largely bare, with just my modesty protected, just as you like it for punishment, sir. Shall I take her knickers down?"

From: The Count

"No Poppy, and firstly mind your own business."

"Hear, hear!" thought Tracey.

"Secondly, it is her first offence so just lift Tracey's shirt out of the way. But thank you for reminding me in view of your previous transgressions your next punishment is due on the bare."

Tracey felt Poppy raise her shirt clear and then, unexpectedly, Poppy's hand stroke her bottom.

"Nice bum" said Poppy, cocking her head on one side appreciatively and straightening Tracey's pants unasked, "it's soon going to be as red as your face!"

"Now Tracey" said Mr Rattan "stick your bottom out".

Tracey slowly did as she was told. Mr Rattan spanked her six times with his hand though not too hard. The punishment by Mr Rattan was actually less than the embarrassment of her position, that and being groped in front of him by Poppy who then watched her being spanked.

Now it was Poppy's turn. She removed her thong and bent over again.

Tracey assumed that Poppy would try and preserve her modesty by putting her hand in front of her groin when she undressed further and keeping her legs together, but not a bit of it, quite the reverse. She took off her thong with no inhibition showing her neat little landing strip and bent over with her feet eighteen inches apart, which revealed almost everything, her anus and most of her genitals, to the further embarrassment of Tracey, who had never seen so much of another girl in the flesh, even in the changing room or showers at the gym.


Mr Rattan did not bat an eyelid either at seeing Poppy in such a revealing a position as he spanked her six times with his hand while Tracey was pulling her trousers back up.

"May I stand up now?" she said in what Tracey knew was a put-on meek voice, to which he replied that as she well knew the hand spanking was only to warm her up for one of the implements.

"Oh please, Sir, not the cane, Sir!" said Poppy in again rather unconvincing anguished tones.

"Not on this occasion Poppy, it will be the paddle but you will take ten strokes, with a break at five."

"Thank you, Sir," she said, as he brought down the first stroke, quite hard, and Tracey could see her friend's bottom start to redden noticeably.

After five strokes Mr Rattan said she could rub her bottom if she wished. She did so with both hands, in the course of which she spread her bum cheeks wider - deliberately it seemed to Tracey - giving an even more explicit view of herself before telling Mr Rattan she was ready to resume her punishment.


Mr Rattan gave Poppy the remaining five strokes.

Poppy said, "Thank you for my punishment, Sir, may I go now?"

Mr Rattan said, "Yes you took it well," and sent them both out with a cryptic remark about Jane.

Tracey asked Poppy if she doesn't feel humiliated by being spanked by Rattan especially if she shows him everything and isn't she embarrassed?

"And what did Mr Rattan mean about Jane?"

Poppy smiled and explained that she has been into spanking almost as long as she has been sexually aware. £It's a power / control fantasy where you submit entirely to somebody else. There's a thrill in exposure. Me and my boyfriend do it about once a month. Usually we do a role play where I have been naughty and he sends me to the corner, tells me off etc and then I have to strip in stages for the spanking, which is a prelude to sex. However it works both ways and sometimes I spank him, when he likes his bum fingered as well."

Poppy went on to explain that they also go to spanking parties where they can explore this aspect of their relationship with others in a controlled and social environment.

Tracey asks what goes on.

Poppy says there's about 15-20 couples who take it in turns to host them. The guys sit a circle. The girls go over the guys knees. Over the knee = OTK. The guys hand spank a girl for three or four minutes. If it is too hard or his hand is going somewhere it shouldn't you just tell him. However the guys are expected to give you a rub on your bum cheeks and you are free to give yourself one. The timer sounds, the girls get up, regularise their underwear and give the guy a kiss, then move on and bend over the next guy and the process repeats. It is up to the girls how much they show. One or two wear trousers or get spanked on their skirt. Some lift their skirts up wearing sensible knickers which they keep on. Some lift their skirts up wearing a thong that covers their genitals, but exposes all the bum cheeks for a harder smack, and keep the thong on. However the majority lower their knickers and take it on the bare.

