Domestic Discipline Stories

This page links to a collection of stories based around couples who have used corporal punishment within their relationships.

The left menu will take you to each of the current list of stories.

Writers thrive on feedback to their stories, both good and bad. Your comments provide encouragement to write better, write different, write more. Interesting comments will be posted above.

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Naughty Girls

Teaching Experience

How does a teacher learn the correct way to spank her students? Trainee teacher Amelia-Jane Rutherford asks her experienced friend Caroline Grey to help. Bending over the bed, Amelia needs to know what corporal punishment feels like - particularly a slippering, like she'll be expected to deliver to students in her new role. Caroline obliges with six hard slipper strokes, followed by another round of smacks over Amelia's sheer knickers. Finally, the ultimate humiliating punishment, Amelia asks to feel what it's like to be slippered on the bare bottom.

Naughty Boys

Misbehaving male - drunk and disorderly

After a night in the cells, Vincent's obnoxious behaviour irritates the officer processing his paperwork so much that she decides to make his day a little more unpleasant. A strip search does him no favours, and he is given a choice: a lengthy court process culminating in eventual jail time, or judicial corporal punishment and a same-day release. Thinking that a WPC can't possibly do that much damage, Vincent consents to the judicial caning. He is in for a hell of a shock. His big mouth earns him more and more strokes, leading to a total of 30 full-force strokes of the cane.