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Lines for Naughty GirlsThis section carries pages that don't really fit within any of the other specific sections.

Saxon's Page is the one that began this web site so many years ago, it functions as a profile page for myself, and I hope that it will encourage others to post their own profiles in the Forum.

The Great Blow Job Debate is both an opportunity to have a little fun on the subject, and an invitation for those interested in improving their technique.

It is amazing just how many famous people have had something to say on the subject of spanking and more general BDSM. The Quotations Page lists those I have come across.

The Links Pages show how to link to this web site, and list some of my favourite sites.

And don't miss the Reader Participation Pages, contained within a mini site. Here you can invent humourous captions to (sometimes innocent) photographs, or fill in a form for the international Spanking Survey (and see the results gathered so far). Or maybe you can dip your toes into writing spanking fiction by adding a paragraph or two to the on-going Chain Story!