From his position the guy spanking you doesn't see that much of you but he gets a good view of the next girl. After the girls have been round all the guys OTK there's a break for drinks and nibbles. Then half of the girls bend over a desk or something and take six spanks as bare as they dare with a paddle or riding crop or something from each guy, and from any girl watching who wants to spank them.

Poppy went on, "I must say I like spanking girls' bottoms. Then the other half of the girls bend over for their implement spanking, when girls who have been too harsh on other girls can regret it! Then a break for more drinks and nibbles followed by the same process except the implement is the cane. There are some other aspects. No cameras allowed, obviously. If a girl wants to take her top off as well, that's fine, as it is if she wants her tits smacked, or to walk around naked, which one or two do. New girls get an OTK hand spanking and then the cane from all the other girls, as do two regular girls selected at random. If guys want to "switch" i.e. be spanked by a girl they can indicate this and one will take him aside during a drinks break. Again the guy is normally told to take down his boxers and take the hand spanking, implements and cane on the bare. But he can show less if he wants though this hardly ever happens. In contrast to the rule about guys not groping the girls, for some reason the girls can feel the guys' balls but not cock if they are both comfortable with this.

"Parties normally have a theme with costumes e.g. Christmas, Halloween, evening dress, nurses, schoolgirls, St Patrick's Day, all sorts. My boyfriend won't go if it is schoolgirls as he thinks it is a bit pervy. I can see why and his sensitivity does him credit but I enjoy schoolgirl role play so I go anyway with another friend. I got my taste for being spanked at my girls' boarding school where the prefects spanked the younger girls, often for fun, and most of them would have your knickers down for very little. As indeed did I when I became a prefect. But I digress.

"Does that give you the flavour?"

Tracey asks if it isn't embarrassing?

Poppy says "The first time, for two minutes, then not at all. Firstly, we are all doing it. Secondly, we're all couples so everyone has seen a pussy, bum hole, cock and balls before. And exposing yourself is part of the thrill. And while there's absolutely no sexual contact, there is undeniably an erotic element for both the girls and for the guys. The sex with your partner afterwards is great. Sometimes you meet someone from a party when you don't expect it, in Tesco say. It's rather fun, and you exchange knowing looks while trying to recall what their bum or cock or whatever looks like. But again, I digress. Why don't you come along a party sometime? You've already seen plenty of me, more than I have of you. Bob and I would love to give you a spanking, you've a lovely firm round bum that would redden up beautifully, and you could reciprocate, I'd love to take your cane across my bare arse with Bob and your boyfriend watching having warmed my arse up first.


"I suppose I can understand it at parties" said Tracey, not sounding too convinced "but I don't think I'll try one just yet thank you. But what about Mr Rattan, I gather this isn't the first time he has spanked you. And you showed him everything!"

Poppy explained that since she liked being spanked it was no hardship to accommodate Rattan, who in return gave her perks like leaving early if she wanted too, and it is understood between them that he will give her an above average annual pay rise. "It's the way the world works Tracey honey". Responding to Tracey's evident scepticism, Poppy continued that it was less onerous than putting out more fully for him, like some of the others did, she wouldn't fancy that at all, and didn't even let him linger when rubbing her bottom when she was over his knee, let alone grope her between the legs. "As I said, I enjoy being spanked and Rattan is rather gentle, a bit too tame really if this had been a party."

"But you showed him everything!" Tracey said. "Well I did but you show a lot more lap dancing, which is how I funded myself through university. You end up stark naked in front of a whole lot of men. For the private dances after one minute of the song you spread your legs wide open in front of them, showing your vagina entrance and clit and then you feel yourself, everything. Then you turn round, bend over, spread your bum cheeks to show them your anus as well as your pussy and have another clit fiddle. They are not allowed to touch you, though." "Weren't you afraid of being recognised socially?" "No, I went to university in London and I used to catch the train to Birmingham one day a week, it only takes an hour, to dance there, where I didn't know anyone. Nobody ever knew."

"Do some other PAs really, you know, put out for Rattan?" asked Tracey. "Yes of course" said Poppy, matter of factly. "It is usually just a quick and rather sordid blowjob in the stationery cupboard but for something meaningful they have to accompany him on a business trip, like Jane frequently did, and have penetrative sex in his bedroom. Jane started off as a PA like you and me. Rumour has it for a year before she was made the marketing manager she sucked his cock once a week, shagged him once a month and let him have her up the bum sometimes. Mind you she got the job on merit too, she had actually been doing it in practice for six months, she's a smart woman and not to be underestimated."

