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Picture 16
"I said spank this, dammit!!" - Saxon
"Please may I sit on your knee?" - VSB
"I thought I was the one who should be crying?" - Tarl

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Picture 15
"Smile for the camera!" - verysorebottom
"Where did you hide it?" - verysorebottom
"No! That proves it, the sun does not shine out of her backside." - john
"I've got a crack in my lens!" - Yorick
"you SHAVE??" - Kid
It's always nice to look up old friends! - Yorick
Not what we expected - "testiculos habet, et bene pendente" (he has balls, and they're hanging well) - Aleyn
"Yup, she's been to see Saxon alright!" - ;^)

Picture 14
"Now girls, you really must do better if we're to stand any chance in the 2012 Alternate Olympics!" - Aleyn
Horse abandoned in bicycle park - nawtygrl
Silly mare enters rear of the year competition. - nawtygrl
Competitors caught cheating at the annual Red Rump Rodeo - Saxon

Picture 13
I like looking at all the minis, especially the white ones with the red stripes - Sid

I think I have located the source of the gas leak, Madam - Henton

"Please, darling. Drop the keys."
"No! You can't buy this car so I am keeping the keys right here! So there!" - ScarletFanny

Well, I've heard of looking up old friends... - len9
"My Clutch needs tightening" - Chris Wall
"I think my exhaust is blowing. Could you check it for me?" - anon
"Thanks for looking after my keys, love!" - BDJ
A Bentley engineer checks the affects of their new vibrating door handles. - Saxon
"...and at 11:00, the alternate program by Clarkson & Co, 'Bottom Gear'!" - Aleyn D Lester
"Hmm, interesting stripe pattern, but it's not a hen..." - Saxon

Caption 12
Picture 12
Wow! Now I've got my very own burning bush! - Chris Wall
When Father O'Brien hears about this sister, you can bet that he will raise your habit, and wallop your bare bottom also! - sixofthebest
"Do I have to strip you naked to make you wear this stupid head gear?" - PeterJameson
"OH! Ooh...sister, I didn't know you meant this habit!" - randymansadom
"I can see it's going to take at least another 6 strokes of the cane to wipe that smile off your face!" - Akapeter
Thou shalt not covet thy pupil's ass - anon
"Ok young lady, I'll have nun of that! I will break you of the nasty habit of wearing naughty knickers." - Lilmischief
"Is this really what happened in Sister Act?" - Saxon
"But sister, when you said wouldn't it be fun if we swapped outfits for non-school-uniform day, you didn't tell me I had to spank you too!" - anon
"Is this what they mean by turn the other cheek?" - lilypad
"Oh! You are naughty!"
"I know, but I like it" - Saxon
But Sister Mary Joseph, isn't it a sin to show my bottom like this? Yes it is and I'm going to give you six of the best for it! - Satrianesse

Caption 11
Picture 11
Caught red-handed. "...but is it red though? No, see?" - nawtygrl
"Hold on! I can feel your mobile phone vibrating!" - nomore4u67
"But officer, I've got an interview as a shop security guard tomorrow and i'm just making sure I know how to do a cavity search so I can truthfully say I've got that experience!" - Aleyn

[Centre Parc tutorial]
"OK, Chief Whip - following you so far: ... got her by the bush ...bent over ...jeans & pants down. So how do I use the spanking hand from this position? Oh! That bush!" - PP

"Alright, so where can I find a birch in the Amazon rain forest?" - Saxon
"I definately didn't hide the map up there! Please don't spank me!" - geordie brat
"So far I've found £3.42 in change, the remote control and something icky in a wrapper!" - sunset
[Ed: still desperately trying to resist commenting on the latter find!!]

Caption 10
Picture 10
"Goodness woman, has no one told you - young conservatives don't wear pink! Bend over!" - sarah
"How about I turn your cheeks as red as mine?" - Saxon
"You, young lady, are in big trouble!"
"EEK!"  -  Saxon
"How in hell did you get awarded the Golden Dickie?" - Saxon

caption 9
Picture 9
At a recent EU conference the Norwegian navy confirms it's support for Norway's commercial whaling policy - Azote
Squadron Leader Hanson explains the inspiration behind his award winning idea for the Sea Harrier ski launch. - Saxon

Picture 8
"I have to stretch, you know that! The last time I didn't stretch my quadraceps before running from the farmer I lost a tail feather!" - mariek
"Fancy a goose?" - Dr Ken
"I said 'DUCK!', not 'LEG IT!', you stupid bird!" - bonniescot
"Listen to me, Flopsie, do I look like I've got bird flu?" - bonniescot
"I don't care what foxxx said, I'm not convinced this is the dress code for the Milton Keynes munch" - neil
Jemima pretends to be unimpressed by Caspian's ears - Saxon

Picture 7
"See? I told you we would have more fun without the ball!" - GeordieBrat
"I've got that bat, if you've got the balls!" - Azote
"Oh-my-god, you have two! What do you need two for!? - Matt
"Oh no! I use this to propel ping-pong balls! - Saxon
"Come on. You said you'd show me your forehand smash!" - Christopher

Picture 6
Not wishing to be beaten, she decides to cheat by painting his arse red. - nawtygrl
"If I can not get yours more red than mine this way, I will have to paint your arse!" - nawtygrl
"You want me to put it where?!!" - spankee
"Fair's fair: You bang on MY bongos, I'll bang on YOURS!" - AnimeHentai
"No thanks honey, I've already got the horn." - Saxon

