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Featuring British OTK adult schoolgirl discipline and other BDSM related themes. This adult website contains material written by Saxon and including contributions from friends from all over the world, and is not suitable for minors. You have unrestricted access to many pages of erotic discipline and BDSM help and advice on adult OTK punishment, spanking, caning and birching. There is no charge to access this site, but please do reward the writers by sending feedback on their stories, or at least use the '+ Share' buttons on your favourite pages.

Central Section

Index of ages linking to the key sections in Saxon-Web, introducing our Spanking Forum (all nationalities welcome), the Spanking Picture Galleries, Spanking and BDSM Stories, and Victorian Spanking Erotica.

Saxon's biography, links to spanking websites, and some amusing BDSM, sex and spanking related pages. Also included are the:

Reader Participation Pages

Visitors are invited to have a go at adding to the Chain Story or suggest funny Kinky Captions for pictures or take part in our international Survey which has now been running for over 15 years. Or the brand new research questionnaire (Ladies Only) Female Fantasies which aims to find common denominators in the erotic fantasies women grow up with.

Spanking Reference Section

Implements Advice

here are pages of descriptions and advice on the various aspects of erotic discipline, BDSM corporal punishment and schoolgirl fetish including use of common discipline implements and techniques. These include, erotic spanking and advice on various positions, using a cane and belt or strap, and making and using a birch rod.

And finally advice on how to successfully find and meet a playmate in safety.

Beginners Guides

These new pages have been written to introduce newcomers to our corner of the BDSM world. How to spank erotically is a key question that many people need the answer to, crucial knowledge to avoid the best intentions turning sour

Erotic Caning features strongly in many fantasies but the potential recipients are too fearful to give it a try, often after having seen some of the gory pictures on the web. It doesn't have to be like that and this page attempts to provide a realistic description of what to expect.

An implement heavily featured in much of the Victorian erotica is The Birch Rod (often shortened to the Rod, or the Birch). It is an intriguing implement that has fallen out of favour is more recent time, especially since the advent of the cane, but it deserves a place amongst the list of canes, straps, belts and paddles. In addition to this guide there is also a separate page describing the history and construction of a birch.

Real Life Spankings

This section has accounts describing a variety of actual experiences that include genuine first time erotic submission and discipline, and a number of people tell of their childhood brushes with spankings and corporal punishment (CP).

Fiction Section

Original tales by a variety of writers. In keeping with the site policy of providing a free web site for OTK schoolgirl and BDSM domestic discipline enthusiasts all over the world, this site provides unlimited space for amateur erotic writers to have their work published. Saxon-Web now has over 300 stories which cover every aspect of spanking, ranging from true stories to pure fantasy fiction.

The (Poetry) Corner

A sub-section of Fiction, as the names suggests a place for kinky poets to get their kinky verses versus arses ariaed (smirk).

Spanking Forum

The moderated forum offers a safe place to discuss BDSM issues, place personal adverts and have some fun with online games in the Arcade. An integrated Chatroom is available to get to know other members better. We particularly welcome people who are just venturing out into the erotic duscipline world and are nervous about dipping their toes in fascinating world of BDSM.

The Anthology of Victorian Erotica

The erotic corporal punishment and BDSM library where I re-publish erotic discipline books from the Victorian and Edwardian period. The books are quite rare and consequently difficult to obtain. Their style and content is quite varied and very erotic in places. It is amazing to find that the Victorians were just as keen to tip a schoolgirl or boy OTK for a sound bare bottom birching as any of us, although the books are generally more focussed on adult erotic punishment. Birching is most common, but the cane features strongly, along with hand spanking and whipping.

Spanking Picture Galleries

The Strictly Amateur Gallery

There is something specially erotic about photos taken by amateurs, of amateurs, the more so if they are being spanked and restrained. Trying to classify hundreds of photographs into manageable groups is not easy, but I have sorted them by implement being used (cane, birch, strap, paddle, etc), or by spanking position (e.g. OTK), indoor and outdoor discipline, girls waiting for their spankings, and girls with glowing and stripped bottoms.

The Naughty (Adult) Schoolgirl Gallery

As the title suggests the focus is on amateurs roleplaying as naughty adult school girls getting their bottoms spanked strapped and caned. You can't beat a picture of an adult schoolgirl OTK. As these pics tend to be taken in sets, that is how they are displayed in the adult schoolgirl gallery.

The Gallery of Period Pain

If you can excuse the pun, here are a selection of Victorian BDSM photographs roughly divided into genres (F/f, F/m, M/f). The birch and whip feature quite strongly in this era, along with the cane and usual OTK spanking scenes.


A collection of spanking drawings and cartoons culled from all over the web and presented loosely by genre. This is a substantial collection, and once again I have subdivided in M/f, F/f, F/m and F/f. A special section for bondage scenes, and a sugniciant number of perod Victorian (and earlier) sketches add further visual spice.

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