"What was Rattan's cryptic comment regarding Jane about?" asked Poppy. "Was it something to do with the presentation you and I and Dave worked on for her for the high profile marketing event yesterday at the Dorchester that didn't go too well?"

"Yes" replied Poppy "she called me in this morning. And to say it didn't go too well is the understatement of the year. As you know, when Jane gave the presentation the slides were mixed up, there were spelling mistakes and some of the delegates' hotel and flight arrangements were wrong too, all highly embarrassing for Jane. She also claims we both infringed the dress code, and Jane thinks we both flirted with the clients."

"Your skirt was a bit short, showing your stocking tops at times when you sat down, and your low top did show rather a lot of cleavage" said Tracey, but I was dressed normally. "Yes" said Poppy, "you are right about my attire, but I dressed in what I thought might appeal to the delegates to encourage them to place orders, so it's a bit rich for Jane to pull me up for infringing the dress code."

"And, yes", continued Poppy, "you were dressed as demurely as usual at the Dorchester, at least when you were standing up. However your own stocking tops and occasionally even your sensible white knickers were visible when you bent over the desks to give delegates the microphone during the Q&A session. They contrasted rather with your black skirt. I assumed you were trying to drum up orders too, though it's not like you." Tracey blushed at this, realising why there had been so many rather fatuous questions. It was to get her to bend over to hand over the microphone, for the delectation of the mainly male audience.

"You certainly flirted with clients but I didn't, unless smiling is flirting", said Tracey and Poppy replied that it isn't normally, but Jane understandably construed it as such given Tracey had just flashed half the audience.

"Anyway" concluded Poppy, "the fact is Jane is on the warpath, for perfectly legitimate business reasons we can't really contest. She too is going to punish us, but not here, in her apartment."

"Anything else I ought to know?" said Tracey. "Yes" said Poppy, "as everyone knows, despite shagging Rattan for over a year to get promoted, Jane is now an "out" lesbian and she will no doubt enjoy making us undress, try to grope us and I expect she will seek to take even further advantage. And I imagine even innocent little you can guess what that means.


Tracey asks Poppy if she has experience of lesbianism. Poppy says she has had a few flings, prefers men but girls are rather fun for a change and they bother you for sex a lot less. Didn't Tracey practice kissing with other girls in her teens? Poppy went to a girls' boarding school and got a taste for it there, they played spin the bottle and sometimes even got into bed together after lights out and had a feel. She offers to show Tracey saying it's not so bad, and you are going to have to give Jane something at least and you might even enjoy it. Poppy then kisses Tracey on the lips, who slowly responds, and Poppy fondles Tracey's breasts and bum. At Poppy's suggestion Tracey then starts to reciprocate, hesitantly at first but then with relish, flick licking Poppy's tongue and then sliding her tongue down Poppy's throat, to the delight of Poppy who prefers to be the more passive actor. Just as Tracey is putting her hand inside Poppy's blouse, Jane walks in. "Ay Ay you two" says Jane. "I need to talk to the both of you. If you want to keep your jobs, report to me after work at 7pm at my flat for privacy. I have already summoned Dave. You should wear a skirt or dress. And don't be late . . . .


Poppy rang the bell at 19:00 sharp. Poppy was in a shortish blue dress that showed some cleavage. Tracey was in conventional office attire, a modest dark grey skirt with white blouse buttoned up to the top. To Tracey's astonishment Jane answered the door in a black corset, pants, stockings and suspenders.

Jane motioned them to a door and they went in. To Tracey's even greater surprise Dave was already there, standing in the corner with his hands behind his head and his trousers and boxers down so his bottom was bare. The room contained a desk with various whips, paddles etc on it, a wall mounted X frame and and a piece of apparatus that Jane explained in answer to Tracey's question was a spanking bench.

Jane explained that Dave would be dealt with first and then leave. The girls would be fully clothed while Dave was there, anything else might be give him ideas and be bad for office discipline. However showing his bum to them was part of Dave's punishment. She would then deal with the girls, who could reduce their punishment by being "accommodating".

