Misbehaviour - a feature film


Some time ago, I was contacted by a Canadian film producer named Michel Zgarka who asked me to consider a mainstream film script that he was working on. The script included a significant element of spanking and BDSM, and he was concerned that the subject should be dealt with in a realistic way. I did my best to help, several years have passed, and the film is now 'in the can' and the distribution is being organised.


"Everyone should get what they deserve… "

misbehaviour 2A young woman is determined to take charge of her life and discovers everyone has their own perverted agenda.

Stephanie Miller, sheltered and inexperienced, wants to make her own decisions about who she is and what she does.


misbehaviour 4Experience the emotional twists and turns on a roller-coaster ride inside the world of a naïve 19 year old woman coming to grips with the dark side of her overprotected upscale life with this powerful, coming-of-age psychological drama.


misbehaviour 6






misbehaviour 7

Diane Morrisson only wants to protect her best friend Stephanie from the harsh realities of life she knows all too well.



misbehaviour 8


Professor James Carling is the brilliant teacher Stephanie trusts and admires most… she shouldn’t.




misbehaviour 9

Ophelia Lachance, ambitious, cold and manipulative, is the new teacher with a secret that’s too painful to share… until the time is right.


misbehaviour 10

Bernie Morgate, retired cop and surveillance specialist, handles security at Eatonfield where he keeps a very close eye on all his girls.



misbehaviour 11Ms. Tamara Nuevo, headmistress, and strict authoritarian zealously protects her girls’ and her school’s reputations. Ted Miller, school chairman and Stephanie’s father, cares only about his daughter’s happiness.



misbehaviour 12





The trailer is available at: www.myspace.com/zgafilms