"One for me, one for you!" - redruth

"I will not stop spanking you until you admit I have the better hair". "Neither will I!" - Steve

Picture 5
Mine's not as big as yours! - pensioner
Are you sure this is what they mean by 'beach bums'? - Henton
Same old faces. Big smiles, no teeth! - Chris Wall
I'll have double the pleasure and double the fun, of spanking two beautiful and tender bare buns. - sixofthebest
Those must be the machines that guy was telling us about sliding our credit cards in! - Weasel
Quick hide, I've just seen my boss! I knew we shouldn't have come to this nudist beach! - GeordieBrat
"Hump backs aft, Captain!" - Azote
Mary and Theresa didn't really enjoy their part time summer job as beach bicycle parking maids. - David
"Say there, can either of you give me directions to Two Moon Bay?" - flyhalf

"I thought I saw a starfish down here!" - neil

"See, I told you no one would recognise us!" - Nadine
I spanked these bare lassies, with a few lashes to their asses, had them get a notion, to cool off in the ocean. - Luigi
"I don't want to stay long here as last week there was talk of a Shark sighting!" - StingRay
"So why do they call this the Red Sea then?" - Saxon
"I am beginning to think we should have paid for those deck chairs!" - Sue
In the best traditions of a British Seaside Holiday, John went for a paddle. - MrAdams
"Why do you think the boss wanted us to act like ostriches?" - spankbob

Picture 4
Just keep looking babe, I know you have been looking for over an hour but my golf ball definitely went in that direction! - GeordieBrat
I knew I should'nt have got dressed in the dark! I forgot to put my skirt on! - GeordieBrat
I'm ready when he finds me. Either way it is inevitable. I hope I don't have a heart attack first though. - Ruth
"It's me Daddy. I ready for you." - laughs
"Are you sure Daisy Duke started this way?" - Grensan
He'll never find me here to give me that thrashing! :-) ...will he? :-(  - Oakusr
Where's the portaloo when you need one? - emma
Dr. Laura unfortunately pulled the Pansies out of the garden mistaking them for weeds! Now she is getting her just desserts... - Luigi
I prefer this type of hiding to the one he has in mind. - applered
Being punished outdoors is no picnic! - CK
Is that a birch tree I can see? - Greg
Katie was sent to hunt for a natural cheek reddener - long, thin and highly flexible was its apparent description - Beth
I thought I was too old to be playing 'peek-a-boo', but if that is what he wants.... - Saxon

Picture 3
Oh yea?? Well tell the boss he can file this! - Weasel
I know my skirt's the correct length according to company regulations but my regulation knickers are in the wash! - GeordieBrat
Having broken the photocopier, Sally had no choice but to circulate the original. - Knapsco
Marvo the magician's secretary, Sally, showed her boss how the disappearing knickers trick worked. - David
Oh! You meant open those drawers?! - llebski
Julie auditions for the lead role in "Secretary" - neil
I don't know where I filed it. Try up here! - anon
So Boss, this ISN'T what you meant when you said "You're on OVERtime tonight!"? - Brat
"So take it out of that ...if you dare!" - PatP
"Know what? I forgot to mail it! So now what?" - photobutte
Louise, looking back, could see now exactly why short skirts and sitting down were described as incompatible in the job description. - Beth
"Why do we file EVERYTHING in the bottom drawer?" - Saxon
"Does my bum look big in this?" - applered

Picture 2
"Well, I didn't know you could get sunburn from photocopying your bum!" "No, nor did I!" - Azote
Ashley: "Well, at least we got to keep our panties up"
Amy: "It still hurts like hell though" - David
"And you thought going out drinking while Master was at work, was a good idea, WHY? Tell me, how are we going to get our jeans back up?" - Debug
"Well I told you not to mention the spot on his knob!" - llebski
"We really did it this time, Maggie! We'll look like a pair of ripened tomatoes!" - Luigi
He really knows how to put a little colour in your cheeks, huh girls? - CK
"He thinks we're showing 'bare faced cheek' by choice?" - Katherine
"At least you picked a top that goes with with your knickers!" - Salls
"When he said he was going to make our cheeks blush, I didn't realise he meant THOSE cheeks!" - Mel
"I told you what would happen if we got caught kissing!" - Saxon

Picture 1
You're laughing, but if your bottom wasn't so big I could have purchased a smaller paddle! - GeordieBrat
"...of all the things to get caught shoplifting for!" - tanemhard
"What do they mean, 'Dual-purpose Cribbage Board'?" - Dr Ken
"Just wait until I get you home - you won't be smiling then!" - Ruth
"We should never have moved to the Bible belt!" - neil
"...and who says size doesn't matter??" - Oakusr
"Laugh if you want to, but this paddle was made for two!" - CK
"When I told him I wanted something firm and hard, I didn't mean......." - Alex
"This should stiffen England's middle order!!"  - Baron
"That's the last time *I* go to the Post Office to collect a surprise present!!" - Toby
"It's OK for you to laugh, this is my Christmas present!!" - Mr Vic
Emma, didn't you just say, "I would like to THANK you for the extra work I've done???" - Mr Vic
"This is just right for my Britany schoolgirl look." - Del
"Do you think this will make my bum look big?" "No. Just red." giggle - Rod
"Well, I know your hair is a mess, but do you really need a brush that size?" - JohnBoy
"I don't know what you think is so funny, this is going to hurt!" - Saxon
"You'll need a bigger handbag, Lulu!" - subeditor
"Funny, somehow I just can't see you playing cricket! Are you sure that is what it's for?" - Saxon

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