The girls were shepherded to separate corners, where Jane fitted blindfolds to stop them peeping. They would be able to hear but not see all of Dave's punishment. Keeping up a running commentary for the girls' benefit Jane told Dave to bend over the spanking bench and she fitted a blindfold on him too. She gave him a few playful spanks with her hand before turning to the girls.

"Time for your knickers inspection ladies" she said, striding purposely towards Poppy, licking her lips . . . .


Tracey heard a rustle as Poppy raised her dress to her hips and wondered what Dave would be able to see of her if she followed suit. However Jane told her not to be concerned, she had blindfolded Dave too. Jane explained that 'it would be bad for office discipline and decorum for males to see too much of female colleagues which is why we have modesty panels', concluding breezily 'though from the cleavage you often show Poppy honey, you don't seem to mind what they see'.

During her inspection Jane commented, without revealing who was wearing what, on Poppy's black stockings, suspenders and thong, saying they framed the bottom cheeks nicely, and on Tracey's holdups and white sensible knickers that covered all of her buttocks, and inspected the labels, Agent Provocateur for Poppy and M&S for Tracey.

She stroked their bottoms, dispassionately initially, then running her hand up the inside of each girl's thigh, giving them a final quick cheeky feel with a press between their legs, quite intimately on Poppy, who opened her thighs accommodatingly and evidently enjoyed it, and less so on Tracey, because Tracey clenched her thighs together at the first touch of Jane's hand on her thigh, blushing deeply and wondering just how far Jane would expect her to be "accommodating" if Tracey wished to lessen her punishment. While Tracey had unexpectedly enjoyed the practice snog and clinch with Poppy, she didn't really know Jane. She decided the trade-off would depend on how hard Jane was going to smack them and what Jane was like and she would no doubt find out soon enough.

Jane went back to Dave, took up a paddle with her left hand, and then with her right hand stroked his bare bottom, commenting how a bare male and female bottom side by side made a good contrast, the man's hairier and a different shape. Also men usually squealed more when she penetrated the anus, even when they were clearly used to it. She would have thought a man's anus and rectum would be wider than a woman's and so it would be less uncomfortable, but men were such babies. Mind you, she could usually get further up a man's anus. Poppy and Tracey both involuntarily clenched their buttocks during these ruminations.

Regarding him judiciously and keeping up a running commentary for the benefit of the girls to Dave's evident embarrassment, she fitted a condom on her right middle finger and ran it up and down the cleft between his buttocks pressing a little when she came to his anus,. She spanked him with the paddle to warm him up and picked up a cane, asking him how many strokes he thought he deserved this time.

"Twenty mistress" he said.

"Yes, that is about right" said Jane to Dave's evident relief, bringing down the cane for the first stroke which drew a sharp intake of breath from Dave. "Twenty for starters and then another twenty when you've experienced what it is like to be a woman and suffer the attentions of a man, to teach you a lesson for trying to seduce that female delegate."

After twenty strokes Dave's bottom was bright red. Jane stroked it gently then, resuming the running commentary for the girls, drizzled some lubrication over his anus, worked it in and then slowly inserted her middle finger right up his anus as far as it would go. "Where's your prostate, then" said Jane when her finger was fully inserted.

"A little higher mistress" said Dave and Jane rummaged around until she found it and had a good feel.

"I'm going to withdraw now Dave" said Jane. "But I've not finished with your bum yet. I've got a nice strap-on for you, smaller than I would use on a woman for vaginal sex but not too small that you won't notice it. However it's not so big that the discomfort will distract you from the sensation when your rectum stretches to accommodate it".

Jane fitted the dildo into the harness, had Dave suck it a few times 'to get it nice and slippery to fit up your arse' and pushed it slowly into him, stopping each time he registered more than mild discomfort. When it was well inside him she gave him a few long slow thrusts to accustom him to it. She then continued slightly faster, withdrawing it almost fully each time, giving him a moment for his rectum to relax before pushing it back in to open him up again, slapping his bottom occasionally.

He began to moan and groan and she told him she was going to gag him. Jane withdrew, quite quickly, which made Dave gasp. She went over to Tracey, tapped her on the shoulder and motioned her silently to lift her skirt again. Tracey felt her knickers being taken down followed by her hold-ups and Jane gave her bare bum a parting slap. Jane returned to Dave and fed the knickers into his mouth and rolled the hold-ups carefully up his legs as far up as they would go, finally giving the short hairs on his exposed upper thighs a mean little tug before drizzling some more lubricant on his still pulsating anus.

Jane then entered Dave again with the strap-on, but swiftly this time, saying he should be already be nicely opened up, though Dave didn't seem to agree from the muffled noises he made with the improvised gag of Tracey's knickers in this mouth. 'Shut up, we can't make you out anyway' said Jane 'I gagged you with sensible knickers rather than a thong so the extra material will fill your mouth up completely' 'I hope they taste good for you' she concluded, at which thought Tracey winced, even though Dave didn't know they were hers rather than Poppy's. Again Jane thrust into him, quicker and deeper now, for 10-15 minutes, mocking Dave continually to the girls. Tracey's ears burned at some of the things Jane said. Finally, after a couple of false starts to tease him, she withdrew, quickly again to make him gasp one more time, and gave him the final twenty with the cane.

'And what do you say?' she asked, removing his gag.

"Thank you for my punishment mistress" he said.

"And what about preserving your modesty by blindfolding the girls and the fun I've just given you? Aren't you going to thank me for those?"

"Thank you mistress for blindfolding Poppy and Tracey, so that they could not see my anus or genitals, nor watch you spanking me and sodomising me with your strap-on for my pleasure".

"That's better lover boy" said Jane, re-inserting the knickers in his mouth "now get dressed and get out and keep the gag in your mouth and the stockings on until at least you reach home. I expect you'll use them to masturbate, but you are not permitted to do so until two hours after you reach home".

Dave dressed and left, savouring the memory of Jane violating him so intimately in the girls' presence which only enhanced the experience, first gently teasing with her finger, then thrusting up his bum vigorously with the much wider strap-on that filled him up.

Even if they could not see anything, from Jane's commentary the girls knew everything that had happened. He wished he could stay and watch the girls being punished and wondered whose knickers were filling his mouth. Jane's, he concluded, reasoning that making him think that it was a co-worker's underwear and hosiery and making him guess which one would appeal to her sense of humour and she was just the sort to get a thrill from wearing no knickers knowing they are in his mouth.

For their part the girls would never look at Dave in quite the same way. Poppy had indulged in anal play sometimes, both ways, without any particular enthusiasm and switched at spanking parties and she wondered about suggesting that he might like to attend one. Tracey thought rather queasily of her work colleague Dave playing with himself using her things. Men did that sort of thing, as she knew from one of her former boyfriends. However there was no amount of washing that would have induced her to wear those knickers again. Not after they had been in his mouth, let alone after he had used them for the further purpose for which Jane had just given permission, where she rather doubted Dave would heed Jane's instruction about waiting, if her former boyfriend was anything to go by.

The phone rang in another room and Jane went to answer it. The girls remained facing the wall, blindfolded . . . .


Tracey asks Poppy what she expects will happen next. Poppy says when Jane previously punished her and another girl together the regime was hand spanking, followed by implements including the cane for both of them, as nude as they were willing to go. While Jane will encourage them both to strip completely, the degree of nudity is ultimately up to the offenders and Jane will respect any clearly expressed limits. Last time this was only down to underwear for the other girl, who looked away when Poppy went naked.

Poppy expects Jane will try and get them to spank each other naked, with forfeits if they decline. Again this will be at Poppy's and Tracey's discretion, Jane will push but not insist. Last time the other girl declined to spank Poppy, even if Poppy put some clothes on, or be spanked by Poppy. Jane made the girl do 20 jumping jacks as a forfeit, not hiding her interest in the girl's bouncing boobs under her bra then gave her 10 strokes with a paddle. There was no forfeit for Poppy because she would have complied.

After the spanking it will be playtime. Jane will expect Poppy to pleasure her as the hors d'oeuvre and then be the passive partner for Jane. Poppy did this last time, when she really enjoyed the sex with Jane. This time, given Jane caught Poppy and Tracey in mid-snog, Jane will no doubt hope that Tracey will engage with her too. If Tracey does, then Jane will likely then suggest Poppy and Tracey pleasure each other, again with forfeits if one or both decline. Again, while Jane will try and coax Tracey to do more than she initially says they are up for, Jane will ultimately respect limits.

Last time the other girl left before Poppy and Jane had sex. Her forfeit was 10 press-ups, 10 squats, 20 strokes of the cane and a final additional 20 jumping jacks to amuse Jane, remaining in her underwear throughout.

Poppy says she has no problem stripping naked and pleasuring Jane, and Tracey if Tracey is up for it, which Poppy rather hopes she will be from the clinch and snog. Poppy enjoyed fondling Tracey's bum when they were spanked by Rattan. Poppy rather gets off on these things, which are fun and fantasy rather than real life.

Tracey asks 'but what about your boyfriend Bob, what would he think?' thinking how her own former boyfriends would react in similar circumstances.

'Oh, if I told him, he wouldn't leave me alone for a week. He would also no doubt suggest we have a threesome with a tarty blonde bisexual ex-girlfriend of his who he is still friendly with and is always giving him the eye. He wouldn't like or stand for me going with another guy, but he would relish watching me with another girl, and I wouldn't put it past him wanting to having me in front of her, if he thought I would be up for it, which I wouldn't. His fantasy no doubt is some initial girl on girl, then him fucking her in front of me, and then me in front of her. But dream on chum! I certainly didn't tell him about my previous little scenario with Jane, it's none of his business. I wouldn't go with a girl if I was in a long-tern relationship unless the guy knew and was fine with it. But a casual boyfriend, what business is it of his?'

Tracey tells Poppy she intends to keep her underwear on, as she did for Rattan, before realising she doesn't have any, Jane gave them to Dave. Internally, however, she admits to herself she did enjoy the snog and feel session with Poppy and did feel a lesser tremor when Jane tried to grope her between her legs. She wonders if she should go mad for once. It all depends what Jane is like. Perhaps to lessen the forfeit she should take her top off. As these thoughts go through Tracey's confused mind, Poppy starts to get wet between her legs, anticipating what is to come, relishing the thought of being Jane's passive plaything and if she is lucky helping Jane to initiate Tracey into the pleasures of girl on girl intimacy and spanking.

Poppy reaches an arm out to Tracey, puts it on her shoulder and, sensing no resistance, she draws Tracey to her and they kiss. Poppy fondles Tracey, undoes her blouse and unhooks her bra strap and strokes her breasts, kisses them and suckles gently on her nipples, commenting that if she ever had a boob job she would give the surgeon a photo of Tracey's breasts to show the result she wanted. Tracey remarks on how gentle Poppy is with her breasts compared to most men. Poppy is shorter than a guy too, which adds another dimension to the experience, as does the fact they are both blindfolded. Poppy shifts her attention, lifting up Tracey's skirt, initially surprised that Tracey has no knickers on, which is really not like her, but remembering Jane removed them to give to Dave as part of his humiliation. Fondling Tracey's bottom with one hand she starts to feel her between the legs with the other. Tracey thinks 'what the heck', relaxes and opens her legs. Poppy strokes her skilfully and brings her to a slow deeply satisfying climax, holding Tracey to her afterwards while she recovers. After she has recovered, Poppy moves Tracey's hand up her dress and Tracey reciprocates on Poppy, moving her thong aside and stroking her landing strip, noticing that the shaved remainder of her pubis is rather rough, unlike her own, which Tracey shaves every day.

Tracey fumbles rather clumsily when she moves down between Poppy's legs until Poppy tells her how she would like to be pleasured, that is slowly and progressively, her labia first, circling her clit next, before inserting her finger inside and finally withdrawing slowly and returning to the clitoris for an orgasm that was clearly explosive from the noises Poppy made and the shudders she gave. Again the girls hold each other as Poppy recovers, with Tracey nuzzling her and giving her gentle kisses. Restored, Poppy pulls her thong back up and Tracey fastens her bra and blouse. She has done up half the buttons when the returning Jane suddenly opens the door . . . .

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